Kate Gosselin on 'Today': 'My actions are appropriate'

Kate Gosselin realized it had been hours since her face appeared on television, so she high-tailed it to the Today show this morning to make sure no one ever stops talking about her ever. She’s like the Lady Gaga of reality TV.

Jon doesn’t want to film! Kate does! “It’s paying my bills, providing us opportunities,” she says! He has gross earrings! Etc. etc. etc. forever and ever. Meredith Vieira, I expected more from you. Stop acting like this is a sympathy-inducing story.

Once upon a time, I thought a show about Jon and Kate’s divorce could be a good thing. Now I’m a lot less convinced: It turns out their separation and impending divorce are as manufactured and cold as the rest of their lives, and show or no show, it looks like we’re all getting a front-row seat to their nonsense.

At this point, I’m relieved their series has stopped filming, and I kind of hope it never resumes. Enough already, right? The show’s ratings have plummeted, fan sympathy has shifted from Jon to Kate to no one, and the show has become but a tiny cog in the Gosselins’ publicity machine.

My interest in the Jon and Kate saga is at an all-time low, PopWatchers. Where’s yours?

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  • sara

    someone please make these two famewh*res go away. Now.

    • Vickie

      Child protective services, if not decency elsewhere, should make them go away and get those kids out of that mess. Has she budgeted any money for eight college educations or is it all for her tummy tucks, hair color, etc. Yep, she is a famewh*re for sure.

      • Maria

        she didn’t pay for that tummy tuck and the dr wife paid for her make-over.. But I don’t think she has put money for college for the kids.. But I feel it’s the right chicoe to give the kids a brake from TV and just be kids.. Let the adult fix and clean all of this mess that they are putting this kids in…

      • sdm

        On The Today Show this mornig Kate did state that money has been set aside for each child and that financial their futures are secure, well atleats something good has come out of this show for those kids.

      • Jackie

        Apparently the childrens money is in a completely separate bank account.

      • Erika

        The children have a trust fund that is well into 6 figures. (according to TMZ.com and ew.com). Neither of them touch it.

      • Amy

        On the Yahoo home page, Kate claims to have a solid amount of money put away for each of the kids for their college. Who knows if it’s true, but I would hope that it is!!

      • Donald

        Yes…not only a famew***e..but also a Phoney… always using the kids as a front to do what she wants to do..The kids are upset…the kids want to do the show…5 and 9 year olds don’t can’t summize the effects of this show with two ridiculous parents

      • suemny

        Kate did say that her childrens’ futures are secure. If the bank accts for the kids are in the six figures, doe that mean in the six figures for EACH child, or total amount for all of them? Unless Kate has socked away at least $150,000 per kid, they will all be attending community colleges with 6 figures split 8 ways! Both Jon and kate are trying to “try” this divorce in the media. Kate is playing the poor destitute wife; Jon is hostile and defensive every time he is interviewed. His body language tells you he is lying through his teeth. His new slick Willy lawyer is giving him bad advice. Obviously Jon needs someone to tell him what to say and do since Kate no longer does that. But this lawyer’s advice is only causing Jon to dig himself a deeper hole each time he opens his mouth.The lawyer not only isn’t licensed to practice in Pa. (where the divorce is being hashed out), but he has a horrendous record with past clients..he has pretty much taken them to the cleaners. Jon cleaned out the joint bank acct.? He better hide that money before his lawyer cleans him out! As they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.The show needs to be put to bed permanently. Kate will probably bounce back with a new show of her own; she is shrewd enough to pull that off. Jon has shown the world what an idiot he is. He thinks he is going to be offered a tv star, too. All he is going to be is flat broke and unemployed. Then he will have plenty of time to be a hands on dad.Thatw as theb longest job he ever ahd. He is a lazy, slob, who is caught up in his 15 minutes of fame, which is down to about 30 seconds and counting!

