Miley Cyrus pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards: Rather unfortunate, yes?

In what could be perceived as an attempt to be edgy or an homage to ice cream distributors (they probably don’t get enough credit), Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus pole danced on top of an ice cream cart at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday afternoon (the show airs on Fox tonight at 8 p.m.). Personally, I never dropped it like’s it hot when the ice cream truck came ’round the neighborhood; I usually just went straight for a Good Humor Chocolate Eclair bar. Call me old-fashioned. But the stripper-esque choreography, coupled with Cyrus’ questionable red-carpet attire, came off completely inappropriate and ill-advised.

What did you think of Cyrus’ performance, PopWatchers?

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  • Ray

    Uhh How old is she again?

    • notconcerned

      Oh please, the pole was there for her to hold on to. The fact is, she is 16 and does not need to be dancing around in tight cloths and such, but so goes the way of our world today.

      • Paula

        Why is it that young girls all think that they have to act like strippers and dress like hookers?? When did this become okay??? And I’m not even “old”!

      • michelle

        come on people,give her a break! thats how teens dress! and remember she is a teen… and paula! hooker is a style! teens dont dress like hookers cause they want to be ones but because its a style! i liked her out fit and i think that, her new “hooker” attire, is due to the fact that she doesn’t want to be known as miley cyris the girl who played hanna montana on the kids disney cahnnel! she needs to have a new adult image to be successful in life. so… RIGHT ON MILEY!

      • chicadarina

        Actually, from the article, I thought it would be a lot worse. It’s not like she actually used the pole to do any seductive moves. The only point of the pole was so that she could balance on top of the icecream truck.

        While I’m not a huge fan of the outfit, I’ve seen kids and other stars wear MUCH worse….

      • Bri

        Not all teens dress like that, I’m 15 and I nor do any of the teens that I know and go to school with dress like hookers.

      • Kati

        The actual dancing wasn’t really a bother to me, but what does bother me is that it seems that when a female child star decides to debut as an adult in Hollywood, she feels she needs to do so in a hooker-like, stripper-type of way. Remember Christina Aguilera’s Stripper – I remember reading an interview with her at the time and how she said she wanted people to see her as a woman. So much for women’s lib!

      • Cody

        So the hooker style of dress is the new norm for tween-agers – nice parenting – kudos to the parental unit for allowing this – let’s have all women dress like hookers and go to work – we could call it miley’s take your best hooker outfit to work day – wrong example for kids -

      • Liz

        It started with Madonna in the ’80s. Tweens started dressing like sluts and thought it was just a fashion statement. Madonna set true female liberation back a century when she made it necessary to wear underwear on stage (in public) and act like a hooker in order to be a successful singer (popular girl).


        I agree she was just using it to hold onto. I honestly think the left wing press hates that she gives thanks to God my Father at the end of her dance.

      • Cate

        I live in Los Angeles and 16 yr old girls don’t walk around dressed like that. I don’t understand her handlers – why does she need to resort to bad outfits and pole dancing? She’s already one of the most popular girls on the planet. It’s almost as bad as Kim Kardashian’s dye-my-hair-cry-for-attention move.

      • Sophia

        I totally wore that same outfit when I was white trash for Halloween last year! Miley c’mon now – can’t Marc Jacobs hook you up or something?

      • Carly

        oh please! did you see her sliding down the pole? Thats called pole dancing!

      • Torie

        i love her and ecerytihng but when i saw her bring out that pole i was like oh my god is she really going to do that representing disney!!…and it definetly is pole dancing when you slide down the pole!!!

      • Genevieve

        Miley Cyrus clothing and performance was disgusting. I watched it with my 11 year old daughter and I felt like I needed to tell her that she looked unacceptable. Ice cream pole thing her outfit the hideous coreography was crazy and to watch her Dad in the audience made me think that they are warped and have caved into allowing her to be sexualized . I’m sorry but she looked like a stripper.

      • tamuchi

        Um, no, that wasn’t “pole dancing” per se. It may have not been the correct prop for a 16-yr-old, but I think some people are letting their imaginations run wild. About her “red carpet” attire, again, maybe not the correct choice, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before on a young female. The term Prostitot has been around for at least 5 years. Maybe if there were a bit more parenting going on, this term would not have been coined. Then again, if this society weren’t so bent on the sexualization of females, and girls in particular, then would it really matter what one wore or what prop one used? But I guess that’s for another discussion.

