Kristen Stewart on fame (and the 'deep, heady foreplay' in 'Twilight')

Watching Kristen Stewart be herself — whether it’s on an MTV awards show or in the behind-the-scenes video of her Interview magazine cover shoot — always makes me a little uncomfortable because that’s how she looks, uncomfortable. (Also, a little bit sleepy, at least in the clip below. I hope they captured the yawn in photographs. It’s nice to see something real amidst all the styling.) In print, however, Stewart’s honesty is captivating. Dennis Hopper recently interviewed the Twilight actress and, after he asked her to say hello to her biggest fan, his six-year-old daughter, Galen, listened as she articulated what life is like for her.

We’ve all heard actors talk about the price of fame, but you can keep the colorful metaphors and give me a simple statement like this one: “I’d like to take more walks.” After work, Stewart holes up in her hotel room. “I don’t leave my hotel room — literally, I don’t…. The only way for me not to have somebody know where I went the night before is if I didn’t go out at all. So that’s what I’m trading. It depends what mood I’m in. Some nights, I think, ‘You know what? I don’t care. I’m just going to do what I want to do.’ Then the next day I think, ‘Ugh. Now everyone thinks I’m going out to get the attention.’ But it’s like, no, I actually, for a second, thought that maybe I could be like a normal person.” (A normal person would also get a high school graduation. Not Stewart. “The other day I was doing a graduation scene on Eclipse, and I had just finished high school myself the week before, so I told the crew, ‘Hey, just so you know, I’m actually graduating right now, and I’m not going to have another ceremony,‘” she says. “So I took a mock picture with an extra. I literally asked the actor to come back and shake my hand and hand me the diploma while I was dressed in a cap and gown.”)

Stewart also touches on something we’ve heard Robert Pattinson lament before: The idea that the Twilight saga could have been so much darker than the films they’re making. “The weirdest f—ing themes run through this story — like dominance and masochism,” she says. But, “I mean, you always have to realize that the story needs to make sense to the 11-year-olds who read the book and aren’t necessarily going to be viewing a scene as foreplay. But then there is the other segment of the audience — a large percentage — who does see the scene as foreplay. And it’s pretty deep, heady foreplay. [laughs] So it’s fun to play it both ways. I mean, I don’t know what it feels like to make out with my vampire boyfriend because it isn’t something that anybody has ever felt. But it’s funny to think that a lot of the audience is 10 years old and will maybe one day grow up to realize there are a lot of involved thoughts in Twilight that they didn’t see before.”

I can see the humor in that — though honestly, a part of me thinks the bedroom kiss in the first film might be the coming-of-age moment for this generation like Dirty Dancing‘s love scene was for mine. But I can’t shake the feeling that the Twilight films would be better if they didn’t have to court the tween set at the box office. What do you think?

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  • Tracey

    The only thing that could make the Twilight films better is if they were based on something other than Twilight.

    Please stop pretending that these books have anything deep, meaningful, or worthwhile to say.

    • Audrey


      These books are poorly written and the mania around them is unbelievably unwarrented.

      • Jennifer

        Then why would you both be reading an article by the woman who is portrayed in the films. It just goes to show that you to have joined in the mania that you speak of.

      • Susan

        LOL, I totally agree with Jennifer.
        I’m neutral when it comes to the series, but I agree that commenting on articles about Twilight add to the mania.
        Also, I think its incredibly offensive to say that those who find these books to be “deep and meaningful” are “pretending”. To me, that shows an incredible amount of ignorance. Reading is a subjective experience, so what one person connects to (and considers to be deep and meaningful) may not coincide with another person’s perception.
        I for one can’t stand the Harry Potter series but I respect that others are really able to connect with it.

      • Lindsay

        I completely agree with Susan. To demean somebody’s experience with literature, no matter your opinion on the literary content itself, is arrogant and offensive. If a book speaks to someone and makes them feel emotional about something, then it was a success.

      • texasmcnairs

        I agree with the replies on this. How completely arrogant to suggest that anyone’s reading experience is less important than yours. Get over yourself. These books have encouraged a huge number of kids to pick up a book and read, instead of texting or playing vid games, etc. That’s a good thing, in case you didn’t know.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Well put, texasmcnairs.

