'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: Breaking Up with NeNe

kim-z_lThe theme of last night’s snappy episode was independence. Throw your hands up at me, Kim. Yes, she did just accept a gratis romp in the Bahamas from Big Poppa. Yes, she did have her assistant send him cell phone snaps of a $32,000 gold necklace she covets (“oh my God,” she orgasmed to her own image in the mirror, “you are good-looking”). Yes, the man whose divorce has inexplicably drawn out for three years is back in her life. But she didn’t take him back for the money. It’s just that her daughters want to go to college one day and those satin bustiers and kegs of chardonnay aren’t going to pay for themselves. “I’m independent,” Kim promised us. “I’m a single mom.” Oh Kim, you very well may represent all that is wrong-headed and ridiculous and crass about the times we live in. Now go get in the pool with your cigarette and keep telling yourself this is true love.

If you want a picture of real independence, let me direct your attention to Kandi. This girl has grown on me! I’m with Dwight on this one: The more I spend time with her, the more I fall in love with her. There was something so admirable about the image of her buying her first house at 19 years old and steadily renovating it over the years. She has sense, something that Big Poppa could never buy for Kim.  Kandi shone throughout the episode — from her stirring Pocket Book Monologue about a prostitute who was molested as a girl by her stepfather (though admittedly her rehearsal performance was much better) to her smooth handling of the “Tardy for the Party” (whoa-oh, whoa-oh) debacle.

Poor NeNe — this is not how she wanted this season to go down. She rode into the premiere on a tide of good will. She was the quick-witted, sassy break-out Housewife with a book deal. (And props for the attention paid to her co-author Denene, who will be responsible for said pages.) But NeNe’s continued to reveal layers of pettiness that have crumbled that fun image. Last night she further severed our relationship, shouting at Kim and Kandi about her stolen opportunity to sing a verse (whoa-oh, whoa-oh). I agree that it was lousy of Kim to suddenly kick NeNe to the curb once she realized the song might not be a disaster. Alright then NeNe, tell her she’s uncool and then walk away. But then NeNe started in on how the song would only sell with her own name attached and Kim’s a dirty liar and she’ll screw over Kandi too and yammer yammer yammer she hollered and swore. I’m thinking that Kandi is too reasonable a woman to get sucked into any Kim vortex. Her mother on the other hand, who seems to have mysteriously fallen for the wigged one’s dubious charms, might have her heart broken one day.

Somehow Kim disentangled herself from the situation, hobbling away on her accessory crutches, and NeNe turned her mouth on Kandi. Nobody turns their mouth on Kandi! NeNe got in her face, Kandi stayed cool. “I can give a damn,” Kandi shrugged. She told NeNe, enunciating her words very slowly, as if speaking to a child, to bring it on down.  Then finally she turned her back on the hot mess before her. Thus was my love for Kandi solidified. A partygoer offered to get her a cool-out drink, but Kandi abstained. I’m thinking that had NeNe similarly resisted an open bar, she might not have behaved so badly.

Elsewhere at the party, a swarthy portrait artist made googly eyes and thickly accented passes at Sheree, but the woman only had eyes for her own giant-sized image. Lisa looked pretty but had nothing to say. During the Pocket Book Monologues, I realized what it is about her that bugs. Lisa talks in real life likes she acts. There is no authenticity to her voice. She is always acting, and rather badly at that. Whether she is in a tub or sharing a drink with NeNe or playing a woman who’s not getting any action (I’m still unsure what her monologue was about), she seems to be trying out a personality rather than being one. I bet she’s at heart a good person, and a smart one. But her public self is a bore.

What did you all think? Can NeNe do anything to restore your good impression of her? Do you find Lisa a cipher? Did Sheree make weird cat love to the artist? Is Kim the grossest person alive? Do you think Kandi is too good for this show?

