Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: From 'New Moon' to 'American Idol'?

Apparently taking the pop culture world by storm in the Twilight saga is just not enough for New Moon stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Now the dynamic duo would like to infiltrate television’s biggest phenomenon as well. On the latest episode of Must List Live!, Stewart and Lautner reveal that they’d like to put their pipes to the test under the unforgiving glare of Simon Cowell on American Idol. (And don’t think they won’t fight back against criticism either. Just check out the boxing moves Stewart pulls on Lautner in the video below!) Should they ever make it to stage, what song would they croon? You’ll have to watch the clip below to find out. And then let us know: Would you vote to keep the Twilight twosome around on Idol?

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  • Kelly

    I think EW needs to take a break with their constant reporting of Twilight nonsense. Not all of your readers are 12 year old girls. The first movie was HORRENDOUS yet you would think with the CONSTANT EW coverage that it won 12 Oscars or something. It’s getting so old that I may have to cancel my subscription.

    • joyce

      i so agree! though the i love the books :)

      • lilly

        kelly? go ahead cancel your subscription! other people like the “constant twilight nonsense” and if you dont,well EW doesn’t care…

    • Gabby

      FYI, i AM a 12 year old girl, and i do care!

      • Kelly

        Thank you. You just proved my point.

      • sierra

        Bad comeback Gabby LOL. I agree with you Kelly! I used to buy a few of the interesting Twilight magazines but thank heavens that i don’t have a subscription. Every single insignificant detail of their existince is headlining! It has become very dull and narrow-minded of EW to keep covering the same stuff.

      • Camila

        omg, me too!! I care a lot and I’m 12!

    • Emily

      u can cancel it all u want! twilight is this generation’s biggest hit! its not going anywhere! ew please dont stop!!!

      • Adam

        Three words: Harry. Potter. Fail.

      • Erin

        Yes! Harry Potter has had a much bigger impact worldwide on this generation. Nothing against Twilight, but HP has a bigger, more thoughtful, more devoted following.

      • Carissa

        Sorry… I’m an HP and Twilight fan and I have to disagree with Erin. Twilight fans are WAY more devoted than HP fans. I’m disappointed in my HP fans. Twilight fans are the reason EW constantly does these reports because they keep pumping out the numbers. Which is something HP doesn’t seem to do anymore, despite how much I love it.

    • megan

      i’m 30 yrs old, i don’t so much care about this stuff in this article, but i like to know what’s going on in the Twilight world. i would like to know if they release more trailers, see new pics, etc. but not all of the twilight readers are 12 years old, my mom (56), my aunt (65) and my GRANDMOTHER all read this saga and loved it!

      • B


      • raquel

        I’m a 29 year old teacher and mother of 4. I loved the books and Ican’t wait for ‘New Moon’. I agree if people aren’t interested they don’t have to read the updates and go find something worthy to complain about.

      • Rochelle

        Haha, yeah. The Twilight fans are like PG rated, so yeah. I’m 11, turning 12 and I already read the whole series last November and they were the most awesomest books I’ve ever read! :D

      • mimi

        Thank you Megan for letting me know I am not alone in loving the Twilight Saga and it’s stars. I am a 58 yr grandmother and I love the books and movies. Keep us informed EW!

      • Marsbar

        I am 32 and I am counting the days until the New Moon movie is released, and I can’t WAIT for the next ones either…

      • Becki

        I totally agree with Megan. I am 32 and I love the books as well as the movies. And I looke forward to New Moon. I also think Stephanie Meyer did a wonderfull job on Host. If you haven’t read it yet your missing out. It’s like nothing I have ever read.

    • summer

      if you dont like it, dont watch it. i doubt one less reader is going to kill them.

      • Becki


    • Trace

      Yeah, I doubt they will miss your subscription. Honestly, they will probably have more people subscribe because of the Twilight series.

    • Noro

      I’m 25 and I do care. Also I care about other stories as well.