      • Janelle

        OH…please. Would you all just shush. Miley is living her life.She is living her life of stardom. She has a sense of style. She can shake her hips when she wants. PLEASE when the next ice cream truck comes around I’m gonna drop it like it’s hot and bring it up like it’s warm. And I’m 13 by the way. One willing to become an established model and fashion designer.She has great style. So what if she want to show her bra once in a while. It’s not like she joined a nudist colony or something. Back off.

      • Rachel

        i know, that’s exactly what i was gonna say! and every girl her age dresses like that nowadays, it is not so bad people, it’s actually kinda cute!

      • jake

        thank you notconcerned the fact is is that shes a clutz and would fall off without that pole

      • kimmy

        hey! 16 year olds should not be dancing with poles and wearing skimpy outfits. there is no such thing as a hooker style. It’s just what her values and her attitude has made her- a very low girl. she’s just 16 and she has nose rings and a 20 year old ex. she disgusts me. she shouldn’t be on Disney anymore. what a bad role model.

      • Claudette

        as a response to michelle: since when did dressing like a hooker become an adult image? last time i checked, adults didn’t walk around town in booty shorts and sequin tops.

      • Scooter

        To Michelle: Hooker may be a style but that does not make it a GOOD style! When you think of good people in society do you think of, doctors, teachers, firefighters, STRIPPERS?

      • Jane

        Look You Guys dont know miley so stop talking. She dosen’t wanna dress like this im sure they just lay out the outfit for her and if she dosen’t do it they get mad. being a star isnt that good im pretty sure if miley could go back she would have lived a normal life. Teens nowadays dont dress like that its just stars teen girls like matching chucks with dress or minishorts with boots, buclke boots, and i dont see anything wrong with that outfit maybe the shorts could be a little longer and ta daaa shes fine. Instead of just bringing out all the bad or miley say the good shes an amazing girl with talent with her own show, wins teen choice awards, her own albums, 1 in itunes, own show and shes fifteen Guys give her a break shes amazing and every teen need to express their feeling nowadays. u dont know what shes feeling. She a singer u guys dont know what it feels like if u love it its feels u wanna dance like crazy and do anything it just comes out . miley your doing amazing and i dont think ur headed any britney way

      • BubbleBurster

        I hate to burst some of your bubbles, but teens DONT dress like that. A self respecting girl knows the difference between looking good and looking like a slut (and they don’t want to look the latter, because they might begin carrying the reputation as one). While some people think thats how we dress, its not. Sluttiness isn’t beauty, and any real guy knows the difference.

        Besides that, the pole, however much she used it to ‘balance’ on, shouldn’t have been there. Choreographers know how to make any kind of dance, and as such, they know how to make someone look a certain way on set through the use of costumes, props, and moves.In this case, it was strategically there to give her some sort of sexual flair.

        fyi, some of you people disgust me. “So what if she want to show her bra once in a while.” and blaming the pole on her being a “clutz”? COME ON! For one, she’s a role model, and she knows it. Anyone who performs for disney and has 8 year olds in their audience should have a clue to keep it clean. Secondly, showing off your undergarments is SLUTTY, not GOOD! Sex appeal is fine, but when you hold on to a pole, get down low so a quarter of the audience can see up your skirt, thats not right, not if you are trying to put yourself out as a real performer (over a ‘performer’ in a strip club).

        Like way too many child stars before her, she’s probably going to go too far, to the point parents finally put their heel down, and forbid their children from absorbing this crap. All at once, her fan base will drop like a brick, and in fifteen years, she’ll be on a celebrity rehab show like Dr. Drew.

      • john

        i dont see how comparing her to a high school dance team is very relevant. most high school dance teams aren’t the idols of millions of little girls. they generally don’t have 9 yr olds watching and mimicking them

      • Em

        Oh please! The pole was something for her to hold on to? Next thing you tell me she was dressed in NOTHING but an underwear and bra so she could move around better ha! pu-lez. And I know not all teenagers dress like that I’m only a tween and I would never think to dress like that even when i’m as old as the world (which i might add is very long ago)

      • BJJ

        I agree with you on that and even though i havent met miley i know she would never do such a thing because kids look up to her so why would she do that i dont think miley would want little kids to go to their mum and say ‘oh mum look i can dance around a pole.’


