'Glee' recap: Did the club 'Push It' too far?

glee_lIt’s finally here! After months and months of waiting since the pilot preview in May, Glee has finally hit the airwaves officially! It’s like the sun is shining once again.  Although I have to admit that “Don’t Stop Believin’” has been in heavy rotation on my iPod all throughout this summer.

So, the premiere continued the burgeoning attraction between Rachel and Finn, despite the fact that the latter has a girlfriend (and president of the celibacy club), Quinn. First of all, couples whose names rhyme kind of make me wanna barf. Secondly, even though Quinn is supposed to be the villain, I kinda love her. “Now remember: if the balloon pops, the noise makes the angels cry.”

Totally agree with the kids on the fact that disco is not the way to go if you wanna build buzz. But when Will first brought up the idea of doing Kanye West’s “Gold Digger,” I got a little nervous. Yet the whole performance was fantastic (and thank you, producers, for making Matthew Morrison take off his jacket, revealing a tight T-shirt). I especially loved Artie wailing on the chorus. Very amusing.

Speaking of Will, I need him to dump Terri. She’s a beast. I do, though, understand the lady’s fondness for a kitchen sun nook; they are lovely. Also, her involvement does allow for scenes of Will in the bathtub, and I can’t complain about that!

But how far is Will gonna have to drop in order to keep the Glee club and Terri running? I mean, now he’s a janitor. Sadness. He and Emma bonding over janitorial duties is sort of genius given her OCD tendencies. I think their moment with the chalk dust was one of the hotter moments we’ve seen on Glee. Is it just me, or does Jayma Mays talk like she’s a wood nymph or something? What is that accent? Oddly, Jessalyn Gilsig has a similar tone in her voice.

Hands down, the funniest moment was the glee club’s performance of “Push It.” That was the most entertaining moment since the pilot’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” number. Also, I was kinda shocked by how raunchy it was for network television. There were definitely some heads bobbin’ up and down and butt slappin’. It was all in the name of comedy, though, so maybe the FCC doesn’t care so much.

While “Push It” made me giggle, Lea Michele’s version of “Take a Bow” made me hit the rewind button quite a few times (I’m watching it again as I write this — shame spiral fast approaching). I absolutely LOOOOVED this version. It was so sweet and sad. She completely conveyed the pain of a high school crush.

The entire episode was a lot broader in terms of comedy, which I enjoyed. But I bet that surprised a lot of viewers. Did it surprise you, PopWatchers?

If we’re talking comedy then we have to discuss how genius Jane Lynch is as Sue Sylvester? If this woman is not nominated for an Emmy next year, there is no justice. She also delivered my favorite line of the night after the “Push It” performance: “That was the most offensive thing I’ve seen in 20 years of teaching — and that includes an elementary school production of Hair.”

I’ve already watched “Take a Bow” about five times. What about you, PopWatchers? What did you think of last night’s Glee? Did it live up to the hype?

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  • RayT

    I haven’t enjoyed an hour of television in a long time as much as I enjoyed episode 2 of Glee. OK, maybe not since episode 1 of Glee! This show is alternatingly hysterical, poignant, optimistic, cynical… all the things you’d expect from Ryan Murphy. Jane Lynch is the real star, though. My favorite line: “These kids should be hobbled.”

    • mscisluv

      I like the suggestion of putting the kids in foster care!

      • Liz

        That was also one of my favorite lines of the night.

      • angella

        Being a parent of a foster child, I thought that line made my foster child feel that she had done something wrong to put her in foster care, when really it was her dad’s poor choices. As long as shows say things like that, there will be people that are under that impression.

      • Natalie

        That doesn’t really make any sense, Angella. The comment obviously meant that the children’s parents were unfit, not that the kids were, hence the joke. And honestly, it’s possible that your child is too young to watch the show if offense was taken.

      • kahuna

        LOL! That was my favorite line too. The hobbled line made me cringe a little, like, yikes!!!