      • K8

        They are like Junk food, you read them really fast, but like 20 minutes later your hungry for something with substance.

      • LUVBreakingDawn

        I’m sorry, but did Stephenie Meyer take a class on how to write a vampire love story, or did she have a dream about one and then write down what she dreamed? Um yea, I think it was definitely the latter…so while you’re going on about how poorly written the Twilight saga was, remember this is a mother of three writing her feelings, not some freaking super author who has magical writing powers…oh, and u spelled unwarrAnted wrong…

      • L*

        I hate the mania, but the movie was pure fluff. But damn, not everyone is going to like the series, and many have tried it but didn’t like it. Your opinion is not the only ones that matter. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing.

      • Jen

        I find it amusing that people who don’t like Kristen Stewart would not only read an article about her but also take the time to comment.

      • Ka

        Rightttttt. It’s such a GOOD thing we have Twilight in all its unedited glory to get kids to read. I understand that reading is subjective but the EDITING in these books are terrible. So yes, have your kids read the Twilight saga…to learn poor editing skills. The end.

      • Leslie

        I love it how all the “TWI MOMS” come to Twilights defense any time they have an article on ew that mentions, Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, or a cast member. *rolls eyes* Don’t they have anything better to do? Like make school lunches, re-read Breaking Dawn, wash dishes? I dunno, something.

      • Katherine

        i think the movie could have been alot better because for those who have read the book the book has more details and they have alot of scences in it that the movie doesnt even show

      • cc

        okay, this is the deal. the books are directed at teenagers and are on a reading level as such. For adults they are a fun, enthralling “light” read. if you are lookign for serious adult reading, try hawthorne, or one of the bronte’s.

      • cathy

        if you have read the books you shouldn,t said that….
        they are amazing, you read and you din.t want that the history finishy.

    • Nan

      I agree with the people below. If you hate it so much don’t read the articles and definitely don’t comment. What is wrong with you people? EW separates the Twilight stuff so that you don’t have to go anywhere near it. Why don’t you read about the stuff that interests you and leave us alone?

    • Rachel

      I kind of like Kristen Stewart, but the first two ladies are correct; these books are ridiculous. They could have been so much better if the author could actually, I don’t know, write. And the reason I take time to comment on Twilight articles is to stick up for my age and gender; not every teenage girl is in love this drivel.

      • Lizzie

        No, some are adults!! lol!! My mom is nuts for them, and she is in her 60’s….

      • :D

        ok, im just curious, but can somebody like, i dont know, give an example of one of stephenie’s mistakes? i mean, every article i read, people comment on how HORRIBLE the editing is.. now i havent read the books, but i just want somebody to back their theories up with an example or something, so people dont think that your full of it. :)

    • Eve

      Agreed! I love Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as actors, and being in these films will just stereotype them for the rest of their careers unless their really REALLY lucky.

    • Lizzie

      Ha! like it even matters if it has something deep and meaningful to say? LOL…what matters is how it makes people feel. And since you can’t control how people feel and what they like, whats the point of trolling these articles and threads?

      • Audrey

        I get the argument and I understand that it makes people feel a certain way… that’s fine. I’ve read the books and I felt like they could’ve been a lot better. Sure, SMeyer had a great idea, but she did a horrible job writing it. It’s frustrating to get on my favorite website day after day and have to see these stupid articles about this obnoxious book. So that’s why I comment!

    • Kim

      I really like these books. They aren’t The Great Gatsby or Pride and Prejudice or The Count of Monte Cristo but they are a marvelous read. All of us know what it feels like to be in love with someone while we are to naïve to understand what love and staying together really require. The Vampire and Werewolf themes just give it a little spice. I like reading and remembering how it feels to have your whole life ahead of you and believing that if you could just have that ONE boy all would go well forever. It is a joyous fiction.

