This week's cover: 'The Office' wedding exclusive!

EW-cover-1068_lAfter five seasons of adorably awkward courtship, TV’s cutest couple are finally making it official—and this week’s Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive preview of Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam’s (Jenna Fischer) long-awaited wedding on October 8. The special hour-long episode of NBC’s The Office is a happy occasion, but one that in TV terms is also fraught with risky finality, since marrying off The Office‘s resident Ross and Rachel could damage the couple’s plot-generating will-they-won’t-they energy. “It’s about keeping this relationship as real as we can instead of making it a television romance,” explains Krasinski. “When you have two characters who are so perfect for each other, it’s a little weird for them to not get married.  So you have to put that step in, whether it’s been done on television successfully before or not.” Adds exec producer Greg Daniels: “We didn’t want to do the soap opera-y thing and cheapen it.  Besides, our ratings keep going up, so I don’t think anyone minds them being together.”

The duo’s first smooch in the season 2 finale set the budding lovebirds on a complicated and unconventional course of courtship, featuring love triangles, long-distance agony, and job stress. “I don’t think it’s the typical romance you see on TV,” says Steve Carell, who plays Jim and Pam’s extremely unself-aware boss Michael Scott. “It’s complicated and it comes out of a difficult place. That’s the way relationships are in real life.” Last season brought Jim’s surprise rest-stop proposal and the shocking revelation that Pam was pregnant in May’s finale. “That was thrilling,” Krasinski says. “To have these characters who are squeaky-clean facing this very real thing is exciting.”

Of course, the whole Dunder Mifflin gang tags along to the wedding, and that’s when the fun starts—including a rehearsal-dinner gaffe from Jim that will wreak some pre-ceremony havoc. “When I got married, people told us, You have no idea where it’s going to come from, the thing that will go horribly wrong,” says exec producer Paul Lieberstein (a.k.a. HR sad-sack Toby). “That’s exactly what happens: Jim ruins his own wedding.” Still, Jim and Pam’s big day left Carell all choked up. “I feel very emotional,” he says. “I’ve been with these people longer than anyone I went to high school with.  These are the people who have shared the biggest ups and downs. There’s a lot of nostalgia and sentiment wrapped up in this.”

Meanwhile, Pam is only four months along, which means Fischer is facing a series of progressively larger prosthetic bellies.  “When I sit down, it presses in on my bladder, so I actually feel like I have to pee all the time,” she says.  “And it makes my lower back hurt because I sway form wearing it. All that’s missing from a real pregnancy is my ankles swelling.” Still, once Pam has the baby (the birth will fall conveniently sometime around February sweeps), “I don’t think the show will become The Office Baby,” says Carell. Lieberstein promises that “we’re certainly not going to ignore the kid. But one of the things that’s great about being an office comedy is kids don’t really come to work with you.”

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For more details about Jim and Pam’s wedding, and to read what Carell has to say about how long he’ll stay with the show, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, September 25.

Want to see more dancing, teasing, and generally adorable behavior from Fischer and Krasinski? Head over to our Fall TV hub and get your fill!

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  • jen

    i can’t wait, love love love Jim & Pam together. I just hope once the wedding is over they bring Holly back & then the show will be perfect

    • Sarah D


    • marybel

      i so agree w/u! ilove Jim & Pam. I hope Holly comes back.

    • Nikki

      After watching the clip i thought the same… “I love Jim and Pam!”

    • Ari

      Amen again! Holly is freaking brilliant! We need her back!

  • Sailor


  • Shawn

    ::yawn:: I’ve been so incredibly bored with these two characters over the past year. Now with a kid on the way? Put a fork in me, I’m done.

    • Maggie

      Oh my god! I love them so much! John Krasinski could not be cuter.

    • CH

      Agreed. I LOVED them through most of season 4, but the show’s refusal to show them dealing with any real conflict really irks me. The show used to be so committed to realism, but these two NEVER fight. I’m not saying it has to be soap opera, but even the happiest of couples bicker over who is taking out the trash from time to time. I wish they’d give them some more depth. I had hoped that his buying a house without talking about it first would give them a bit of tension and depth, but instead it was all sunshine and daisies as usual.

      • JP4EVER

        Not true. Not that they have full-blown arguments, but they have had issues on the show, like when Pam’s dad goes to Jim for advice..or when Jim wouldn’t agree with Pam on the chair/copier debate. I’ll take their kind of TV love over say, Ray and Debra, who seemed like they never even liked each other.

      • Shawn

        CH – That’s one of my biggest complaints, as well. In every episode last season, ‘JAMs’ plot line followed the exact same progression: Something seemingly bad happens/is going to happen, you think things are about to go South, for no apparent reason, in the zero hour, everything is forgiven/a joke/cute. You might as well have been watching ‘Yes, Dear’ or ‘According to Jim’ or any cliche-ridden sitcom about a couple. Ever issue they had was resolved within a single episode. And now with a baby on the way it’s all giggles and smiles…get real.

      • Jess

        Well, not everyone fights all the time. Some people actually get along really well in relationships. I think it’s nice to see that represented by Pam and Jim.

      • Pembie

        Well, they’re in an Office. I’m sure they have arguments at home that the cameras don’t see. I know plenty of people who’ve worked together and kept themselves professional at work and their fights at home.
        It’s perfectly realistic to me.

      • tuna tuna tuna

        my parents never had a fight. literally. of course they disagreed about things or would annoy each other, like we see with the jim and pam dynamic, but they never once raised their voice with each other or got in a major arguement. pam and jim are one of those couples and it is totally realistic to my experience.