    • Luddite

      “These kids should be hobbled” almost made me fall out of my chair, I was laughing so hard!

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        I second that! The whole episode was great, and I’m with Tim. If Jane Lynch doesn’t not only get nominated, but WIN the Emmy, we should lynch the voters. Oh, and I loved that Rachel and Finn kissed. It’s nice to see they’re not going to go the old familiar route and make him completely oblivious to his attraction. Also, Tim, maybe it’s the Heroes school of hard knocks that gave those women their great accents.

      • sutherngurl

        all I could say was “what the hell?” when she said that, I anticipate many more moments like that

      • CLM

        As the father of a hobbled child, he really felt offended when the teacher made that comment. Like being hobbled was something that was his fault.

      • HRH

        CLM, that may be the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. I had trouble stopping my hysterical laughter…

    • KnowItAll

      The permiere repeated too many elements from the pilot. Ususally viewers don’t get to see the pilot, but in this case we had — so we all knew Will’s wife was not really pregnant, and that the guidance counsellor cries in her car, etc.

      Wished it was a brand new episode continuing from where the pilot left off.

      Like the idea of doubling the number of kids in Glee Club from 6 to 12!!

      • Horace

        Not sure what you’re talking about … I didn’t know the wife wasn’t pregnant, or that Emma cries in her car. The things we did know is that the one guy gets tossed into the trash can and Rachel gets slushies in the face.

      • Shasta

        Yeah, I don’t remember that stuff being in the pilot, BUT I’m pretty sure they showed it in the clips for the upcoming season that they showed immediately after the pilot when it first ran. So, I knew the wife wasn’t really pregnant, too. She’s just awful!!

      • KnowItAll

        Hey Shasta
        Maybe you’re right that it was clips at the end of the pilot when it ran in May. The first episode was weird b/c I knew I had seen some of it before, including the wife’s fake pregnancy and the counsellor crying in the car

      • Cyd

        Actually, the counselor crying in the car was not in the pilot — it was in the previews for this episode that we saw all summer.

      • FrankSF

        Both Terri’s fake pregnancy and Emma’s crying in the car were in the pilot I saw in California.

    • Brennilyn

      The part that caught me off guard and made laugh out loud was when Finn “arrived” while kissing Rachel – and the very next shot was the ultra sound jelly squirting on Terri’s stomach.

      • Glass House

        Except if she had an early pregnancy the jelly would be down a lot lower.

      • gins

        that part was ewwww gross!

      • Cyd

        Yeah – the anti-arrival “vision” with Finn hitting the mailman was hilarious!

      • sutherngurl

        I thought that the funniest part was Finn explaining how he holds in his “arrival” by using the memory of hitting the postman…mayhaps i have a perverse sense of humor

    • DandO

      I am very surprised to see that people actually liked the show from last night. Although the show has some classic comic moments, the lip syncing and cheesy factor ruined it. We had to stop watching half way through as it was just too much cheese!!! I can see a mid-teen liking the show, but as an adult, its way too cheesy to stomach!

      • kevin

        I couldn’t agree more. I can’t imagine how anyone over the age of 15 could’ve liked this show. The lip-synching was terrible, the acting was cheesy and the plot lines ridiculous. I had heard good things about this show, but it was very difficult making it through the hour.

      • Gael

        you mean as YOU its hard to stomach, because plenty of other adults (ahem) are in love with it, thank you very much.

      • Jeff

        I love the cheesy factor but hated the lip-synching. I remember loving the pilot for the acapella singing, which actually seemed real. With the exception of “Take a Bow,” the songs in last night’s episode just seemed goofy and off-track. If I keep watching the show it will be for the non-musical parts (namely every line uttered by Jane Lynch). That is, unless they put forth an effort to make the singing look real.

      • Jason

        “That will come in handy when you’re older” made me have to pause it, then I had to pause again when the pamphlets (“so, you like to vomit?”) were the very next scene. Yeah, there’s some cheesy moments, but it’s along the lines of Pushing Daisies in it’s underlying subversiveness.