        OH PLEASE some of you people are so damn ignorant. I’m a guy and i dont think that was attractive or very adult like at all. Im only 15 and i never see girls my age or older for that matter walkin around in tiny short shorts and shirts that expose their bras….that is definitely NOT any type of style and not adult like. Adults are elegant not skimpy and slutty and they definitely do NOT use “hooker” attire

      • Ana

        its the MEDIA!!! these bad influences like britney spears and here comes another slut: miley cyrus, she’s disappointed me

      • Paula

        I’m sorry Michelle, but that is not how teens dress. Dancing around in what could pass as underwear is not what you usually see a 16 yr old wearing. Not to mention her straddling a stripper pole. Using it to hold on or not, she knew what she was doing when she was droppin it like its hot.

    • Erica

      Let’s just say WOW! I’m 28 and have a 18 month old and I was watching this award show with my 8 year old niece! My opinion aside right now, My sister-in-Law had issues with Christina Aguilera’s stripped, but she lets my niece watch that crap! Lets get this in line please! Christina who is talented and always has been was in fact an adult!! Miley is 16, looks like she does and at the end her parents stand up with excitement…..HELLO! What a cry for help. What is wrong with people? I have to tell you I live in a hip and stylish area and 16 yr. old girl here don’t dress like that, unless they are one of “those” girls! We need to wake up as a whole and see what we are allowing children today to see! This is all crap, and it needs to stop because there isn’t much more clothes that can be removed…What’s next? Should I even ask?

      • WayBeyondSoccerMom

        Thank you, Erica! I watched Miley’s dance with my 12 year old daughter, and we were both shocked. I had heard about the “stripper pole” and was glad it was on ice cream cart, but still… Anyone else think it was funny that Miley came out of a trailer to perform. Makes me think she knows she is acting like “trailer trash.” What bothered me more was Miley’s black see through bra that was visible, from her sides and back. There’s no way that was appropriate. Thankfully, my daughter has been off the “Miley train” for awhile, and she seems to like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Selena’s outfit at Teen Choice was age appropriate and beautiful as was her acceptance speech. My daughter has also become a fan of Taylor Swift, another good role model. And, how appropriate was it for Miley to give Britney an award? Miley, there’s your future! As a Southerner, the actions of Miley and Britney make me embarassed for having a southern accent.

      • nido

        OMG thank u ur sooooooooooooooooo rite i meen at least christina was old and had talent and yes miley is definitly the next britney

      • tara

        sorry soccermom, but if you think Miley is bad, don’t want your daughter taking any ideas from Demi Levato…that girl is a cutter!

      • Sarah

        Miley stated that she thought her performance was “funny” and it was showing she was proud of where she came from. Nothing wrong with that, I’m proud of my Louisiana roots, but it seems insulting and degrading when she comes out of a trailer, acting like trailer trash. The majority of my extended family and my mom and I live in a trailer, and it was plain insulting of her to stereotype southerners like that. I don’t care if she is also from the South, its rude. I am also 16 and no one i know dresses or acts like that. She is not a good role model, in my opinion.

      • Jessica

        I completely agree. I’m 20 years old and live in New York City and 16 year olds do not dress like that…the fact of the matter is there are better way of breaking out of the “child star” mold like taking on more serious acting roles or making music that isn’t total crap. Wearing microscopic shorts is definitely the opposite of sophisticated and doesn’t make her seem adult-like at all. Not to mention, I don’t think a trailer park is representing her roots since her father is a millionaire. Also, it’s kind of demeaning the way she’s acting like coming out of a trailer is soo radical and she’s making some kind of statement. A lot of the United State’s population actually live in trailers and she needs to stop exoticizing it and putting it on display as if it’s something wierd.

      • Maryann

        Your absolutely correct. Unfortunately Britney Spears is the perfect example of what happens when girls grow up too fast. Miley has a huge fan base and she is a Disney star, not MTV. She may not have choreographed the scene or picked the clothes but her and her father certainly have mouths with which they can refuse.

      • Jocelyn Amaya

        I agree with you because if Miley comes out dancing on the pole what else is she gonna do make a music video of her stripping? At first Miley was a good role model for me as a 12 year old girl but i’ve seenh pictures of her half naked and i saw the teen choice awards and i think Miley’s the next Brittany. She’s a bad role models for little girls that love her music.

    • macanwut

      Why does the US nation ply at being so incredibly sexually repressed.

      Caring what a teenage “star” (that most of the planet will never know of) is kind of sad, but so much more sad is a society that loves to watch violence and war movies but cmplains about a girl dancing with her clothen ON!

      • Sexism

        The problem is not sexual repression in the US. The problem is that we only sexualize girls and women. You don’t see any males in the music industry allowing themselved to be exploited in that way. They mostly wear baggy jeans and t-shirts. It’s sexism in the US that demands the females be sexy (and not necessarily talented) to sell records.

