'Gossip Girl' recap: Chuck kissed a guy...and I liked it

Between Serena’s purple dress and Chuck kissing a dude, those two elements could have made up the entirety of last night’s Gossip Girl and I would have been thrilled. But there were definitely some plot issues with last night’s episode. I think the problem with much of this season so far is the lack of any kind of tension or stakes. It just feels like a lot of characters are floating around with no real purpose. The best example I’d have to say is Chuck who seems to have zero point now but to cater to every one of Blair’s whims. It’s definitely a problem that can be fixed but I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later; I sense people are losing their patience.

First of all, this Dan/Olivia romance is severely lacking in any kind of heat. The two seem more like cousins than boyfriend/girlfriend. Olivia does not seem like she would fit in with this crowd. There’s something that seems kinda dumb about her. Also, she wears ill-fitting clothes. If she was a real movie star, lady would hire herself a stylist.

Secondly, when did Vanessa become so academic and propelled by extracurricular activities? Apparently she’s been spending a bunch of time doing other stuff than hanging in the coffee shop which, btw, is all we see her do. And we finally got the chance to meet her mother, who shares her daughter’s passion for patterns and prints. Also, she kinda had the same party-pooper energy as her daughter. Not a parent I need to see visit for a loooong time. I did enjoy Vanessa’s dress at the freshman event though. But speaking of the big parents’ weekend event, the whole microphone stuffed in the purse scheme felt a little Saved by the Bell. I expect more from these teens at this point.

Let’s get to the stuff I did like: Serena’s awesome purple dress. She should wear that everyday. And I kinda enjoyed the poker scenes with Serena and Nate. The twist with the photo of Tripp caught me by surprise, too. My biggest problem with this story line was the whole Carter going to work on oil rig. Um no. Two words that should never be mentioned on Gossip Girl? Oil and rig…unless one of the characters is like, “Why is Jenny dressed like she’s working on an oil rig?” And even that seems like a long shot. It all just seemed so crazy and unintentionally hilarious. Still, the story line kept me entertained. One big question: Are we ever gonna see Nate on campus at Columbia?

And then there was Chuck’s man kiss. Loooooved that whole sequence. Where the hell is Chuck Bass when I saunter up to the bar by myself? Damn. He was so hot in that scene. Loved when Josh asked if he could help him and Chuck responded, “Oh definitely.” Although, Josh needs to learn some better pick-up lines than “Where do you get your hair cut?”  Way to kill the mood, NYU guy. But Chuck had the best line of the night when he asked Blair, “-“Did you really think I never kissed a guy before?” Genius. Let’s have some flashbacks ASAP! The fall-out from Blair’s scam at least adds some interest to the Blair/Chuck relationship which is definitely hitting a lull. Next week looks even more juicy as Chuck disinvites Blair from his Halloween party.

Not an outstanding Gossip Girl outing but some solid moments. Bottom line, Chuck should kiss more dudes.

What did you think of last night’s episode, PopWatchers? Are you bored with Dan and Olivia? What did you think of Chuck’s big man smooch?

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  • mizkitteh

    I love how Vanessa’s mom told Rufus to lay off the caffeine. Is she aware that her daughter has spent the past two years grinding his beans?!

    • dee

      i’m sure this comment wasn’t meant to sound dirty, but it made me laugh…

    • Lili

      hehehe that sounded dirty ;P lol…

    • smokey gets in your eyes

      oh..she will be grinding more than his beans…soon…good for Rufus…

  • ken

    this is the first time where i’ve actually seen the guy who plays chuck actually act… the hurt he conveyed at blair’s manipulation felt real. oh and great twist, chuck didn’t care about kissing a guy, he’d done it before, he was angry because he had been played by a woman he obviously cares about, ironically, he would have kissed that desperate tool for real.

  • Nina

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Chuck is the only entertaining character so far.

    Hope the Serenade action will start soon and that Jenny (& Eric) finally get their own storyline.

    So, go Chuck! And I hope the rest is getting better.