    • Sandee

      Kate is doing what she feels is best for her and her kids and kudos to her. Jon is an ass and his ho is a nasty B. I hope Jon feels his karma straight in his heart when the time comes. Those kids deserve better then to have a father like that.

      • Mariah

        Those kids deserve better parents. Period.

      • Barbara

        Oh really, and was Kate doing “what she feels best for her and her kids” when for 10 years all she did was belittle Jon in front of her children. There’s a good role model for you. Jon is far from perfect. Both these parents need to take a step back and realize that it’s not about them … it’s about the kids and only the kids. Stop the filming and get your lives together.

      • James

        Sorry, if they couldn’t afford to have 8 children they shouldn’t have manufactured them in the science lab in the first place.

      • Roberta

        The children deserve better parents. This is a two-party disaster with the kids caught in the middle.

      • Maria

        Katie wants everyone on her side.. She is not thinking about the kids.. Just herself.. Stop filming.. ya all she did was belittle Jon on tv we all saw it.. It’s not right.. she is mad because she is going to have to find a real job to take care of those kids.. Stop the filming and put the chilern first..

      • Sen

        I wish my parents made millions of dollars and set up a trust fund for me when I was a kid… I can’t believe anyone is really mad at them for trying to provide an awesome childhood for their kids. What kid doesn’t want to be on tv and get to go on cool trips and spend time with their mom and dad? Growing up I had 2 working parents whom I NEVER saw, and I never got to go anywhere fun. I don’t see how the kids are worse off for being on TV.. there are so many people around that if the kids really were mistreated, i’m sure it would be all over the news. As it stands, kate may be a lot of things, but she is still their mother and a good provider and I don’t think she would ever willingly put her kids at harm. I mean, she freaks out everytime they go near something dangerous, she worries so much about them.. Meanwhile, Jon takes 5 year olds fishing with sharp hooks.. yea, great dad!

      • Dave

        do all of you screeching hens not see anything wrong with that lazy good for nothing waste of skin Jon not getting a job and supporting his kids? Everyone keeps screeching about how she needs to support her kids…well so does he!

      • Lynn

        I agree. If Jon had control of the finances, they’d really be broke. He’d find some excuse to raid the children’s coffers, just as he did the family coffers.

      • Lynn

        Not only did she not pay for the tummy tuck, the Glassman’s had her recover at their home and called her a good friend. Dr. Glassman counseled Kate to just get a more supportive bra rather than do anything to her breasts. She eats well, works out, and is still relatively young. All she needed was the tummytuck for her second butt. Jon seemed to be plenty happy with Kate at that time in their relationship.

      • Terri93

        I totally agree with you Sandee. Kate is doing everything she can to provide for her children. I think I read that Jon cant keep a job. I wonder what HE will do when he pulls the plug on the show. After all, he certainly has benefited from the show. Hopefully, Kate will get offers to do anothershow. I will watch it because I like her.

      • Ellen

        Jon is the father of these eight children; like it or not. The children love their father and every time someone bad mouths Jon they are only causing more distress for the children.

    • Yeah…


      • ps in seattle

        Thank You! I was wondering if I was the only one blinded by her gawdawful hair. Whoever created that mess should permanently hang up their scissors.

      • Lynn

        Jon staes he has taken $177,000 out of the acct this year ($22,000 on Sept 29th). He claimed on LKL that the family made $500,0000 net this year. he also said it was split 10 ways and his share was about $50,000. Now he is trying to say that the $22,000 was his pay. Anyone else questioning his math? It may well be that once TLC gets hime for contract violations and/or destroying the brand, he’ll be back living with his mommy. This is far from over, I’m sure. Kate needs this divorce finalized NOW, before Jon make all the family has worked for disappear. Divide the assets and send him on his way. Forget joint custody. Jon is too vindicive and unstable to be trusted. I wonder what the court is going to say about Jon’s choice of associates in regard to custody issues.