      • hgfykrl

        actually the world knows miley becuz she has fans all over! what did u think she only has fans in the US? HM is shown in over 120 countries.

    • Lilly

      She is 16 – apparently the attention-craving age. It’s kind of sad, because this kind of thing cheapens her when you think of girls like Taylor Swift and Hillary Duff.

      • Shawna

        Have you seen Taylor dress? I have seen her in concert and she wears a dress shorter than Miley’s shorts and at least Miley had shorts on, with Taylor you could see her underclothes from the seats because her dress was so short.

      • edit

        Hilary Duff? LOL have you seen HER lately?

      • Joan

        Wow, do you want America’s teens and tweens throwing food at people who accidentally drop something? Well, that’s what Taylor Swift did! Oh, and btw Taylor’s dress was shorter than Miley’s!

    • t

      The Trailer could not have been more appropriate!

      • john

        let the girl be she has clothes on . she is puting her backround and roots out there always rember any pub is better than no pub the bigger deal you make of it then the more money she makes and her star rises all that faster

    • Sophia

      I totally wore that same outfit when I was white trash for Halloween last year! Miley c’mon now – can’t Marc Jacobs hook you up or something?

    • Carly

      SHE’S 16!! and shes acting like a 25 year old!

      • Tina

        You guys are gay and jealous of all these pop-stars and all you could do i make fun of them and if you were a pop-star then you would not talk smack about them. :(

      • Severine

        To Tina: WTH does being “gay” have to do with it?

      • Ana

        yeahh uhh tina, why would we be “jealous” of miley cyrus pole dancing? come on now ur comment was a complete EPIC FAILURE!!!

    • ash

      hello old are you agian you have to be like 18 teen

      • Ed

        Who on earth taught you how to speak English??? Whoever it was they failed miserably! ‘Again’ is spelled wrong, 18 teen makes no sense, and I think hello was supposed to be how. Oh and what do you have to be “18 teen” (eighteenteen) to do?

    • Kimberly

      I guess that is what happens when Spears is your “hero” – WTF. That award show was just a long running ad for Disney.

      • notasRETARDEDasMILEY

        i tooooooootally agree!

    • Safire

      OKAY! Miley is a beautiful girl, but guess what she can’t act and she can’t sing. She is supposed to be a rolemodel for young girls not teens and adults. She doesn’t have to dress like that to look good, she doesn’t have to take slutty pictures to be sexy. She is 16, beautiful, and has the luxuery of being famous and having tons of money. It would be nice to see her putting her fame to a better use.

      • Sabrina

        I agree with you Safire! You are right she not have to and supposed to be good role model to little girls and to us!

    • Emma

      I can hardly wait for this poor girl to turn 18 (in just a year and a half!) so that everyone can just move on and get a life.

      • Emma

        Emma is so right leave the girl alone oh and Emma you have the same name as me. :) lol

    • Maria

      The only thing she is showing is legs, and the pole was used so she wouldn’t fall. Grow up people!

      • Michael

        No – the point of the pole was NOT for balance. The point of the ice cream cart was to have a prop with a pole she could jump on. She’s trying to re-invent herself as an adult and is going about it the wrong way. It’s really unfortunate.

      • ABRIL CRUZ

        GOOD UR RITE

    • Paula Michelle

      Has everyone forgotten the fact that Miley Cyrus is an entertainer? She did not choreograph this dance, it was approved by the producers/directors of a “kids” show, and the audience ate it up! She is giving the people what they want. She is on the verge of adulthood and needs to keep evolving herself to stay on top. Is it appropriate for a regular 16-year old to dress or dance like this? Probably not, but it’s MY job as a parent is to make the best choices for my children while they are young , teach them right from wrong, and pray for them when it’s time for them to make their own decisions. There is so much pressure on Miley Cyrus to be perfect because adults think children are not intelligent enough to make their own decisions and will follow their idols blindly. Really?? Did anyone who grew up listening to KISS really join “Satan’s Army”? Come on people! As a teenage I LOVED Madonna! I dressed like her and copied every dance move she had. My parents allowed this. She was my Miley Cyrus. However, because of the way my PARENTS raised me, I did not engage in any inappropriate behavior. I think there is plenty of horrible things going on in this world I would rather shield my children from…Miley Cyrus’s dance moves are not one of them!!

      • melissa

        I totally agree!

