Adam Lambert wants to act? What should he do?

adam-lambert_lAttention Glambert Nation: Word on the Net is the American Idol runner-up sees marquee lights in his future. According to the website Showbiz Spy, Lambert has expressed a desire to act, a passion he’s pursued in the past (his rep would not comment).

It seems a fitting goal, considering the singer’s flair for the dramatic. But as we’ve seen with previous Idol contestants, competition show stardom doesn’t always translate into Jennifer Hudson-esque big-screen stardom. (Even a proud owner of From Justin to Kelly like myself will admit that.) Even Idol season 5’s Kevin Covais — a.k.a. “Chicken Little” — has found little work after his relatively impressive turn in 2008’s College. Singers who haven’t been discovered by Simon Cowell have similarly suffered setbacks trying to flex their acting chops. Just ask Prince, Britney, and Jessica.

That being said, I hardly think Lambert will follow in that trio’s footsteps. After all, the singer was able to portray a startling range of emotions in just 90 seconds while performing on the Idol stage. (Hello, “Mad World!”) So if he were to pursue this acting career, how should he do it? Broadway seems too obvious, so I suggest he start with a glitzy, music-inspired, crowd-pleasing film like Burlesque. (Considering it stars other show-stoppers like Christina Aguilera and Cher, it’s surprising that Lambert hasn’t landed at least a walk-on role.) And seriously, what mom wouldn’t buy tickets to a fun drama-concert film hybrid starring Adam Lambert?

Would you be happy to see Lambert on the big-screen, PopWatchers? And if so, how should he jumpstart his acting career?

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  • Anne

    He should play Fiyero in the film version of Wicked. He already knows the part ;-) I’d love for him to do something totally different and play some straight-laced guy in a period piece.

    • a person

      agree about him being Fiyero! he is perfect for that role!

    • Miss Sassy

      He should play Liza Minelli. He looks just like her, but she wears less make-up.

      • Nobody 44

        Homophobic much? If you don’t like his style, or his type of singing, fine, but why go to the Liza comparisons? I know a thing or two about middle schoolers, and you sound about 12 y.o.

      • sizzlingsmile

        Miss Sassy, I have been reading your negative comments for a while now and I am wondering if you really have nothing better to do with your time. How about turning your negative energy into something positive and support an artist you enjoy. You certainly don’t have to like Adam, there are plenty of fans already. Anyway, Adam on the big screen would be quite a treat. I really like to look at his face no matter if he just talks, poses or even better belts out some spine-tingling tunes. Go Adam!!!

      • Jill

        We all know you are really Clay Aiken, Miss Sassy. Let the hate and bitterness go, and try to focus on your “career”.

      • Telly B

        Actually, I could see him playing Liza on SNL and doing it brilliantly. No snark. I bet he would have no hang ups about doing it in good fun.

      • chris

        He does resemble Liza Minelli a great deal. I’m sure as a gay theater artist, he’s a big fan of Liza’s.

      • ianaleah

        Always cyber stalking Adam articles to post negative comments about Adam (JEALOUS, BITTER, RESENTFUL LOSER) Adam is praised by AI judges, mentors, guest performers, current popular singers, vocalists, basically the entire music industry. They know what they’re talking about. Plus, since age 18-19 he has been basically on his own working in cities in usa, europe and even on a ship- gutsy kid. And he is sexy because he is individualistic, poised, honest, confident, courageous, articulate, intelligent,creative,motivated, dependable,optimistic, personable, outgoing, good-hearted, non-judgmental, friendly and dam smokin hot mesmerizing singer/performing artist. We fans admire Adam as person and as the most outstanding new artist in decades.

      • Miss Sassy

        Nobody 44, which is an appropriate name for you because you are a Nobody. I am gay and just telling it like it is. Adam looks like a tired Liza Minelli.

      • iris

        Yeah, this guy is screaming for a makeover. He looked corny from day one, and he seems to be holding on to this crazy look for dear life.

      • Maggie

        What does gay have to do with your low class remarks Miss Sassy? Why do haters always bring that up, like that gives them an “in” about Adam because he is gay too. Being Gay or not, it doesn’t matter, rudeness is just that. That your ignorant remarks and stuff them up your pie hole.