    • Katie

      cancel it, then.

    • Just me

      Twi-haters..just get over it already!!

      • ERP111697

        IKR! i TOTALLY agree!!

      • raquel


    • Johanna

      Thank you, Kelly.

    • Shana

      I’m 19 and I love Twilight. Of course I read on a lot of other things on this site too.

    • Caroline

      FYI, I’m NOT a 12 year old girl (I’m 27 years old) and I love the Twilight coverage from EW. You don’t read every single thing in their magazine. If you don’t like the content, skip it.

    • potch

      I happen to LIKE EW’s Twilight coverage. If you don’t like it, SIMPLE SOLUTION IS DON’T READ IT. But don’t go around ruining it for those that do.

    • sara

      were i am from(sweden)isn’t it only 12 years old kids who like twilight, they couldn’t even see it in the cinema, here we had to be 15 years to see it, so don’t come and say it’s only 12 years old kids who care !

    • Angela

      Having read the books, which ultimately turned out to be pure Mormon propaganda garbage (poorly written at that) I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone over the age of 13 would think this was a “great romance.” (girl starts as an classic teenaged whinner EMO, ends as an Classic teenaged EMO AND a subservient wife and teenaged mother condemned to the hell of doing high school over and over for eternity. Whoo hoo, that’s something every girl should aspire to! Good job Meyers!) I have NO interest in seeing the films. But that being said, clearly a lot of kids love these books and these films and this is an entertainment site. I find it laughable that someone should actually think that an entertainment site shouldn’t cover a hot entertainment topic. I hate the dumbed down garbage, but people who love should be able to read about it.

      • Emilia

        With all due repect most of us twilight-lovers could have carried on without your input.If you do not like the twilight saga, why take the time to read the article and comment?(most people don’t pay attention to what he or she might call “garbage”) However, i do agree that those who are intrested in a specific subject should be able to read up on it.

      • SJ

        The other books i’m OBSESSED with tho!

      • tanya

        i agreewith emilia. im mean u hav a lot of dislike for twilight dont ruin the moods of the fans who do like it by putting snie comments like tht.

      • Meg

        Emilia, thanks for your well written and intelligent comment! I totally agree with it. Thanks for showing that liking twilight doesn’t make you a ditz. Most twilight fans have to deal with people who think that.

    • Mallory

      There IS a greater audience than twelve year old girls, and you would not be saying what you are if you actually had numbers on how many are interested in it. Yes, you don’t care about Twilight, but Twilighters don’t care about much else, and EW gets good numbers with it. So. Learn to sift through what you are interested and not interested in and don’t comment on what you’re NOT INTERESTED IN.

    • raquel

      I’m 29. Go find something else that suits your interest.

    • Kristen

      if you don’t like it cancel your subscription. I’m no a 12 year old girl and I care. there were a lot of movies that i think were horrible but i didn’t threaten canceling my subscription to a magazine because they talked about them. the twilight movies have a huge fan base and ew is just trying to tap into that. suck it up.

    • Lauren

      FYI its not only 12 yr old girls. I have a straight guy friend who enjoys twilight and my mum who is 49. If you dont like twilight stop reading posts about it.

    • MaraBenefici

      I’m a 29 year old mother.. And I enjoy Twilight just as much as the teens.. though I seem to be able to realize that Robert Pattinson ISN”T actually Edward Anthony Masen Cullen… and appreciate the fact that screaming all the time isn’t a good idea..

      • abbz

        thats kinda sad tht u actually no his middle names. but i do like twilight. i also think that robert pattinson is UBER ugly. n id ttly watch them on american idol

    • Erin

      Obviously when they cover anything Twilight they get more people viewing their site and buying their magazine. That means your opinion is the minority so suck it up and deal with it.

      • Tim

        The only thing obvious is that your logic is flawed. You are making an assumption but you have failed to back up your statement with any evidence as proof. No data, no statistics, nothing!! Obviously you have not done your homework. LMAO! Moron!

