'30 Rock' recap: Do the robot

Bed bugs, Kathy Geiss as Susan Boyle, the return of Moon Vest, and the knowledge that Kenneth speaks Latin: Ah, “Audition Day,” you had your moments. These are the ten best lines from last night’s 30 Rock, in chronological order:

“I’m already not liking some of these people. It reminds me of being on the bus.” — Jack, who knows what will one day be your tomb

“Sorry I’m not a robot!” “We all are.” — Liz and Jack

“It’s going to be a disaster! Like Katrina! Do you remember Katrina, that crazy girl from hair and make-up?” — Jenna, who does her lady characters

“Looks like you got a bad case of the chew-daddies. Ozark kisses? The woodsman’s companion?” — Kenneth, who knows anyone can get bed bugs, even the horse mayor

“You know my fontanelle never closed!” — Liz

“The more people you add, the less effective it is. Like a neighborhood dad garage band.” — Pete

“Ooooh, he’s evil comma Tracy.” — Tracy, who had those masks at the ready

“Happy?” “No, not since I was a child.” — Pete and Liz, who are my favorite BFFs on TV

“My mom used to send me articles about how older virgins are considered good luck in Mexico.” — Liz

“Was describing your sandwich necessary to our understanding of what happened?” — Tracy, who I guess didn’t recognize Liz’s beloved meatball sub

What’d I miss, PopWatchers?

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  • Elizabeth

    “No, but I’m bi-larious!”

    • All creativity for this show is dead….

      Fey has too many dreams of a movie career to put any real thought into this show anymore.
      Who could blame her?

      • Amanda

        You are awful.

      • GoMe!

        Thanks for that…

    • dave

      Omg, I almost fell to the floor at that part!

  • Samantha

    You missed how 30 Rock is slowly going down hill. The overload of Cisco Systems wasn’t funny or cute. This is the second time they’ve done product placement in the 4th season. It’s a bit ridiculous. Go back to being simply a hilarious show.

    • Brian

      Are you aware of contractual obligations? Or of how these kinds of placement deals are crammed down the showrunners’ throats because the network they work for is struggling? The fact that the product placement (Verizon, Snapple, Cisco, Olympics on NBC) has always been hilarious is a testament to the talent of the writers and actors. The show’s nowhere close to going downhill.

    • c

      Only a few funny spots. Totally hated the extended commercial. If they keep this up, I won’t watch.

    • Tom Brazelton

      Thanks for crapping on what was otherwise a humorous recapping of 30 Rock, Samantha! Here, want to kick my puppy while you’re at it?

      • jared

        Please. That show was horrible last night. HORRIBLE.

      • Samantha

        Oh I agree, the Verizon and Snapple appearances were hilarious. And I’m very aware of how product placement works, thanks. It’s NBC who are being stupid, but 30 Rock is running out of ways of making it funny. This season just isn’t strong.

        And yes, I think I will kick your puppy. Thanks for asking.

    • Alan

      Don’t you get it? They are mocking the constant overbearing product placement found on TV nowadays while also taking part in it. That’s the irony.

      • Sara

        The first time it was mocking. Now it’s just obnoxious and depressing. :-/

    • JChan

      So many of us skip the commercials these days. They couldn’t possibly be getting the same money for commercials that they used to. And yet we all expect the exact same product, for free, without giving anything in return. If these funny product placements keep 30 Rock on the air, then I love them.

    • izikavazo

      I don’t think they actually get paid for most of their “product placements”, that’s kinda the joke.

  • Jim Rockford

    I hope they bring back Rockford Files – the best episode is easily “Sleight of Hand” from season 1

  • Penny

    My love of 30 Rock has waned greatly over time. I can’t exactly pinpoint it but I just don’t like it all that much anymore. I think it might actually be Liz, I find her so annoying.

    • ben

      I’m with you. Thought I think it’s because the show is just not that funny anymore, and all the characters are grating.

      • Alan

        WTF is wrong with you guys? Try watching a really bad sitcom like According to Jim or that new Jenna Elfman show and then you’ll realize 30 Rock, even when not at its peak, is still funny. And I disagree. I actually like Tracy more now when in the past I hated him, and God do I still love Jenna.

      • Arsenio Billingham

        I’m with Alan on this one. Sure, it’s not at its best right now, but the same thing happened to The Office in its fourth season, and it bounced back in a big bad way. 30 Rock is still one of the best shows on TV (I agree about the Jenna Elfman crapfest. I gave that show a few episodes but I just can’t stomach it anymore).

      • Matthew J. Sanderson

        So, wait a second: You’re saying that, because 30 Rock isn’t According To Jim, we should love every single thing it does and never speak badly of it? There’s nothing “wrong” with the people who think the show is weaker these days, but I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with not being able to criticize something you love.

      • Penny

        @Alan: Gezus. I’m not going to compare 30 rock to According to Jim. I’m comparing 30 Rock to 30 Rock. Ive seen it be a better show and I want it to get back to that level.

    • Sina

      No, it’s Jenna. During the perfect season 1 she wasn’t on every episode but when she did pop up she was funny. Now that she’s on all the time, it really shows how unfunny she actually is.

      • Seanti

        I think Jane Krakowski is brilliant, and Jenna’s self-centered worldview is one of my favorite parts of the show.

