'Project Runway Talk': Gordana dishes on Heidi, Irina, ridonk judging, and her heartbreak over missing out on Bryant Park

Gordana gave us some of the best sound bites of the season. “If you give me a sheep, I’ll make you a sweater.” “When you grow up eating with a spoon, you don’t think of making business out of that spoon.” “She would have completely, as they day, thrown me on [sic] the bus.” “I’ll kick your ass!”

Our Lady of Spoons amused me and sometimes confused me, but I always enjoyed seeing her pop up on my television each week. Alas, her time on Project Runway came to an end in the final challenge before Bryant Park. And as she explained during her visit to the EW offices for Project Runway Talk the morning after her swan song, she was heartbroken to get so close to New York Fashion Week and not even show a decoy collection. In all, Gordana proved to be a most awesome PRT guest. She dished on preposterous judging (of course Nina doesn’t get who Gordana is as a designer — she was absent half the season!), fearing the wrath of the judges (flashbacks to Heidi’s angry mug still haunt her), and how Irina might have shot herself in the foot by playing the meanie card. I hope you enjoy her as much as Dalton and I did. See you back here after the November 19 finale for interviews with Carol Hannah, Althea, and Irina.

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  • JC

    I have to wait until the 19th for the finale?!!!??!!! Does anyone know why Michael Kors and Nina Garcia gone so much this season?

    • AcaseofGeo

      JC. Its been said that the timing of the taping of this season interfered with fashion shows in France and other places in which they, as designers and magazine editors had to participate in. I think it really ruined the flow of the show.

    • Kenyetta B

      I think it’s because they moved the show to LA and most of their fashion business is in NY. Everybody is in NY! So it’s like they are scrambling to get judges since the regulars aren’t exactly around the corner for taping anymore. They must’ve paid Tim a pretty penny to get him out of NYC!

    • Sarah

      Nina Garcia said that the reason she missed was because of her work since the show filmed a different time of year than previous seasons, so like AcaseofGeo said, she had other places to be like the Paris runway shows and such. I would assume that Michael Kors was the same reason. It’s not that they moved to LA, it’s that the filmed a different time of year than previously.

  • billyc

    wow…..she is SO on target…i used to love this show and it has just lost it’s magic……..i think they really are too negative…..and i love Nina, but when she said she doesn’t know who Gordana is as a designer and not being there for most of the
    season is really a big flaw in the show……and they need Michael Kors more…..this season was really BAD judging wise……

    • samantha

      I agree. I mean, it was the judging to see who would go to Bryant Park and Michael wasn’t even there! I couldn’t believe it.

  • minnie swirl

    I love what Gordana had to say and she is SOOO right. I think the judges this year were really off the mark a lot of the time and they were far too nasty without any real substance. Like Gordana said, Heidi seemed to relish being mean, so much so that I don’t even like her anymore–she gets on my nerves because she comes off as fake. I never liked Nina–she is too smug. The guest judges were clueless. I also don’t think this season’s designers were that great but when they were good it didn’t seem to always get rewarded the right way. Gordana’s last dress was beautiful and was the best of the looks shown. Her dress looked exactly like the painting AND it was beautifully done, yet the judges seemed indifferent to it. It all seems a little to fake this season.

    • leila

      I LOVE what minnie swirl said, and I completely agree!! Why did they even have a final challenge if they had already made up their minds who was going to Briant Park? Gordana’s dress was gorgeous, and fit their challenge to a T. The only reason they got rid of her was because they had already decided to!

      • Diane

        I couldn’t agree more. Gorana’s dress was clearly the best one of the night.

      • Bianca

        @ leila:

        I agree 100 %. You just knew that the challenge wasn’t going to decide on the final three. I am SO glad that Gordana figured that out well in advance and that she went with a dress that she could be proud of, something the she could put her heart and soul into. It really was a gorgeous dress, something special. I hope, Gordana succeeds with whatever her plans are. The woman deseves it! :)

    • teresa

      I thought Gordana’s paper dress was beautiful so when it was criticized by the judges, I didn’t understand. After listening to Gordana’s take on it, it makes sense. I hope for the future of the show that the judges and producers take the judging portion more seriously. Fans get invested in the outcome and this season, we have seen people leave the show who did not deserve to leave so soon. I also thought that Heidi was trying too hard to be critical and funny, instead of offering a true critique. We don’t watch the show to see her do stand-up.

    • samantha

      I’ve never really respected Heidi as a judge, her comments seem so superficial compared to Nina and Michael. All she seems to care about are if the boobs fit right and if things were sparkly

  • ebola

    Well, in part the negative judging has been due to the weak designs this season.
    But I do think that all those guest judges trying to get their soundbites and airtime also contributed.