    • Dana

      I’m NOT a 12-year-old girl, and I still do like Twilight just as much as the 12-year-olds do. Have you seen how much money Twilight made? Yes, it was a semi-crappy movie, but money doesn’t lie. There’s a fanbase, and obviously they’re getting more popularity because of it.

    • Alex

      Kelly, quit being bitter…
      Your one of those lame people who think their so much better than everyone.
      Hatin’ on twilight, doesn’t make you cool you dumb person-man ugh.

    • Sami

      Not all Twilight lovers are 12. And even if they are, why do you care? I am not 12, more like 20. I’ve read the whole series, and while Twilight wasn’t what I expected, it was still good. My little sister love Twilight, and yes, she is 14, but I bet you she is smarter than half the Twilight readers. Advanced classes, straight A’s, so still, maybe the 12 year olds or whoever are mature for their age, and really act more like an 18 year old. So don’t waste your time, trying to knock us off our horses, and just unsubscribe, one wont kill them.

    • Elly.

      I love Twilight! Just because all those haters out there don’t believe in love and hope and are going to die alone doesnt mean they need to ruin it for the lovers!

    • Cody

      You don’t have to be a 12 year old girl to like twilight. People just need to getr use to the fact that twilight sells and companies are gonna do what ever they can to get on the bandwagon and make themselves more money. I enjoy reading the storyies about twilight and you know what I’m a 19 year old college student. And if don’t want to hear about twilight just skip over the stories about it.

    • Aly

      Every single twelve year old thinks the same so why are you grouping all of the people that age. Sure it my seem like all of younger reader of twilight act less mature than the older ones but I am sure that there are some older people who act the same way. If you want to watch the videos and comment then do that and stop ragging on the younger reader. No one said that you have to read their comments. Also you are doing the thing that you accuse them of doing by watching this video. By the way I’m 13.

    • Team Switz

      Read the book in lieu of watching the movie. You’ll see what the big deal is about.

      And you’re incredibly incorrect about the 12 year old girls being the only fans. lol So clueless.

    • W

      Cancel your subscription then, EW won’t miss you one bit. I’m 25 years old and I enjoy reading news on the “Twilight” series. FYI, that’s your opinion that the movie was horrendous, not everyone has to think the way you do, so EW and the rest that like to talk about the saga can enjoy the discussion, no one invited you here, so leave.

    • chanelle

      not everyone isa 12 yr old girl. im 14 and i love it! everyone i know loves it! just because U dont like it, doesnt mean that no one else should!yeah ik its ur oppinion but ur oppinion SUX!!!

    • Gypsy

      wow if you dont like that theyre posting Twilight stuff THEN DONT READ IT SMART ONE!!!

    • tanya

      ok seriously wat is with the 12 yr old bashing. im a twi-fan im twelve but i really dont care abt taylor and stewart singing(ok i admit taylor a tiny bit but i dont care abt stewart). seriously al fans arent twelve. other than tht i agree with u

    • Nadine

      All twilights fans are not twelve i know 20 people who are twi-fans and are 15 and up it ranges from 12 to 20 and even higher so get your facts straight and just because you dont like it dosnt mean the other millions of girls dont! and i agree with gypsy why do you read it if you hate it ?? and btw im 16 and i love twilight

    • nicole

      Well for you information all the readers are not 12 years old! I happen to be a 32 year old with a family and a career and I enjoy the Twilight coverage..every single bit of it!

    • Chuck Belair

      Jesus Christ lighten up okay! first of all it was a great movie. And was a big hiot with many people. But you are entitled to your opinion and i respect that but really just chill out just cause your a frigid old lady doesn’t mean you should ruin everyone elses fun.

    • hilskie

      really? EW is a money making machine…what do you think they’re gonna report on…duh…stuff that makes them money. You’ve just made them more money by coming to the “Twilight” tab to comment about it…

      Way to go!