      • Devona

        i know the ppl are acting over this is really sad i think it was cute and i seen 9th grade girl dance and dress way worster and i see nothing her miley at all!

      • Dilecia

        So what your saying is you would not mind if you daughter got up on stage at her school and wore shorts that barely cover her butt and was dancing like that. Miley Cyrus IS NOT JUST A Singer she is a ROLE modal for 6!!! year old and i bet ever younger kids could have bee that. she DOES not all ways have to be on top and show her self off NO one NEEDS TO i don’t CARE WHO you ARE there is NO need for that and for little kids, they don’t need to know that or watch it. SO meny of you think there is nothing WRONG WITH WHAT she did because she is famous, and its just like ever one else that is/was famous went Down the hill, Merry Katie and Ashly Olson, Mikael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, ect………., really people get real would you want your girls to act like this, I really don’t think SO. i really don’t think your thinking “Oh yes will ofcors i was let my daughter look and dress like a prostitute” cuz if you do that is what your SAYING. just because she is famous dose not mean its not wrong.

    • Paula Michelle

      Has everyone forgotten the fact that Miley Cyrus is an entertainer? She did not choreograph this dance, it was approved by the producers/directors of a “kids” show, and the audience ate it up! She is giving the people what they want. She is on the verge of adulthood and needs to keep evolving herself to stay on top. Is it appropriate for a regular 16-year old to dress or dance like this? Probably not, but it’s MY job as a parent is to make the best choices for my children while they are young , teach them right from wrong, and pray for them when it’s time for them to make their own decisions. There is so much pressure on Miley Cyrus to be perfect because adults think children are not intelligent enough to make their own decisions and will follow their idols blindly. Really? Did anyone who grew up listening to KISS really join “Satan’s Army”? Come on people! I think there is plenty of horrible things going on in this world I would rather shield my children from…Miley Cyrus’s dance moves are not one of them!

      • Laura

        THANK YOU!!! I totally agree! She was not doing anything wrong. Oh yeah, and what she was wearing on stage… I believe they call those costumes. Come on people I wore worse things than that when I was a child in dance! If all of you parents out there believe miley is such a bad influence then there is an easy solution…dont allow ur kids to watch her. You dont have to bash every single move she makes. and as for the “pole dancing” COME ON!!! She stepped on the ice cream box, held on to the pole, and dipped down ONCE. you can hardly associate that with pole dancing. Leave the young woman alone. all teenagers make mistakes and in my opinion the only mistakes being made here is everyone scrutinizing her every move. how about getting a life of ur own and worrying about that one.

      • point out

        Good call Paula. There is totally no reason to stop kids from watching her. Oh wait…
        “iam 10 and i say thats nothing”
        “im 17 and i dress like that”
        “when the next ice cream truck comes around I’m gonna drop it like it’s hot and bring it up like it’s warm. And I’m 13 by the way.”
        “i seen 9th grade girl dance and dress way worster”
        These are just a few quotes just from THIS discussion. Sounds like maybe you should start worrying a little more about what your kids watch, INCLUDING Miley Cyrus.

      • Kaley

        your right people are so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lucy

      If Miley Cyrus wanted to be taken seriously then she shouldn’t have auditioned for a part like Hannah Montana that is aimed at CHILDREN. By taking on that character she has to accept that she is a role model for children and she is ALWAYS going to be seen that way no matter what she does. She’s never EVER going to be taken seriously by the majourity of people as she has been type-cast as Hannah Montana. By pole dancing on stage and wearing hooker clothes she isn’t making herself more popular or being taken seriously, she’s just setting a bad example for the kids who look up to her and peoples opinions of her are just dropping. All the other people on Disney channel know that they can’t act that way, and she is no more talented than any of them no matter what she thinks, so why doesn’t she?

      • Heather

        Miley auditioned for the part of Hannah Montana when she was like 12, is she supposed to commit to it for her whole life? ppl need to get a life and moe on, if you think she’s bad rolemodel for kids, simple, don’t let your kids watch her. BTW, that was sooo not pole dancing, she was like 2 feet away form it the whole time anddd have you seen the way teen dress like these day, it’s not as if this popped out of nowhere.

      • Cheryl Slack

        OMG! JUST LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!!!!!! I am 14 and i find nothing wrong with this. THE POLE WAS THERE SO SHE DIDNT FALL OFF U DIP SHIT!!!!!! plus she didnt choreograph this!!! so just leave her alone evry girl tht age does things like that and no one says anything yet when Miley Cyrus does shes a hoe?! and y?! because shes famous and every single one of you people KNOW that the only reason ur criticizing her is ecause ur jealous and she has everything you want. WELL GET OVER IT AND LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!