      • Sara

        Totally agree! My husband & I thought we found comedy gold & a new favorite show when we watched the (repeat) premier last week (we missed the original). Then this week the episode was filled with terrible lip syncing and obnoxious cheese – we thought we were watching a bad music video. It was jarring how different this episode was to the premier in terms of quality. We’ll give it another episode or two but if this piss-poor quality & ridiculous music video-feel continues…we’ll pass on the show. It’ll be too bad cause the potential was there. :-(

      • Timscookie

        First off, the cheesiness of the show is the show’s schitck or charm. Secondly, this show and most of the actors are fairly new to TV let alone lip synching. You need to give it a couple of months and they will be ultra pros at lip synching. Maybe they should bring Britney Spears in as a special lip synching advisor and school them on “how it’s done!”

      • Auntie

        Uh, it’s a show about a high school glee club. There’s gotta be cheese. Actually, it’s the cheese that grounds it in reality.
        So, truly, this is not the show for you. The rest of us will enjoy it.

      • Dancefan

        You aren’t getting it, the cheese is part of the attraction. Everything is way over the top, the bad are totally bad, the cheerleaders wear their uniforms every single day, etc.

      • kahuna

        This show is camp, which by definition makes its humor on the vulgar side. Now you know. You can choose not to watch if it makes you uncomfortable. It will not be for everyone.

      • Lisa H

        They may be lip synching so that te quality of the singing is good but that is completely them singing which is not something yo get in other places–its a filmed tv show so its not like theyre singing live anyway–they just needed to mix it with the music and wtvr. But it is 100 percent their real voices and they are amazing. if you think the cheesiness is off putting or whatever u dont get the show and i feel sorry for you!

      • DawnB

        Sorry, but I’m 42 and I love this show – no apologies!!!

    • Toni

      Jane Lynch is hysterical!!
      “Want an iron tablet. Helps during menstruation.”
      “I don’t menstruate.”
      “Either do I”
      “The same thing I did to my old, wealthy mother…you euthanize it!”
      I spit out my beer on that one..genius!

      • PMD

        The euthanize line was on my top five things said last nite! Also the brochures in the guidance counsellor’s office – I fell out of my chair laughing. And I am not one that usually laughs out loud – I usually just enjoy things silently. The last time I laughed out loud was during Arrested Development!!!

      • PMD

        And after Party Down, this show has cemented my girl crush on Jamie Lynch. I heart her!!!

      • LynchLover

        “Don’t BS me.”

      • Javabooknut

        Her character is hysterical but 1. she most likely doesn’t writer her own lines and 2. I feel like I’ve seen variations of this over the top character. 40 yr old vrgin anyone? I’m not saying I don’t love her character but it’s not the be all end all.

    • Evan

      I agree! It was one of the best hours of television ever, which is surprising because it’s not like it was an event episode like the pilot. If every week is this good, no other show will compare to this show.

  • bruno

    i really REALLY want to like this show, but sadly, i can’t watch it without crackers. a LOT of crackers. still can’t say i’m fully convinced…

    • KWise

      I WORSHIPPED the show’s season premier. But if you mean what I think you mean – that this show was cheesy – I kind of have to agree. I had insisted my husband watch w/ me last night, but I found myself feeling embarrassed, like it was cheesy at times. Esp during the Gold Digger song – Will was hot, but kind of cheesy. Too old to be rapping that song, and too white.

      • cranky

        I agree. Loved the pilot last spring but last night was a little squee-cheesy for me.

      • Very dissappointed

        I totally Agree, not to mention that the lip syncing was worse than a brittney spears concert when she first started out. Common, that solo song near the end when the main girl looked like she was trying to pass a movement the whole time she was “singing”

      • Horace

        It’s Glee Club … it’s SUPPOSED to be cheesy! The hypercolors, the bursting into song … not for the lactose intolerant!