      PS…I enjoyed the videos of Taylor and Kristen. :P

    • Rammi

      12 hope that was a typo more like 21 for me. Then my cousins christiana (26),yvonne(26),tim(27) my mom(39)my aunt (46) Have you read the last book I wouldn’t take someone under 18 to that movie if it sticks to the book.

    • tacticstaylor

      Thank you, I AM 12 as a matter of fact. I don’t suck up this bull-dung. And yes, I’m censoring myself. But I agree with you; Where on earth do they get this info?

    • TeRi-LyN

      You don’t have to be 12 years old to like Twilight. I’m 20 years old and I can happily say that I’m addicted to it. I’m eagerly counting down the days that New Moon is coming out!! New Moon is going to live up to the Twilight franchise, and it will continue to be just as popular as the Harry Potter franchise if not more popular.

      Thumbs up to EW for constantly keeping track of Twilight. This is the first place I look to see if there are any updates on videos or pictures or articles on the Twilight Saga. If you think it’s too much just skip over it and continue to do better things than criticize the people who do follow up on the saga.

      And I agree with becki that The Host is an amazing book as well as the Twilight Saga. I can’t wait for her new series about Edward comes out!!

      Twilight fans keep it going!!

    • Georgina

      I absolutely adore the Twilight Series so for all you haters, if you’re getting tired of hewaring about it , go curl up under a rock or something because twilight is here to stay. besides, its good to know what our stars are up to.

  • hc

    These kids have chemistry and they’re fun to watch on screen! I’m excited to see the Bella – Jacob relationship!

  • Konfide-N-Me

    WHO CARES!!! I am so sick of Twilight BS all over this website (and everywhere else). The movies are nothing but badly acted high school plays released in the cinema.

    • kimber

      READ A BOOK this so called twilight mess is not just for 12 yr olds people of all ages are reading the books as far as the movies i imagine if there was more of the typical gore and blood and so associated with the vampire myths then i i imagine it would more to somes taste and thank god for the books this means children are reading instead of a t.v or game

      • Phil

        Maybe you should read more books to better help you grammatically.

      • Claudia

        Nice one :P

      • Taylor

        If you like reading books when you don’t have to then you are crazy.Reading is not enjoyable.The books that are written today are not worth reading. Which is why kids watch tv.Because tv has stuff that are interesting.And there are shows for everyone.Since everyone has different taste they can watch a show or movie that suits them.But with books the author just assume everyone has the same taste.There are only a few that come along that are actually worth your time.Time which you will never get back.

      • Lindsay

        I’m responding to Taylor’s comment…people actually DO like to read. I’m one of them. The author never “assumes” everyone has the same taste…they can’t write a book that appeals to every single person. Just like with TV shows. Personally, TV shows are usually all pretty formulaic for me. Either they’re teenbased and gossipy or some form of mystery/thriller with a “twist” in each episode. So it’s all what you’re into.

    • Emily Wiebke

      If a person doesn’t like Twilight ok, but do u really need to call it BS, I don’t think so. I am 34 years old and I can’t wait for New Moon and all the rest.KS a little over the top for me, but so be it.

  • Andrea

    Kelly, do you really think they would report on Twilight so much if the articles WEREN’T getting tons of hits? Twilight isn’t all about 12-year-old girls. If you don’t like the subject matter, don’t read the articles.

    • Chris

      It’s kinda hard to avoid it when it’s in every link on the website and on every other cover of the magazine. They even report on it when they are talking about other movies. I agree with Kelly, the amount of coverage is ridiculous. Especially when there are so many other better movies and actors out there.

      • mscisluv

        I don’t mind coverage of the movie, and I found the books intriguing, but I don’t give a f**k what song the actors would sing if they were on American Idol. Leave that sort of trivia to the fansites, so that EW can cover other stories.