    • jj

      Is this a joke? I thought I was going to see her like humping the pole and swingin on it like a stripper? I guess the auther has never seen a REAL pole dance wtf leave this poor girl ALONE

      • Kiki

        For God’s sake, dude, that’s what I expected too, but still, sliding down it is still classed as pole dancing.

      • mack

        yes i agreeits not like shes taking her clothes off or anything!

    • sharolyn

      omg she didnt do anything that a normal teenager wouldnt do so …to the haters yall need to back off she has enough persure as it is being miley and hanna montana dude nobodys perfect so get over your self and if yall dont like her ass much as yall say yall dont then y do u care what she does anyway:]

    • marla

      I agree with Michelle. She is young she looks nice. People get a life.

    • Andrea

      i belive the people that thinks that, are sick and with nothing to do with their life oh please leave miley alone. The pole was for holding because de ice cream car moves and she dosent take the pole and dance around sexy or something is a TOTAL normal dace!!

    • ruthie

      Really this girl is just doing what seems natural and to hang on to the pole so they could move the cart. Look for bad things some where eles.

    • marruka

      I think its COMPLETELY out of proportion. To claim that Miley was “pole dancing” is a gross exaggeration. People who make these observations are the ones who have a problem — get your mind out of the gutter!

    • g

      First, she is not dressed like a hooker at all. She is 16. That’s how 16 year olds dress. She looks good so lay off. Thats how me an 90% of my highschool dressed back in the day. And she never pole danced! She didn’t even grind the pole. She did nothing short of what any highschool dance team would do. You people make me sick. Leave Miley alone. She’s doing her thing, and clearly she does it well.

      • notasRETARDEDasMILEY

        yes, she is not dressed like a hooker, but her shorts are EXTREMELY short, and shes flicking her ass like a hippo. that performance was expected to be watched by many LITTLE kids, and even though she didn’t “grind” the pole, she still slid down it, which now, may rub off on little 5 yr old girls. NOT GOOD.

    • kaitlin

      omg did nick see this …but i agree i think miley should be left alone…..even though she does have bad pics :(

      • Destiny

        omg i feel sorry for u but dont worry shes dating nick again they even made a song called before the storm its beatiful cheer up

    • astronomius

      this sounds like the plot for The Emperor’s New Clothes 2 (coming to an awards show near you), where a highly emulated teen pop star decides she wants to change her image, wear skimpy clothes and perform in public venues where she can be a lot more suggestive… but in a way that is almost acceptable to people.

      yeah, it’s funny, people telling me to grow up when it is becoming more acceptable for little girls to act like adults in public, and the decline of moral standards and practices is steadily rising in what were many family-friendly venues.

      no, i think a lot of other people need to grow up and figure out where we went wrong, to be so undiscerning and accepting of immoral behavior.

      you’d be surprised what passes for clean, legal entertainment these days; the writing is on the wall.

    • Lillian

      Ok, so like half of you guys are saying how shes a teen and its normal for her to be doing this stuff and blah blah blahhh. but NO, its not ok for her to be doing this stuff . i mean yeah maybe if this was someonee else doing it or a normal teen doing it, it’d be ok. but this is MILEY CYRUS. she’s on DISNEY CHANNEL, and LITTLE girls look UP to her, so she cant be doing this stuff. its wrong and it makes her LOOK like a slut. im not saying she is one, cuz shes not. but she shouldn’t be doing this kinda stuff if shes like one of the most famous stars on disney channel. thas juss insanee. i mean if she wanted to do these kinda stuff, she shouldve like starred in something thas not disney related or not for young kidss, youu knowww? soo yeah. thats just my opinion..

      • Emily

        Yeah, I totally agree with you. When you’re a star, you can’t do whatever you want.You’re in a fish bowl where people can see you. If I were her I’d be totally embarassed about putting myself up on stage and acting over mature for my age and then having everyone seeing me. I’m 13 years old and I even think that wearing those shorts was a bit much. Of course people have seen way WAY worse, but she’s a child star. Until she turns 18 she can’t dress like a slut and get off scotch free. That’s not how the world works. As long as parents raise their kids well, even if kids watch Miley pole dance (I know it wasn’t that bad, but it could have been more appropriate) they’ll be fine. As for Miley, I just pray she won’t shave her head and get pregnant and if she does, I’ll laugh my head off. :) She’s not my fav. celeb (That’s Taylor Swift), but she doesn’t deserve being ridiculed until she does something way worse lol

      • Laura

        Is everyone forgetting how old Miley was when she began Hannah Montanna??? She was just a little girl which she no longer is. She’s trying to escape the whole “hannah montana persona” and I dont blame her. She’s a young woman now, not a little girl and shes definitely entitled to her right to grow up! just leave the poor girl alone. She doesnt desereve all the negativity yall are giving her. Shes a beautiful and very talented girl and she isnt a BAD role model.

