'Gossip Girl' recap: Blair dumps Serena -- for good?

Be still, my heart: in a season first, we Gossip Girl fans actually got to see Blair act like an adult (even if it only lasted for a nanosecond). After wiping some celebratory white frosting off her refreshingly unmade-up mug (and more on her face-plant into that congressional confection later), Blair wrapped up tonight’s episode by revealing the root of her anger toward her former BFF Serena;  she doesn’t approve of the way her blonde buddy has been leading her sorry life! First, Serena pulls away from Dan and his clan, and then unexpectedly turns her back on (the highly distrustful) Nate. If that doesn’t take the, um, cake, now Serena’s working for a ruthless publicist who demands her young charge play girlfriend to a boozy actor who dreams of making a Leaving Las Vegas remake opposite Miley Cyrus! C’est terrible!

Fortunately, Serena soon realizes the error of her ways; she pulls out her trusty Sharpee and writes her former boss a big `I quit’ note on the aforementioned actor before sending him on his not-so-merry way. But did she quit in time to save her friendship or this otherwise lousy episode? Tune in next week when we’ll get treated to some sort of slot machine-type threesome!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First up, a note about the absense of Tim Stack, your trusty GG recapper; he spent the evening out celebrating his 30th birthday at some underground NY speak-easy, so this mouse was given the privilege of filling in while the cat was away. If only the cheese in tonight’s episode was the kind I craved. Poor Hilary Duff; the ex-Disney ingenue really looks better than ever but her Olivia gets more and more boring because the writers have absolutely no idea where to take her and Dan (this week, she panics that a snoozer of an anecdote she told on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show will ruin her one-month-old relationship!) At least one good thing came out of this sleepy C-story that ended with those two back in bed; Fallon got some much-needed exposure on one of the CW’s hottest dramas.

But Nate didn’t appreciate the brand of exposure that Vanessa was offering his cousin’s run for Congress. While videotaping Trip Van Der Bilt’s campaign (because if she isn’t out fighting for someone – anyone’s – love, she’s busy videotaping something!), Vanessa watched how Trip’s unexpected rescue of a drowning passerby in the Hudson River was actually staged. She told Nate that she planned to take it public, but since Nate, like his granddad, has the corrupt Van Der Bilt blood pulsing through his veins, he managed to thwart her plan and keep the campaign on track. Trip ends up winning, of course, but not without Nate finally realizing the error in his family’s dirty ways; he goes on camera to take the blame for the staged rescue (he secretly blames grandpa) and calls Trip the real honest member of the family. He probably is, though his formerly demure wife is turning out to be the real piece of work here (she was the one to blame for the fake drowning).

Meanwhile, Serena was so busy trying to get Patrick some much-needed exposure at Trip’s victory party at Chuck’s hotel that she failed to notice that A) he was totally blowing his shot at a Michael Mann political film, or as Blair so aptly put, “he’s drunker than Paula Abdul during Hollywood Week ” and B) her old pal Blair was really quite sad to be without her. Blair showed her disdain for S. by banishing Patrick to an upstairs hotel room to sleep off the booze, and S. returned the favor by shoving Blair’s face into a cake. Really? That kind of behavior seems so second season, even if it resulted in a rare flash of maturity on Blair’s part (“After 18 years of this, I actually feel sorry for you,” she says to Serena). I, too, believe Serena is as lost as ever, but does Blair have to first act like a total baby to get the point across? Did she really have to recruit a Valentino-loving call girl to sub as her new BFF? Why must Chuck seem like the oldest guy in the room this season?

And now, my wish list before we prepare for next week’s episode: I wish we could revisit the gay kiss Chuck participated in a few weeks ago to see if he enjoyed the encounter more than he (and Blair) would like. I wish Dan would up and decide he hates the movies so he’ll end his relationship with Olivia. I wish we could see more of Jenny’s downward spiral into she-devil territory and her step-brother’s growing disdain for her superficiality.  I hope S. doesn’t suddenly become – gulp! – a congressional aide. What about you, GG fans? What’s your wish as the drama heads into the all-important November sweeps?

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  • robby

    I actually REALLY liked this episode. I was like: “YAY! Classic GG goodness. And I’m not hating Olivia. She and Dan have a good dynamic. I also think it’s great that they’re bringing life back into Nate’s story/character. I do have to agree about the Chuck Bass kiss from the last episode. He’s so fine.

