ShePop: Carrie Prejean's tale of an ultra-modern pageant girl

A rather testy Carrie Prejean — that’s former Miss California to you — spent her morning hitting the airwaves to flog her wow-that-was-fast memoir Still Standing, which chronicles her journey from run-of-the-mill pageant girl to ostracized opponent of gay marriage/alleged breast implant recipient/person who is occasionally, tastefully, privately semi-nude. Today, on The View and The Today Show, she defended herself from yet another salacious revelation — apparently now there’s a “sex tape” that she sent via a text message (a little thing the kids call a “sext”) to a boyfriend when she was a teenager — and made the case that she’s been persecuted for her beliefs:

It’s easy to dismiss her as nothing more than the superficial product of a barely relevant institution (pageants, really?). But her story has continued to captivate us because it’s an interesting artifact of our times. Prejean brings up all kinds of conflicted feelings in me, personally: I am passionately pro-gay marriage, and I’m  not about to defend pageants as a way of life. Yet I do think she has endured quite the public flogging, with her every minor misdeed (a rather typical scantily clad photo shoot, breast implants apparently purchased for her by the pageant organization, now this “sext” thing) scrutinized to — and this is the bothersome part — discredit her political stance. I don’t buy her argument that she’s being victimized by, you know, a vast left-wing conspiracy; if anything, liberals want her little controversies to quit already so everyone will stop talking about her and her “fight.” (And she’s way off in asserting that only conservative women are demonized. It still makes me ill to think of the vile things people said daily about Hillary Clinton during her campaign.)

However, there is a touch of truth to her assertion on Today that she’s been “Palinized,” in that she’s being attacked on a personal level (the equivalent of calling her a slut) as an answer to her views. It’s all only made messier by the fact that we’re talking about a woman whose original answer on the topic was barely coherent (“opposite marriage,” anyone?) and that she makes her living essentially objectifying herself. She’s hard to defend, and yet there’s no public benefit from these continued revelations about her past.

In fact, to me, that’s what’s far more interesting about her story: It makes me wonder if we’re now living in a kind of post-beauty-pageant world. Can anyone be held up as a perfect, beautiful, pristine feminine ideal in a society that runs on sexting, Perez Hilton, and nasty personal-is-political debate? Or did Prejean, in a sense, win Miss USA 2009-style? In other words: Does anyone care about the woman who beat Prejean for the title?

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  • Buffy freak

    It’s too bad it wasn’t a snuff film.

    • JC38

      Not defending her, but remember both Obama and Biden have said that they are against gay marriage. So where are the rude comments against them? Give me a break. A bunch of moral preening…. Your hatred of her is as every bit self-righteous and intolerant as you claim she is.

      • Red BluePoodle

        Exactly. When Biden’s daughter was reported snorting cocaine, that was shelved, but when this 22 year old miss engages in wholesome digital archival, that is attacked as hypochrisy.

      • Frank Anderson

        Two things.

        I am not a gay man, but I would like to point out that gays are not asking to not be judged, they are asking to not have their civil rights taken away because of their sexuality.

        On Biden’s daughter… she is did not choose for her father to be a politician like Ms. Prejean chose to be in beauty pageants.

      • j

        i think that being in a pageant you are a role model for younger people and to disadvantage a group of people is bigotry , ” my religion gives me the right to disadvantage you cuz you black, gay,or another religion is a bigot!!!!!!

      • Kristina

        Granted she has a right to express her opinion, but Joy brought up a good point – isn’t the topless photo scandal, her diva-like behavior and now the sex tape reasons to dismiss her from being a Miss California contestant? I believe so. If Vanessa Williams was fired for posing in Playboy, as well as other pageant winners, the same should follow for Miss “This is MY Country” Pejean. The committee did have its reasons, and yet, she plays victim. Sad.