        Jon admitted tonight the men in his family have a long history of problems and that he is trying to “break the cycle”, whatever that referred to. He was interrupted, so it was not clarified. No one forced hime to marry Kate. No one forced him to have the twins with Kate. And NO ONE forced him to try for a second time. He is a classic passive aggressive personality who can do no wrong. It was all Kate’s fault he was unhappy.

        His apology is insincere and self-serving. He has the gall to apologize while stabbing her in the back.

        For those that saw the Toys-R-Us episode, Jon did take her on over it and I thought it was settled. At some point in the series she apologized for her behavior toward Jon that day.

        Bottom line is Jon is not what he seems…You need to listen carefully when he is interviewed and pay attention to the inconsistencies.

    • leo

      ugh I’m so sick of them. Todays little interview with Kate made me so mad – why can she do all the press she wants while Jon is silenced? Maybe he took the money because its clear that TLC is siding with Kate their cash cow and stopping him from doing anything else – they’ve got him by the balls and so he’s starting to play dirty. Kate crying about not having money for food for her kids and not able to pay her bills makes me sick. They should have no debt with the kind of money they are making. She cleared out the account on Jon and had to put it back – she did it first but nothing was said about it until now, and he’s practically crucified on Today because he did the same to her. The kids should have a separate account and a guardian to oversee that money so they are never to lose what’s rightfully theirs.
      The whole thing makes me ill.

      • Dave

        and he deserves to be crucified and then more! I dont care how she “spoke” to him, if he wanted out, he needed to grow a pair, get a divorce and then start ducking everything that could stomach his retarded face…not wait till Kate was out of town and go out and contract syphillis

      • Jackie

        When she took the money out there was no legal restrictions – as soon as there were she put it back. He, however, apparently took the money out after the restrictions had been put in place. There is a difference.

      • Erika

        “why can she do all the press she wants while Jon is silenced?”. He was on Larry King Live the other day…

      • IllinoisMom

        I wonder if the people who think the show should end, have ever watched the show?? They do not film scenes which would better be left private. The crew being absent from their life is probably more of a trauma than mom and dad home at different times. The more the kids are not disrupted, the better it will be. I personally believe Jon is showing his true personality which absolutely proves Kate HAD to tell him how to parent. She has my prayers as do her children. Sorry Jon – grab your flavor of the week and stagger into the sunset, preferably on an island far far away.

      • chris

        IllionoisMom – what we see on film and what the kids are subjected to could be two entirely different things. The Dionne quints are another example.

      • Tara

        Once Jon is done stealing money that puts food in the mouths of his kids, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he went after the kids bank accounts.

      • Lynn

        For someone who is sick of them, you sure gave up a lot of time to read the article and respond on this blog. You’re just as interested in this as everyone else that posts on this blog. If not, YOU need to go away.

      • suemny

        To Leo…since when is Jon being silenced? Every time you turn around he is making a trip down to the “gate” to tell the media “his side of the story” or appearing on some entertainment tv show or having his face splashed all over the tabloids. It seems that, except for her appearance on The View, Kate only is interviewed in response to one of Jon’s latest stunts. She is very adept at playing the poor destitute, abandoned wife. She is no more destitute than Donald Trump.But Jon,poor fool that he is, is as dumb as a box of rocks. He is getting terrible advice from his new slick Willy lawyer. Every time Jon opens his mouth he puts his foot in it. I believe he is a good dad and loves those kids. But, contrary to what he is saying, they are NOT his first priority. His first priority is to stick it to Kate any way he can.But if he keeps on this path to self destruction he’ll have plenty of time to be a hands on dad, because he will be flat broke and unemployed! Being a stay at home dad was the longest lasting job he has ever had. He got paid handsomely for staying home to play with his kids. You know darn well he didn’t do any of the cooking or cleaning. The “other” hired help did that!

    • WayBeyondSoccerMom

      Wow, Kate comes right out at the beginning to say that because of Jon’s decision to block filming, they can’t go to the Statue of Liberty. Really? Geez, when I took my family there, I didn’t need a film crew to accompany me.

