'The Real Housewives of Atlanta': Wigs, Wine, and Witches

Real-Atlanta-Nene_lIt’s been a hard season for NeNe fans. The woman, perhaps feeling the pressure of Bravo producers and her own sudden popularity, has seemed backed into a caricature of herself. At home though, around the calming influence of Gregg, NeNe behaves like the softer, sweeter, sillier version of her former self. The couple was worried about Bricen, her low-key and likable meatball of a boy who has dropped out of college, taken to laying around on the sofa and hosting club parties with 1000 of his closest friends, and, most painful for his mother, let his hair go. “He came back from school like a werewolf,” she said. “Bricen has his ethnic side. I can appreciate that. You just have to look neat with the whole ethnic thing.” (NeNe continues to have a problem with ethnic things, and even she doesn’t know what she means by that.)

What was so refreshing though was to see NeNe’s sincere side. I think the reason everyone fell in love with her last season was less because of any catchphrase or finger-waving than it was about her tender and vulnerable response to news that the flawed man who raised her was not truly her father. So it was with some relief that we got to see NeNe genuinely worry for her son’s future, and accept Gregg’s suggestion that they have not laid a proper foundation for the boy to want to work hard in this life. Perhaps the answer to Bricen’s floundering is not in fact a manicure from Dwight’s people. But it was nice to finally see a Real Housewife parent their child for a change.

Unlike Kim, who is raising Kim Teletubbies. If the recession has taught us anything, it is the dire need for Americans to live within our means and practice respons…”I shop and act like the bill is never going to come,” bragged Kim, after dropping $3000-plus at a children’s store. “I’m going to die in Dior,” said Mama, in a bedazzled jean jacket and white puff skirt. “I’m going to die in Juicy Couture,” said daughter, in a bedazzled jean jacket and white puff skirt. Countless humans are going to die so that their hair can be scalped from their heads, whipped into some porn muppet concoction by transfantastic Derek J., and sold as Kim’s wigs. She is willing to work hard to make her dream come true. (No she’s not.) She has a vision. (Not true.) She will make her own money. (By staging catfights on the street while the cameras are rolling.) She will never be a nurse again. (And by nurse she means that Big Poppa liked her to dress up in a little candy striper outfit and change his bedpan.)

Lisa acquitted herself well in the run-up to her fashion line debut. I appreciate that the woman makes no claims of artistry or vision when it comes to Closet Freak. She can’t sew, she can’t sketch, and according to the other Housewives, she can’t even dress. But she treated her designer with respect, as well as the event planners who staged her first show. The outfits were 8th place Project Runway designs. Dwight needed to shut his mouth about unfinished hems and lacking details. Lisa’s stylist friend Tracy needs a round of applause for his graceful yet persistent ribbing of Sheree when the bitch showed up two hours late. She claimed her boy had a recital that she couldn’t miss but it was shamefully obvious she didn’t want to witness anyone else’s minor moment of triumph. Tracy, by being so calm and cool, arching his eyebrow and refusing to let Sheree off the hook, fully exposed Sheree for the small and spiteful woman she is. Soulless by Sheree.

Next week: Kim faints.

What did you all think? Wasn’t it nice to be reminded of NeNe’s good side? Didn’t Kim look better in that short wig? What are you going to die in?

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  • Patrick

    Great recap as usual, Karen. It was refreshing to see NeNe accept some limited responsibility for her son’s floundering, even though she persists in believing all problems can be solved by getting hair & nails did.

    The show is finally finding a rhythm this season. This episode, at least, seemed less forced. Instead of forcibly injecting Kandi on the scene, she was a graceful side storyline.

    P.S. Best show-related text I received all night: “I hope no one is tardy to the wig party.”

  • cancan

    I didn’t watch it last night (taped) but I used to like Nene. She was cute and funny but not anymore. She is a friend flip flopper. Whoever is speaking at the time…she’s their friend but watch out when your back is turned. I like Nene’s husband but I don’t like her anymore.

    I’m going to die in my jeans and t-shirt.

  • joeinmemphis

    A much better review than last week but I still don’t think you are a fan of this housewives. Pass the assignment along to someone who is. Can’t Andy Cohen or Anderson Coope write the recaps?