      • KWise

        I hear what you’re saying, Horace, and I definitely can accept the over-the-top nature of both the show and Glee club in general – but to a point. The Gold Digger part was where they were supposed to be trying to be more like “cool kids,” but something about Will’s rapping and dancing (although good! and hot!) seemed cheesy and quite un-cool to me. That said, love this show!

      • Rachel

        About the Gold Digger song, don’t you think it was kind of relating to Will’s wife? It’s a musical show, and the music is supposed to be be related to what the characters are feeling

      • Glass House

        Totally agree. I suffered more than my husband for recommending it.

      • Megan

        I agree- I loved the pilot, but last night was definitely bordering on cheesy! It needs to get the humor back up to the pilot, and be less high school cheesy for me to stick with it all season. Hopefully that happens!

      • Sue

        The Gold Digger song was totally supposed to go with the wife wanting the big house with sun room while she works three days a week for four hours and Will has to get a part time job as a janitor. Totally relevant.

      • Christopher

        I got that the song was about his wife. That’s no mystery. But that doesn’t excuse it from being a totally out-of-touch moment for Will. A 30-something white guy rap? It came off as a desperate attempt to be cool, and “with it”. That performance was when I tuned out. Also Mercedes Jones’ throw-away line “pretty fly for a white guy”? Yikes, Offspring lyrics from ten years ago.

      • Yesenia

        but again- that’s kinda the point. First it was disco and then he was trying to relate to the kids so he gets a somewhat out of date rap song- not that Push It was much better but atleast that really got the message across.

      • kevin

        is it just me, or was the voice doing the rapping totally not his own?

      • craig

        Actually I loved this show except for one thing, It was so painfully obvious that Will was not really singing during “Goldigger” the lip sycning was terrible during this performance, not so much on the other numbers, but horrible during “Goldigger”, other then that I would give it a B+…P.S. I loved the gay kid referring to Disco as “Totally Gay”!

      • Belinda

        He’s too old? What, Will has to roll over and die because he’s over 30? I guess that means Kanye can’t sing his song anymore, too. Too white? What kind of racist crack is that? No wonder you didn’t like the second show. Maybe you’d prefer the Jonas Brothers’ show, where everyone is young and sings songs ‘appropriate’ to their race.

      • kahuna

        Will is 31. He’s one year YOUNGER than Kanye West.

    • Nee Nee

      It’s a MUSICAL. Have you ever seen a non-cheesy musical? You should pretty much know what you’re getting yourself into just by virtue of the genre itself.

      • Renee

        Yes Nee Nee, there are non-cheesy musicals (the best musicals are the ones that are not cheesy), and this show doesn’t have to be cheesy either. I agree that the show is over the top, and frankly I wish it weren’t so much. It doesn’t need it. Plus, I also don’t agree that it’s a musical. It’s a show with musical numbers, and the numbers mostly take place in real life (the singers are rehearsing, performing, practicing, etc), so it doesn’t really need to be cheesy.

      • Javabooknut

        Actually the show is the opposite of cheese. The cheese is not cheese because it’s there on purpose. It’s part of the humor. It’s making fun of itself while seemingly taking it’s self seriously. And noone ever sings directly on camera. It’s always recorded before hand for all filmed shows and movies. I think it’s supposed to look that way.

  • Zoe

    My only problem with this show is the extremely obvious lip syncing. The first time a saw one of the performances that was leaked over the summer I thought part of the joke was that they were lip syncing so badly. I don’t see what the point of hiring actors who can actually sing is if they’re just going to lip sync this badly. You may have loved Artie wailing on the chorus to gold digger but I was laughing my a$$ off, and for all the wrong reasons.

    • Sandra

      They are lipsincing to themselves. It’s extremely difficult to sing live in a motion picture situation….unless you’re Rex Harrison, you get to lipsinc to yourself on set.

      • Shasta

        I actually couldn’t tell that they were using their real voices. I thought they had singing stunt doubles! It doesn’t even sound like the actors. Maybe if they laid off the production a little, it would at least sound more real and natural. (Although I love the show anyway!)

