This week's cover: 'It's Complicated' stars Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep talk nudity

1075-alec-meryl_lFor Something’s Gotta Give, writer-director Nancy Meyers had to convince Diane Keaton to bare all on screen. Six years later, Meyers is back with a new romantic comedy, It’s Complicated (in theaters Dec. 25), and this time, it’s Alec Baldwin who’s doing the stripping. He and Meryl Streep play ex-spouses who, over their son’s college-graduation weekend, rekindle their romance — a tricky situation that becomes even more so when Streep’s character starts dating her architect, played by Steve Martin. Unlike Keaton, Baldwin didn’t need much arm-twisting to drop trou. “When you do a movie that you like or you’re hopeful about, you’ll go to any lengths if it seems right. And I was taking my clothes off for her,” he says, pointing to Streep. “Not for you, the public. Big difference.”

Baldwin shows plenty of skin in It’s Complicated (wait till you see the scene where he lies naked on a bed, waiting for Streep to join him), but he’d like to make one thing clear: the bare buns you see aren’t his own. Alec-Baldwin-Meryl-streep_dlAs he told us last week: “[That was] my ass double! You can put that in Entertainment Weekly so people know. I have a great ass, if I may say so. That’s a part of my body that needs no surgical enhancement or rearranging. The guy who was my ass double, he worked on 30 Rock one day and he dined out on it the whole week. He showed up and told everybody, ‘I was Alec’s ass double.’ It’s a sick business.” Which is not to say Baldwin would never flash his rear-end on screen. “You gotta pay me a lot of money,” he says.

As for Streep, she doesn’t do the Full Keaton (so to speak) in It’s Complicated, which was just fine with her. “I don’t think if we had romped through half of this movie completely naked it would have added to the film. It’s about the intimacy of marriage and the comfort and the mess of it. It felt like what we did was exactly right.”

For our full interview with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep, plus an inside guide to Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, and 59 other films, pick up the Holiday Movie Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands November 6.


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  • Penny

    I don’t understand…nude scene but with a body double? What’s the big deal if its not even him? Or are we talking frontal nudity as well?

  • crispy

    How exciting for the AARP crowd. Sometimes I think this magazine has an identity crisis… it’s Twilight, Twilight, Glambert, Twilight… and now, uh, this movie that no one under the age of 47 would go see.

    • Fro-Mullet

      I’m 28 and this movie is on my to watch list..I love Meryl, always have.

      • Justine

        Im 14 and i wanna watch this too =)i love meryl streep!!!

    • Elizabeth

      I’m 30 and I can’t wait for this movie!

    • tibia lafayette

      you must know a lot of people to back off your theory,most people i know are under 47 and that movie is the one movie we are all excited about

      • oda

        i’m 14! and i saw the movie yesterday and i really loved it:D i laughed to tears! it was hilarious!;) meryl,steve and alec was awesome! can’t wait til i get it on DVD:D

    • Luddite

      Yeah, I’m 25 and while under different circumstances I might avoid this movie, Meryl Streep is enough to get me there. And the presence of Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, and John Krasinski? Gravy. I’ll be there.

    • llevinso

      I’m 26 and this is one of the movies I’ve been waiting for :)
      Twilight on the other hand? No thanks! I hate that garbage.

      • N

        I’m 18 and cannot wait to see this movie.

      • Zoey

        Sorry I will never forget him screaming at his Daughter the way he did. I think Alex is very likeable but I feel sorry for his family wife and children.

      • shawshank

        I am a 3 month old infant, and I have already bought my ticket online for opening night of It’s Complicated

      • krys

        i’m 20 and this is the movie that i want to see this holiday season Merylis the best!!

    • crispy

      How exciting… there are 4-5 exceptions. I guess somebody’s gotta drive Grandma to the theater. Look, no matter how many people post “I’m 28 and I have crappy taste in movies,” the fact remains that this film is going to play to women and couples over 50. In general, young people won’t be flocking to theaters for this. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It just seems contrary to EW’s standard Twilight/Glambert/Glee cover formula.

      • M

        Your underestimating the power of Meryl Steep. She has proven to be a draw for people of every age including this 34 year old!

      • crispy

        You’re right. It could be worse. It could be Diane Keaton.

      • Tyler

        You’re going to be eating your words Crispy when this movie makes over 100 million in the states. Show your face then. Something’s Gotta Give made 125 mil domestically in 2003 and Streep’s presence alone boosted ticket sales of Julie and Julia. Idiots such as yourself probably thought that movie wouldn’t do well either and that has made 94 mil domestically and isn’t nearly the draw that an xmas time romantic comedy is. Come back to the board after this movie does well if you have any ball$. (Which I doubt you do)

      • crispy

        What are you rambling on about? I haven’t said one word about the movie not performing well. I have no doubt it’s going to make over $100 million. The Meryl/women/50+ audience is a huge market.

