'The Office' recap: Jim and Pam get married, everyone wins! (Except maybe Andy...)

Office-Pam-Jim-wedding_lFrom the outset, Jim and Pam’s wedding on The Office was nearly all but assured to fail: How does a couple in their situation (i.e. surrounded by a host of wacky coworkers) plan the perfect nuptials that would simultaneously please said deranged coworkers yet remain special and unblemished to them? Well, I’m so super-pleased to report that Dunder Mifflin’s golden couple managed to pull it off — in a completely dazzling and totally sweet fashion, no less! (Did you expect anything else from the pair?) But how’d they do it? With  the smoothest move ever: By going AWOL, natch. Best. Move. Ever!

As you’ll all remember, this summer, the world was subjected to a terrifying wedding video where an out-of-touch, but clearly-having-fun couple turned their wedding processional into a dance party, soundtracked by the Chris Brown song “Forever.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you lived in a hole this past summer — or never visited YouTube, turned on a morning show, etc. The situation was, in my opinion, the most desperate, disgusting, faux fun thing of ALL TIME! Which, naturally, is exactly the currency The Office trades in. Like Jim, I should have seen this one coming.

New-manager Jim revealed that as soon as he saw the garish display of processional ridiculousness that his pals at Dunder would use the tragic mess as an inspiration for their own tribute. But instead of derailing Michael Scott and Co.’s well-intentioned, but ridiculous, love note, Jim smartly laid plans to secretly marry Pam on a Falls-viewing boat before they actually walked down the aisle in the Niagra church — just so they’d have a moment of bliss before enduring the crazy. “I bought those boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video,” he told the camera, in a moment of sweetness. “I knew we needed a backup plan. The boat was actually Plan C. The church was Plan B. And Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.” Awwww. Watching them giddily scamper off together as everyone gathered in the church felt so, so vindicating. Especially after the frazzled Pam ripped her veil and Jim chopped his tie in half in response. Awwwww, again!What was genius about the split wedding was that everyone won! The fabulous-hat-wearing Phyllis and mother-of-the-bride-lusting Michael — and the rest of Dunder Mifflin and the wedding party — got to put their stamp all over the wedding, but Jim and Pam, ever trying to instill some sense of normalcy into their lives, managed to have their dream nuptials, too. But of course we viewers won, too! I sort of totally wanted the wedding both ways — didn’t you? And we got that.

As an addendum, I have to admit, as much as I hate that Chris Brown aisle dance (see: my rant above), using it as an inspiration for a totally Dunder wedding couldn’t have been more genius on the part of The Office writers. Bravo! Honestly, there’s no better use for the Chris Brown mess than with these characters, who so trade in such faux fun situations (like that mess of a hotel party in Andy’s room!) on a daily basis.

The lead-up to the ceremony was no less inspiring than the ridiculous ceremony, which I was glad to see Jim and Pam both reveled in while harboring their secret. In fact, I’d say the hour overall was one of the best episodes of The Office in a long while. Equal parts sweet and funny, cringe-inducing and bizarre. Seeing as how I’ve rambled so much already, here is what was initially intended to be a quick digest of my highlights from the pre-wedding festivities (but then got rather unwieldy):