    • Babs

      Yeah, I agree. Yes, they’re lip-syncing to themselves. But I’d prefer “live” performances – it won’t be as polished or perfect as a pre-recorded track, but it would be a lot more enjoyable. I mean, show choir is about live performance, neh?

      • JayNYC

        I don’t think this is possible. You wouldn’t be able to cut to different cameras seamlessly if you’re using the live audio track. So the songs are recorded in the studio and added later. I agree they could do a better job. IMHO they sound *too* much like they were recorded in a studio, which is why it looks like bad lipsynching.

      • Dan

        On the wonders of Auto-Tune.

      • jason

        isn’t it obvious. the tracks are pre-recorded so they can be sold on i-tunes. think about the cash these songs are gonna make and probably go top ten on the billboard hot 100 like “don’t stop believin'” did. personally i like the show, and enjoy the over-the-top cheesiness and performances. the 30-year old white guy rapping was SUPPOSED to come off the way it did.

      • Songwevr

        The first soundtracks is scheduled to come out in November. If it does well, another one will come out in December. Oh, yeah, there planning on making some dough off the music! Can you blame them?

    • crispy

      I have to agree with you about the performances. I know they are themselves singing… but the lip syncing is not done well and pulls me out of the moment.

    • Katie

      Surely they could do a better job with the whole lipsynching thing. They are over producing the songs and it makes it so obvious. Other than this issue the show is amazing!

      • Teresa

        I agree. They are definitely over produced. During the audition they sounded like they had a full musical accompaniment and no one was playing it was slightly distracting. Still like the show though.

      • Allan

        Thanks – of all the posters, you’re the only one who spells “lipsynching” right (although I think I’d make it hyphenated.

      • Tookie

        Quinn’s audition was totally ridiculous!

      • Jason

        Next you’ll say something crazy like Julie Andrews was lip-synching in Sound of Music.

    • PJ

      You do know that artists lip-sync on music videos right? Do you really want to take a chance at what might come out while they’re acting?

    • Michael

      What on earth are you people talking about? Do you think that Sarah Michelle Gellar sang live when they recorded the musical eppy? Do you think that Richard Gere sang live in the movie Chicago? They all prerecorded the songs and then lip=syched to them. That’s how things work. Those are their actual voices. Check Lea Michele out on youtube for a version of On My Own. God, some of you people are idiots.

      • Buzzy

        You must be *such* fun at parties.

      • crispy

        Wow, you don’t read so well. Everyone here knows it’s their own voices… the lip-syncing needs improvement.

        But why are you even watching Glee? Doesn’t seem like a show neanderthals would enjoy.

      • Stinky

        Calm down, tool.

      • Bree-Vee

        At least you get props for mentioning BtVS. Yeah Buffy!

    • Tookie

      The lipsynching was pretty bad. I hate that.

  • Mireya

    I thought it was fantastic! I also am falling for Matthew Morrison.

    The very idea of an elementary production of Hair makes me smile/cringe.

    • Aaron

      I’m riding your bus. Never really knew who MM was before this show, but that scene with the chalk dust. OMG swoon!

  • Joe

    Sorta loving the show. Jane Lynch is hilarious – the best part of the show. And the singing is great. Push it was probably too raunchy but I didn’t have a problem with it. Only complaint is that Terri’s gotta go. I get she’s what’s keeping Will and Emma apart for now, but it’s just enough – she’s terrible and he’s gotta be an idiot not to see it.

    • Horace

      I think the Terri character is drawn waaaay too broadly. I hate it when a show sets us up to hate someone’s significant other so that we’re rooting for them to cheat.

      • Laura K.

        You don’t have to be rooting for him to cheat. Just root for him to come to his senses, realize that she’s manipulative, demanding, and controlling, and leave her.

