Jonathan Jackson on 'General Hospital': First Look

It’s old home week on General Hospital as Emmy-winner Jonathan Jackson steps back into the role of Lucky Spencer tomorrow. Take a look below at our exclusive preview of his reunion with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Love the beat they allow to acknowledge his reentry into the role he’d originated. Is it me or is there already a different vibe to the character?

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UPDATE (10/27): Jonathan Jackson’s return to General Hospital begins: Everything you hoped for?

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  • shana

    That got rid of Greg for that!Shame

    • Terry

      That’s the original Lucky, for shame nothing. I liked GV but having JJ back is awesome. He didn’t win three emmys for nothing.

      • agent227

        Exactly. And it appears he hasn’t forgotten the character one bit. I actually had to pause the video at one point to regain my composure. I was 12 years old, flipping through the channels in 1996 and I happened upon a scene with Lucky in it. I developed an immediate crush on him, and have watched ever since. I’m SO HAPPY he’s back. Oh, but good lord, he’s so HOT.

      • Kati

        as a Young lucky JJ won 3 emmys.
        as an Adult GV has portrayed lucky through adult experiences that lucky has over come.

        GV we support you!!!

      • TS

        Ok, I am so happy right now it is truly sad! I have not like one single Lucky they have had since JJ! I actually wanted them to break up Lucky and Elizabeth every time they did because i couldn’t stand how little chemistry Elizabeth had with the other “Luckys”. Maybe General will get back to its better days now. But one things is for sure- I will start watching regularly again just to see JJ’s Lucky interact with Luke, Lulu, and Nicholas again and to watch the sparks fly between Elizabeth and Lucky again. That clip was awesome. Great deciaion. GV was boring!

    • meg

      Although I grew to like GV as Lucky and hate to see anyone to lose their job like this, JJ is the best Lucky. But I know that the credit doesn’t go only to him, but also to the Labines and their writing in the 90s.

      I wish Greg the best, and can’t wait to catch tomorrow’s GH! Thanks for the heads up.

      • Laura

        Meg – I feel the same way. I wish they could just recast GV in a different role (ala Sarah brown as Claudia) but JJ is SMOKING! I am so excited about this. And yay to EW for covering this. Thank you.

      • Susan

        I so agree Meg. Thank goodness for DVR!! Can’t wait to see it tonight!

    • fred

      perfect. greg v. played lucky as sweet (and handsome as heck) and sexy with sam but not so sexy with elizabeth. jjackson brings something back and i may just start watching again (just them, tho!)

      • Javabooknut

        I feel the same way. The last time I watched on a regular basis was when JJ was on and when Elizabeth and Lucky first got together.

      • What A Dopey Show…

        …Sopranos lite for the unemployed and elderly.

    • Kati

      couldnt have said it better

      im deciding to continue watching or not

      other actors are phenomenal im supporting them

  • Ugly Jenny

    The reason why Elizabeth is so nervous is not because the new Lucky gives her the butterfies, it’s because she slept with his half-brother Nicholas who is pretending to be in love with Rebecca, the long lost twin sister of his dead wife Emily, who pretended to be with Nicholas of the millions of dollars she thought wrongfully never given to her, but then fell in love with Nicholas just as he found out about her scam who is now in love with Elizabeth, Lucky’s fiancee. Did you get all of that?

    • Melissa

      Thanks for updating me on the past 3 years. :)

      • Terry

        That’s like 6 months not three years.

    • Kati

      i agree its the character lucky
      Not the new castmate of lucky

  • Annie

    I loved him in this role. I am such a geek I am so excited for him to be back. He really is a great actor and I loved him on GH.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      I know what you mean. It’s kind of hilarious. I just keep cheesing so hard every time I think about it. Completely geeking out.

      • L

        That sounds like a personal issue. (J/K)

    • superso

      i know!!! i’ve been giddy since i heard jonathan jackson was coming back. like a previous poster said, i began watching GH when liz and lucky were getting together and have been following their storyline the most over the years. i am SO excited to see them both today!

  • J

    I loved watching them back in the mid 90s…haven’t watched GH in a long time, but I think I’ll tape tomorrow.