  • Pam warned her co-workers that it could happen, but when she barfed a bit — followed by the barfing of nearly everyone else in the office — I about fell out of my chair. The Office: Exorcist Edition! And even grosser: While it was all going on, Creed sat over at his desk scarfing down a bowl of noodles. The best part, however, was the perfectly prim Pam wiping her mouth delicately afterward, as if to say a big ol’ “F— you!” and “That’s what you get” to Dwight for peeling his hard-boiled egg at his desk.
  • Angela’s quote about grandmothers. “Well, you’re lucky to have a grandmother,” she told Pam, who asked that folks not reveal she’s pregnant. “Some of us have to be our own grandmother.” What? What does that even mean? Love.
  • The mental pictures Pam and Jim took of each other. Pam proposed that she and Jim remember to take “mental” pictures of the festivities, which parlayed into one of the cutest moments of the episode. That’d be when, during his speech at the rehearsal dinner, she snapped one of him. Swoon!
  • Oscar’s freakout when Pam’s sister Penny thought Kevin was his boyfriend. “You thought I was dating this? What the hell is wrong with you?” Also: J’adore True Blood‘s Anna Camp, who played Penny. I mean, she didn’t really get to do much, but that girl is golden. And I’m not just talking about her flaxen hair.
  • “A little mo’ cardio.” I mean, honestly? I die. It’s my new catchphrase. I think there’s a trite pop hit in that, a la “Tardy for the Party.”
  • Mema. Um, she was amazing. (But I have an obsessh with old ladies.) I loved that, after she found out Pam was pregnant, she explained that she had a feeling that things would go wrong, based on the fact that she couldn’t get the movie Bruno to stop playing on the TV in her hotel room. “I wondered, how could they pick such a hotel?” said the disapproving granny. “Now, I know.”
  • Andy’s unfortunate accident. “Did someone change my name to Baskin Robbins? Because I feel like a banana split.” Oh, that was so, so loaded. In so many ways
  • Pam swerving the car, to cause Andy pain, while driving him to the hospital.
  • “There’s no such thing as a good hairpiece.” No statement has ever been more true. But then again, I didn’t think Kevin’s hair looked that bad. Did you guys? And the Kleenex boxes were out-of-control.
  • Phyllis’ wedding outfit. I mean, there just are no words for that amazingness. Was she going to a revival in the South?
  • Michael’s present creepiness: “They asked for cash, but you know, I give ‘em cash every week. How much cash does a person need?” he said, while toting in his wedding present — a hand-painted portrait of Jim and Pam. “And I have another one of them in the nude. But that one is for me.” Shiver.
  • This quote from Dwight: “So tell me again the difference between Filene’s and Filene’s Basement?” I’ll keep that in my back pocket for moments when I’m desperate for conversation. Or something like that. It was just so random, I can’t help but revel in it.

So, PopWatchers, now it’s your turn to tell me your highlights from last night’s milestone wedding episode of The Office. What was your favorite moment? Your favorite sound bite? Do you ever tire of seeing Meredith dance? (I don’t!) Did you die when Michael got up and cracked jokes at the rehearsal dinner? And honestly, do we really get no reception antics? Really? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • jared

    Am I the only one who thought it was about 20 minutes too long? I loved the bookends, but the middle just sorta . . . I dunno. I could have done without the tearing ‘o the scrotum.

    • Sara

      Nope, not at all.. I was so glad it was an hour. I honestly could’ve used more wedding footage.

    • JMB

      I totally agree. The hour long episodes are never consistent, and tend to drag in the middle.

    • Alex P Keaton

      NOT funny, best couple on tv will forever be sam and diane, they easily had the best tv chemistry. Period. Their flirtation was the best and most compelling. Watch “Endless Slumper” from season 1 , the last 5 minutes and you will see why. BEST SITCOM EVER. It had heart without being sappy or condescending, the office pales in comparison

      • James T

        Office is okay, but this episode of Cheers was one that made the show a classic and set it apart from the rest

      • Recaps…

        … yeah, TWO DECADES AGO.

      • helen

        I just read this and don’t agree. In fact, I never
        could stand Shelly Long and her Diane character.
        I only watch the Cheers wuth Kirstie Alley.
        They were funnier.

    • Otto

      never can have too much office

      • Jace

        I’m with you, Otto!

    • James T

      best tv couple ever – sam and diane : here is why no sap, no cornball confessions or lame reveals of emotion that plague this show and romantic comedies:

      • beans

        seriously, time to let it go.

    • ME

      I LOVED every minute of it. It was brilliant. One of the funniest episodes in a long time. I can’t wait to see it again!!

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      This is the best episode of The Office EVER, hands down. It was hilarious from start to finish, and there is not a more believable couple in all of TV Land. When they look at each other, it makes me tear up! And wow, is there a woman out there who watched this and can say they’re not completely in love with Jim? I think not.

    • Brett

      I agree 100% Jared. I thought the beginning was funny, the wedding was great, and everything is between was snoozers. I enjoy Michael’s cringeworthy behavior as much as anyone, but it felt like Phyllis’ wedding all over again. It was just a little much for me. But the wedding was hilarious, and very sweet!

    • kat

      All the things happened in between are all about how the wacky people are making such a mess of Pam and Jim’s wedding. Love it!

  • carol

    Loved this episode, the duel weddings was genius. The kleenex box shoes were one of the best sight gags of the show.

    • Sheree

      I loved the Kleenex shoe boxes! I kept the water works in check right until that last shot of Jim looking at the camera with Pam’s head on his shoulder. The Office pulled off the sitcom wedding of the decade.