  • anya

    no,chuck does not need to kiss any more dudes. lovehim & blair…but writers do need to start coming up with better plots for all characters & they keep picking horribly boring guest actors.
    love chair.they are the best.

    • Brian

      Wrong, Anya. Chuck does need to kiss more dudes. Stop being wrong.

  • Katie

    Is it just me, or has this show OFFICIALLY jumped the shark? Season 1 was so fun, magical, thrilling and had superb writing and storylines. Today, the show reeks of DESPERATE with Chuck kissing a guy, 3sums, poor storylines and so forth.

    This used to be a MUST WATCH for me…and now it’s turned into a “I’ll watch if I have time…”. What a shame.

    • Brian

      It’s just you, Katie.

    • Ashlie

      It’s not just you, I actually skipped last night’s ep because it looked boring. I use to LOVE this show but now it’s just getting boring, lame, and desperate.

    • Robbyrob


      How can a show jump the shark with a plot point (chuck being bisexual) that was clear in the books the TV SERIES is based on???? I would be upset however, that NOW is the time that Gossip Girl is bringing this up. BTW Katie, if you can write something better, please submit proposals to any of the networks…ok? I’m sure you’ll revolutionize the television medium with your original characters and plots. I mean, you do have the time now since you’ve dismissed GG from your schedule.

      • Katie

        Well, it looks like the viewers agree with ME considering the show last night hit a SEASON LOW in the ratings…..and the most embarassing part is that GG actually *dropped* in viewers & demo from the (equally as awful) “One Tree Hill”

        But thanks for your input!

      • Stacy

        You cannot bring the books into this! This show is nothing like the books and while that is ok you shouldn’t be able to have the best of both worlds. Since in the book no one likes him and he is not only bi but pretty much gay with a snow white monkey as his only true friend! Last nights show wasn’t that great. And I’m sorry but it seems like they are a little desperate. which they should be judging by the ratings…….I will still watch but come on some parts are just plain bad. How can they make Blair such a down right bad person(telling V why she is so much better than her? come ON) Now Robbyrob I’m not saying that I should take over the writing for the show but at least the people who are getting paid for it would put a little more effort into it!

    • Shanghaishrimpo

      Up until last night’s episode, I believed that GG had, quite possibly, jumped the shark. But, last night’s episode had me howling just like the old days. I’ve been so bored with the new season of GG. Now my interest has been renewed. After last night, the only two things that are boring are that Olivia and Dan have zero chemistry between them and Jenny and Eric are a complete snooze.

    • lauren

      same here. watch while im doing laundry. big demotion.

  • michelekamay

    “It just feels like a lot of characters are floating around with no real purpose” You got that right, Tim! But I gotta add: two weeks ago , “it felt like…”; today, it’s definitely that even “Gossip Girl” is floating around with no real purpose!
    I’m highly disappointed of what this show has become in two years. What happened to the S-C-A-N-D-A-L-O-U-S? Too many things are falling out of place: Why does Nate have to wrap up in five seconds the reasons why he is helping his cousin to win the election? Why are we hearing about Vanessa’s parents, their way of life and their rocky relationship all of a sudden? Where is Vanessa getting all the money to dress up if her parents are obviously against materialism? Why Blair’s mom was not at the event? When did Carter fall in love with Serena so much that he would make amends by taking full responsability of what he did to Bree’s sister? The characters are just rambling and we don’t see anything happening! Something went definitely wrong in this show; Do we have to believe that Josh Schwartz is a two-seasons TV-producer? Because I’m having a flashback of what happened to the O.C.
    Besides, I don’t get why Blair who is in college should act like a whining baby like she was 16 again! Maybe the creators want to please the Chair fans but they should decide whether the show is going to mature or not. Aren’t the target audiences women aged among 18 to 49?
    And definitely, the fact that there are a lot of couples off set is hurting the show. I mean Carter and Serena look great but there’s zero hotness around. Same about Dan and Olivia. Where are the steamy scenes? Who enrolled for Dan burning a chicken? uh uh not me!
    I saw “Hi society” last week-end and I said “Good old times!”. Gossip Girl is only lucky that her sister shows (90210, Melrose place) are not doing better, but it won’t last.