      • Kyle

        I concur. Twilight is a phenomenon, whether you like it or not (I do not). If they want to feature artucles occasionally, that’s fine. Articles like this are insipid and pointless. Really, an article about what they might consider singing on American Idol? This makes me want to cancel.
        I could go into the horrible messages of this series and why it does not deserve its popularity, but I would get a response like “OMG IF U DONT LIEK IT DONT READ IT!!!!!!” Ironic, considering that if I don’t read it, they’ll say “YOU HAV TO READ IT TO UNDERSTAND IT!!!” Get your responses straight.
        But hey, don’t mind me. Just continue on saying how the haters don’t have a right to their opinion and should shut up…

      • ana

        Chris, I agree that the amount of coverage is a bit much, but if there really were so many better movies out there, then why aren’t they being covered this much? Obviously there are a lot more people than you think that love the Twilight Saga, and now that the books are becoming movies, the amount of people is even bigger. It’s not only kids, it’s mothers, aunts, and grandmothers all around the world just alike that are in love with the books, so why wouldn’t they be so anxious for the movies?

        Oh, and Kyle, you have every right to your opinion, and yes, a coverage on whether Kristen and Taylor might or might not try out for American Idol is kind of ridiculous, but I actually found it kind of funny too, because if you look at it more as they aren’t just the characters from the movies, and they’re like every day people too, then you might understand the point of the coverage of it. As far as your “OMG IF U DONT LIEK IT DONT READ IT!!!!!!” and “YOU HAV TO READ IT TO UNDERSTAND IT!!!” points go, it’s true. If you don’t like it, then DON’T read it, and if you don’t read it, then you can’t possibly form a valid opinion about it because without having read it you won’t know what it’s really about, and to form a valid opinion about it, you would have to have some form of understanding of it, and to have that, then you have to READ it. Clearly you don’t like the Twilight Saga, so everytime you see something about it, like a headline on a magazine, you automatically think it’s stupid, because you don’t like Twilight, so you’ve already formed your opinion without even knowing what it actually says, or what it’s really about. So you’re basing your opinion off of something, that you haven’t read, because you don’t like the fact that it has to do with people from the movie. SO more simply put, If you don’t like it, don’t read it, and if you don’t read it, you have no valid opinion, yet you form an opinion on it and then you have people telling you that you have to read it to understand it, and you get upset or annoyed, obviously. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, if you don’t read it, you have no valid opinion, and even if you had a vaild opinion, we[people who actually like the coverage(for the most part)], don’t care much to hear it because it’s negative crap about something we like. If you have that much of an issue with the coverage then put your big boy pants on, along with your thinking cap, and don’t look at it or watch the videos, and don’t complain that the links are everywhere either, just because they are there doesn’t mean that you HAVE to go to them, obviously something interested you, and you clicked on it, your problem, not ours. Cancel your subscription so that you’ll stop complaining about something that you can control because it makes no sense to complain if you can control it. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I am too, and my opinion is that I don’t care to hear yours or read yours. The difference there is that you chose to come and invade on something I like, I didn’t choose to see your opinion of something you don’t like.
        So put your big boy pants on and your thinking cap and cancel your subscription because it doesn’t hurt anybody and you won’t be missed.
        so. . . . .

      • ana

        oh, and uh mscisluv, this technically IS a fan site, otherwise there wouldn’t be comment spaces for FANS of the site and the info they put out. “EW” happens to stand for “entertainment weekly” it’s not a “oh my god the top ten most amazing new movies”. They are smart to have MORE coverage of whatever they can get on things that are MORE popular, because the fans are less concerned about what it is specifically and more interested in the fact that it’s about people from their favorite saga. If other things were more popular, they’d probably be getting reported, but that obviously isn’t the case.

    • Ang

      Yu said it Andrea!

      • Ang

        Sorry that should say “you”.

      • J

        How odd it is you don’t care about the article. Yet you read it and post a comment anyway.

