'Gossip Girl' recap: Serena gets a taste of showbiz

That was probably one of the biggest Gossip Girl episodes ever, both in terms of star power and hair. Clearly, this was shot before Tyra decided to start rockin’ her natural hair. That wig in her first scene was OUT OF CONTROL. My favorite moment was when she was pleading from the other room for Serena to help with her hair.

Last night was Hilary Duff’s GG debut and, while I’m not really a fan of hers, I thought she actually acquitted herself quite nicely. Or at least didn’t completely annoy me which is my standard Duff reaction. Although I can’t get behind anyone still rocking a fedora.

Also that movie, Fleur, looks like the biggest hot mess ever and I totally would love to see more of it. Tyra over-emoting. Hilary doing a French accent? That had more unintentional hilarity than Showgirls. Besides Banks and Duff, we also got some cameos by fashion designers Tory Burch (who ridiculously sat underneath a sign with her own name on it) and Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman.

I’m glad Blair is getting back to her plotting ways. And Chuck was so hot last night—it’s too bad they didn’t get to show us their “tutoring” session.

Serena and Rufus rehearsing her “I’m-not-going-to-Brown” speech was really cute. Even cuter was Serena’s entire wardrobe in this episode. My fave was that sequined, slouchy blouse she wore right before the premiere. Amazing. Does that come in a male version? Also, her premiere dress was total va-va-voom.

But Serena just doesn’t seem like a publicist to me; that job reeks of Blair Waldorf. So I’m not sure that’s the best future for her. I feel like she’d be good at like event planning.

Thankfully, Jenny Humphrey abandoned that whole plan for equality and fairness at Constance. I need Little J. to go back to being a Little Beast. It’s more fun that way.

Please stop with boring Scott and this story line! I need him to stay in Boston. But the dude looks to be showing up next week. Argh!!!! At least next week look’s juicy.

How hot did Kelly Rutherford look? Didn’t she just have a baby like a few months ago?

What did you think of Gossip Girl? What did you think of Hilary Duff? What job do you think Serena should have?

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  • alison

    How great was it when Rufus was doing his impression of Lilly’s response to Brown? Hilarious!

    • Susan

      I loved when he put his hand to his forehead and sighed, “Oh, Serena.” Sounded just like Lily!

  • clana

    OK. That was so short.

  • Elizabeth

    So glad you’re back Tim- but why the short PopWatch reviews? What happened to your longer recaps?

  • DeeDee

    Hmm I have to disagree with your assessment that Blair is better suited for a publicist job only because it is hard for me to imagine the Blair Waldorf giving up the spotlight even if it is for someone (much more) important and actually famous lol

  • soni b

    Chuck + Blair = Hotness!!

  • Andy

    I’m really sad that Nate went back to his old hairstyle. Ugh.

    But I’ll admit I liked the Duff, too.

    • GM

      Actually, I was thrilled NOT to see Nate’s forehead. Dread Scott’s return; not talented and not attractive.

  • Briana

    Words cannot express how glad I am that Duff is back on TV!

  • BLM

    This was one of the best episodes in a while. Hilary is a good addition to the show–she’s actually entertaining, unlike that boring Scott character. Everyone’s hair looked good (even Vanessa’s and Jenny’s!), the storylines were believeable for college kids, and even Tyra didn’t annoy me. GG needs to have more episodes like this!

  • mscisluv

    Jason Heymann (the photographer) is hot, hot, HOT! We want more of him!

    • Johanna Johnson

      yeah! who was that guy?!?!? I hope he comes back! maybe he is going to be a new love interest and tell blair what chuck did??? i want more of that hottie!

    • jmt1029

      totally agreed. i’m into him. is he a recurring role…?

      • mscisluv

        It’s not planned to be a recurring role…but he is rounding up his friends and fans to go to the CW website feedback section and tell them we want more Jason Heymann!

      • sandra scissors

        Regardless – he is HOT!