      • John

        The thing about Terri is, while she’s a terrible person, at the end, she lied about the pregnancy and then proceeded to make a number of relationship compromises, which really nuanced the character for me. Dunno what her deal is, but I’m intrigued now.

      • rory

        This is something that bothers me, too. I’m all for realism, but is treating marriage as desposable something we want to promote? That’s the only thing I don’t like about this wonderful series.
        Was it just me, or did anyone else notice….how do I say this>…a physical reaction on the part of the male gym teacher after he asked the counselor out?

    • Mimi

      I watched it twice last night. The first time my mouth was hanging open during “PUSH IT”. The 2nd time, I just enjoyed it! Maybe it crossed the line, but I liked it!!

      • Teia

        I agree, I mean it was funny, but I could not believe they could get away with that and the balloon ‘exercise’ in the chastity club. I just kept thinking if I had kids and they were watching I would NOT be happy! Which I can totally see happening because kids will think this is like a ‘High School Musical’type of thing and I am sure that both those kids and their parents were probably very suprised!

  • john t.

    yeah the lip synching was pretty bad. other than that i had quite a few LOLs. i love wednesday night television :)

  • Jaime

    I’m sooooo in, you can call me Flint!

  • brenna

    Ok, in my opionion, Matthew Morrision is the real star. He was so hot doing “Gold Digger”, I had already seen that scene about 8 times on I-tunes.

    • Jody

      I’m with you…..I watched that scene many times too….might just watch it again now.

      • Suzzy

        ooh going to go watch it again too!

  • Jamie

    I am all over this show. I loved the irony of a Cheer coach being disgusted by a sexy dance routine.

  • JayNYC

    Loved it! Jane Lynch is a god. The “Hair” line was classic but she had a few other gems I can’t remember right now. I loved the self-help pamphlet’s in the guidance counselor’s office — “There’s a Hair Down There!” Hysterical!

    • SuperMom67

      and, “My mom is bipolar and won’t stop yelling!” :)

    • HAZ

      And “I Can’t Stop Touching Myself!”

      • Phil

        “Divorce: Why Your Parents Hate You.”
        “So You Like Throwing Up”
        The episode was GENIUS. I am so excited that this show is finally on the air.

      • llevinso

        Oh my god, how did I miss all those other pamphlets? I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention because I only saw the “So You Like Throwing Up” one. I need to focus more next time.

      • Dawn

        Those pamphlets made me laugh so hard I was almost crying.

      • LB

        I think it was “Divorce: Why Your Parents Stopped Loving You” I had to rewind to read them all again they were soo funny!

      • Chris

        I was a big fan of “Radon: The silent killer” solely because of the rediculousness of it being on a guidance councelor’s desk

      • sonja

        My fave: Wow there’s hair down there!

    • wtfnyc

      “So You Like Throwing Up”

    • Melinda

      I had to rewatch just to catch these again: “I Can’t Stop Touching Myself” and “Divorce – Why Your Parents Stopped Loving You” Priceless!

    • Laura

      I’m obviously need to watch this again, I missed all of the pamphlets because I was still nearly peeing myself over the “I don’t think I have a gag reflex.”; “Don’t worry, that’ll come in handy when you’re older.” exchange.

      • LibbyP

        Couldn’t believe that I heard that one correctly…and now I can’t stop laughing at the memory!

      • Emma

        Best line of the night! I didn’t believe it at first so I had to rewind. Then I had to hit pause because I was laughing so hard.

      • jadar

        omg I can’t believe that whole exchange went right over my head. I just now got it reading your post Laura! I was focused on the bulemia angle and missed it completely LOL ok, watching this again when I get home from work!

    • sadiesue

      I’m with you on the pamphlets. Thank God for DVR so I could really read them. “Wow, There’s A Hair Down There” was my favorite! There are so many little things, lines that are thrown away like the one about the gag reflex and the conversation between the gay boy and black girl – “You have to call me before you get dressed…” I LOVE this show!