  • Rhonda Comeau

    I am a 47 year old woman and still think that the Twilight Saga is wonderful to read, the first movie did not do the book justus but I’m looking forward to the 2nd movie New Moon. I will say the Actors and Actresses are phonomenal.

  • ^MEH.

    Andrea, its kind of hard to not notice them let alone read this crap when EW is shoving it down our throats 24/7
    I used to read EW frequently but this has turned me off big time.

    • Josh


  • Marc

    Why not change the name of your magazine from Entertainment Weekly to Twilight magazine. Obviously the Editor in Chief must be on vacation and left the editing duties to his or her 12 year old daughter who couldn’t recognize a good movie if it hit her in the face. This is absurd. Is there nothing else going on in entertainment and pop culture?

  • Emily O.

    Cute. They are adorable together.

  • plz dont

    all the teenage girls who watch twilight also watch american idol! if those 2 try out, it would be unfair to all the other contestants, because those 2 would get most of the votes. (not to mention all of the haters). so plz, plz dont try out. u r already famous, remember?

    • wow

      it was a joke, calm down

  • Fiore

    Is it possible EW might report on anything other than Twilight? Even when an article isn’t about the insipid tween angst drama you find a way to mention the film anyway. Last time I checked there were hundreds of credible films and television programs worth reporting on that apparently are flying too low for your radar. Please talk about anything else…I’d even take a good old-fashioned Paris Hilton (I can’t believe it, but it is true) story in place of seeing another mention of the pre-pubescent vampires.

  • Sarah

    I was a big fan of the books but I agree.. if you weren’t under the age of 13, you had to admit that the first movie was atrocious. The cheesy swooning, the horrible special affects, the manic editing, the embarrassing makeup, the acting… ugh. EW even reviewed the movie negatively when it first came out. Now it’s all Twilight at the time. Every other cover is Twilight related and it’s just absurd. I understand wanting to get hits but isolating a large amount of your readers doesn’t seem all that worth it. EW used to be a cool magazine, now it’s moving into a irrelevant teenybooper one.

    • Claudia

      I’m over 13 and I loved the movie and the books. You can really immerse yourself in the stories.

    • Book awesome! Movie — not so much!

      I loved the first three books but know that the movies will not give the books justice. There’s too much to the books to cram into two or two and a half hours and besides that — Kristen Stewart cannot act in this movie AT ALL. She’s so cardboard-like it’s sickening to watch… If it weren’t for the male eye-candy in the movie, I probably wouldn’t watch it anymore. LOL

    • Rammi

      Yes, I love the books but the movie does it no justice in anyway I’m hoping that with the enlarged fanbase the next ones will be better

  • Felicia

    I am a huge fan of Twilight. But I go to the Twilight Fan page for my daily Twilight random crappy tidbits. is where I go to find, you know, ENTERTAINMENT news. At least, I used to. Sorry EW, but its just obnoxious now with the Twilight coverage. STOP.

  • VBEWFan

    I agree that there is a lot of coverage regarding the Twilight Saga on this site/in the magazine. However, like some others have mentioned, there is a reason for that-these books/movies have become a HUGE phenomenon and there is a big audience that wants to read about this stuff-even the tiniest little detail. If you don’t like it, then just avoid it. There are other topics to read about on here. I just don’t see the need to get on here purposely to put down the movies, the books, the author or the fans of the series. To each his own. To all the haters-don’t you think there is probably something that you enjoy that other’s would hate or want to make fun of? Would you want to hear it?

    Come on, people. Chill on the hate and anger for no good reason.

  • Jay

    Does EW have some monetary contract or something with the producers of Twilight stipulating that they must mention the movie in no less than 50 articles a day and two of four covers a month? I am a Twilight book fan and understand that it has a place in pop culture but this constant coverage is INSANE. STOP THE INSANITY EW!

  • Susan

    I’m a huge Twilight fan…but this is ridiculous. Was this really worth writing an article over?

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