      • lea

        Yeah, really, I thought that, too … they can’t go because they can’t film. Oh stop boo hooing, Kate.

      • suemny

        Kate is playing the poor abandoned destitute wife. She is no more destitute than Donald Trump. But the sympathy is with her becasue of Jon’s hormonal teenage behavior. Kate would not have had to pay for a trip to the Statue of Liberty anyway. TLC pays for EVERYTHING or the trip is donated by whatever resort they are visitng, all in exchabge for the advertising and publicity.

    • annoy

      That’s very nice, take the kids away…. like they are suffering so, please what kind of people are you, those kids are doing fine. Parents separate all the time and the kids survive get a grip people

    • Jen

      but what would EW write about (daily) if Jon and Kate weren’t around?

    • To Margaret Lyons:

      Um, just a suggestion, but if you want these two to truly go away, SHOULDN’T ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY STOP WRITING ABOUT THEM EVERY FRIGGEN DAY? It’s real simple. She goes on the Today Show, you don’t report it. Jon goes on a yacht with his girlfriend, you don’t report it. See? Real Simple. You’re Welcome.

      • ML

        Margaret–you are right–all the media should stop writing/reporting about J&K but unfortunately there are people out there who can’t get enough of their train wreck! Even though I’m sick of hearing about it I can’t help but read articles like this because I can’t believe how dumb these two are! The kids have their money–J&K should step up to the plate, get off the show, get jobs and start living their lives for their kids like they keep saying they are going to. And Jon–stop dating bimbos!! You’re not even divorced yet–think of the kids!

  • Stacy

    It’s kinda like watch a trainwreck. You don’t want to watch, but can’t seem to help yourself.

    • mike b

      no, some of us just don’t watch

      • Dave

        but yet you feel the need to comment on something you know nothing about…those who live in glass houses really should clean the rocks out of their front yard.

    • John

      But we read and comment on the articles anyway (me=guilty).

      • allie

        sad but true.

    • Chris

      Stop feeding them attention. Please stop acknowledging this nonsense. And if you (EW) were really over it, you wouldn’t be writing an article publicizing this train wreck further.

      • Barbara

        Agree Agree !!! Stop writing about them so we can stop commenting on your writing about them … and on and on and on it goes. Geez, now I’m dizzy.

      • Erika

        Barbara, I think you should stop commenting on the people who are commenting on the fact that ew keeps acknowledging this trainwreck. It only encourages the commenters who are only encouraging EW to continue to write these articles.


      • Callia

        Agreed! I clicked on this article to say just that. EW, if we ignore them, they might go away!

    • jo-jo

      I turned off THE VIEW this morning when they had her on a phone conversation, and I also changed the channel when Meredith Viera was interviewing her on the TODAY show. If Kate wants to keep all this crappy divorce “private”, then why is she on all the TV shows and magazine covers! It’s really pathetic, to say the least. The ones who are the victims here are those 8 kids. Their parents don’t give a —- ! They are out for publicity and getting paid for interviews. Why don’t they go back to their real jobs and be nice, loving parents! ALOT of people get divorced, but you don’t see it on every single TV show and magazine. Come on… this is ridiculous! I refuse to watch it anymore. TLC should cancel the show….

      • terri

        I agree, I will NOT be watching any more shows with either Jon OR Kate on them! It’s amazing how Kate whines and gets teary-eyed! And says she wants this to be private, but then she’s on every show. The producers of TODAY, THE VIEW, CBS Morning show, GMA, LKL, etc… get a clue! We viewers are sick and tired of all this publicity! The media is alot to blame for all this crap and so is TLC! I hope the show is cancelled for good. This is ridiculous!!!