      • Kii

        I watched the view today and I thought she was being a little defensive and ignorant. The fact is that she does have a sex tape, breast implant, and nude photographs. Forget what Obama/Biden done, she needs to take responsibility for her mistakes. I believe the anti-gay speech has something to do with her being fired but that doesnt mean that the pageant is at fault. She does have all these things out and it is breached of contract, so she needs to stop bitching and apologize for her mistakes. Being Miss America means she have to be a role model not play the blame game. She comes off as ignorant for ignoring the fact that she does have a sex tape. Plus I think her stance got nothing to do with her not winning; I think it the fact that she begins saying that America is a place where people can make their own choice and then she ended up saying that she doesnt believe that gay marriage is right. She a hypocris. I dont know what earth made she think that “freedom of choice” only applies to her is beyond me. In the end, I think she should shut up and quit complaining that she is being victimized. If the pageant is attacking you then you shouldn’t have the dirts for them to attack you with. The irony is that now she know how most gays have to deal with daily, being attacked for their way of life.

      • scar2

        Red Blue: If that was Biden’s daughter snorting cocaine, u can bet it’ll be all over. It turned out, it wasn’t her. Do your research first.

      • Mediation Contract.

        Scarred confirms that the tape with a woman looking like Ashley Biden consuming illegal narcotics couldn’t be released and was reported as fabricated.

      • Shanna

        Because Obama didn’t have naked pictures of him holding his tits and Biden didn’t have a sex tape!

  • Chris

    She ran gay people under the bus , I hope she fails at everything in her life…

    • GiGi

      She’s pretty much failing at everything she tries. She’s trying so hard to put together some sort of career but keeps shooting herself in the foot. The worst part is that she’s grossly inarticulate. Poor cow.

  • Barry

    she needs to thank God for Perez Hilton who handed her fifteen minutes of fame, and go sit down and be quiet.

    • Joe Smith

      Perez Hilton is a joke. She didnt run gay people under the bus either. She spoke her mind about what she believes in and because some people dont agree with her, she is being attacked.

      • Peggy Nono

        She said people can choose Marriage as taught in her country (between legally labelled Man and piehole). Now, if Miss USA hadn’t relieved many an itch of Married American Men, thus rendering the piehole redundant if not irrelevant, femme loving crowds could open their mouths, and spill text without unfair annoyance.

      • CC

        She is being attacked because she wrote a book in which she condems pornography and how its become “mainstream,” yet she has a sex tape out. It’s the hypocracy that’s hard to swallow.

      • Jason

        I have to agree that the attacks are coming more for her hypocrisy in condemning some things as being immoral while having done plenty of other things that people would consider immoral, than anything she’s said.

      • hc

        So she doesn’t believe in gay marraige. Fine. I could really go either way. My problem with her is her lack of shame. She keeps insisting that she’s a victim, but she takes zero responsibility for her stupid answer in the pageant, her boob job while she talks and talks about god, and her ‘sex’ tape while publishing a book for everyone to espouse her views on morality. She should just admit to bad choices and gracefully fade back into obscurity instead of riding this pathethic excuse for fame. Let the conservatives pundits and priests do the lecturing – they’re better prepared and their lawyers are better too.

      • djm

        No, she is not being “attacked”. I wish SHE and the conservative media would stick to the FACTS. She did not lose the pageant because of her answer – she did not win the swimsuit competition nor did she win the evening gown competition – the girl that went on to win the title not only won both of those competitions but she also had a better answer. So her claims are bogus to begin with. Second – for someone who claims they just want this all to go away she sure does spend a whole lot of time talking about it. Talk show, law suits, writing books – sounds to me like she has no problems not letting go of this. And the only reason anyone “attacks” her is because she is a total hypocrite.