    • Cherrys

      people get mad because other people talk about how poorly written they are. But lets face it, just cause they get kids to read doesn’t mean its any good. Kids a fad machines, they’ll do whatever is popular now, from books to video games. The books are vapid, pure and simple and if you try to delusion yourself into thinking that just cause you made a connection with a brooding character or whiny teenager, then you can make a connection with all the other thousands of crap writing thats out there. Its a very repetitive story that we’ve seen in other stories. So do yourself a favor and read something reputable instead of four books about a silly girl fawning over sparkly vampires and quickly thrown in plots.

  • couchgrouch

    3 of the movies haven’t been released yet so I can’t say. how can you?

  • jodipo

    omg, this girl really needs to get over herself. She is acting in a tween movie franchise, not in anything that matters or has any kind of depth or quality

    • Jen

      get over herself? Of all of the young starlets out there, Kristen Stewart is the most level headed, “over herself” 19-year-old there is. The fact that she is relentlessly stalked by paparazzi is extremely sad. She isn’t an attention seeker, simply an actor who loves the work. She has had a lot of other roles outside of Twilight where she really shows her promise as an actor. Hopefully for her, all of the twilight attention will be fleeting and she will be able to move on with her life with some peace!

      • Lindsay


      • Vonda

        I also agree. I saw her in Adventureland, which, by the way, was more adult than I expected,and she is a very good actress. I love twilight, but, for the sake of the cast, I hope the mania dies down after Breaking Dawn.

    • Lindsay

      Also, jodipo, before you comment on the depth and quality of the projects she’s been involved in, maybe you should actually RESEARCH the movies she’s been in. You ignorant twit.

      • Lori

        Thank you Lindsay. What happened to the old “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” The internet has given everyone the opportunity to complain about things. No one has the decency to keep crap to themselves anymore. If you didn’t like then move on to something you do like and leave the ones who did like alone.

      • jodipo

        wow, your kinda pushy and obsessive about this chick huh? Calling me names, attacking every single person who doesn’t agree with your sycophantic worship of this little pop tart. Maybe you need to spend a little less time telling others what their opinions and thoughts should be and start trying to get a life. People like you are just amaxing to me. I mean, really… you think you have the right to call people names because they disagree with you on the caliber of acting by a 19 year old child? I think you have some serious issues

      • Silv

        The thing is, jodipo, if you don’t like this actress/movie/book series, why are you here? You’re entitled to your opinion, but when you and others like you constantly come on these boards to denigrate the subject you could just as easily avoid, that’s rude. There are obviously people who enjoy the topic and who wish to post on it. Does it really make your day to come on to give us a hard time? To criticize this young girl who is merely doing her best at a job? Seriously? Your difference of opinion would be respected if you were more respectful of our right to our opinions. Nevertheless, you know what you’re going to find on these boards – fans of the Twilight series – so why come on if you don’t like the subject?

      • 21

        jodipo, i respect your opinion. but i think that one should have knowledge of something to have an opinion of it.

      • jodipo

        and what is it that I do not have knowledge of? Twilight? I have read each of the books. Kristen Stewart? I have seen her other movies and read the articles and seen her in interviews. I am a little lost on how just because my opinion is different than yours means I dont know anything about it… I just think this girl is snotty and not a very good actress, and that Twilight is made for teens for a reason. Doesnt make me a bad person or stupid or a “twit”. it just means I do not agree with most of you. I am as entitled to my opinion as anybody else on this PUBLIC board. If one wants to worship her without dissent then one should start a PRIVATE board

      • jodipo

        Silv. At least you are polite. But really, do you think I was being disrespectful of you simply by having a different opinion than you do? I never said people that like her are stupid, I never called anyone names. I was outright attacked for having a different opinion, which is very juvenile. This IS a public board, and I have a right to read the article and comment on it. Its not giving any of her fans a hard time for me to voice my opinion, but her fans seem to enjoy attacking people that are not her fans. It makes no sense at all for you people to be upset by what I said. I did not attack you personally. I am allowed to think for myself and as long as its a free country i can have my own opinion. DO you all only read articles that are about your favorite things? Besides, i never said I dont like twilight, I just dont like Kristen Stewart. If you cannot accept that others have different opinions than you and feel the need to attack them when they do then there are deeper issues there.