  • laylagalise

    I loved it, though I can see myself growing bored with Terri as time moves on. I must say I can’t believe that Shuster gave Quinn Rachel’s solo, especially when he had two other stronger female singers to choose from.

  • Valley Girl

    OMG, was I pleasantly surprised. Originally, I was gonna pass on this show, but between “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Glee,” it was quite an entertaining evening. My Wednesdays are set; it’s made it to my DVR menu.

    Re: “Push It,” I don’t think it was that raunchy – maybe bc I was a rah-rah in high school way back when, lol. Re: Journey – gotta love ‘em. I think Journey songs have been (back) in my head ever since I laughed out loud in the theatre during “Monster” when Charlize Theron says something like, “I love this song,” lol.

  • SarahJ

    I was really disappointed with this show. I found it offensive, and I’m sorry that the media has decided that a TV show needs to have crude humor and immorality in it to attract viewers.

    • JM

      The “media” hasn’t decided anything. People (myself included) have decided that they enjoy the show and will watch it.

    • ger

      SarahJ, are you sure you’re not really SarahP?

      • CS


      • Mimi


      • bluemacaw

        AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA ger, you are my hero!! LOL

      • PMD

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Umm SarahJ/P obviously did not get the memo – we should be advocating prevention and contraception not celibacy!!!

      • Jeff

        Man, if Sarah[Palin]J has kids, I’ll bet they have a dynamite taste in music.

      • drama17

        that’s hilarious! very clever!

      • Regis2868

        Oooh, Snap!!!

      • kahuna

        Oh, no you did’int! :)

    • Ben

      What was immoral about it?

    • Rachel

      Ugh, get over yourself Sarah J. If you’re offended, don’t watch and let the rest of us enjoy!

      • INDY

        You know what’s really offensive? Stupid people. Don’t watch. It’s that simple. Immoral and suggestive are not the same thing. The Push It number was suggestive and as the character Rachel said, many teenagers are thinking about sex all the time. She found a way to capitalize on that, which may be a bit manipulative but is not immoral. She was just furthering her stance that celibacy for teens is a nice theory but in practice probably doesn’t work.

    • crispy

      Let me guess… you think this show is socialist too?

    • ConceptJunkie

      Don’t let the haters get you down, Sarah. I agree with you. This show is very well-written. The humor is superb. The peripheral characters are hilarious in their extreme stereotypes. The music is good. Despite lip-sync issues, the singers are obviously talented.

      But this was over the top. The usual Fox obsession with smut has to leak in, and it’s disappointing in what could be a really entertaining _family_ show. Obviously, they are going for the “American Idol” and “High School Musical” crowds… both of those are perfectly fine family shows.

      This show has so much going for it, we don’t need all the explicit talk about sex and the bumping and grinding. Sorry if I’m old-fashioned about it, but I grew up on good family TV and there’s no reason it couldn’t be done now.

      • Gael

        but the genre is not “entertaining family show” it is what it is, and sure you may have grown up in the times of the cosby’s. but when the CW is advertising shows with slogans like “menage a tuesdays” and “the bit** is back”, thats when you turn to glee and say, wow this is realistic. and lets be honest–theyre in highschool and thats what highschoolers talk about. get a grip on reality and hold on tight.

      • Emma

        It could be done but that’s not what the writers had in mind. They wanted to show something more realistic and let’s face it…highschooler see that stuff everyday. Heck, I went to highschool 20 years ago and it was exactly the same back then.

    • SuperMom67

      The crude humor and immorality you speak of doesn’t exist where you live? Where is that, pray tell? The statements made by the students and teachers “in Glee” are being made for shock value or to make obvious a characters beliefs! However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that kids don’t have these feelings or “say such things” in schools. I’ve worked in middle schools and high schools for years and unfortunately the kids talk about sex openly to each other, they insult and bully each other, and make offensive slurs against their peers based on their race, gender, and sexual preferences. It’s pretty eye-opening and disgusting once you’ve actually seen it. However, it’s real life and I’m actually glad that a television program has been allowed to or chosen to portray it. However, I also like the other messages Glee is putting out there. Messages like accepting others for who they are! Liking who you want regardless of the repercussions. And not being afraid to come out in front of others and be recognized for your talent! All good things I would like my kids to know.