      • paige

        I dont like anybody calling Crispy an idiot

      • Susan

        Isn’t that a good thing?!

      • Sheri

        Crispy, Shhhh. Just be quiet, okay? It’s best for everyone.

      • crispy

        Sheri, I can tell you’re fat from just 3 sentences. Maybe you should get off the internet and get on a treadmill. It’s best for everyone.

      • Sheri

        Crispy, oh what a clever response. Did that make you feel better? Good. Now just be quiet.

      • Matt

        “This film is going to play to women,” he says contemptuously, like more than 50% of the population is maybe NOT a good market to be going after. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what brain defects look like. Tragic, isn’t it? Give to the March of Dimes.

      • Fatima

        21. Going with my Mom. Everyone loves Meryl. Surprised you haven’t noticed that yet.

      • crispy

        Not contemptuous, Matt. It’s a big market. There should be more movies for women. I was just surprised to see it grace the cover of EW. But maybe the point I’m missing is that EW morphed into a women’s magazine.

      • oda

        so true. anyone can see this movie! i’m 14 and i’ve seen it.. and i loved it!

    • Kate Schmate

      There are plenty of exceptions. Everyone I know who’s seen the trailer is interested in the movie, and I’m a sophomore in college. Just because it has older characters doesn’t mean it will only appeal to an older audience. Plus, it’s going to attract the 30 Rock crowd, many of whom are teenagers and young adults.

    • Em

      im 19.. will be going to see this movie at least 20 times im sure.
      and i can personally name over 100 people under the age of even 25 that will be seeing this movie.
      DON’T judge before you see what the movie figures are etc.. and do not generalize our population.
      the movie is coming out, it will be heavly promoted, so stop wasting your time complaining, let there BE a change

    • A B L

      Im 16 and im gonna go and C it

      • Ulrika

        I’m 16 and I have waited so long for this:D Meryl<3<3

    • Kate

      I am 23 and I have been waiting for a year for this movie to come out. I do not think you have to be the same age as the protagonists to be able to relate to a film. Call me crazy.

    • Sheri

      Wrong. Well under 47 and looking forward to seeing it. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s best to stay quiet.

    • AD

      I don’t get the “identity crisis” comment; shouldn’t the magazine appeal to all age groups, genders, culture types, etc. You appear to be an ageist Crispy. I can’t understand people who are ageists; are they the only people who are never going to get older? Come to think of it, with your attitude Crispy, you may not get older; you’ll insult the wrong senior.

      • crispy

        No way, a magazine should definitely NOT try to appeal to all age groups. It should pick its market and excel in that area. Any good brand manager knows this. I wasn’t slamming seniors (ok, maybe I did make a few jokes), I was slamming the magazine.

    • PLEASE

      Im looking forward to this movie! But PLEASE no more Diane Keaton movies she is horrid. She plays the same character with the same wardrobe and same annoying personality.

    • Linn

      Anyone with good taste would go see any movie starring Meryl Streep. Add in Baldwin and Steve Martin and you have three stars able to rise above any script (I haven’t read the script for this, so I can’t judge, I choose to believe it’s as hilarious as it sounds).

    • charlotte

      I’m 30 and I can’t wait to see this movie! I was checking the opening date. I think it’ll be a fun christmas day movie for sure. Also, I loved something’s gotta give. I don’t understand the hate against movies that have people who are clearly talented and intelligent just b/c they’re not 25. EW doesn’t have to cater to only one particular demographic. If it’s good, it’s good. No matter what age.

    • Michaela

      I’m fifteen. . . and definitely seeing it.
      and where did you pull the number fourty-seven from, anyways?

      • crispy

        I pulled that number outta my butt! That’s why I’m surprised so many people take me seriously. :)

      • Michaela

        hahaa, I thought so.
        to each his own.
        you’re entitled to your opinion, and I respect that.

      • Justine

        im 14 haha!!

    • miss k

      I’m 18 and will definately be in line! I love love love Alec and Meryl!

    • Sean

      I am 26, hardly AARP material. Love Meryl Streep and will go see her in this.

    • dj

      LOL. That AARP joke was funny, but I’m 22 and I think Alec Baldwin is hilarious and Meryl Streep, well she is Meryl Streep and I’ve never seen her star in anything crappy. Definitely going to see!

      • oda

        you’re sure saying the right thing! ;) baldwin is hilarious and is a great actress, and meryl.. yeah she is meryl!:p she’s good in every single movie she’s been in! and when i saw her in it’s complicated, i was not shocked over her permormance! she did an awesome job as usal!;) i’m 14 btw, so age has nothing to say,everyone:) cause, everyone in every age can see this movie!:D

    • Katie & Jessica

      Crispy, me (Katie) & Jess are the greatest fans of this movie its awesome and it really is COMPLICATED!!!