    • Andrea

      Director Tim Burton has said in an int4rview that he was “extremely interested” in Adam. I would love to see Adam in anything by Tim…interesting and artsy stuff.

      • Zoey

        I don’t know if anyone can out-Barney Stinson Barney Stinson, but I would gladly pay money to see the Glambert and NPH together on screen.

    • Telly B

      It’s interesting how nowadays there are hardly any big Broadway musical stars, at least younger, stars. Unlike in the forties, fifties and sixties. But Lambert could become a huge White Way atraction, he already has a following, and his voice is amazing, plus he has oodles of charisma…and think about it, he could play so many classic roles: Billy Flynn, the Emcee, Joe Gillis, Jesus (in JCS), the lead in La Cage Aux Follies, The Music Man, The Phantom…damn, he could become the biggest star Broadway has seen in a long while…

      • jake

        Wake up and smell the coffee. Adam failed at broadway, remember?

      • Peggy

        If your concept of failure is to do national tours and be an understudy in Los Angeles, which is a “failure” many theatre students would dream of. Undiscovered is not “failure.”

      • Celtic Mairin

        Failure??? Adam was the only thing that kept the show “The Ten Commandments” going. Read the reviews; he stole the show from Val Kilmer.

      • LSCHN

        Jake, you should probably do a little research before commenting … unless, you just enjoy making a complete fool of yourself.

      • ianaleah

        Adam has time for that in future, right now, it’s the recording success that is smart business for security, houses etc. When Adam wants to ‘stay put’ then, maybe a month headling in Las Vegas once a year or Broadway -if it can hold his interest. But the royalities on a song playing for decades sounds like a smarter move.I see new singer’s CDs at Target-and Janis Joplin CDs-50 years later and she’s dead-there is money in recording.

      • juju

        La Cage, maybe. And Wicked is okay because it’s not terribly realistic in terms of costumes and characters. But Sunset Boulevard? The Music Man? Are you kidding? It’s not because he’s gay — Cheyenne Jackson does just fine in straight roles — but that he is the total wrong person (not to mention the wrong voice) for those shows. Bobby Strong in Urinetown might be okay. Godspell or JCS, okay. The Scarlet Pimpernel or Jekyll & Hide or any of the rest of Frank Wildhorn’s power ballad monstrosities, sure. But he is totally wrong for any of the classic roles. He doesn’t seem to dance much, either, so no Emcee in Cabaret. And please Lord, keep him away from Sondheim!!

    • DQ17

      i agree. adam would be amazing in that role

    • Sydney

      I really think Adam should stick to Broadway only. I dont think he is going to make it in music as big as all the hype has desperatly tried to suggest. It’s just too much and he’s not that good but he would be great in NYC and on Broadway.

      • ianaleah

        Sydney, FYI, Adam has never been on Broadway. Adam wants to record now and you want him on Broadway to get him out of the competition for CDs and radio plays-just trap him on stage in NY huh? Bullstinky. FYI He is GREAT- Teh jAI judges, mentors, guest performers and singers call him OUTSTANDING, incredible, and the whole recording industry praise Adam’s singer, but being scared to compete with Adam understandable, but the hidden agenda to get him out of competition by studidly saying he’s not that good and put him on Broadway dosen’t fool anyone, Sydney, so go cry and let it all out.

      • KatyMay

        Not that good? Are you kidding? But having said that, I’m not digging his new music at all. It is the worst overproduced drek I’ve ever heard. Or the the new look. To be blunt, he has just gotten TOO gay to appeal to the mainstream, even the Glamberts.
        When interviewed, he is a wonderful speaker, and I think he would be a wonderful actor in the right project. Also, I can’t imagine him NOT becoming a huge Broadway star. I just don’t think the ‘rock star’ thing is going to work. It is too much like he is pretending to be a rock star.
        He has a massive talent, but he needs to take advice, his own instincts are not the best.