      • Wow

        Ok back off a lot of other teens do this and they don’t get in trouble!! I know she should be acting better right? No ifeel bad for young actors they don’t get a normal life!!! They don’t get to go to high school or middle school! They have to work I know it’s there choice but mabye yourkuds shouldn’t be inside watching tv mabye they should be outside playing games enjoying the fresh air leave mikey alone!!! If you have kids let’s see what they do at 16 much worse she could be on drugs but she isn’t she’s a good kid so go shut up and stop talking about her

    • Your all idiots

      Ray Ray Ray, I dont know if your a guy or a girl, but to answer your quiestion she is 16… I bet you one thing if you have a daughter she is probably out doing th same thing in a private place get the f@#$ off of the page!!!! PEACE LOVER ;)

    • Preston

      She is 16, and she is a SLUT!!!



    • anntonisha

      i think that she has lots of fans and most of them are litte kids she realy shouldent be dancing like that infront of her fans

    • sandy

      squatting next to a pole doesnt constitute a pole dance give me a break im not a cyrus fan but that definately wasnt a pole dance

    • kara

      hey thats not right of u rewd up tight wrong people to say that she did not pole dance she simpley just was holding on to it and i simpley adore her outfit and mind your bis who ever agrees wit me write after me and talk

    • ro

      really are we even suprised why marriages dont last you all say let girls be girls i dont see guys wearing nothing but theyre underwears if this is normal sorry but i dont want to be normal and i dont want my kids to be normal i wont let my girl be like that cuz rl prostitues have less sex when teens today

  • joeinmemphis

    she’s beginning her “slut”phase a bit early,no?

    • Raj

      no, no – not beginning – in the prime of the slut phase of her life – yea haa – to all the tweeners out there – look and learn from you idol…..

    • destin

      Are you guys all kidding yourselves?
      you must all be pretty wrapped up in what you wish the world was like to understand that this is nothing. take a look at a high school dance and see how the kids there behave, im not saying kids making out and grinding in a gym is a good thing, but seriously they’re only 13, 14 to start out. Wake Up.

      • mel

        Those kids aren’t dancing with a pole and dressing like a whore in front of millions of impressionable fans.

      • Minutiae

        Just because teens do it DOESN’T MEAN IT’S OK. People don’t even try anymore to teach their daughters to respect themselves enough to not just follow any old trend out there, especially when it involves dressing like they should be hanging around on a street corner somewhere. My daughter is only 9 months old, but if she were old enough to know or care about Miley Cyrus, I would certainly be teaching her that it’s not OK to carry yourself like that, no matter who does it or says it’s OK.

    • destin

      i dont like miley cyrus, almost would say i hate her, but
      Are you guys all kidding yourselves?
      you must all be pretty wrapped up in what you wish the world was like to understand that this is nothing. take a look at a high school dance and see how the kids there act, im not saying kids making out and grinding in a gym is a good thing, but really they’re only 13, 14 to start out. Wake Up.

      • chantel

        Why is it that no matter how much slutty or racy things miley does children still look up to her and their parents let them. If any parent with a small child looks at miley in this vid. and says i want my child to do that & wear those clothes, when shes 16, then fine they are insane. But also parents should show their kids other shows like sonny with a chance & wizards of waverly place because demi lovato & selena gomex are not whores, & they are actually talented !

      • Silv

        Just cause other kids are doing this at their local school gym dances doesn’t mean it’s right, either for them, or for her. I don’t care for the girl and I don’t think she’s all that talented, just well-packaged and marketed, and there really wasn’t much of her actually dancing her, just prancing around in those shorts and boots, but what dance moves she did execute on the ice cream cart were classic pole moves she’s obviously picked up (like other girls) from what has become the sexualization of young American girls, which really seemed to have taken off back when Madonna rolled around the MTV stage a couple of decades ago. Thank goodness my daughter’s an adult now, and thank goodness she had the sense to not go out all tarted up all those years she was following Britney’s career.