    • jennifer

      i couldn’t agree more!!!! some of these couples and storylines came out of NO WHERE and then they wrap them up SO fast. it would have been great to have Georgina blackmail vanessa longer or for dn not to find out about his brother and have vanessa really get lost in that secret. just random back stories and plot lines that have no depth. i wanna see Jenny take Queen Bee status asap to add soem drama!!

    • YES

      Agree!! This season doesnt seem to have a direction….there is no plot development for any of the main characters. Sorry, Blair acting like a brat is NOT a storyline. It also goes against everything she was learning towards the end of Season 2. I feel like the writers/producers are getting lazy and sloppy.

  • TellyB

    Jumping The Shark? That applies when it’s solid TV to begin with. This is GG, for crying out loud…basically White Rich And Spoiled Kids Whine About Their “Problems”. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

  • BLM

    I loved when Rufus asked Dan about Blair’s “I’m better than you” speech: “Was that Blair’s speech? Someone really should have looked over it…” Serena and Nate should really become a couple–they looked great together in this episode. I’m not usually into guy-on-guy action, but that Chuck/Josh kiss was HOT! Blair’s facial reaction to Chuck admitted to kissing guys before was hilarious! I’m finally digging this show again.

  • Via

    I loved the way the smooch wasn’t sensationalized – Chuck was so nonchalant and I died when he shocked Blair w/that line. Her face was priceless! I just didn’t understand why she felt she had to hide her motives from her ultimate partner in crime. It felt like the writers were grasping at some way to create tension between these two – lame. Overall I was underwhelmed by this epi and if Chace Crawford insists on staring blankly into space each time the camera grazes him then they should write in some type of character disorder for him. Is dull stupidity a disorder? And Vanessa…poor poor Bohemian Brooklynite. How is it that I STILL managed to be team Blair after that mean speech she gave? Jessica Szohr was like a blank wall; I couldn’t even feel bad for her, she was so lifeless. I’d have to agree w/Tim on this epi and during the auction a few weeks ago he mentioned how absurd these settings were becoming and now I’d have to agree. Serena strutting into a campaign office (in evening wear no less) was just too out of place for me. All of these forced interactions are distracting.

    • AngieLam18

      LMAO!! Your comment about Nate is SPOT ON!! HAHAHAHHAHA!

    • Kat

      Totally agree about your comments regarding Vanessa. Ugh-seriously, what is her purpose on the show? Team Blair all the way!

  • mawhi

    I actually really liked the “mic in the purse” gag- because it showed how bad Vanessa is at being a Mean Girl. The lowest she knows how to stoop is to something completely lame.

    Also, is it bad that I’m starting to want Vanessa and Nate back together? That’s bad, right?

    • Via

      You take that back mawhi, you take that back right now! They are the GG equivalent of Voldemort; the dreadful couple who must not be named.

    • Amy Leigh

      Eww, N/V. Hopefully never again. Serenate FTW!

  • Lillibelle

    Tim- I’m bored silly. You already said it, “a lot of characters floating around with no real purpose” YAWN….

  • Karena

    Vanessa obviously rented her dress and the rest of these boring people need to get a real life. Thank God it wasn’t this boring when I was their age!

  • jb

    they definitely need to find a continuous plot line for this season. My suggestion is to cut the season to 18, like the 1st season, or even 20, and not drag it out like the 2nd season.

    This episode had potential, but alas did not live up to it. I still don’t know what the big “catch” to Chuck kissing a guy that Ausselio was talking about, but when you take the hottest guy on the show and have him kiss another good looking guy(sadly not Nate) it adds up to a-ok for me. I say more of that.

  • Amanda

    I missed Chuck’s kiss, but he looked HOT last night. Carter needs to go somewhere else, and Nate needs to get a new storyline.

  • wendy12

    Jenny looks terrible someone please fix that girl’s hair. Otherwise ok episode. Love Blair and Chuck.

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