  • TheObserver

    Unfortunately no. People don’t even know who the reigning Miss USa is. However if after she lost and after her public fued with Perez she had chosen to advocate for what she beleives in while fullfilling the duties of Miss California then I think she would have been fine. The problem with Miss Prejan is that she lives in a glass house….and she insists on throwing stones. She shouldn’t be surprised that the house she attempted to build (being vehemently, publicly anti-gay marriage) as well as trying to sell this holier than thou image, when she got implant so she could adhere to the secular worlds standard of beauty and sexuality (not very christian like Carrie!) And then wanted to sue the people who gave her a platform in the first place! (if not for the Miss USA pagent comitte or whatever they are called we’d never even know who she was)Of course they paid for her implants as an investment contingent upon her fullfilling her duties as miss california which she did not and was therefore replaced. I respect miss prejans stance on gay marriage its still a free country and EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion. however when you bait publicity while claiming to be a pure and good christian at least wash your dirty laundry and hang it out to dry. Admit your past mistakes, be mindful of the skeletons in your closet before acting as though you’re above what is now standard media over exposure (i.e having ALL your business put outside for the world to see)

    • MLKultra Kupfernikl

      In a sense, the physique she has forged for herself, abides by standard of feminine perfection that is soooo Gay. And that is meant as a nice wholesome effeminate stereotype.

    • colin

      what the hell do breast implants have to do with believing Christ is your savior? do you walk around in a cloak all the time?

      • Amanda

        What does a cloak have anything to do with breast implants?

      • godsuck

        i’m so sick of religious people. they’re dangerous and should all be in jail. god made me do this. i am a saint because god said so. they’re so delusional it’s sad.

  • Scott

    The sad thing is she didn’t even win the Miss USA title yet you have heard far more about her than the actual winner.

  • KM

    The problem isn’t that there’s anything wrong with how she lives her life. The problem is the rank hypocrisy involved in denying people their basic human rights under the guise of morality when you yourself are engaged in activities that are just as flawed according to the beliefs you claim to have.

    If she wants to preach at people about morality and use it as an excuse to dehumanize others, then she needs to practice what she preaches. Alternately, if she is going to make mature, female-positive decisions about how she lives her life and what she does with her body (e.g. sexting, breast implants, etc), then she needs to stop telling everybody else what to do with their bodies and their lives.

    • TheObserver

      my feelings exactly!!!!

    • amanda


    • crispy

      Wow, exactly what I was about to post… but said way better than I ever could. It’s her hypocrisy that keeps this story alive.

    • Jason

      Agreed. Nicely put.

    • Amanda

      Completely agree with you.

    • Al

      What KM said!

    • strickens_girl


    • gwld


    • BO

      So do you support rights for polygamists, folks who engage in bestiality, child molesters, dendraphiliacs and the other perverts who are judged by their sexual preferences?

      • Archib Dolan

        No. Perversion belongs to the uncloaked.

      • Kristi

        This is the same old tired chestnut that people have been using for years. The problem is that talking about beastiality, pedophelia, or dendraphilliacs involves an inability to provide informed consent. Animals, children, and trees (and, really, did you have to involve trees?)are not able to provide consent. However, what two (or more) adults choose to do in the privacy of the home cannot be used to deny anyone civil rights.

      • KM

        My reply would be exactly what Kristi said. Consenting behavior between adults has nothing at all to do with animals, children or trees, and comparing the two categories is disingenuous at best, deceptive at worst. If the government is going to be in the business of granting special rights and privileges to adults who marry each other and become a family, then there is no valid reason for the government to require that they be of different sexes.

        Of course, none of this has anything at all to do with what I wrote about Ms. Prejean and her hypocrisy. She’s a hypocrite no matter how you feel about marriage equality.

      • Pschychiatrists are Healers

        and Jesus was a carpenter.

      • ambo

        Are you stupid or just plain ignorant? There is a HUGE difference between an adult who has sex with children or an adult who has sex with an animal and two CONSENTING adults of the same sex having a relationship. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure that having sex with an animal or a child is just about that…sex. Homosexuality isn’t just about having sex. It’s about who you love. It’s not about them wanting the right to have sex with each other. It’s about them wanting the right to marry each other. To legally be with the person that they love for the rest of their lives.