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  • Estefanote

    I like your commentary. I fell asleep last nite b4 catching the show but of course it will be repeated. Anyways, I agree w/ you 100%. I noticed how arrogant and “star struck motivated” that Nene became at the beginning of this season; but that is 1 thing. Now she is absolutely out of control. It makes you wonder why she has a distraught relationship with “alleged” father. Also, it makes you wonder…what is her purpose, position and place in life. Oh well, its great entertainment. PROPS to Kandi; she has grown on me and really shows herself to be the only self-made independent woman. I just hope she handles the baby daddy drama with the same amount of class.

    • Corgidawg

      I like Kandi alot, for the same reasons the author likes her. But I have serious concerns about her choices in men. She needs to stay single. A single man, with 6 children by 4 women? Please…

      • Ellen Hobbs

        ITA with you about kandi & all those kids (sorry kandi) I think nee nee should put that wine glass down & take a look @ the tapes..then she will apologize to kandi.

  • Jenn

    I can’t watch this group anymore. I couldn’t listen to Kim talk about the man she is whoring herself out to. I like the other Housewives shows, but I’m done with Atlanta.

  • paralee

    kim what can i say.(LOL)
    lisa what’s up with you?
    nene sat down chill out.
    kandi love you what a LADY.

  • Tee

    TOTALY AGREE. and Yes Kandi is too good for this group of fake ladies.

  • Patrick

    Poor NeNe. In Dwight’s infamous reunion tsk-tsking, “très déclassée”. In perhaps the most real episode of the Atlanta housewives yet, Kandi exhibited some true talent; Kim accepted her role as a high-class hooker; Lisa sped through the reading of her lines (so right about that one, Karen); Shereé realized that looks may fade, but exaggerated self-importance is forever; and poor NeNe was revealed for the petty, ghetto Athens trash she is. NeNe was obviously drunk and feeling outshone, but instead of employing her sarcastic gift to expose Sheree’s crappy party, she came off as a bitchy, bossy bully. While the other girls will have something to do after the show ends, it’s quite clear that all NeNe’s eggs are in the RHOA basket – and the audience is losing its taste for an omelette brunch.

  • Tarik

    My love for Nene is still strong. She makes me laugh and as long as that continues, so will my love for her.I think her reaction to Kim’s diss was not as bad as I expected to be. Kim is worthless and should be ashamed how much work it took to even get her in the studio. I can’t stand her.

    • tawanda

      I love Nene; I think Khandi has targeted her and picks on her, I’m tired of the “ghetto” remarks, it’s not where we start in life it’s where and how we finish. Kandhi reminds me of girls I knew in High school: cute, sweet, and at times cruel; Nene is very strong and passionate definitely not afraid of someone’s disapproval, the way she speaks her mind any place, any time (smile) tells me that she is truly genuine Nene was hurt by Kim once again, Lisa hit the nail on the head and I love her for that, she always calls it like she sees it, and does what is necessary with out all the additives. I have LOVE for all the ladies on the show, each represents someone in life that you know, their good and bad qualities. Just like we couldn’t pick our family, they couldn’t pick each other, they’re doing what we all do, living through it. Real people, with real attitudes and real flaws. I wish them all well. My condolences go out to Khandi and RJ’s family, God bless and keep you is my prayer

  • Adam

    Great show yesterday! You hit the nail on the head on every aspect. However,in regards to the Nene and Kandi incident, did you see how Lisa started it and then walked away. That was shady.

    • qwenbee

      Yes indeed, “Lisa in the middle”, is what I call her. She stirs the pot here & there & then when it boils over, she starts with the “can we all just get along” crap. Don’t you just hate wishy washy beeches like that? She will get caught soon & face the rath of Big Nene. Maybe, Big Ed & Nene will go for a face off then. That would be great TV!!! All in all, I did enjoy the episode, especially the Pocketbook monologues. Kudos ATL HW..No1 show on Bravo. The rest of the franchise has a tough act to follow.

    • CJ

      I totally agree with you. I went so far as to post on Lisa’s blog (which by the way didn’t show up) how shady she appeared last night. It’s like she was agreeing with Kandi and when she saw NeNe coming, totally changed her tone. She’s such a fake, and to think she was my favorite housewife last season. Big props to Kandi for being classing.