      • Elizabeth

        Sheree– that’s when I finally lost it too.

      • Jennifer

        That’s when I started to cry. bravo to The Office for making me still care for these characters after so many years!

      • Mari

        I started crying when they did the ‘Forever’ dance. The looks between those two!

      • Otto

        Glad to hear Others cried too. It was a perfect Pam and Jim Office wedding…….

    • ME

      Was anyone else shocked that Pam was 5 months pregnant?? I thought she was only 3.

      • Krista

        no they kept it in real time, so she was 2 months pregnant at the end of last season and when this season started she was 4 months

  • JC

    Hilarious. Great episode. I laughed from start to finish. Well done Office! About the only thing NBC does right these days…

    • marie


  • Meg M.

    The only thing better than Andy getting hurt was Andy doing the robot. And the only thing better than that was Meredith doing the robot.

    • NicWin

      What about when everyone was yelling “Is that all you got?!?!” during Andy’s dance, then when he did the split and started screaming in pain, Erin still yelled “Is that all you got?!?!” She obviously thought it was part of the dance. That cracked me up.

      • M

        Oh, I thought I was going to die!! That Erin gets more and more “unintentionally” funny every episode.

  • Susan E.

    Uh, who is this guy? Tanner Stransky? Lame recap.

    • Talla Hassee

      You and your ilk are EXACTLY the reason Office fans on EW don’t get regular recaps anymore. You’ve managed to insult, malign, and eventually scare off everyone who has attempted it. (But yeah … this recap was kinda weak).

    • Jasmine

      I agree.

      • Jared

        I guess I’m part of the Ilk as well — this recap is lame.

    • Tanner Scrantonsky

      Let no man attempt to write a recap of The Office, lest he besmirch our beloved and perfect pearl of a show!

    • No

      Yes, you are the type of pepole who ruin recaps. I think the problem with writing a recap of The Office is so many of the jokes don’t translate well into a written discussion, if that makes sense. Sort of a have-to-see/hear-it.

      • Belle

        What an idiotic comment. Some of the recaps on this site are brilliant, but some . . . are not. This is one that . . . are not.

      • Steve

        You’re right, this is one that… are not

    • Evan

      Yea, lame recap, and what’s with the repetitive hating on the Youtube video?

  • Meg M.

    And the only thing better than that was Dwight at the kids table. Best. Episode. Ever.

    • Maria

      Yes! That was soooo funny. I couln’t stop laughing at that part

      • ellemoe

        When he kicked the girl in the face coming down the aisle. I was laughing so hard I was crying and I’m crying now just thinking about it.

  • anj

    LOVED every minute! i wish baskin robins and company would have knocked on Angela’s door first before they asked Pam, that would have been a wonderfully awkward moment.

    • Sheree

      For real, right? Who dares disturb the bride the night before her wedding? I’m confident the only sober people were Pam, Angela, and Meemaw.

    • Diggity

      Maybe Angela was drunk. I would have loved to have seen that.

      • SS

        Angela was in the background sort of dancing during the whole “banana split” incident. I think she was under-used in this episode.

      • Max

        Underused? What about her offering to escort Pam around the hotel, and “some of us have to be our own grandmothers”?

  • Mariane

    Michael’s lie.

    They’re going to name the baby after you, Meemaw.

    • Lizabeth

      That was my favorite Michael quote of the whole night! So funny!

    • IdinaFan737

      “They’re gonna call it Meemaw.”
      “You mean Sylvia.”
      “Yep. And if it’s a boy, they’re gonna call it Sylvio.”

  • Luddite

    Before I even read this, can I request the return of the Office TV Watch? Pretty please?!

    • TW

      It seems like they’ve been dropping recaps of dramas and comedies in favor of more reality shows. I was disappointed to find that there wasn’t a recap of the season finale of “Entourage.”

  • Maggie25

    I second Luddite’s request as well as Susan E.’s sentiments.

    • Talla Hassee

      Yeah … not gonna happen. Somehow we Office fans are always too rude to the recappers. We pick them off one by one.

      • Tom

        That’s because they keep sending children into battle. Hey, we deserve the best, don’t we????

      • Diggity

        Whitney was great. I’m still a binder clip.

      • Laura

        Whitney was the only recapper that I didn’t like. All the other Office recappers at EW were/are just fine. However, I must say: Tanner, what’s up with the vicious, totally-uncalled-for endless rant against the wedding entrance dance couple? They were just trying to have fun. Sheesh.