    • liz

      I liked this episode too. This recapper was awful and clearly judgmental about the fluff that makes GG so spectacular. I don’t tune in to see people acting like adults, I tune in to see lying, bacstabbing, scheming, and the ever so wonderful Chuck and Blair.

  • J

    I really liked this episode too. Normally Nate is so superfluous but I liked his role in the episode. I also liked how they have made the characters grow this season. Chuck seems so much more mature and it’s good to see all that painful twisting and turning of season 2 wasn’t for nothing. I was worried that after they left school it would be difficult for they characters to transition but I think the writers are doing a good job.

  • Cory

    I also really liked this episode. Politics and GG seemed like a sort of unnatural fit, but it really worked in this episode. Everyone had something to do (even Lily, Rufus, and Jenny got a decent amount of screen time, if not a lot of plot-driving activity), and there were some really funny moments (I loved Lily’s “You didn’t really think they wanted to spend five hours playing board games with us, did you?” line). Also, I’ve decided I’m on the Dan-Olivia bandwagon, due largely to Hilary Duff (since I hate Dan). I hope she sticks around for a while. Overall, this was probably the second best episode of the season for me, after last weeks episode.

  • michelekamay

    yes, yes, yes, YESSSSS!
    Best episode so far, way better than the childish previous plots CW gave us this season. Tim Stack should never let somebody else do his job, it seems that they don’t get Gossip Girl at all. Happy B-day, Tim BTW!
    SERENA: On the loose. Like her hair. As always. That’s just the way we met her and that’s the way she will stay until she gets back to where she belongs, which is Dan. Blake Lively is actually the luckiest actress of GG because she can play whatever she wants: drunk, junkie, mean, haughty, sweet, generous…the luckiest actress indeed. And what she’s about to do with Mr Congessman…Ooh La la!
    BLAIR: At last, she matures! I was so angry towards her behaviour lately but she finally got it: “I have college and a strong relationship. Period”.
    NATE: Great improvement for this guy. He’s not only good at working that hotness all around Manhattan. Nate can definitely be more than just a pretty face, the writer of this episode got it. Brave or schemer, that’s the grown up Nate we wanna see. Less Bobby Ewing, more Ridge Forrester. Chuck Bass is loosing his job.
    CHUCK: Okay, I enjoyed his talk-to-talk with Serena, he’s a coming-of-age wise billionaire but don’t push it over the limit. He almost made Grandpa Archibald, Rufus and Lily looked useless.
    DAN: I’m enjoying his relationship with Olivia, it looks quite natural now. But is it that a big deal to date a clebrity? I mean, she has been around for a while now, can’t she just stop doing her “Lizzie” and act normal?
    VANESSA: Why is she back to sidekick job? Nate ruined her plans and she’s still feel sorry for him, WTH? What happened to the girl who took the offensive two episodes ago? BTW, I absolutely love their chemistry, when are they going back together?
    I enjoyed this episode, really.

    • J

      Listen up, EW: I refuse to read any Gossip girl recap unless Tim Stack writes it! No one can replace T!

  • Doris

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Chuck Bass coming off as the most adult of them all. I loved him curled up with Blair at the end. I like Olivia, so she can stay a while. Lily & Rufus are fun in those small doses. I’m glad Trip won, and I suspected all along it was his wife who was behind it. But let’s get him a real friend/aide/mentor–I understand Senator Nathan Petrelli is now available!

    • liz

      Agree with everything you said. I really liked this episode with the exception of Vanessa, her holier than thou attitude has always rubbed me the wrong way.

      • m.

        I hate it too! It’s that same way Dan was last season!

      • Gabby

        Let’s be fair, Nate was really shady this episode. Trying to cheat someone into public office is low.

  • jfms777

    You didn’t even mention Blair’s new pal, the blond NYU psych major–and high-class escort. That’s what we want! Hookers, whores, and sluts. Because everybody else (this season) has become a bore. A shame.

  • BLM

    This episode was ok. I didn’t understand why Vanessa wanted to expose the fake drowning–Trip had nothing to do with it. He just saw a drowning person and saved him. Vanessa is so pretentious and annoying! I like how Serena and Chuck have become real siblings and Chuck is balancing his ex-step-sister and his girlfriend nicely. I like Dan and Olivia, but they are boring and need a better story like. And how dumb is Dan that he put his shirt on inside-out?! I’m curious to see who is involved in this threesome (better not be Chuck and Blair!).

    • Amy Leigh

      It’s been revealed on another spoiler site who is involved in the threesome. C/B are safe.