        Carrie Prejean is a hateful bigot and a hypocrit. She could have had her say. She believes what she believes and no one begrudges her that. However, when she signed up to be compete in Miss USA, she signed up to represent the USA. The ENTIRE USA, even the “gays.” If she couldn’t do that, she had no business in the competition. She went and jumped up on her moral high horse and she had NO right to be there. What do breast implants have to do with her morality? Well, she loves Jesus. And, Jesus told us that our bodies are temples. We were made in His image. If she thinks He is so perfect, why would she change that? She walks around talking about how her faith is strong and she wants to live her life “Biblicaly?” Really? Cause I’m pretty sure I missed the part in the Bible where you are supposed to video yourself masterbating and send it to your boyfriend.

        Much like the rest of the over-zealous religious right in the country, she is using religion when it suits her and throwing it out the window when it doesn’t. It’s infuriating. I agree with Perez…she’s a stupid btch.

    • DLT

      You and The Observer hit the nail on the head.

    • denisepeace


    • Amy

      Can’t say it any better. 100% agree.

    • Margo

      She gave an incoherent answer to the gay marriage question, even if you forget her personal opinion. She said that in the US people have the right to gay marriage, which showed her ignorance. But when she lost the pageant, her ego wouldn’t believe it, so she had to claim prejudice against her views. She actually complained that she was “judged” on the answer to the question, when they ask current event questions at pageants in order to judge their knowledge and articulation.

      Prejean needs to take responsibility for her actions, and stop blaming others for her failures. She also needs to stop commenting on how others should live, and then act like a victim when others comment on how she lives.

      “However, there is a touch of truth to her assertion on Today that she’s been “Palinized,” in that she’s being attacked on a personal level (the equivalent of calling her a slut) as an answer to her views.”

      I disagree with this. She is not being attacked for her views. She is being called out for her hypocrisy. She has been talking out about her faith in Jesus and how she holds herself up to high moral standards, and that others need to do the same. When it comes out that she hasn’t always lived up to those standards, she doesn’t take responsiblity and say she has learned her lesson. Instead she brushes off the issue and instead says people are out to get her because of her pageant answer.

      I agree with Barbara Walters when she said to Prejean that this controversy was the best thing that ever happened to Prejean. Prejean agreed with Walters.

    • margo


  • EndOfTheWorld

    This is sad man, a 17 year old girl does something ignorant that another person takes advantage of and we attack her for it. Look back at when you were 17 and think about how logical you were, the world perception at that age is so much smaller and naive. I think this just really shows that the whole gay thing these days is faulted man. There is gonna be an attack on any who oppose, even if you were in elementary school and kicked the little boy who liked to wear dresses lol. It’s jus amusing watching how right after the Maine gay marriage thing was defeated, they come out with this news. The media which is obviously controlled by leftist people are doing all they can to force leftist ideas on all who oppose. I’m now centrist and more logical then ever, even though coming out of college I was leftist and reciting the same garbage many other liberals do. The media is so tied to the youth of our country we grow up thinking that all against left is evil. My 8 yr old sister came home to me yesterday and said some humans are man or women and some are man and women, lol I said enough is enough. Leave this girl alone, admire her strenght to oppose the leftist leaning world of entertainment that she sacrificed entry into when she took a stand against gay marriage. Look at how the entertainment world can attack and try to ruin someone who oppose them, and be more afraid of that rather then what a 17 year old baby did. Shame shame

    • boooooo

      uh, some humans are a man or a woman and some do have both sexual organs, so what is wrong with learning about that? that’s a fact of science. do we need to shield our children from that so when they encounter a hermaphrodite, they can feel like the hermaphrodite is less of a person and can be made fun of? and you said you came out of college? wow.