      • Ellie

        I don’t blame her one bit for speaking out. I was on “Team Jon” at first………then my hubby pointed out Jon let her talk to him that way on TV without any reprecussions other than rolling his eyes………Jon is the ho, and I honestly believe the children’s best interest is totally insignificant to what he wants—and that is to be a 21 yr old siingle party dude. She has kept quiet about the details of their relationship, called him a good father just making some bad choices. Now that he learned he and his ho d’jour will be walking away with peanuts and used Ed Hardy tee’s,he wants to slow everything down. Perhaps he should have slowed down undoing that zipper last October and he wouldn’t be a few dollars short of needed Hamptons money.

  • MWC

    Hey Kate – welcome to America where everybody has a stack of bills they can’t pay.

    • Ralph Malf

      Amen to that. Wahhhh!

    • ken

      I love to watch this train wreck!! Who cares about the show, i just love hearing about the bikering back n forth and seeing who will do what next!

      • Carole

        makes the non-working hours of my day all the more enjoyable – the perfect people on tv are not so perfect after all – my pithy little life is better than theirs

    • td

      She has her stack of bills and the new ring of 8 diamonds + pearl to pay for.

      • hailey smith

        Boo-hoo! Poor Kate- she can’t pay the bills and she is such a good mother. Always putting her kids first, HA! If that were true, she wouldn’t be whining and crying and going on TV shows. All she does is go on TV and bash Jon and says how she is the “better” parent. She’s playing the sympathy card and apparently, the media can’t or won’t see this. Get a grip, people. This woman wants/loves the attention she is getting. Stop doing this and maybe then she will get the idea. She doesn’t want to see her life style end, bottom line.

      • Dave

        been screwing Jon much Hailey?

    • terri

      yes, we all have bills, and have to care for our own kids, without all the nanny’s and babysitters and make up artists and home design and decorating people, and we don’t get tummy tucks or hair trans-plants! Welcome to the REAL WORLD, Kate!!! good luck.

      • Lynn

        I don’t know about you, but I used babysitters and childcare. I would have much rather had a nanny on-call. Jealousy is an ugly thing…

    • Victoria

      You said it! She is not living in the real world!

      • Lynn

        She grew up in the real world. She does not want to go backward in her life. I can’t blame her after living in both worlds myself!

    • Tara

      Kate would have no trouble paying the bills if Jon hadn’t stolen the money.

    • JG

      So true!

  • LG from VA

    Is it just me or am I the only one who would love to have the filming resume with “Kate plus 8″ just to see what Erratic Jon will do next? I must be a sadist because I would love to see Kate and the kids be self-sufficient because of their show with Jon on the outside, penniless, trying to sue for spousal support because he cannot land and keep a real job. On the other hand, he probably will cry harder if there is no show where he might have any type of control (because of the kids) and Kate starts her new show without the kids. This would not be a joint asset since it began after the divorce. No matter how much you might not like Kate because of her personality/behavior, you have to admit that she has initiative and translate that into actions that lead to results. Kate writes books and is in production talks for a new talk show. Jon hosts a pool party and gets his ears pierced. Face it; Kate needs to do whatever it takes as Jon would never be able to pay child support if he made enough money to do so.

    • robert

      A real job….do you see what you wrote…..the woman gets paid $22k per episode…maybe she should get a real job instead of a reel job as well and both should take care of the 8 kids which is way to many for any family to begin with.

      • lou carerra

        I just want to see the real life show staring “eight minus john and kate”

    • PJ

      But see, Kate would never be self-sufficient – she is too used to this lifestyle (Jon is too btw). The producers would continue to “reward” them with free trips, toys, makeovers and such. All in the name of filming the “results” for “reality television”. Real “Reality” would be that the family sells that mega-mansion to start over and much like the Duggers or the Dilly(sp) family have everyone contribute and work REAL jobs not flying to NYC to do talk shows or go on book tours and having nannies take care of the kids on non-film days. Its hard to balance work to pay bills and still tend to our children, but we do it…EVERYDAY!

      Funny how Jon is in the divorced wife role…snarky wives are usually the ones who empty the bank accounts right before they file.