    • vcc

      yeah Lisa is shady. She is the one carrying tales back and forth because she is ‘friends’ with everyone. However, she is the common denominator in all the fighting about she said, he said.

  • BamaMama

    What I am concerned about is Bravo’s irresponsibility for promoting Kim’s life style. Kim and Big Poppa have minor children, why should the be assaulted by the knowledge of an affair involving a parent played out on television. I had to turn the channel last night as I found the subject disgusting on national television. I have been waiting on NeNe to come where I live for a book signing but now when I hear she is in the area code I will go to another one. Has NeNe grown? Yes into NeNe-Zilla. And anyone using the word ‘socialite’ on this show needs their head banged up against a wall. As for the remaining nuts, Sheray-nauseating; Lisa-umm; Kandi-you are holding your own with the older broads but you need to run for your life. Finally, not a college-degree between the five women, no mention of church affiliation, no obvious contribution to the betterment of the society. There is no excuse for bad behavior, no excuse.

  • Dina

    Great recap and I agree wholeheartedly on your assessment of everyone. Starting with Nene she really is alot of fun but I feel like she takes everything way too far. Her badgering of Kim her sudeen attack on Kandi. Calm down Nene unlike the other girls I think Kandi will actually beat u down! lol Idk I think she’s trying to play it up her for the cameras but it’s making her look really bad. Onto Lisa I agree something about her is authentic in the way she talks and interacts with the other girls. She’s a very nice person but fake at times say want you want about Sheree but she’s never seems fake. Kim is Kim and that’s all I can say. Now onto Kandi, I love Kandi and I do feel that Kandi is needed on the show we do need a nice, likeable, regular and “REAL” person on the show. Kandi for the win! lol

    • MsSmiff

      Lmao @ sheree never seems fake, are you kidding me? shes as fake as it comes…and i hate her character she disgust me, she looks like a transvesdike had the nerve to say nene looks like a dragqueen beottch please idc how much u get your hair and make up done youre still ugly as all fk…and your poor kids are never even seen unless youre goin out the door sayin wat is that?

  • Keisha

    Yes i agree with that. Ne Ne does take everything a little too far. Lisa, i dont know what too say about her. Omg, Kim she is a mess. Last but not least, i love Kandi. She fits the show perfect to me. She stands up for herself.

  • Elisa Rodriguez

    Yes, I agree Nene was terrible at last night’s episode…Lisa is a bore and a BIG HIPOCRIT!!!!and Sheree is so TACKY with that portrait! You could see the LAUGHTER on all the other ladies about the portrait! What’s that? A fifteen year old party for a Mexican chick??

  • Kara Boranian

    Sheree is so stuck on herself, She has her ex-husbands money, how is that being independent?, CANT STAND HER. Kim is something else. Nene has lost her mind, yelling at Kim all the time is getting old, and then turning around and taking it out on Kandi. Kandi is the only one who is independent.. You go girl

  • Tiana

    I feel sorry for Kim, she is a pentiful whore. When will she become independent and start doing things for herself? By the way, how did she get her home and her lavish lifestyle in the first place? Ne ne is just a loud mouth trouble maker. But I must admit she’s one of the main reasons I watch the show. I loving Kandi!!!

  • Tammy

    I do think that NeNe over reacted…Her statements that the record would only sell with her name attached was a bit far-fetched, but I still have love for her…Sheree’, she seems to have a “it is what it is” persona…that’s just who she is, I still got love for her as well…Kim- I just don’t know what to say, I feel sorry for her daughters thinking this is the way you get by in life–depending on married men!!, I love Lisa!! sometimes there are moods and moments that I can’t quite pin-point though!! Kandi is now my absolute favorite Housewife, very classy!!

  • Tracy

    Nene is so fake! The fakest of them all but she was hilarious last nite! Her asking about Sheree hanging that pic and something else had me dying! And next week’s preview when she calls Kim a low down monkey in wig! OMFG! She is hilarious.

    • P.christ

      Grow-up!!! Everyone has an opinion about the show, but your opinion really shows your IQ.

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