      • chris

        Judging from the decisions that he’s made since he left idol, he really isn’t that godd. I mean, look at that god awful album cover, what was he think? And now fans are trying to force themselves to like his album. I hope y’all can see the difference between hype and real talent. Adam is making bad choices because he’s not the real deal.

    • Rose

      totally agree and I’ve tried to contact Baz Luhrman to tell him to consider Adam for the role, because I heard a year or 2 ago he was interested in filming the show. Since I think that would be wildly fabulous I’m hoping so.

    • Zoey

      That’s an amazing role for him, especially since that he has been the understudy at the LA and first tour productions of Wicked. Plus anyone who’s seen the leaked footage of one of those performances knows he’s a pretty decent actor.

    • Jenn

      I think Adam would be perfect as the lead in Phantom of the Opera or any other great lead role. I personally think he could also do film. On the other hand I would truly hate for him to get very far away from doing albums and making music for us with his amazing voice. I look forward to years of enjoying the ride to see what all Adam does musically. I would rather he wait a while to do acting whether in films or on stage – but someday it would be great!

    • LOL

      Adam is too feminine to play a man and too ugly to play a woman.

      He is stuck in ugly limbo.

      • Miss Sassy



      • carrd49

        I see the ugly haters are all over the place. If you don’t like somebody why use your energy to trash them so much. I think it’s just plain jealousy and insecurity. You people sure do ugly good.

      • jake

        Jealous? Insecure? No just plain fun!

  • cranky

    Glambert as Emcee in a new movie version of Cabaret.

    • Lili

      Couldn’t agree more, that was my first thought also.

    • Julie


    • Austin

      Please don’t do that to Cabaret.

    • Sarah El

      I’d prefer to avoid a remake of Cabaret (so good!) but if it happened, I would love to see him as the Emcee.

    • Telly B

      I honestly doubt that anyone would dare remake CABARET as a new film for the big screen, it would be really hard to find a starlet that could even come close to Liza’s indelible portrayal of Sally Bowles. However, the role of Emcee is an inspired, too-perfect fit for Lambert. I think he would be a great fir for either Joe in Sunset Boulevard or Billy Flynn in Chicago; now that would be a stunt casting that made sense, unlike Ashlee Simpson playing Velma. Lambert can sing, he does have experience in the theatre, and he has oodles of charisma.

      • ianaleah

        Please, not the same old stale stuff , old story. Even with Adam, and I adore him, I sure don’t want to see that yet again. esp not nazi Cabaret

    • Rose

      what another inspired idea!

    • ianaleah

      Cabaret is stale.And the nazi stuff is too hurtful a rememberance.Something like a “Hair” free spirit thing, liberation, would be fun to preform in and fun to watch-joyful stuff running thorough our heads affects us.

  • tp

    I say, “Go for it” … he would rock at anything he does!

    • jake

      that’s a myth started by the AI hype machine.

      • Rose

        jake, you’re a hater aren’t you?

  • LOL

    ACT? He could be this generations Elizabeth Taylor since he looks some much like her…the old one, not the young one.

    • ks

      too funny, but I agree

    • Miss Sassy

      No, more like Liza Minnelli.

      His face is just like Liza’s except Liza wears less make-up.

      Adam would make a terrible actor, unless they needed another Leather Face for a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.

      • jake

        That’s cold.

      • ravengirl

        What’s with you? Open your eyes AND your mind. That is, if you have the latter.

      • Jill

        C’mon, Clay – really, don’t you have a blog or something you do now? Are you that lame that all you can do is troll Adam articles?

      • Telly B

        LOL! Clay Aiken posts here, and his bitterness is palpable. Clay, your career is over, sorry. But you can always go do some VH1 reality show…they always look for has-been “celebrities”

      • Susan

        Do I sense some jealousy here? Adam will go so far and will have the last laugh at losers like you. You and your comments suck.

      • Shera

        Telly B–Adam Lambert’s career is turning out remarkably like Clay Aiken’s: it’s more about the image, the crazy OTT fans, and less about the music.

      • Miss Sassy

        Clay was one of the most profitable idols in history. Adam is NOTHING compared to Clay.

