Meghan McCain's cups runneth over on Twitter: Thanks for the mammaries!

twitter-megan-mccain_lThe Internet hills are alive with talk of, well, Meghan McCain’s hills. Last night, the 24-year-old daughter of former Republican Presidential candidate John McCain posted a photo of herself on her personal Twitter page captioned “my ‘spontaneous’ night in…” which showed her clutching an Andy Warhol biography to her rather spectacular expanse of nearly chin-grazing bosom. The image quickly garnered attention far outside her 63,500 followers — and resulted in a rash of emotional tweets from McCain herself, including: “so I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing but apparently anything other than a pantsuit I am a slut,” and “why I have been considering deleting my Twitter account, what once was fun now just seems like a vessel for harassment.”

Today, she posted an apology, calling the episode “an embarrassing experience but also a learning one,” and tweeting, “I have clearly made a huge mistake and am sorry 2 those that are offended.”

Some commenters were not amused, including one melissajenna who wrote, “You knew you were posting a nearly NSFW [not safe for work] photo, so don’t pretend like you’re surprised at people’s reaction.” Another said, “You don’t have to pull cheap gags like this to get attention. Leave this to the Paris Hiltons of the world.” The picture has since been removed.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Should McCain be held to a different standard than fellow Twitterers like Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan, who’ve been known to post a boobalicious pic or two? Or is all this just a tempest in a D-cup?

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  • sgrl

    The book title backwards (as shown in the photo) says “OH RAW Y (and) DNA” That’s all it is – a photo. She just happens to have good genes in the boob dept and went raw on twitter. Nothing more.

  • MsDaisy

    Girlfriend knew exactly what she was doing when she posted the pic.

  • rcox

    Is this what passes for controversial news on this planet?
    This must be a joke.

  • Jubilate7

    Andy Warhol (LOHRAW YDNA backwards)was famous for the line “15 minutes of fame.” ‘Course he said that way before Al Gore invented the internet. She got her 15 minutes, and then some!

  • Scott Spencer

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. What’s the big deal? Meghan McCain is gorgeous. Don’t apologize to those Conservatives out there who are so tight ass, Meghan. If you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em and rock on! :)

  • Kevin

    This country embarrasses me sometimes…what is the big deal? I’ve seen more offensive outfits at my job. She has nice, big b00bs which approximately 3/4 covered…it’s not the end of the world, nor is it news.

  • Banderman

    Why do women accuse men of focusing on breasts when they obviously and hypocritically exercise that option much more often? Why are women so obsessed and fascinated by their own breasts these days? Can anyone say gender manipulation? Can anyone say; way too much information? Put ‘em away, they’re lumps of skin and tissue, nothing more, nothing less.

    • momof3

      “Why are women so obsessed and fascinated by their own breasts these days?”
      we live in a society dominated by sex, and even females are conditioned to look at themselves as sex objects. thats why an intelligent girl with so much going for her would feel compelled to stoop to accentuate such a physical feature in such a public way.
      until we stop reducing each other to the lowest common denominator (this means you, hollywood) we will never see the end of girls gone wild.

    • cch

      I agree wholeheartedly! I am a woman, and I can say that we are VERY aware of what we have on and how we wear it. I mean, accidental cleavage is one thing (not knowing a button is open, or a flash upon bending over), but overt and in your face cleavage is on purpose. Quite frankly, I’d get a reduction if I were her…boobs that big make ya look fat anyway…LOL

      • b00bfreak

        Those who have it flaunt it. Those that dont complain.