      • Silv

        jodipo, you are right. You have every right to have a different opinion than others, and to express it. You have every right to read each and every article and its subsequent postings, and to comment on them. And Twilight fans on these boards are RABID about their books/actors/movies. Some (not all of us) are intolerant of dissention and overreact. Often that’s due to their obvious young age. But you must realize therefore if you read all these posts, that if you’re going to disagree with the Twilighters, you’re gonna get a strong reaction from at least a few. It’s the nature of the beast to roar when poked, but you can’t blame it then for the reaction. So poke at your own risk. ;-)

        By the way, I know you’re not speaking specifically to me, but I personally do read only the articles that interest me. I skip past those about stuff I don’t like or know about unless I want to know more about them.

    • Caimile

      Are you talking about the same Kristen Stewart we’re talking about? Because anyone who’s seen the girl in any capacity, acting or otherwise, can see the girl hates attention. She is very level-headed and intelligent. She’s awkward and kind of eerie, but never full of herself.

      • jodipo

        sadly I am, and let me explain to you why we see it differently. I have been around long enough to see lots of actors who do not want fame. None of them talk about how hard fame is. Thats what people like Mischa Barton say, not people like Johnny Depp. She moans about how much she hates her job and how she is tortured by her fame so cannot be gracious to her fans… you know, the ones that gave her her life. I used to be a fan of hers, but since twilight her whole persona has changes, and I just see it as disingenuous.

    • Ariel


      “….her fans …you know, the ones’s that gave her her her life,”

      This is just crazy talk. A typical “delusion of grandeur” that comes from the idea that as a fan you play an actual role in a stranger’s life. There are normal moviegoers and they are fans. Fans become emotionally attached to an actors “persona” and develop expectations based on that attachment – they assume they’re in a relationship with the person to an extent. Moviegoers buy a ticket, see a film and they aren’t especially invested in who the actor is off screen.

      For an actor, I’m sure “fans” are nice, but it’s the larger movie-going audience that ensures their films projects do well and they continue to get work.

      Now, you’ve said you dislike Kristen Stewart but you’re obviously very drawn to her. I’m just saying…maybe you haven’t had adequate closure on your previous “relationship” with her????

      • jodipo

        I was referring directly to the fans giving her the fame she currently has.

        why am i very drawn to her? Because I read this article? Because I commented on it? I read pretty much every EW article posted, and the vast majority are not about this particular child, and comment on any I find interesting, silly, funny, or just plain odd. At this point I am not even commenting on her, but the insanely abusive fans she has. THe fact that nobody can differ on their opinion here without being attacked fascinates me, and the reasoning behind each attack (including this one)are sometimes baffling, sometimes absurd, but always entertaining.

        and what previous relationship do I not have closure on? I think maybe you are trying very hard to be clever there, but sadly just come off as another silly fan that wants to mock anyone who does not worship the little teen idol. I have no previous relationship with her, I simply commented on her lack of acting ability, and all of you crazies took it and went wild.

        Its all very amusing

    • Edy

      And just what are you doing? Get over yourself. She is an actor, She is working bringing home a paycheck in her chosen field. And I aint no damned tween. I love the series and the film so far done. No its not oscar worthy, but why does it have to be? Get obver it . KStew is an alright chick.

    • Elli

      I agree with you Jodipo!!

  • Maggie

    I’m a huge fan of the Twilight series, but I hated the first film. I agree that they should make the films as good as can be, even if that means going darker. As of now, I don’t know whether New Moon has accomplished that, since it hasn’t been released yet.

    • moonbeam

      Big disagree. The best part of watching the movie was enjoying the story without having to READ it. Although to be fair, Meyer’s writing did improve over the course of the series. By the third book I was no longer wanting to tear my hair out over the text.

  • Karina

    I personally love Kristen Stewart’s honesty. I love that she deviates from the image of the typical Hollywood actress. I hope she has a great career.
    I’m also a big fan of Twilight, and while the first movie didn’t at all convey the story, I hope that the second film does.

  • kts63

    The author said that she was quite surprised when the publisher TOLD her that she had written a young adult novel–she says she just wrote it, and assumed it was for an older audience, and that the books had to be edited to be more appropriate.