  • fan

    She makes me sick, enough with the excuses. She does suck.

    • Vanity Feral

      Oh, please. While she did list off a few things that may have interfered with one dress or another, she was typically nothing but matter-of-fact about what was going on during the season. She hasn’t given you enough excuses for you have reached a breaking point.

  • Darla

    New Moon!!!!!! Its coming!!!

    • Andy

      Why the hell are you here? There are plenty of twilight articles in ew.

    • pool


    • dwish

      I’m going over to all the Twilight blogs and commenting on Project Runway, or the Simpsons, or something over there. Yeah, I have work. And I don’t have as many hours today because I have to pick the kids up early.
      But I’m going to ignore my life and comment in all eleventy-million twilight blogs just cause you tick me off so much with this simple comment.

  • mary schleicher

    Am I the only one who thinks that many of Heidi’s outfits didn’t belong on the runway….UGLY!!!

    • ericalina

      YES! I agree 1000%. There were at least 3-4 that were insanely hideous.

    • Roni

      One of the reasons I watch this show is to understand fashion. i’m not a clothes person and many fashionable people look like messy mentally ill people. (I love SJP but don’t understand why she’s ‘fashionable’) So Heidi is a big head-scratcher for me too. She’s undoubtedly beautiful, but some of her clothes! I wish I understood why some horrible clothes are fashionable and other horrible clothes are just horrible.

    • MsJoanne

      Heidi’s clothes were nowhere as bad as her hair. Half the time, it didn’t look clean let alone styled. Perhaps because she was pregnant and couldn’t use various products, but it was awful. Week after week of bad stlying head to knees (I didn’t notice offending shoes :-). Shame on such a fashion icon!

  • detroit

    Nina and Michael work mainly out of NYC and couldn’t be in LA for extended periods of time. The lesson learned is they are just as interesting to hear as Tim.

  • Marky Mark

    I am so bummed that Gordana didnt make it to Fashion Week. I loved her and also really liked her designs for the most part. She was by far the most interesting an likeable contestant this season.

  • Alejandro

    I think was a VERY bad decision to move the show to Los Angeles. Half of the season the judges were not there and we just saw the true color of Heidi, who the only things she can say is “the dress is ugly”, or “that dress look like Octoberfest”, “I wouln’t wear that”. I know she is the executive producer of the show, but when it comes to judging she is just an airhead.

    • lucidity

      Heidi didn’t add any real substance to the judging. At least now they know now much Nina and Michael are needed.

    • Leo

      Her favorite compliment was used so many times ‘it looks expensive’.

      She is unoriginal whether hating on or loving a look

  • tanai

    Really am I the only one that is upset that Christopher didn’t get the boot like, oh, 3 weeks ago. I mean, come on, he was in the bottom 3 week after week. Am I only the only one who sees this. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

    • natalie

      I completely agree. I really like Christopher…as a person but his designs just were not up to par during the last half of the season.

      • nikki

        I totally agree!!! I have been saying that to my husband for 3 weeks now!!!! Why did it take 3 weeks for him and some of the other designers were in the bottom once and they were gone!

    • teresa

      Christopher’s good designs were beautiful. I just wish he could have done them all the time.

      • llevinso

        But he only had good designs for like the first 3 weeks. Then it was all downhill.

        Yes, he seems very nice but he needed to get the boot long ago.

    • samantha

      True..but Nicholas and Logan should’ve been gone long before too, instead of Epperson and Ramon getting booted off. This season was weird

      • Roni

        you nailed it

    • Brenda Joyce

      I love how the judges never took into account that Christoper had been in the bottom 3 for weeks, when keeping him on board so long, and then kicked Gordana off even though she had one of the best designs this week because she had some weaker designs in other weeks. The judges need to be consistent–either the designers are judged each week only on the design done that week, or the designers are judged each week taking into account all their designs to date. It is unfair to do it one way some weeks and the other way other weeks.

  • JenR

    I love Gordana! Some of her designs may not have been the most exciting, but they were the most wearable and marketable. I like her style, and her final dress was gorgeous.

  • yoshi

    i love these videos but Missy’s “mmm” “mmm”‘s during this one took me to Family Guy-Brian Gumble, hehehe

    • D

      I think Missy seems really fond of Gordana in the videos.

  • natalie

    I really enjoyed Gordana’s personality in this season. I didn’t always like her garments but she seems like such an amazing person. It would have been great to see her get the chance to show a collection at Bryant Park with the other girls.

    So…someone PLEASE give her a chance and let her show a collection soon! She deserves it!

  • Shelley

    Lackluster season. As far as judging, Project should watch the way The Fashion Show does it. Sooooo much better!!!

    • pool

      As bad as Project Runway is this season, The Fashion Show is ten times worse.

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