      • G

        Further more, she shouldn’t say sorry JUST for being a coluptuous woman and having the seuxally attractive goods that msot gals will never hope to have thmeselves, especially asian females lol.
        Sexually deprived prudes, societal conformists and ideals, irational human sensitivities, traditions, and cultural morals, stupid religion and all that human made up BS should eat crap and disappear from a rational reality because all these things are irrational human endeavors and idiotic ideas. Screw politics, religion, and let human sexuality be fully open and embrace what mother nature have given you naturally. Too bad this world isn’t the utopian sexual paradise and reality such as this site and such comments insulting voluptuous women are fools!
        All this big deal for nothing.
        IT IS NORMAL for her to be voluptuous because of her naturally gifted genes so all you haters can shut the hell up! lol
        Don’t you americans got nything better to do then whine on this crap in the media? Just look at the excessive coverage on the Baloon Boy,…IDIOTS!

    • auramac

      “Lumps of skin and tissue, nothing more, nothing less?!”
      Blind, deaf, and dead!

    • Jon

      Banderman is gay.

    • G

      Banderman – your an idiot, Breasts isjust skin and tissue? Guess if ur hetero you’re an ass luver and thinks that ass is same ting jsut skin n fat eh? but it seems your a freakn unnatural gay cuz only asexual or gay freaks would say something like that. You just insulted all voluptuous women in the world.
      I hope YOUR genetics does not get passed on cuz your stupidity will for sure doom the world lol.
      DO NOT ever get a gf if your hetero with huge natural tits cuz you for sure do NOT appreciate them.
      All this shouldn’t be news worthy jsut cuz she is mccains daughter and she happens to have inhereited great genes in the breast dept.
      Stupid humans and always bout money. Media wants anything jsut for news story and this is it.
      Yall fell for it and this discussion is pointless since most of you haters on her showing some NATURAL cleavage and none of them typical hollywood plastic barbie CRAP should get a freakn life and she shouldn’t apoligise for being a voluptuous woman and thatwanna learn someting more read my futher comments below you hater’n dum arse irrational fools! :P

    • Lisa

      I wish men would notice SMALL boobed women that show cleavage!!!! Good freakin’ LORD, aren’t WE good enough??

      BTW-she looks ridiculous-sorry men!!!

      • Dude

        I love a good small breasted woman. It’s not the size of the boob that attracts me, it’s the confidence a woman expresses by showing off her sexuality. Women are just as sexual as men, let’s not pretend they’re not.

  • mike provine

    Congratulations M. Looks great to me! I like funny pinshots. Mikee.

  • Chris

    On the one hand, she’s an advocate for sex education, and promoting a “pro-sex” point of view. On the other, she is still tied to the Republican party, which lambasts those ideas from a Christian conservative standpoint. She shouldn’t be surprised at the reaction she received, given how she straddles so fine a line between her party and her lifestyle.

    • Chris

      Also, she is fairly curvy. Anything less than the aforementioned pant suit is gonna look a lil.. busty.

  • Stevie

    Not one but two awful puns in the title?

  • Angela

    Knew what she was doing. Sorry but my sister is a Triple D too and they don’t naturally sit that high in a tank top. Check out the crease lines on the top and side. They’ve been hiked way up. Can’t be comfortable. I also think it’s a terribly unnatural pose for holding up a book you’re showing off.

    • jaamkie

      It looks like she’s on her back on a sofa, holding the camera up above her- in that position it is very natural. I think the problem is that we are used to seeing size zero women in the media, not normal healthy sized women like her.

      • Jennifer

        She is clearly not laying down. Also, given that the writing on the book is backwards, one would assume the picture was taken in a mirror. As a large breasted woman, I can assure you that she was not just hanging out in a tanktop. The girls were intentionally pushed up. More power to her though. She is a beautiful woman.

    • HuskerWife

      I have natural 36G’s and yes they do stand up in a tank top. She appears to be wearing a tight cami/tank. they are made with a built in shelf that tends to push them up when you have bigger cups. Besides, I think Meghan is a lovely young lady and I don’t think she deserves to be lambasted for a pic on twitter.

  • donofcali

    As much as this Liberal hates to admit it, I’d like to play with those suckers.

  • scott harrington

    Can I see the rest of them???

  • Rich39

    I’m I missing something? I didn’t see anything wrong with the photo. Yes, women do have breast. So?

  • Heather


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