    • Shasta

      I want to see a clip of Lucky and Luke interacting! Even when JJ was a little kid, they had the most amazing rapport. I haven’t watched GH in years, but now I’m tempted to go back.

  • Erica

    I haven’t watched GH since high school but it’s on my DVR now! I am so glad JJ has come back! I was really sad when he left the first time and Jacob Young took over. Yay I’m excited!

  • Annie

    Also there is a totally different vibe with him in the role. Even though they are acting, Rebecca and Jonathan always shared a natural intimacy when acting with each other. Though the other two actors that played the role where fine, they never shared the same sort of emotional connection that Jonathan and Rebecca share.

    • fred

      i think that had to do with the whole rape story. it just was so intimate.

  • Gigi

    That was amazing. They still have IT! Thank you soooo much for posting!

  • brynna

    poor guy. You know you haven’t made it when you have to go BACK to a soap opera…

    • Belinda

      Actually, daytime is a much tougher playing field than primetime. Even big primetime stars admit that they can’t deal with the speed of daytime hours that the daytime actors have to go through. So for JJ to be one of the best actors on daytime is nothing to be ashamed of.

      Besides, daytime is not as bad as people make it out to be. There are many strong talented actors on daytime who prefers to stay where they are than going primetime. Like GH star Steve Burton who turned down an offer to be on 24.

      • Annie

        I agree with everything you said. Daytime actors are the hardest working actors on televison and GH has some of the best actors hands down. I have sat in several movies and have thought that the actors on GH are 10x better than the actors on the movie screen. Thanks for giving them the props they deserve.

      • bootsycolumbia

        I also agree with everything you said. When you think of how many successful, award winning actors go their start in soaps, you gain a lot of respect for the actors in the genre. (Think Ray Liotta, Julianne Moore, Kevin Bacon, Meg Ryan, and many more.)

      • Susan

        wow, I didn’t know SB turned down a role on 24. and good for him. GH would be terrible w/o Jason!

      • Kati

        huh? steve burton turned down a role on 24?? thats news to me! where does it say that? i havent seen it his on twitter???

        i love 24 but i love gh more!!! even tho gv is gone. im a major liz lucky fan but jj is no lucky now.

        is gh trying to make lucky younger

        lucky is an adult dont bring him back in time

        i hope gv gets a awesome role!!!

        gv you rock. your lucky

    • Marylynn

      Yeah it’s always kind of sad when they come back. It’s always a cushion job. If they can’t get a primetime job or movie then at least they can go back to soaps. I’m not saying that there aren’t talented actors in daytime because there are. They just aren’t able to make it in other venues. Sometimes they also leave daytime but keep the “daytime” acting they have which is always a bad idea.

      • fred

        did you see him playing Reese in Terminator the sarah connor chronicles? he was amazing. it was like channeling the movie reese with sarah connor. if that show would have had a 3rd season, we wouldn’t have gotten to have jj back on gh. have you watched his career? BACK to Gh? they are so “Lucky” to have him! you are selling him and his abilities so short.

    • Tammy

      JJ hasn’t even really been doing much acting jobs since he left GH, but, that was intentional. He acted periodically, but, his number one priority was his band Enation that he has with his brother. They’ve been touring for years now and just doing music and he acts when they’re on breaks.

    • Kati

      that’s not true at all

      gv is the best lucky

      jj is not adult lucky

      gv is

      the way the let gv go was so very Rude

      gv we are excited to support you in your next roles

  • J

    Finally, after 10 LONG years, the REAL Lucky and Liz are back. Yeah, I said it. The REAL Lucky. The one and only Lucky. If the cheap imitations of the last 10 years have showed us anything it’s that NOTHING compares to the ORIGINAL.

  • Liason Forever

    Elizabeth and Jason have a grown-up chemistry. JJ looks like he is 12.

