'HIMYM': More than words to show I feel...that this is my favorite video of the week

Last night was the best night ever, right fellow How I Met Your Mother fans? We got to watch Robin and Barney hilariously wallow in grief over being all by themselves, Ted and Barney travel back to the 18th century to share their sexless innkeeper-centric tales of ribaldry (“It’s a poem!”), and — best of all — Marshall present his series of musical video montages. (Though, as one of EW’s resident crazy cat ladies, I did observe a moment of silence for Lily’s mom’s kitty. Poor, poor kitty.)

So today, I went on CBS’ website to find a clip of Marshall’s ridiculous montages — only to find something even better: a clip of Marshall performing his song “It Was the Best Night Ever” with Extreme lead guitarist Nuno Bettencourt. Seriously, could they find anything better to combine? One of my favorite shows + the writer of the first song I ever learned on guitar, “More Than Words” = awesome. The only thing that could possibly make this better is if I could reach into my screen and pull out some Marshall-approved gouda Wonkavision-style.

Love the clip, HIMYM fans? What’s your favorite moment from last night’s show? And is it just coincidence that Marshall is rocking the same flow-y white shirt as David Brent in his “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” music video?

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  • kaci

    Extreme! THAT’S where he’s from! It was driving me nuts when I watched the video last night, but I was too lazy to look him up on the internet, haha.

  • art v

    I thought this was one of the..wait for it… WORST episodes ever. Ever since they put Barney and Robin together it has started to ruin the show. There is only so much Ted snivling and Marshall douchebagness that one can take. Please let Barney see the light and go back to the character that guys wanted to live vicariously through

    • Chickie22

      No way. Pairing Barney & Robin marks a turning point in the series. Now that they’re together it opens up SO many more story opportunities for the writers to explore. If Barney continues to stick to his womanizing ways, he’s going to become a one-trick pony. And Marshall has never been a douchebag! (the Ted thing I can agree with)

    • crispy

      You’re outta your mind. Pairing up Barney and Robin is genius… I love the way they play off each other. The best moment last night was when Robin mimed the gunshot to the head and Barney wiped off the carnage. Genius.

      • elena

        I loved that little gunshot wound moment, too! Those are the HIMYM moments that just work, and for some reason HIMYM does them the best…

  • TJ

    I thought that it was all together really cute, especially the scene with Barney and Robin standing in the rain with Lilly and Marshall, and then the ending-which can’t really be called a cliffhanger as much as more of a tease…

  • Icon

    Last night’s was probably the best episode of the season so far. Too bad it still wasn’t as good as the first two seasons.

  • Jeff

    Given that Ted dated Robin beforehand, wouldn’t Marshall & Lilly pulled this crap on them? The show should have addressed this fact. Robin walked in blindly as if she had no idea that M & L were crazy as a couple. It did not make sense.

    • Katie

      I wondered about that also…

    • Brooke

      I was wondering that, too. Plus, weren’t L&M bored to the point of escaping when they went to a couple’s wine tasting night in Season 1?

      Last night wasn’t the best episode by far, although I thought the sexless keeper poems were funny.

      • Bill

        well, Ted knew of their bad attempts to “double date”, so I assume he ran interference to spare himself and Robin of the whole ordeal…

    • Mary

      Well, didn’t Marshall and Lily break up in the beginning of season 2 when Robin and Ted started dating? They also weren’t a married couple then. So, there is a difference.

    • Robin

      It was a since they got married. all the “dates” where at their new apartment. Ted and Robin broke up at the wedding.

  • Jane

    I’m totally hating Ted. Always have, but this episode he was especially unbearable.

  • bruno

    it’s no robin sparkles.

  • Cait

    This episode was kind of a waste of time. I love the show…but the Robin/Barney relationship is terrible. They’re not believable and Robin gets more annoying every week. There were about 3 video montages too many. Still looking forward to next week though.

  • sting314

    I loved the episode, but it did remind me of a past episode where Marshall and Lily tried to ditch another couple who always wanted to hang out with them.

  • Jim

    Worst episode this season, maybe so far in the series. I am one of the biggest fans of this show, and have no problem admitting when an episode is bad. It seemed they were trying a little too hard this week.

  • Clayton

    This was a pretty weak episode; like others said, Barney and Robin being together is slowly killing the show. Barney just isn’t cool when he’s not chasing tail. Loved the musical messages though; so hilarious!

  • BJohnson

    The fact that I’m trying to master the harmony of that song on my Singstar video game just had me laughing when I went to the site this morning. My favorite part has to be about the cat.
    Proving again why it is my favorite show..it so gets me. :)

  • Chris

    Wow, I am a bit surprised because I very much like Barney and Robin as a couple. I do agree that Ted is pretty annoying though. I will give you guys that one. It also does seem as if the writers do not know exactly how to write for the couple.

  • Dr. Zaius

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to pause and search up the site.

    I think it’s just as hilarious as the video itself.

  • Diane

    I’m not 100% sure I’m behind Robin and Barney, but this episode was hysterical. And at the end of the episode when Barney said, “What have I done?” gets Barney to the “is this a good idea” point.

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