    • ianaleah

      Not at all,o jealous one, why read about someone you are not interested in- oh, just to post negative cuz you are jealous and bitter. I don’t read about anyone I’m not interested in, therefore I dont waste my time, unlike you, oh resentful pathetic loser.

  • pj

    stick to music.

    • John

      You do know he was already getting cast understudying Broadway tours, right? The dude can probably already act.

      • Jenn

        He can definately already act. His role in Ten Commandments with Val Kylmer was the only thing worth seeing or listening too. He was amazing in that production and the reviews for hinm were great. The rest was a bust.

  • Grace

    Adam can do ANYTHING! he’s born to be a performer…the camera loves him…Adam’s gonna rock this world.

    • sizzlingsmile

      The camera sure loves his face!!!

  • fancypants

    nah. stick to music.

  • Karen

    He’s already a stage actor. Why does this news surprise anyone?

    • Nobody 44

      Exactly what I thought. It’s not like he doesn’t have some experience in the business. Plus, I’ve seen the youtubes, and the guy’s not bad as Fiyero. So he’d probably be good in a film, esp. a musical. Jesus Christ Superstar, anyone? Check out his performance as Judas in that youtube.

      • Jenn

        Yes fantastic!!

    • mike

      Because he’s not a good actor, and how many roles are out there for androgynous looking freaks?

    • cusegirl

      Doesn’t surprise me at all, I have a feeling he is a “triple threat”!
      I think he could do anything he sets his mind too and that can be summed up in one word..talent..

  • iloveadamlambertxo

    adam would be a great actor since he’s amazing at everything he does!!

    • chris

      …not necessarily. It would be extremely difficult for him to make it on the big screen because hollywood plays on stereotypes. How is he going to play the leading man? As you can see from his album cover, he’s way too feminine.

      • Nobody 44

        Oh, well, you must not have seen the Details magazine pics, then. Very masculine and with a nude woman at that! Smoking hot pics left the ladies needing coolin’ I could see him playing straight just like NPHarris.

      • Rose

        he’s not always so androgynous or feminine. That’s why so many girls want to get into his pants. you know. It’s a fact, man, he’s a sexy dude to GIRLS!

      • JLM

        Adam is smokin hot!! He is very masculine most of the time and he can turn it on big time!! Why do you think so many women find him one of the sexiest men out there??

      • Shari

        A little insight from your grandmother (I’m 65). If you seriously doubt that a gorgeous gay man is incapable of playing a very, very, very convincing leading man – go to the video store and rent “Raintree County”. This incredible movie starred Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor. What earlier actor would not have given his left nut to play opposite that lady?! And, yes – my friend – Montgomery Clift was gay. You all can argue back and forth from now on. But I think this one is written in the stars! Adam is here to stay for a very long time! He’s destined to be great! At some point he will probably break the post office apart! Best of Luck to you my beautiful young man – The world belongs to you!!

  • tj

    I think this article is misleading. Adam started his career on the stage, so the obvious question reporters ask him is would he like to act again. His usual answer is he wouldn’t rule it out but right now he’s focusing on his recording career. That being said, I would watch him in anything, I think he’d be great. I see him in the movie production of Jesus Christ Superstar and/or playing Mercury in a rock biography.

    • Nobody 44

      I already mentioned JCS above, but that Mercury bio film sounds like a great idea!

  • Barbara

    Elvis Presley-type movies

    • Arkangel

      I agree. I think it’s time for an Elvis bio pic. Adam would be perfect for the lead.

  • Connie

    He should follow his dreams. He would be fantastic in film – I think he would be awesome in ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’. With his awesome looks and vocals—WOW!!!

  • Wanda

    Oh yes! I want to see him on the big screen! Soon!

  • Miss Sassy

    What movie would he do?
    He looks like a tranny.

    • Jill

      Clay – you are lusting for Adam, aren’t you? All of this vileness is really a pathetic attempt to cover how much you want him. It’s okay – we all do.

      • Alex

        If Miss Sassy’s Clay, should let him know that he looks more like a tranny, and worse because doensn’t know how to wear makeup.

  • Linda

    Definitely! Elvis type movies! A chick flick for shore!

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