      • Jenn

        The thing is the format of the show doesn’t really lend itself to seeing everything. it’s suppose to be a ‘documentary’. I’m sure Jim and Pam have those ‘taking out the trash’ type arguments… but AT HOME. And when there’s cameras around you, realistically wouldn’t want your personal problems broadcast.
        So, I think it’s actually realistic the way we see Jim/Pam’s relationship on this show!

    • Ceballos

      Well it’s kind of a darned if you do, darned if you don’t.

      If the show had stretched out their “will they/won’t they thing” for more than five seasons, people would probably complained that it was unrealistic and tiresome and that the writers were just throwing up unrealistic roadblocks to keep them apart.

      Personally, I prefer the approach the writers have taken. They’ve actually dared to write a couple on TV who are not perfect and actually into each other. While this is not unprecedented on TV(see “Medium” and “Friday Night Lights” both dramas) it’s kind of a bold move for a sitcom to make and people have complained that Jim and Pam aren’t as funny anymore.

      Fortunately, this isn’t “The Jim and Pam Show” and there are plenty of other interesting characters in that office to bring the funny. That being said, I thought Jenna Fischer was brilliant last year during the Michael Scott Paper Co. storyline, and I think Jim is still effective when he tries to rein in Michael, Andy or even Dwight. (And I cringed in a wonderfully brutal way when Charles was riding his butt toward the end of last season.)

      Long story short (too late!) I don’t think these two characters are “done” at all.

      • Luddite

        Totally agree. I don’t have any problem with them being together and, for the most part, pretty happy. BTW, it worked in “Away We Go” too – Burt and Verona were together and mostly happy the whole movie (and were having a baby) and it was not annoying or boring.
        Oh, I also have to second the kudos for Jenna Fischer and Jon Krazinski last season – I thought it was a crime that neither of them were nominated for Emmys.

  • Anne

    I’ll be picking up this issue for sure.

  • Colin

    why can’t they be together in real life?

    • RK

      Why would you care?

    • Callia

      I imagine the fact that he’s marrying Emily Blunt has something to do with it.

      • JC

        Jenna’s engaged herself!

    • Jane

      rofl… just enjoy the romance ONSCREEN. And leave their personal lives to themselves.

    • MeLinda

      Jenna Fisher is married already and John Krasinski is engaged. One of the things I like about this show is how low-key the actors are. I do NOT want “John & Jenna secret lovefest” plastered all over the tabloids. I think the show would suffer if that happened.

  • Phnam Ngyuen

    I thing that this so full of romance and will going to be a very good show to watch when they do this. But the cover is like maybe he choking her with smile or whatever, I thing that may be they has different picture to chose from then this one.

  • Murderpuss

    What’s with the excessive use of boldface type on lately? It was incredibly annoying when you attempted it in print. There’s such a thing as too much emphasis.

    • crispy

      Wow, I actually thought this was a pretty good cover (especially given some of the recent stinkers) until you pointed that out. That big block of text is awful… it’s like EVERYTHING IS SO IMPORTANT!

    • jb

      It appears as though all of the direct quotes are bolded. Not that it makes it better, but just sayin’.

  • KJ

    LOVE IT!!!!! Amazing cover-cannot wait until my issue arrives this week! I am so glad that the writers did not feel the need to go all overly dramatic with Jim & Pam…they had to go through enough for the first 3 seasons! They are perfect for each other & I am so excited to see their wedding!!!!!

  • Alex

    um, it’s disgusting how cute that was, aah, they’re so amazing together both jim/pam and john/jenna. “Watch out Sesame Street!”

  • Sommer

    Love them!! So happy to see them on the cover :D

  • Phyllis

    First of all ppl, noone fights in the beginning. It’s always perfect in the beginning, you’re in love the perso is so great blah blah blah. Give em a few more months. Plus does anyone not rememeber the whole art school fiasco, that guy she was spending a lot of time with ?

  • Liddy

    I love these two so much, it’s so nice and refreshing to see a real relationship portrayed on TV. I’ve had enough of the Ross/Rachel BS, I hope more TV writers take their cues about functional relationships from The Office. Not everybody likes drama and back and forth obviously contrived circumstances.

    • Laura M.

      Amen, Libby, Amen.

    • Callia

      Agreed. CHUCK writers, are you listening?

  • bunker

    They really are the cutest TV couple ever. Hands down.

  • Josh

    Jim and Pam have had their problems in the past even if they do blow over pretty quickly. Pam at art school is probably the most significant one they’ve had. I’m worried that Pam is going to have a miscarriage/stillborn and that we are going to see a lot of drama and angst come from that. It’s a little morbid for sure but it can happen, and it could bring a lot of problems to their relationship. Plus then you wouldn’t have to put Pam on extended maternity leave and figure out how to bring the baby on the show.

    • Nah..

      She’ll have the baby and it will be MIA like Ross and Rachel’s was on Friends!

    • Whitney

      Oh my gosh! I hope they don’t have a miscarriage. Where is the humor in that? It is a comedy– they don’t need drama and angst. There are plenty of funny scenarios that can arise from dealing with being newlyweds / 1st time parents.
      This is what I hope happens: Dunder-Mifflin adopts a new “work/life balance” initiative and allows Pam to work from home so we get to see her and the baby. This, of course, will cause Angela to get crazy-pissed because she is not allowed to stay home full-time with her stupid cats. She will lobby Corporate to convince them that she too is a mother and needs to be home with her babies. Funny-ness ensues…

      • MeLinda

        Oh my word! Whitney, that was so funny Diet Coke just shot out my nose! Too cute and so true! Angela is a kitten-momma. LOL

  • ACP

    Yay! I’m so excited.

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