      • MDC

        What makes you think the Duggars have “real” jobs? They’re worse than Kate and Jon. At least Kate and Jon stopped at eight. The Duggars are a corporation and their children are their children are their merchandise and inventory. Shame on them!

      • Mariah

        You really don’t know much about the Duggars, do you.

      • coco

        hey i dont really like the duggars, i think their absolutly crazy for having all those children, but its hard to imagine them ever doing something like this. for whatever reason, their family seems to work, you can tell that they all love and care about each other, which is something i never got when i watched john and kate

      • Elizabeth

        The Duggars also get paid for their show, don’t they? So…what’s the difference between them and J&K? Is it just a matter of time before the Duggar train derails in front of the cameras?

      • Dave

        the difference is Jon & Kate didnt continue to have brats and let the older brats raise the younger brats. Now thats a good mormon family for you

      • sarita

        dave, neither couple is mormon fyi. jon and kate said they were pentecostal and the duggars don’t attend a specific church (i believe the worship at home), but draw a lot of their inspiration from the southern baptist school of thought.

      • emf

        The Duggars are debt free and were self sufficient long before the series started. They buy their clothes from Goodwill and have never relied on the state for support. Can’t say the same for J&K.

      • suemny

        I actually like the Duggars, even though at first it was a sugar overdose.But Micehlle and Jim Bob are two people who are genuinely devoted to each other and their huge family. They have never expected tax dollars to support them, like Jon and Kate did after the sextuplets were born.Their children are respectful(take note, Mady!), all have responsibilities, and help care for each other. Michelle home schools the kids; Jim Bob is a hands on dad. They bought that big motor home/bus for half price from a sports team. Jon and Kate travel in a limo/bus. And have you ever seen J or K change the oil in their vehicle or change a flat tire? I think not.The Duggars are self sufficient, always have been, and don’t need TLCs money. It is just icing on the cake. They are a delightful, loving family who care deeply for each other. A little straight laced, but it works for them, so who are we to judge? I found the renewing of their vows very touching…nothing like the Hawaii extravaganza of J&K…and look where they ended up!

    • KJ

      I think that all of the people complaining about Kate getting a “real job” need to consider her situation. Kate is taking advantage of an opportunity that allowed her the freedom of not having to worry about being able to provide financially for her EIGHT children while also allowing her family to have special perks like trips, gifts, etc. Who in their right mind wouldn’t accept an offer like that as long as it was still beneficial for them and for their children? I remain convinced that Kate is the ONLY one concerned for the welfare of her children. Jon’s actions have shown how very selfish and manipulative he really is-it’s sad.

      • JRE

        ME! If they Gosselins have taught me anything, it’s how important it is for children to have privacy and the right to grow up without a camera in their faces. Neither one of these “parents” has put the welfare of those children first and foremost.

      • James

        She should have worried about providing for them PRIOR to manufacturing them.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Because material things alone are not beneficial to her kids or any kids. How about her and Jon trying to provide a moral compass for those kids. America is to blame also for lapping up this crap.

      • Emmy

        At least she is trying to support them. Gosh, how many people in this country have babies and expect the taxpayers to support them. And I think people getting divorced is more harmful than being on TV- yet people do it all the time usually because they aren’t getting their way all the time. At my kids’ schools, about 95% of the kids who have behavioral and academic problems come from broken homes. So people you can tell yourselves all you want that it doesn’t affect your kids when you make these decisions, but you are only fooling yourself! Keep gripping about the show but the divorce is what will be the downfall!!!

      • IllinoisMom

        Multiple births are a serious issue for couples. Very often when artificial fertility is used; couples face the decision to “elminate” viable embryos. Personally I believe continuing a high-risk preganancy with multiples is a very courageous decision. I couldn’t tell a doctor to randomly select 3 or 4 of my embryos to continue and even one to be terminated.

      • Tara

        Jon Gosselin is a spoiled brat and a poor excuse for a father.