    • Prez Juice

      1 cup Sherry
      A dash of Gluten
      A dash of Columbus Yeast
      3 scoops of Wax
      1 lb. of Knit Mutton Wool
      A tbspn of Don’t Ask
      Palinize, and don’t tell anyone

    • Amanda

      Is there any actual point to your rambling? Your “more logical then ever” comment just speaks for itself. Also, I did not do stupid things when I was 17 years old. Why should other people’s bad behavior be excused just because of their age?

      • dani california

        I was gonna buy the book until I saw this video. dude, I was totally on her side until I heard her talk. No remorse for her actions only excuses, nothing but attitude and no humility at all. I know she was probobly on the edge and felt like she needed to defend herself but I really did not feel like they where attacking her. They asked tough questions but every question was legitimate. She did have a terrible atitude and demener about herself. Which sucks because I think there are alot of people who really wanted to be in her corner.


      I agree. All the gay victims are commenting.

      • GlenBeck

        Carrie, can’t you just apologize to the troups we’ve lost?

    • Margo

      EndOfTheWorld, the problem isn’t that she made a mistake when she was 17. It’s that she criticizes others for not living up to high Christian standards, even though she hasn’t lived up to them herself. It’s about her total hypocrisy.

      Your 8-year-old sister learning about biology isn’t some leftist plot. It’s called an accurate education. What’s sad is that you seem to have such a closed mind.

    • OMG

      YOU came out of college? That is the scariest thing about any of these posts – that a college educated man can’t compose a coherent thought. Sorry dude, but if either side rules the media it’s the right – Fox “News” has higher ratings than any other media source out there and unless you are stupid enough to claim they are “left thinking” I would say you are wrong. And like most things these days this story is nothing but a sad reflection of US mentality. Carrie Prejean wouldn’t even be known today if Fox News hadn’t taken her under their wing and given her a national platform to play the victim. She didn’t lose because of her answer – she lost because the judges liked Kristen Dalton better – they gave her higher scores in swimsuit and evening gown and she actually answered her question (Prejean stumbled through her answer regardless of what she said).

    • jds

      I don’t believe for a minute she was 17 when that tape was made. She claims that so it won’t be released.

  • Talia

    I agree with her that she should have the right to say whatever she wants – free speach people – but I really think she just needs to let it go. I think she lost the Miss USA title because of her comment but mostly because she wasn’t going to any of the places she was supposed to make appearances at. It’s not just one thing – it was many many reasons that they let her go.

    • Tanya

      She lost Miss USA because of incoherence and Miss California because topless pics are ALWAYS a deal breaker with the pageants. I find it hard to believe there’s some left-wing conspiracy against this girl involving Perez, Shanna, and the Donald. If she is a victim of anything it is the tabloid media which she herself has courted.

  • marginot foutre

    If she is telling the truth about her age on tape, then possession, trade, and distribution of audiovisual content depicting a minor’s nudity, erotic, auto-erotic or pornographic performance is DAMN illegal.

    • ambo

      She was 19, not 17.

  • Jessica

    While I don’t agree with her political views, she does have a right to her opinion and to stand up for what she believes. However, the reason this girl is getting so publicly flogged is that in the beginning, she REFUSED to take any responsibility for her own actions! She blamed Perez Hilton for her loss in the pageant, she blamed Shanna Moakler and Keith whatshisname for losing her crown, and blamed everybody else for her behavior. Atleast own up to it!

    • Jacob

      She blamed Perez because he gave her a zero for her answer because he disagreed with her politically. He was the reason she lost the pageant.

      • Unfair Coronatus

        Blame the judge.

        Gay marriage was lost in Cali cause Knights o colombus went broke funding the likes of Sherri to express their genuine phobic stance.

      • Buffy freak

        She deserved a zero for her answer. It was one of the most inarticulate, incoherant and illiterate answers ever. She was almost as bad as that Miss South carolina girl from a couple of years ago answering the question about why kids are bad at geography.