      • Max

        If I understand Tanner’s reasoning, the problem wasn’t “wedding party dances and posts to YouTube”, the problem was, “wedding party dances to a song by a known domestic abuser and posts to YouTube.”

    • Judith Light

      Why?? All you people did was whine and complain about the recap and about the whole Binder Clip “outrage”. Now you pretend to miss the recaps?? Shame on you. You whiners ruined the recaps.

      • kj

        Totally agree. What was that stupid binder clip outrage about anyway? There were people who actually said they felt disrespected by the term? Seriously? What a bunch of babies.

    • Luddite

      I haven’t really disliked any of them. I haven’t whined. But no one I work with watches The Office and it’s nice to be able to come here, read the recap, and discuss the show with all y’all. Because if I tell my coworkers that Oscar voguing down the aisle was one of the funniest things ever, they will not know what I’m talking about.

  • Sara

    I got married a few weeks ago, and our wedding was similar. We had a civil ceremony, and then had a church ceremony to bless the civil marriage. Their preacher probably would’ve been a bit ticked if he knew they were already married (ours said he couldn’t perform a wedding if we were married, which is how we decided on the blessing ceremony). But since I was already married, I wasn’t stressing about the details of the church ceremony. But since it felt so similar, I totally cried for them a bit. D’awww.


  • Babs

    Three Wolf Moon! Awooooooooooo!

    • rene

      yes…but right before that, when dwight walks into the room and michael looks at him and says: “dwight, what are you wearing?! you look like you’re going to a fish fry!” ha ha ha. the expression on michael’s face was just golden!

    • Sophia

      Yes! The BEST part of the episode was Dwight’s “social interaction” outfit. That trumps the Chris Brown as best use of internet meme. Howl at the moon!!

  • Ann

    Horrible recap! You are so rude and egotistical to describe a couple’s choice to add fun to their wedding with words like “terrifying, out-of-touch, desperate, disgusting, faux fun, tragic mess.” You must have been at some lame weddings. To quote Michael, “Who do you think you are and what gives you the right?” Great episode, but you suck, Tanner.

    • ENC

      Couldnt have said it better myself Ann. What a rude recap for such a sweet episode. Except for the barfing at the beginning, now that was disgusting.

    • James

      Completely agree, I mean you thought it was disgusting (the original wedding Forever dance)? Um, have you seen 2 Girls, 1 Cup? And I guess if it was so out of touch, then the youtube clip wouldn’t have garnered millions of hits.

      • Yesenia

        omg someone sent me that and I don’t know if I’ve really forgiven them yet. *runs to puke*

    • susan

      I thought the “out of touch” statement was referring to the original couple’s use of a Chris Brown song. I’m not sure if the wedding happened before or after his arrest, but it would be in bad taste for a weddding to use a song by a man accused of beating his girlfriend.

      • Nancy

        actually the “forever” couple have encouraged people do donate to a non-violence organization. i agree that the recapper’s comments were just rude. it’s fine it you didn’t like the dance, but seriously, no need to bag on another couple’s fun.

      • KJ

        The wedding apparently happened prior to Chris Brown’s arrest, but the video didn’t become viral until after. When it did, the couple made it a point of promoting an organization that supports battered women whenever they were interviewed.

      • Say What?

        Whatever. If people are playing Rihanna’s music then they can play Chris Brown. As far as I’m concerned they are equally wrong.

    • Robin Sparkles

      I agree – Tanner just sounds bitter. It was a fun You-Tube video and it was a fun episode. Why so angry?
      This is the same recapper as Veronica Mars….it was bad then too. Ugh.
      Get Josh Wolk to cover The Office! Even if he doesn’t like something, he’s not so brutal about it.

      • Westerner

        Awesome username. Wanna go to the mall?

      • June Starr

        Robin Sparkles, good get on Tanner Stransky and Veronica Mars. I read this recap before noting the recapper’s name and found it both mean and a bit incoherent. Too much set up and then NOTES! I immediately thought that this must be Tanner Stransky–who was incapable of recapping Veronica Mars because he couldn’t follow the plot. This guy must know where the bodies are buried because I see him turn up on tv and here far too often for his skill set.

    • Lilac

      I totally agree. How on earth could a fun, light hearted dance that gets everyone at a wedding involved in the festivities be out of touch? Only a total internet troll who IS out of touch would not like it.