    • lovethem

      Liz has no chemistry with that giant terd. I watched for the first time in a long time and Jason looks like he’s on roids… and his pants are too tight. they make his butt look flat

    • Marnie

      i luv liz and jason and havent watched since they broke that couple up.did i mention i had been watching for over 10 yrs

      • Maria

        I had been watching for 10 yrs when I stopped in early 2007 from what GH did to my fave characters like Liz, lucky, Jason, Ric, Sam, Alexis and all who suffered from that Jason box of pain baby story. It started with the summer of sleaze but finally became unbearable in the first few months of the next year so I stopped watching. I finally started watching again after over a year & a half hiatus, around the time before the first Scrubs wedding and I have liked more on screen then I thought I would since tuning back in. Like I said, I’ll give JJ a chance even though I’ll miss Greg. Hopefully they can repair Liz, Lucky and their Spencer family from three years of being used for other peoples angst.

      • TS

        Loved them together too, but it never works out. They are too different and she has always loved Lucky. Now it will just be fun to watch that again.

    • T

      do you know what 12 year olds look like? Even Kristina looks older than that and JJ definitely looks older that JJ. And what does Liason have to do with this?

      • T

        sorry grammar mistake. I meant JJ definitely looks older than Kristina.

    • Kati

      that’s what i dont get,

      its not that jj portrayed lucky as an adult

      jj portrayed jj as a young character

      gv portrayed lucky as an adult

      so is gh re-casting all characters to bring in young viewers???

      i wonder what the chemistry will be like for lucky and lulu

      now was not the time to re-cast lucky it never will be

      bring GV back!!!

  • Ryan

    I actually started watching with Greg, but I still weirdly love Jonathon in the role.
    I wish soaps had dvds.

  • nicole

    I liked Greg V in the role, but he always seemed older than Liz (dont’ get me wrong, he is a GREAT looking guy and is not OLD). She and Jonathan look like they are the same age. it works. I’m glad he’s back.

  • Lizzie

    Alright!! This is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haters go drink your hateraide. lol (always wanted to use that) Cause it sounds like you wouldn’t be willing to like this if it was handed to you painted in gold. get over it! lol

    Lucky is HOME!

    • Kati

      what do you mean

      lucky never left

      jj is too young

      plus it was weird having the character lucky make lucky jokes today

      GV is lucky

      jj is lucky as a child

      lucky is not a child

      • NicWin

        Good God. You do realize that children DO grow up and sometimes still LOOK young right? This is the SAME GUY who was with Liz when they were teens, so, assuming he does not have some special time-halting apparatus, he has AGED APPROPRIATELY just as everyone else has. If he had never left the show, he would STILL look as young as he does. Understand? Maybe you like GV better and don’t want to have to get used to JJ, but those of us who remember JJ weren’t all that thrilled with his recasting either. He is the actor who ORIGINATED this role, and very rarely does a recast do a better job than the original. Greg was so different from Lucky it was almost like they were two different characters. I’d have to keep reminding myself who he is. I haven’t watched any soaps in the last few years, except a little here and there, but I remember JJ from back in the day, and I’m excited to see him back. I may have to check out SoapNet from time to time. Hopefully they won’t have him doing things Lucky would never do.

    • Amy

      Lizzie’s response here is the!
      Love JJ as Lucky…he’s not “12”, too young looking, pathetic for returning to daytime etc etc etc.
      He’s a very talented actor, who left his indelible stamp on the character of Lucky and we’re glad he’s come back to it.
      And if GH doesn’t do their best to destroy him too…this has the potential to be great. (I have my doubts in GH lately tho’)
      JJ has the old chemistry and history with Rebecca/Liz…I felt it immediately. That created a weird twist for me that’s going to be interesting to watch play out…
      suddenly Lucky/Liz have chemistry when she’s supposed to be bored with Lucky and into Nic…but now that JJ returned…their chemistry trumped the Nic thing immediately.
      We’ll see. Welcome back JJ! Welcome Home, Lucky!

      ps. nothing against GV who I think is handsome and talented but will fare better elsewhere hopefully…whether it was GH writers or just no chemistry…never cliqued.
      I did like him during Laura’s first return tho.

  • anikes

    on one hand I’m sad for JJ that it didn’t work out for him as a big screen actor, on the other hand I am so excited to have the real Lucky back that I’m actually going to start watching GH again, I stopped watching after the real Lucky left and they got rid of Lucy and stopped showing all the fun old folks, but this feels like it might be a little bit of old times.

  • Kristina

    Love this pairing – always have. But damn, that was some cheesy music.

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