      • Sara

        Buffy, assume for a moment that you’re anti-gay-marriage. If Perez Hilton asked you on national television what your stance was, would you have a perfectly fluid answer for him? Taking into account his obvious bias, his tendency to vilify those who disagree with him, and the explosiveness of the issue itself?

        I’m pro-gay-marriage and think she’s a hypocrite, but on this particular point I do empathize with her. She spoke her mind and didn’t take the easy way out of the answer.

      • Veracity

        It does not matter, Sara. She was there to give an articulate answer on WHATEVER she was asked. If she couldn’t do it, then she deserved a low score. Buffy is right; it was a horrible answer regardless of its content and deserved nothing resembling a respectable score.

      • GiGi

        Buffy and Veracity are both right. Pageant girls practice and practice their answers so they can appear to be informed and articulate. Her answer was a mess and she deserved a low score, not for her opinion but her inability to express herself.

      • jj11

        Blsme the people who allowed Perez Hilton to be a judge.

      • OMG

        Jacob – go to Youtube and watch the pageant – she was NEVER in the lead – she was 2nd in SS and evening gown going into the final question and the girl that was leading gave a better answer. Also, Perez asked her if other states should follow suit and she never answered the question. She then ran to Fox News who turned her into the victim she still is. Watching this clip just proves how stupid she is – there is nothing that frustrated me more than “Christians” who sit in judgement of everyone else and then hide behind the “I’m not perfect” cloak when they make bad choices. She claims to take responsibility for her actions yet justifies them by claiming “I was young and stupid”. And to ask that panel “how would you feel about stating your opinion in front of millions of people and having them criticize you” – does she not know where she is? That is EXACTLY what these 5 women do on a daily basis – state their opinions and get blasted for doing so – it’s their job you dolt!

  • dreamtard

    She is so annoying.

    • Barry

      Hopefully she will get an education and become a contributing member of society. She is not equipped to be a pundit and just keeps embarrassing herself.

      • Well, then…

        …2020 Republican nominee for president it is!!!

  • lbj

    “Yet I do think she has endured quite the public flogging” – and I do think she fully deserves it. She’s the one constantly opening her piehole to level lawsuits, shill for her book, defend the family and be an upstanding moral christian. Hypocritical nutjobs deserve what they get…

  • boooooo

    she has a right to her opinion and perez hilton should not have attacked her like he did, that was uncalled for and probably set the gay movement back a bit since she has now run with it, but it’s the past. perez isn’t responsible for the pictures, for the boob job, for the sexting, for the not honoring her pageant obligations, etc etc. the reason why she is getting targeted is because she sits on a high horse looking down at others while proclaiming to be some holy christian and that christianity is the end all, be all of everything, and yet she doesn’t even honor her own religious teachings. she’s a hypocrite, plain and simple, and i hope she goes away for a very long time.

  • Richie

    She’s just plain nasty, arrogant, rude and snappy. She’s like a stereotypical bitchy cheerleader in a Hollywood movie. And please don’t tell me only conservative women get attacked – Clinton and Pelosi attract just as much vitriol as Palin.

    • Amy

      I couldn’t agree more. I love when Palin supporters try to tell me that the evil liberal media only demonizes conservative women and goes after people’s families. HELLO? Did they not demonize Hillary Clinton and scrutinize her every single move? I can’t even count on all fingers and toes the amount of times I have seen Conservatives denounce Pelosi as Satan. Let’s also not forget that when Clinton was in office Rush Limbaugh referred to Chelsea Clinton as the White House Dog. She was 13. THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. Give me a break.

      This girl is playing victim. Just like Palin does. No one likes people to play the victim when they are clearly a hypocrite. It’s annoying and insulting to our intelligence.

  • Dunkirk Evacuo

    Backlash is free speech too.
    As is scrutiny of publically pronounced personal opinion.

    Barack Obama agrees with that too.

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