      • Penny

        They’ve made her incredibly one-dimensional. Even Tracey has a more developed personality.

  • kim in kentucky

    I thought the line was “Like a neighborhood DEAD garage band.”

    • Carolina

      …That doesn’t make sense.

      • Matthew J. Sanderson

        Yeah, it was “Dad.” “Dead” doesn’t make any sense.

      • kim in kentucky

        a Grateful DEAD cover band ….

    • izikavazo


  • Chris Shifty

    The pilot of 30 Rock was nothing but product placement for GE Trivection Ovens! Fantastic episode, the product placement was great like all placements on 30 Rock they don’t try to hide like on 24, they make jokes out of it.

    • Mike

      Yea, the Winter Olympics product placement was hilarious.

      • MsSuniDaze

        …this February on NBC. Thought that was funny too because it just came out of nowhere.

  • Dduellman

    30 Rock is still a little funny, but I sure would like to see the characters’s grow more. It’s the same old, same old this season. And I want Liz to stop being such a disaster as a woman. Really, in NYC, she can’t find stylish clothes to accentuate her natural beauty, or find a man who appreciates her intelligence and quirks? I don’t buy it.

    • Brian

      There are literally thousands of poorly dressed women who can’t find a man in New York City. Don’t be silly.

    • A

      HAHA. Yeah, it’s pretty easy to find a guy who appreciates a woman’s “intelligence and quirks.” That’s why the only single women on earth are dumb fembots. Right.

    • Alan

      She’s not unstylish. She works about 22 hours a day, so her looks reflect that. You really think a TV show producer who has to run around all day is coming to waltz around in stillettos and Gucci? Yes, I’d like to see her land a man, but lots of career women who are pretty and smart can’t find a man. I know many women like that in my real life.

      • Jim Rockford

        Sorry they may be smart but if they were pretty they would have a man, unless they happen to be pyschotic

  • CH

    This was a good episode. Not great like some others, but good. The Susan Boyle bit was funny. You forgot Brian Williams!!

    • Sara

      I love Brian Williams on this show.

      • MRS

        Yes! Brian Williams was hysterical! “Fuhgettabouit”

  • CP41

    I know 30 Rock won Best Comedy emmy for last Season, but I thought it was a dramatic decrease from season 2 (and also I thought HIMYM was much, MUCH better than 30 Rock last season), but this season has been so much Worse! Everything seems so forced. The jokes, the acting, all of it. What happened to 30 Rock?

    • Jim Rockford

      HIMYM is awful yuppie trash

      • Stan

        Yes, because 30 Rock is about the average Joe who works a 9-to-5 and cracks a Schlitz when he gets home from his construction job. So not about corporate executives and 30’s-ish TV stars removed from the real world. Yeah.

    • Alan

      Once you say that HIMYM is better than 30 Rock you lose any credibility you may have had.

      • Kate

        Look, I own the dvds for both 30 Rock and HIMYM and they’re like my children. I love them both. But 30 Rock is also like my first kid… I love it way, way more.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Kathy Geiss as Susan Boyle = genius

    • anon

      as was the line about removing her underpants

  • Sarah D

    I thought the show was hilarious all the way through. Why are people so determined to hate this show? Jack’s shame filled plea for someone to tell him how to transfer trains? Freaking hilarious. I don’t understand all the ill will :(

    • Brian

      People always want to hate and naysay. It’s so easy to do. I think the naysayers feel left out? Maybe they don’t get it?

    • Penny

      I’m not determined to hate it! I want to like it so badly! It’s just been disappointing me lately. Especially last season when the supporting stars were pretty much ignored and every episode focused on Jack and Liz 100%.

    • Alan

      I agree with you Sarah. 30 Rock is still better than almost every other show. I think the 3-years-in-a-row Emmy win is making people look for a way to smash it down. Would they prefer a sitcom like “Yes, Dear”? or “According to Jim”? BOOOOO to the naysayers, 30 Rock is still great.

      • Bilbo

        Backlash seems to always be an auttomatic response, especially with web posters. 30 Rock is a great show that will have ups and downs like any other, but it’s zany-smart-ridiculous tone is not to be matched, we just take it for granted now.

    • Marnie

      Jack was too funny last night. Loved him with the singing group on the subway at the end.

  • couchgrouch

    I stopped watching HIMYM last season. the endless one-note sex jokes got to be a bore. that show is no match for the inspired lunacy of 30 Rock. of course, it’s in its 4th season and like all shows will compared unfavorably to its earlier years.

  • Stan

    MUGABE’S CONCUBINES!!! Oh man, that was a great one!

  • Al


    • Bobby’s Robot

      “Line?” ‘Lines’ “…Lines!”

    • Kate

      oh my gosh, I was going to say this one!! I loved “paranoia! where?” I have it as my facebook status. :)

  • MarkG

    Some of these people must have been watching another show, as I thought last night’s EP was one of the best “Rocks” I have ever seen. I was hollering! Jack’s shameless plug about the Winter Olympics, after having just said how irrelevent they are, was priceless! Not sure why Liz couldn’t have figured out those voices on the phone were fake, her BS-meter is usually on and poppin’. Tracy and Jenna in that Hummer sunroof, trolling for potential auditioners, was great! I loved the whole show- Jack on the subway, never thought I would see it…

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