  • Jen B

    Agreed. That was the best episode I’ve seen in a while, well since last season’s finale at least. ha

    Everyone on the show was finally in their element. I love how Chuck pulled Blair back to earth a bit and that she found some minions at NYU to rule over, she’s at her best that way. Serena was actually interesting to watch, and I like her working for a publicist, she knows how to market herself why wouldn’t she know how to market others? Plus she loves the limelight.

    Dan and Duff were cute I have to say. I really liked her to be honest. I forget she can be very endearing to watch on tv. And that girl has gorgeous eyes, I spent half the episode trying to figure out how she does her makeup it was so awesome for her coloring.

    Ummm and Jenny? I like her but damn, she needs to pick ONE-Eyes OR Lips. Not both. And Lily? Fabulous to see her back, I missed her. And those blue earrings at the end were AMAZING! And Rufus, Ohhh he’s awesome.

    Can’t wait til next week! Really excited about the show again thanks to last night(even though it had miss crazy Tyra in it).

  • JDP

    Loved Rufus pretending to react like Lily. I also actually liked Nate (gasp!) when he didn’t tell Dan who Olivia was. That was pretty funny. And what is this world coming to when Chuck Bass is so damn adorable?

  • Victoria

    I know you didn’t talk about Chace Crawford but where the heck is he?? Four episodes in the season and we have not seen anything of him really. The show needs to spruce up his character a bit, he is sooo boring!

    • soni b

      I actually really liked him this week!! It was funny how he knew everything about Olivia and her movies. I loved how he didn’t tell Dan who Kate (Olivia) really was and then told him to ask her out. But you’re right, he needs a better storyline so he can be front and center (where Chace belongs!!) *sigh*

    • Angie

      Don’t forget his relationship with the girl from the plane who is also the grandaughter of Nate’s grandfather’s nemisis. and she has some secret with Carter, too. I just think they don’t know what to do with Nate, at all.

  • Ems

    1. The little high pitched “mmph” that Hilary Duff ALWAYS does in the back of her throat when suprised/going to confess anything drives me INSANE (I was an avid Lizzie McGuire Fan and it bothered me back in my adolecent days too).

    2. What did Blair say in French at the end?

    3. WTF was going on with Vanessa’s premiere dress? That bodice was so ill fitted it was actually falling off her.

    • michelekamay

      GEORGINA : Does this girl have no life at all? What the he*l is she doing in Boston?

    • A-L

      the sentence in french was ‘Il faut cultiver son jardin’ , cultivate your garden :)

      • creamalicius

        A-L , I just wanted to ask ..
        In which episod did she say ” il faut cultiver son jardin ” ?
        Can you answer asap please ?
        Thanks .

  • pinky

    Guess I am the only one who was annoyed by Tyra’s over acting (in and outside of the “fake” movie). Tim, I disagree with you – Serena is better at being a publicist, she’s romanced the cameras enough to know how to work it. Blair is more suited to party planning with her last minute Waldorf Sleepover. This epi was one of the better ones in recent memory. Writers: Please get rid of Georgina for good!

    • Q

      You are not the only one. Tyra is too much even in the smallest of doses. If GG is going to stunt cast, at least let it be someone talented and tolerable.

    • Emily

      I am totally over Tyra. I can’t even watch ANTM this season because of her–everything about her is irritating!

    • Ash Bash

      You’re not the only one. Although, I was more amused than annoyed. I had the best laughs whenever she came on the screen.

    • MDLady

      Tyra was horrible in GG. I was kind of looking forward to it since she is such a huge fan. But she overacts so badly that it’s really annoying to watch. She was a great supermodel but an actress she is NOT. It was really bad. She always makes it look fake which is the worst you can do as an actor.

      The episode was ok. I am not a Duff fan but I actually really liked her and her character. It has potential. Vanessa is quickly becoming irrelevant. Scott is creepy and annoying. I love Nate but he hasn’t had a good storyline in a long time.

      I love the show but the stories have been lukewarm for a while :(

  • Meagan Hess

    That was supposed to be a French accent? Oh my.

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