'The Jay Leno Show,' night 2: You in?

leno_premiere_ewmagTyra Banks would like to weigh in on The Jay Leno Show‘s series debut! In her immortal words… “Jay Leno: Here is your best. Shot.”

It’s tough to predict how much of Leno’s massive, 18 million-viewer audience will return tonight — and for the rest of the week. We’ll never know how many of those people wanted to see Kanye West’s interview. Or how many were just curious about the program some (but not Leno himself) were calling “The Future of Television”…or, for that matter, how many had dozed off on the floor after a few too many burgers ‘n’ beers during America’s Got Talent. Tonight’s episode could be the real test.

Are you in for round 2 of Leno? And which moment stood out for you during the premiere? I’m personally hoping Jay will make the awkward-presidential-handshake routine a nightly thing. There was some major Idol-esque Swaybot action going on for a few seconds there, and the subsequent shot of the masses turning away from him to shuffle back to their seats was sort of hilarious and bizarre. Jay holding up the Seinfeld reunion issue of Entertainment Weekly (pictured) was a close second, though.

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  • Lenosucks

    Leno is everything that is wrong with corporate television. Not to mention, he is NOT FUNNY. He steals his bits, his jokes are old, he is a HACK. The Jay Leno show is destined to fail, I can’t wait to see the ratings when he goes up against CSI and American Idol! Burn in hell Jay Leno.

    • warped

      Wow such vitriol!! What did the guy ever do to you?

      • Pete

        I think it’s really obvious the guy failed to make him laugh. If Leno’s show is the future of television then we are seriously screwed!

    • Stryker

      deep breaths, my friend, deep breaths.

    • Rip City

      Yeah, Leno isn’t funny and his new show is all kinds of terrible, but jeez. Take it easy, man.

    • Katie

      Wow, I didn’t know David Letterman read EW!

      • M


    • sdm

      LOL, you are too funny. Maybe you should be one of his corospondents (sp?). Fortunately, Jay seems to be a person who can also laugh at himself he might welcome your insights on hate towards him.

    • Gerald Foster

      Jay was a Carson fill in and later hosted The Tonight Show. Johnny trusted his audience to him.People like Letterman has made late night vulger and demeaning to everyone.Having him back is a relief!

      • Thomas H.

        Let me guess — your favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla. Letterman isn’t vulgar; he’s topical and edgy. Even Leno himself is predicting the dismal defeat of his new show, but since he’s getting paid, he doesn’t really care.

    • ffc

      You are an assh*le…

    • Jeff

      Except Fox primetime ends AT 10, meaning he’ll never have to go up against American Idol.

      Way to be an idiot.

    • Mary Lou Spake

      All those so-called Leno haters must still be watching. At least Jay isn’t crude like the David.

  • desert

    The show..clearly…SUCKED. I’m sure everybody watched the first night out of morbid curiosity. Jay is NOT funny, Never was. By the end of the week his ratings will be in the crapper….just like Conan’s huge slide after his first few days taking over for Leno. Neither is fun. They are just annoying.

    • Jeff

      Aw, that’s cute. A Letterman fanboy.

  • Coyote

    @Lenosucks: I agree with you 100%.

  • Sara

    I never liked Jay Leno before, and I’m really annoyed that he can get away with making a crummy primetime show because, as long as he gets about as many viewers as he did late night, his show will be profitable and there won’t be an incentive for networks to actually develop new programming if they can get away with talk-shows.

  • Sy Dresner

    It’s not just that Leno isn’t funny. He’s not real. He plays it too safe. Never dares to ask a controversial question. “What the heck were you thinking?” is about as deep as it gets with Jay.

    • Katie

      But that’s the whole point!
      People don’t tune into Jay for controversy, or to see “sparks fly”…that’s never, EVER been his style. Why would people want him to change now?

      • Lenosucks

        That’s the problem. People watch his cookie cutter BS talk show, like sheep. It’s like they watch his old jokes and safe humor as way to pass the time between McDonalds commercials. Wake up you robots!!! Jay would showcase a moment of real humanity if his life depended on it.

      • Jon

        yeah katie i agree with you, thats why i watch him its funny an its good

      • Lenofan

        Right! He’s a comedian not Larry King. And a good one. 18 million viewers think so. And NBC really screwed this up. Whoever made the decision to replace him with Conan is a moron because the truth be told, it’s not as good as his older spot.

  • Chris

    Two words: House of Poon.

    • Obvious

      that’s three words

      • Thomas H.

        But it is indicative of the intelligence level of Leno’s fans.

  • john

    there is a lot of ketchup on that burger

  • Art

    You’re just jealous because Jay IS funny and he’s on five nights a week. Not only do I plan to watch tonight, I will watch for the forseeable future.

    • Jack Brunner

      what exactly did you find funny? I found the show to be very bad. I was hoping for something like the old Ed Sullivan show.

  • Mad Dog

    He’s a lot better than the guy who replaced him on the Tonight Show. Jay’s just not as coarse or vulgar, and his humor isn’t restricted to a narrow youth age group. I just don’t get the new guy’s humor – it supposes experiences that are narrow as opposed to universal.

  • Dee

    The funniest thing was the car wash musical. I hope they do something like that on most shows.

  • lisa

    What a terrible waste of TV time. He is not funny!!!!

  • Mike

    It never ceases to amaze me, how much outright hatred is out there, even on such a neutral topic as “the Jay Leno Show”. here’s a thought: if you don’t like him, don’t watch him. There’s no reason to stoop to spewing hate. This country has become far too fast to go straight to “this guy’s a (blank blank blank)”, instead of “you know, I just don’t think he’s funny.” Said the same thing, but the second one actually makes you look polite and thoughtful, the first like a raging idiot with a very small vocabulary.

  • momo

    I have never watched Jay Leno on any of his television spots. I probably will not watch this new show either. That being said, he surely has a lot of fans to have gotten where he is today. I hope he does well.

  • Jonathan

    I won’t be watching his show unless there really isn’t anything on. I never found Leno very funny when he was on at 11:30, and whenever I did watch him it was only because Letterman is even less funny.

  • momo

    EW, what is wrong with your sites? Every time I click a link a black pop-up appears and many of the pages won’t load. Argh

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