    • Gigi

      I’m not surprised. I had a feeling that Stephenie Meyer never intended for this to be a “tween” thing, there are themes of rape, murder and torture in the first book, and let’s not get started on Breaking Dawn! I really hope that the film caters to an adult audience, these books aren’t for ten year olds.

      • DE

        I agree I enjoyed the books for what they were, fiction. I’m not saying it was a life changing experience. I do think the movies should be more like the books and not geared towards the tween crowd. I don’t see how breaking dawn could ever work as a movie and stay true to the story otherwise.

      • L

        umm seriously???? How could she not intend for it to be a young adult book? They are in high school, the vamps have no fangs and sparkle.

    • Mori

      The books may be YA, but when are tweens considered young adults?

  • Nicole

    How can you guys say this kind of stuff?I mean,Kristen has her own personality.why should we care?it’s her life,not ours.we can’t just walk into people’s life and say: “Oh,i hate the way you wear or anything you do,”.It’s not fair.Give them a break.

    • L

      I think its mainly because she has been complaining since the beginning. She and Robert Pattinson make it pretty clear that they think the books are beneath their standards… and now they are stuck. I think Twilight fans are extremely naive in their thinking to honestly believe that they enjoy being under contract with these films. Anyways she is getting paid so she should just get over it and get over herself.

      The craziness wont last forever and then she will have her money pool to swim in.

      • Caimile

        If you had screaming pre-teen girls piercing holes through your eardrums into your brain every time you and your costar made an appearance you’d go nuts as well! It’s not about being full of herself: several actors and actresses have lamented being type cast. Your attitude is that she’s getting paid, so deal with it. In the real world, if you are working at a firm for example, as a secretary but have potential to be more…wouldn’t you want to rise up in the ranks? But you can’t because people are perfectly content to have you bring them coffee and answer phones. Think on that for a minute.

  • Cee

    i sorta agree with nicole.

    okay. i strongly agree with nicole.

  • Lynne

    I absolutely adore Kristen Stewart and that Interview Magazine piece is exactly why.. she is soo much more than the precocious “look at me” 19 year old actress! She in my book gets more respect than Leighton Meisters of the world. She has done some amazing work- “The Cakeaters” and “Adventureland” to name two.. I love the Twilight books honestly and would like to see the last two movies get a bit darker when they finally come to screen. Especially “Breaking Dawn”- the book in my opinion flows through some heavy subjects and really should be a darker movie– but we shall see..

    • Rod Johnson

      And very hittable !!

    • Caimile

      I totally agree! She’s unpretentious and actually very talented. I loved her in “Speak.” That was a very powerful movie. Her acting may not be Oscar-worthy in Twilight but the girl’s got chops!

  • Konfide-N-Me

    She’s not a great actress to begin with and she’s probably making 100 times more than your average family makes in a year. She moans in ever interview about how hard it is to be famous but everyone knows these days what you are giving up to make the leap to the big screen.

    • Lindsay

      So she can’t complain about her hardships in life? How many times a day do you complain about your job? Unless it’s zero, I would stop talking.

      • Konfide-N-Me

        She can complain all she wants but not in EVERY interview she does. I think we ALL get it that she’s uncomfortable with fame, hates press, isn’t 100% happy with the roles she has done. WHO CARES. She has a well paying job that she isn’t THAT good at so she should either get over it or find a new profession.

    • mscisluv

      Well the interviewers do ask her the exact same questions in every interview, so I guess it makes sense that she gives the same answers.

  • stella

    Is it just me, or does she overuse the word “literally” (not just here but in other settings).

    • alex

      She overuses it like most ppl who, in addition, use ‘basically’, ‘honestly’, and ‘essentially’ totally unnecessarily. But her uses seem appropriate.

  • Lindsay

    I read the Twilight series when I was younger and I loved them. Although I’m older and the material in the book can get a little boring, I applaud Stephanie Meyer for her original plot. I mean, look at all the Twilight-copies out there. Books about vampire-love affairs, tv shows, etc. As for the first movie, they missed almost half of the plot and it was way too tame compared to the actual novel itself.