  • Michael

    Blair is a hardcore beotch. She doesn’t approve of Serena but she’s nothing but a vapid, narcissistic, manipulative wench. Leighton is a beautiful girl but there is NOTHING likeable about Blair at all. Serena could use some new friends.

    • Amy Leigh

      I agree. I understood that Blair was looking out for Serena, but some of the things she said to Serena were way out of line. Calling her best friend a prostitute?! There are nicer ways of telling your friend that their job isn’t a good thing & they’re compromising their integrity.

      • WD

        and pushing someone’s face in a cake is a good thing? LOL honestly, they are both at fault, hence why they are the perfect BFFs. im kinda glad this might propel their relationship into adult territory.

    • Leigh

      Oh please, Blair is the most entertaining & interesting character among the GG females. And her boyfriend-true love, Chuck Bass, claims that title among the GG males. I will take Blair’s b*tchbone over Serena’s woe-is-me/I’m clueless act ANY day. S has been playing that one-note symphony since Day 1…Time to change the tune! Maybe B’s wake-up call will lead the way.

      Blair has been through the wringer so far this season. The writers are really kicking the piss out of her, but she’s starting to get her spunk back in the last few episodes, so I’m sure she’ll rally as always. Blair’s a fighter & survivor–who takes on challenges with intelligence, savvy, & gusto.

      Whereas Serena just never seems to have a full deck or a grip on any situation. Her “goodness” overrides her common sense or lack there of.

    • S

      omg Blair is the deepest and most entertaining character in GG, And Serena is so boring. she’s going to go have an affair(Trip) … again. Aren;t we tired of seeing her act like a slut? i want soemthing more for Serena. And she has never been a good friend to Blair. Serena is only concerned about herself, maybe a job if she has one, and who ever she is sleeping with. watch her forget all about carter and go for trip( who is seriously hot btw) but honestly i dont blame blair for the things she says, at least she isnt pretending that she’s not a bitch then blaming it on her daddy issues and general vapid disposure. i loved serena from first season, bring her back!

  • Amber

    Maybe the writers should kill off Vanessa in an unexpected plot twist! It would boost the ratings for sure and make a majority of viewers quite happy.

    • S

      I agree, she’s so boring and self important. They should kill Vanessa off, and use the actress as her long lost sister/twin/ recipent of a facial transplant, anything. . . she’s just too pretty to be so annoying and lame

  • GeeMoney

    Isn’t Vanderbilt one word?

    • Amy Leigh

      Nope. They showed it on the television several times during the news stories: Van Der Bilt.

    • Anonymous

      The University is one word… that might be where your thought is coming from

      • GeeMoney

        No… I was thinking Gloria Vanderbilt.

    • Emily

      They aren’t THOSE Vanderbilts… :)

    • Rachel

      Yeah, I thought the family was supposed to be “those” Vanderbilts, as they’re super-loaded and all. Inserting spaces into the name just makes it seem weird.

      • Clarissa

        I think they’re trying to fictionalize it slightly so they don’t offend the REAL Vanderbilts, but I think they are intended to be “those” Vanderbilts.

  • j

    Olivia’s fine, but do we believe she’s a major movie star? If she was she’d look a lot better. Both S and B looked better than here at her OWN movie premiere!

  • Sheri

    Blair was actually the “nice” one in this episode- looking out for Chuck, and in turn kind of for Serena. I’m SOOOO sick of Serena- boo hoo, I’m rich, pretty and my real daddy doesnt want anything to do with me… Boo Boo.. Really? Get over it, go to school, and SHUT UP!!

    Go Bluck!!

  • katia

    Love Chuck and Blair. Not a fan of the Oliva/Dan story. I agree with other commenters, wouldn’t Oliva look better at parties if she was a “real” movie star?

    I wonder if Chuck’s uncle will come back? What ever happened to him?

    Also, did you see the preview for Leighton’s new video/song. Weird!

  • Amy Leigh

    I completely disagree with the recapper. This was one of my favorite episodes of the season. Finally Nate has a storyline/arc & it has nothing to do with a girl, for now at least. It would seem that his honorable cousin isn’t so honorable after all. I wonder how Nate will react if something happens with Trip/Serena. It was good to see Chuck staying neutral in the S/B fight. I hope it doesn’t take too long for S/B to work out their issues. I’m still enjoying D/O. I wouldn’t mind if Olivia stuck around awhile.

  • maya

    I never understood why Serena and Blair were friends… and this episode cemented that. They’re mean to each other and rarely spend time together. I don’t get it!

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