    • margarethart58@hotmail.com

      Kate is a great Mom. I was in the same spot my ex drained the accounts not the kind of money Kate and Jon have but Kate is really trying to do the right thing. It takes a lot to feed and take care of those kids. They look very happy and well adejusted. Kate is not running off to partys and jet setting she is with the kids. If we all were put in the same position we3 would do what Kate is doing . John is a pig he probably can’t even make that much money. Child care alone would be horrible. Kate is just trying to do the best she can. Lets give her a some room to breath. Teh only big mistake she made was to marry John,

    • faye

      Love the show more without him on it. I think she is less stressed out and enjoys the children without him around.I hope the show goes on I love the interaction between mom and chidren even more now.

  • Michigan Mitch

    I can’t decide which Gosselin I hate more! I suggest they change the format of the show to something like American Gladiator.

    Jon Vs. Kate Plus 8 Gladiators.


    • Q

      I would watch this.

  • don

    please make them go away.

  • bem

    Amen, MWC, amen.

  • SenorPlaid

    “My interest in the Jon and Kate saga is at an all-time low, PopWatchers.”

    And yet, you’re writing about it (and I’m commenting on it). Hows about we all agree to STFU?

    • Vickie

      And yet, you are reading this and admonishing everyone to STFU. Practice what you preach.

  • chris

    Thank you for saying this Margaret. I find it hard to believe that doing this to the kids is the only way that Kate can pay the bills. I do, however, think it’s the only way she can get the attention she wants. She has a house that’s paid for – they’re further ahead than other large families. Stop it already.

    • Liza5326

      She needs to wake up and get a job like the rest of us! Sucking up the media and the expense of your children’s mental health is not a job. I’m sure there is a Wal-Mart or McDonald’s nearby looking for some help! Once again Kate, GET A JOB!!!!

      • georgi

        Yeah, like she could support 8 kids on what she would make at McDonald’s or Walmart. Get a grip! she is certianly not going to be seeing any child support from Jon.

      • Ellie

        She was/is a renal dialysis nurse with 8 children. She continued working until the “baby 6″ were out of their cribs. Now try paying for that daycare on Jon’s measly computer salary (contary to what some think, he was not an executive or even in the top eschelon of his job). Jon ho, stopped his job to stay home and “help” Kate with all the little ones running around.(trying to copy the Duggar incorporation plan–but of course lacking the morals and with to much time on his hands, and “nannies” to play with)…….it became boring, he had to have his nights out starting last fall, although she didn’t need that. She chose to supplement the family income by writing books, speaking engagements etc..Show me one way Jon has supplemented his family income other than the show itself, you can’t! She brought home the bacon, and he spread the bacon around the local clubs. Finally it was put right out in her face, he lied said there was only one woman, and she cut him off, plain and simple. Then she learned of all the other ho’s and the arrangement was over. She chose not to remain in a relationship with a serial cheater. To maintain an income an arrangement was made because she knew the children needed their father and the show was in production, then haily-ho wanted a commitment & Kate learned there was more than one woman. And that was that. It is very sad, but Kate showed her girls not to be doormats, her sons to respect women. Jon has should them how to lie, cheat and now steal——-all the while hugging them and relaying words of love…….Kind of like he was doing with Kate before the zipper opened and the truth came out.

      • suemny

        Kate has a job and is trying to milk it for all it’s worth. Jon is the lazy slob. He has NEVER held down a good job. He never went to college and galavanted all over Europe on his daddy’s money. He then married Kate, became a sperm donor, and then a doormat. But nobody held a gun to his head for the past 10 years. When he defensively says that he was the one who “quit” his job to stay at home so Kate could travel to promote the book (that she DIDN”T write), what he neglects to say is that he DIDN’T want to travel with Kate and do the media blitz. He CHOSE to stay home. After he got bored and jealous of all the attention Kate while he was at home, he started leaving the kids with a babysitter so he could go out clubbing until the wee hours of the morning. The teacher was smart enough to dump him. Otherwise she would have ended up unemployed just like him! the rest of the bimbos are just wannabe hangers on. For the past 6 months he has thought with his pecker, and not his brain, although I don’t think there are too may brain cells up there.