    In regard to Kristen Stewart, in my opinion she is very down-to-earth for someone who had Hollywood fame happen to them overnight, although she has done a couple of good films in the past. I think that she proved herself a good actress long before Twilight.

    • Lynn

      While I agree that there are a lot of copycats out there, I feel compelled to elaborate. Both The Vampire Diaries, as a book series, and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels predate the Twilight books, and True Blood as a TV series was in development back in 2005, the year Twilight was published. So while a lot of the new vampire crap out there now is capitalizing on Twilight, Twilight is A) far from original as a human-vampire love story, even by post-Anne Rice standards and B) not the first of such stories to get screen consideration.

      • Linda

        Thank you for that. I do get tired of people saying that any other Vampire type project is a rip off of Twilight when most preceded it. Just because it got the most attention doesn’t mean it was first.

      • Jess

        Thanks Lynn for setting the record straight. Most of the things that are “copying” Twilight actually came first.

  • Michael Evans

    I thought I might give twilight a shot because it sounded like something I might enjoy. I couldn’t make it past the excerpts in the reviews. At the end of the day it’s just a trashy summer romance novel with vampires. If that’s your thing, more power to you, but it doesn’t do it for me.

    • Jen

      last time I checked, giving it a shot meant actually reading the book, just saying.

  • karen

    For all those who post the negative comments – If you dislike the movies, the books, the actors, then why the heck are you on here reading about it in the first place? Apparently it holds some interest for you to lose 2 minutes of your life to read it and then post a comment. If you dont like it then go away, the rest of us could care less about you anyways. I wish the books were more adult so that I wouldnt feel somewhat creepy being in love with them being that I am 40 something, and as far as the actors go, they are fresh, and talented and not up them selves. If you have a problem with the interview I would like to see you be interviewed and see how stuck up and dumb you sound.

    • John

      You mean like this post? I’m never quite sure what the bottom of this barel is. People who post negative on an article that probably shouldn’t interest them.

      People who post rebuttals as if they would hold any value to those original posts.

      Or people like me who just find all of the posts idiotic.

      In my own defense I’m trolling forms while at work, so this is no more or less a waste of time than any other activity. I’ve never seen twilight and couldn’t care less. I came here at random, but I LOVE internet comments.

      Everyone (including me) struggles in vain to sound intelligent and articulate in a medium that will inevitably make you look like a baffoon.

      -John C.

  • F.


    THAT BEING SAID.. I think this is one of Kristen’s best photoshoot. It shows the real Kristen. I LOVE HER, SHE SOOOO TALENTED IN ALL THE MOVIES SHE DID. SHE’S GORGEOUS AND UNIQUE. She’s herself in all the interviews I saw. She’s not one of those barbie holywood actress. I LOVE HER, SCREW THE MORRONIC PEOPLE WRITTING MOST OF THE COMMENTS UP THERE. GET A LIFE.

    • Autie

      Stop yelling at us.

    • Mary Mary

      Let me explain you something: To be understood and respected in a written medium, you must use correct grammar and spelling. You might also want to keep the shouting and name-calling to a minimum.

      • Lizzie

        Thank you Mary Mary. It is nice to see that not all civility is dead. Even when we agree with a sentiment, sometimes we have to condemn the tone.

    • LUVBreakingDawn

      Well, I agree with ya F.
      i think it’s unfair
      that actors have to switch around
      and bcum picture perfect role models
      once they get their big break
      they shud b allowed to b who they want 2 b

      • LUVBreakingDawn

        it’s true, u didnt hafta yell tho lol

    • Danny

      shhhhhhhh, Stephanie Meyer is going to spank you for yelling. She’s your Jesus, isn’t she? Oh wait, she is Mormon, so Joseph Smith is her Jesus. the 14 yo prophet LOL

    • Ash

      amen to that. geez girl, u know exactly how i feel. u got ur head screwed on tight. damn im only 11 yrs old and i love kristen. stuff the people who dont like her. good on ya mate (if u havent noticed im australian) have a good one mate, from Ash

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