  • lynne

    @crispy: Meryl has quite a huge young female following especially after The Devil Wears Prada. And I’m 19 and think Alec Baldwin is looking pretty fine in those 2 pictures. Definitely choosing this over Sherlock Holmes.

  • Boy..

    Yet another lousy cover!

  • jfms777

    The finest example of holiday cheer. “Avatar” who?

  • couchgrouch

    I’m under 47 and I’m interested. of course nothing’s gonna blow up and there’s no zombies or robots so that’ll probably limit viewership from the Grand Theft Auto generation.

  • Ed

    I wasn’t planning on seeing this movie, but now that I know that I’ll see a near-naked Alec, I’m in. He is so good looking, and I’d love to see more of him! Too bad we won’t see his actual butt, though. If it were his backside, that would make for the best movie of the year!

    • Harry Peters

      He’s an ass who treats his young daughter like crap. Google it, he calls her a pig while yelling at her. And Streep is old and dried up, like a year-old raisin that’s been under the refrigerator.

      • Emily

        Uhm have you looked at her before? DEFINITELY not a dried up raisin. Get some glasses buddy. She’s better looking then you’ll ever be.

        And as for Alec – couldn’t agree with you more! Hahaha…

    • Michaela

      your comment on meryl?
      yeah, google her while you’re at it.
      obviously not old and dried up, more so talented and stunning.

  • SKZ

    I don’t know, but it always amazes me the people who say mean-spirited things on post boards-what sad lives they must have-I am under 45 and can’t wait to see this move-am a fan of all three

  • Stephanie

    I’m 17 and I am soo going to see it. May even see it several times. Have you not seen the trailer? So the point is…someone under the age of 47 will go see it.

    • crispy

      I have seen the trailer. I think I accidentally flipped to NCIS on Tuesday night, and it was playing between Depends and Boniva commercials.

      • Rob

        Now that made me laugh!

      • gennie

        Once I saw that you continued to post, answering everyone who disagreed with your ridiculous opinion, I HAD to keep reading, just to see how far you would go!!
        What a loser! You make me laugh!! Oh! and I wont be coming back to see what you have to say to me, it just really, really isnt that important.

      • crispy

        Um, what the eff is the point of a threaded message board system if people aren’t supposed to respond to each another? Don’t be dumb.


    I’m glad for ALL of us,please NO more middle-aged or old man butts,or ANY male bottoms.Yes, this means you too,Michael Douglas!

  • george

    The EW editors know what’s cool. Putting the fab over fifty couple on the cover is a bold statement that smart witty comedies that don’t need toilet humor to milk laughs will do well at the box office. Hats off to Meyers and others directors like Ephron who make feel-good films that entertain without being offensive (hello Bruno and Zohan). As for Meryl, she is – hands down – the gold standard. At 60, that’s amazing.

    • Jackie


    • Alissa

      they don’t need toilet humor, yet this whole article is about how he’s naked in the movie? for laughs? seems like a version of toilet humor, to me. let’s all laugh at the older naked gentleman! how does this merit an article when it isn’t even his butt.

    • Roxanne

      Amen to that, my friend!

  • Dana

    Crispy acts as though he/she/it is never going to age. Crispy, do you troll the other boards and post that only black people will go see Denzel’s movie or go to another board and say that only Asian people are going to see an Ang Lee movie? I’m sure there will be people of all ages who go see this movie because when you’ve had such a long and remarkable career as Streep (and Baldwin) people will go to appreciate good acting. I’m 28 and I can’t wait to see this.

  • Paul

    They’ve actually done studies that say that people who troll around on message boards and have nothing positive to say are just depressed people who are taking their own insecurities out on other people. There is no question in my mind that Crispy is one of those people and is probably typing these wonderful statements from his grandmother’s basement.

    • crispy

      LOL. Grandma’s basement? How original. Can we get a link to all these studies you’ve read? Because I’ve read studies that say that people who just make up crap and post it on message boards are ugly and fat.

      • Nicole

        I’m torn. While I want to dislike your ridiculous posts, I find myself laughing at how upset they make other people.

      • crispy

        Does it help if I told you I know my posts are ridiculous? ;)

      • Kelley

        Crispy, I want to be mad but I just can’t through my laughter. I love Crispy!

  • harry

    I love you ALEC!!!

  • damien

    Streep is a legend and a class act. I’ll see any movie she’s in because she’s more than worth the price of admission.

    • Michaela

      meryl is my hero.

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