    • Erika

      They’re house is not paid for. They owe over 700K on it.

      • Lynn

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jon force Kate to sell the house. He keeps saying it is the kids house but he isn’t trustworthy. I put nothing past him based on his conflicting stories about things.

    • suemny

      According to Jon, they have a $720,000 mortgage on their house. Who knows what else it costs for live-in nannies, housekeepers, cooks, gardeners and pool guy. These two are living high on the hog and are hemorraging money. They got a taste of the good life and will never be satisfied with what they have; they will always want more. TLC will peobably pull the plug on J&K+8. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Kate had to go back to being a labor and delivery nurse, and Jon had to go back to some menial IT anlyst job? the kdis would then be ablebao go abck to some semblance of a normal life, something they have never known. I think they would ALL be totally miserable.

  • Jodi Moore

    There is so much unemployment around us. People are losing jobs, losing their houses etc. Do we care about the silly antics of a couple going through a divorce. This is pathetic. Kate needs to get an academy award for trying to get the people vote. Jon is pathetic but Kate, please don’t think the public are fools. Where did all the money go that you’ve made for all these seasons you have been on tv? Most of us need to save for possible lean times. You’ve had your fun and done more than most people will ever dream of doing for their family. Bottom line, go back to nursing. Get John back into his computers and live like the rest of us.

  • Liza

    At one tie I considered the Today Show a source of excellent NEWS coverage. Their ongoing relationship with Kate Gosselin has changed that for me.

    • Eileen

      I know – really. Between their love of the Gosselins, interviewing Spencer and Heidi, and taking us on a tour of Michael Jackson’s house, I feel like they’ve become Access Hollywood.

    • terri

      I am sick and tired of the TODAY show giving Kate so much attention and interviews! I am switching to CBS Morning show, (because I can’t stand watching GMA with Diane Sawyer)
      Get real Kate….. move on, get a job, be a real woman, instead of a whining b—h !!!!

  • pauch

    You know what’s really stupid? People who put the effort in to write about how much they hate something and wish it would go away. That’s what’s really stupid.

    • BlackIrish4094

      You know what else is stupid. People who take the time to comment on people doing the same thing they are doing (that would be you brain surgeon).

  • Vickie

    This woman’s actions haven’t been appropriate since she packed her uterus with all those babies looking for a big fat payday by selling their lives for public consumption.

    • trina

      you are thinking Nadya suleman; Kate didn’t “pack her uterus with embryos” she did the same treatment that originally got her pregnant with twins, not expecting to get pregnant and carry 6 babies to term. It is not the same thing at all.

      That said, of course we are watching and commenting on this! it’s everywhere and is just pervasive.

    • chris

      She did say, however, that she felt it was society’s responsibility to help support the children because society really encourages fertility treatments

      • Erika

        When was this said? I would be very interested to hear that since I am pretty sure she has said the opposite. There was originally ONE episode about the children when they were already several months old. It’s pretty ridiculous to think that now years later some people think she always had this master plan to become famous. They lived dirt poor for years and only did 2 shows the first couple years.

      • Ellie

        this is not true and you know it. I would like to see a link to this comment

      • chris

        I put the link up earlier, but for some reason it was taken off.

      • chris

        If it’s taken off again, just google the quote – it was reported by the Associated Press. It wasn’t a secret.

  • meels

    Mine is at an all time high–as sad as it is, I love a legal train wreck. Although one party on a joint account does have a legal right to clean it out without the other’s permission, the arbitor will get to the bottom of this, I’m sure. Kate seems to have been smart about putting some of the money away for the kids’ futures and Jon seems to be plowing through cash quickly–and cleaning out a join account that provides for his kids’ current well being is a dick move. I am interested to see how this will play out in court.

  • Michelle

    Please, make them go away, FOREVER.

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