      • Kasia

        Well stated!!

      • Aaron

        You are a SuperMom! :) Wish all parents were as willing to be honest about the world with their kids.

      • Teia

        This is true, these things are happening everyday in schools everywhere. But does that really mean that it needs to be promoted and displayed as acceptable and even desirable behavior. And to answer the questions in your mind, no I am not an old fart, and no I am not a prude. I just can’t imagine my young son watching something like that, even a few years from now when he is older, I don’t want him to think that I think that behavior is ok or funny.

      • Teia

        I wanted to add that I wouldn’t have a problem with these jokes if it weren’t so in your face, maybe a bit more suttle and not quite so raunchy, just dial it down a notch, that is all I ask! ;)

      • jk

        Why would your young son be watching this show? It is made for adults. It is a satire, it’s supposed to be over-the-top. And for future reference, that word you’re going for is spelled “subtle”.

    • kahuna

      Different folks for different folks. You forget that FOX gave us, Married with Children. It was considered raunchy and irreverent in its day. Glee will not be for everyone. That’s why they have the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon (sp?).

  • John Corbally

    Even though Finn announces (reluctantly and incorrectly) “I’m gay,” it’s ME, the aged guy viewer who is overly sensitive, so in love with this show that I was in pain when it ended. Like the reviewer I played “Take a Bow” half a dozen times, and I couldn’t accept that the episode had ended, so I played it through again.

    To be honest I feared the first regular episode could/would not possibly live up to the pilot (original or director’s cut). I was dead wrong.

    This is an amazing mix of formula and quirkiness, much like a David Lynch version of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. I’ve watched many phenomenal shows in my near-six-decades on the planet (THE PRISONER, MY WORLD AND WELCOME TO IT, TWIN PEAKS, etc.), but I can’t recall this ache at an episode ending; I wanted it to keep going, well, forever.

    • Josie

      That’s exactly how I felt. I didn’t want it to be over. Once the episode was over I just started it all over again. I so happy to be living in the time of the DVR!

    • Lucy

      I felt the exact same way…it’s over already?!

    • Katie

      I thought he said “I’m gay” also, but we replayed it with subtitles and he actually said “I’m dead”….:)

    • Tom

      Finn said he was dead… Quinn said people would think he was gay, when they were standing at the locker talking…

      this show is great!!! I laughed even harder the second time I watched it on Hulu… there are so many jokes that I missed the first time through…

      The whole opening scene with Will in Sue’s office was hilarious…

    • Bo

      To John Corbally: You and I must be 2 peas in a pod because I am 62 and I can identify with every one of the characters in some way or other. There’s some good stuff on
      TV thes days, but GLEE is THE best.

      • John Corbally

        My daughter was delighted at the little incidental reaction vocal music (ba da ba dahh ba da ba dahhh, sorts of things), and I said that was very 1950’s, reminiscent of DOBIE GILLIS. Now I have to try to find her DOBIE GILLIS shows to watch.


      • John Corbally

        Well, here’s a follow up. I find a LOT of bits of DOBIE GILLIS on youtube. I had the decade wrong, though; Dobie was from the early 60’s. :)

  • Monty

    This is one of the most daring, fresh, fun, and innovative hours on all of network television right now. The script is brilliant, the acting is amazing, and (perhaps most importantly) the music selection is positively mind-blowing.

    That’s why I am mentally preparing myself for it to go the way of Pushing Daisies. I think it might just be too good for television.

    • sprite

      LOL Monty that was exactly what I was thinking…just like Pushing Daisies it will probably be cancelled precisely b/c it daring and fresh…since we all know good TV just can’t do without another reincarnation of Melrose Place and 90210.

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