    • Diggity

      I love Anderson Cooper’s assessments of Pop Culture. He’s hysterical.

  • Cass

    Derek J? what was that about?

    • Shellib

      Derck J is so funny lookin with his thick thighs short self with handbags that are way too big for him and by the way what’s up with the heels??

  • Ruster1

    Yes Sheree does seem a little bitter. All the negative comments, about Lisa and the fashion show, seem very petty.

  • bmc9999

    Sheree is an awful woman who constantly talks about how successful she is but hasn’t done one thing. Does she know how silly and small she appears?

    • West Coast Laura

      Thank you! Sheree’s tag line of “people are intimidated by my success” appears to be in her mind only. For success to be evident, there must be a product of some type. She has shown not much else besides a bitter and jealous attitude.

    • jc2

      I can see shy Sheree is divorced, OMG she is such a beeoch. I could not stand to be in the same room with here. Does she consider success marrying a football player?

      • Crystal Thomas

        her success was determined by the dollar amount she recievd in the divorce settlement. DUH!!!! That is all she has done, gotten a divorce, and made real real good money doing it.

  • Celeste

    This really is the Nene show with a little bit of Kim’s stupidity thrown in for entertainment sake. The other ladies while I am sure are nice enough people make no impact on the show whatsoever.

  • tj

    Nothing about Kandi and her contribution to “Tardy for the Party”? Come on Karen

  • Queen 822

    I think Sheree was jeleous because Lisa’s fashion show actually had clothes. Lisa was able to put on a show and it pulled through. It may not have been the best, but she did it. Sheree tried for a second time and still no luck. And since when do you here sheree talk about her kids? Yet alone attend a recitle?

    Kim should darken her hair and cut it. That look fits her. The wig party went to far with Nene making fun of Kim. It wasn’t even funny to me.

    kim is a terible mother. Her kids eat fast food seven days a week, they’re spoiled brats who don’t know the value of a dollar. Kim needs to get a job. She has no money, she is just putting up a front for the show. She probably has bills coming out of her a**. This is not the way to raise children.

    • Shellib

      Yes, Sheree is only concern with trying to launch “She” by Sheree, I never see her spend any quality time with her children, and like the Queen commented a recital “Please”.
      NeNe yes has definitely gone to far she is really getting on my nerves this season, I feel the show this season is rehearsed, I’m so sick of who said, you said@! Ladies please grow up and for once does anyone on the show actually own their homes (with the exception of Kandi)?

  • Shawna

    Love Dwight. He was just being honest. And you have to appreciate the fact that whatever he says behind your back, he will tell you to your face. Those “fashions” were treafull.

  • BJH

    OMG…This show should be called :The NeNe and Dwight show because the other ladies have nothing to add week after week. The entire show should be re-vamped and come up with true character. bjh

    • Shellib

      Please Keep in mind Dwight is the 6th housewife that’s why he is getting so much air time!

  • Louise

    Lisa’s fashion was a mess. Those clothes were cheap, poorly crafted and as Dwight said the staging was terrible. If you are trying to have a fashion show then do some research. Sheree was jealous and even though the fashion was not that great, she should have been there to support Lisa. Lisa is looking for something to do, I just don’t think fashion is it.

  • Lillian

    Sheree is like cancer. She inserts herself in people’s lives and poisons relationships. Her actions would be more tolerable if she had the balls to admit the things that she has done and said.

  • Millie

    It was hysterical when Sheree was called out by Tracy. And really, she went to her son’s concert in jeans? And, she shows up to the fashion show in jeans, and then comments on what others are wearing? Talk about delusional.

    • Jack

      I totally noticed that — she was ripping on the kind of “people” who came out to the fashion show dressed down, and she was wearing a HOODIE! Are you kidding me??

    • Marie

      I also think Sheree was jealous of Lisa pulling off her fashion show. It shows she is either a bad parent or a liar. You know weeks in advance when your child is having a performance so Lisa mentioned the fashion show she could have said something then. If she did forget about the recital until the last minute and showed up in jeans then what type of mother is she?

  • Kaitlyn

    Bravo is selling “Who gonna check me boo” tees… LOL!

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