      • Ern

        Really. What’s this dude’s problem with that dance? I thought it was sweet — and I thought last night’s ep sorta misused it.

    • Katja

      I liked most of the recap, but I was also taken aback by the viciousness with which he attacked a perfectly nice couple who chose to have a little fun on their wedding day, rather than the usual pompous stuff-shirt routine. Now, I’m one who is going the pompous stuffed-shirt route, but I LOVED that those people did their own thing and had such a great time with it. How the hell is it “faux fun”? It looked like genuine fun to me! Plus, however awful Chris Brown may be, that’s a damn catchy song, and like others have said, he hadn’t beat up Rihanna when they used it. I plan to do a mix incorporating some MJ for my first dance with my fiance at our wedding…sorry if that doesn’t fit in with Mr. Stranksy’s Laws of Acceptable and Proper Wedding Non-Faux-Fun.

      • Katja

        Oops, sorry, that should be “Mr. StranSKy”. Nonetheless…still awfully d-baggy to rant about the infectiously fun wedding procession of total strangers who didn’t ask for it to go viral. I don’t care if some people don’t like the video, that’s totally their right of course, but there’s no reason to aggressively trash it to thousands of other people.

    • Caitlin

      Seriously, what the hell? Way to ruin an otherwise-good recap by getting nasty about some kids who were clearly having the time of their lives.

      • Luna

        Totally agree with all you people. That rant pissed me off.

    • lagitha

      Not only am I totally in agreement with Tanner’s assessment of the original video, I’m pretty sure that the writers of the Office are, too. Didn’t you all catch how Pam and Jim, the only “cool kids”, were so adamant about trying to avoid hving this video infiltrate their weeding? That they thought it was so deperate and unfun that they tried to insure that it wasn’t done at their wedding? And that they thought the geeks that they work with would foolishly think it would be cool to do?
      I’m right with Tanner–I watched the original again last night after the Office, and it was just as awkward and uncomfortable and joyless (all that looking down at the ground! Arms half-heartedly raised and moved!) as when I saw it this summer.

      • KC

        lagitha you got it completely right you hit the nail on the head.

    • anonymous

      Agree with the sentiment. I know posting things on the internet leaves one open to ridicule, but most of the ranters against the wedding video reveal more of their own character than their target’s. Making fun of someone else’s geeky happiness is SO high school.

  • Matt

    Definitely one of The Office’s ALL-TIME BEST!! Loved it!

  • Kate

    Pam’s sister’s name was Penny, Cynthia was Stanley’s girlfriend. But an overall good recap! I love how the hotel threw out Kevin’s shoes!

    • Bluish

      I thought I was crazy reading this … and kept saying to myself, “Isn’t Pam’s sister named Penny?” Thank you for proving I’m not insane!

      • Tanner Scrantonsky

        You might have been right about Pam’s sister’s name, but that doesn’t prove you’re not insane.

    • Dan

      Didn’t Stanley introduce her as his wife? And wasn’t Stanley’s wife caucasian in an earlier season?

      • Dawn

        Cynthia is the woman he had an affair with (we found out in the season premiere). His wife is caucasian though (think her name is Terri?)

      • Kerri

        Cynthia is Stanley’s girlfriend, not his wife. When Stanley kept getting hit in the face with Phyllis’s hat she made a snide comment to the effect of, “Your wife loved it.” Or something like that.

      • sarah

        yeah he cheated on his wife with that cynthia and then he brought cynthia to the wedding. stanley used to be one of my favorite characters but now i just hate him

      • Joy

        Stanley’s wife Terri, who is white (Michael made literally off-color remarks in “The Dundies”), dumped him after she found out about his affair with Cynthia, the woman that he brought to the wedding. Hence Phyllis’ catty “your WIFE always liked this hat, Stanley,” while they were walking into the church.

      • Kelly

        Yes, as others have said, Cynthia’s Stanley’s nurse-mistress. The recapper made a mistake re: Anna Camp’s appearance (saying she played “Cynthia.”). Pam’s sister’s name is Penny. I knew I recognized that girl from somewhere. Glad I know where from, now!

      • Maria

        Maybe he is in the mood for some dark meat? He better be careful, once you black you never go back.

    • Jessie

      I thought that her name was Penny! How good of a recap can it be if you can’t even get character names right? I’m just going to tell myself that you were to enamoured with Anna Camp to catch her name.

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