      • Silv

        oops, I mean “dancing here..”

      • Jordan

        Excuse me. I am 14 and NO ONE at my school dresses like that and my school is not the best of schools. She is acting like a hooker and she is supposed to be a role model. So right on to the people who agree with me and boo to the people that think she is just “growing” up. I surely am not dressing like that we I become her age. Thank you.

      • Jennifer

        Oh please! No one dresses like that at my high school or the nearby middle school. I know the pole was there for balance, but anyway the ice cream cart was useless. Couldn’t they come up with something more appropriate, like her getting on a surfboard (since it IS the Teen Choice Awards) and her dancers lifting it up while she sings?

      • Voice of reason

        You people are crazy. “I’m 14 and nobody dresses like that at my school” thats because you are in middle school. People that are Miley’s age go to high school and I am yet to see a single high school where preppy teen girls aren’t dressing like that. She isn’t disney anymore and she is a typical girl. Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she is a role model either. Thats how we got here in the first place. People idolizing celebrities to the point that anyone like her comes along and she has to be a role model. Also, you call THAT pole dancing? Bending your knees while holding on to something for balance? At my high school we don’t live in a fantasy world of “I’m 14 and nobody does that here”. Go to a high school dance that isn’t the prom or homecoming. You will see tons of girls “dirty dancing” etc. etc. so stop giving miley hell just because she is famous. Also, if your kid is saying “daddy how come hannah montanah is wearing short shorts” they are probably young enough where the word teen doesn’t apply to them therefore teen choice awards shouldn’t be something they are interested in. Just like when miley had those photos surface of her. The only people freaking out were the over protective republican parents that have never seen an average teen girl’s myspace profile.

      • Jessica

        Isn’t it pretty obvious that this behavior transpires in school dances with 13 and 14 year olds because people like Miley Cyrus set the example for them? There’s always cause and effect in society; people who are supposed to be role models like Miley Cyrus are the cause and the effect is what you see in the school gym. If there were better role models in the media we wouldn’t have preteens being nasty in the gym. Unfortunately we have immature wannabes like Miley Cyrus. And that whole excuse that she doesn’t want to be a role model is bull–being famous comes with a responsibility, especially when you start off on Disney, so even if she’s sick of being a role model she has to suck it up until she can find a more appropriate way of breaking out into the adult world. And PS to “voice of reason” I haven’t been in high school for about four years but unless things have changed I’m pretty sure being a myspace whore does not give you a good reputation and only idiots think that it’s actually cool to act like a slut in the school gym or on the internet.

    • jake

      all i seen was she is holding on to the pole and then went down and did a mj move you people and your roomers

      • Alex

        Roomers? i seen? Wow you’re smart.

      • mckenzie

        what mj move did she make?

      • Richie

        Seriosly shes sick pole dancing shes 17 and putting her tight close and her v-giny on a pole thats just shocking

    • Cheryl Slack

      omfg!!! SHE IS NOT A SLUT!! and i bet no one that’s criticizing her has read her book Miles To Go. well i have and there’s a chapter about people like you who think you have the right to be mean to her even tho u dnt know her. It hurts her really badly and in her book she explains that and shes just trying to grow up and just because shes famous does not mean that shes a role model if you don’t like her than LEAVE HER ALONE U DIP SHITS!!! honestly i think its kinda funny how u waste ur breath talking about her! dont u have anything better to do than sit around and trash ppl u kno absolutely NOTHING about?! seriously get a life u douche bags…

  • brandy

    she’ll be shaving her head in no time…

    • Maryann

      hahaha yeah!

  • Leslie

    ISn’t she only 16?? She looks like she’s 25. The new Britney Spears, with future trainwreck written all over her.

    • Emma

      Trainwreck written all over her, you dont have the right to determen what poeples lifes are going to turn out like. Fact (shes 17 and has a great chance in life so shes takeing it!) Leslie !

  • Lynny

    Who thought this was a good idea? Seriously? At least when Britney busted out the stripper act, it was at the MTV awards and she was slightly older. Ugh- now I have to explain this to my kiddo. Fun.

    • Deborah

      I know! Either someone’s having a laugh, or this was calculated to cause controversy (and thereby keep Miley in the headlines, as usual). The dancing itself wasn’t that awful, but the outfit, and the sign on the cart – “Miley’s icecream” – good god. They can’t claim ignorance over the implications of that. She’s 16, which is legal in most parts of the world, so I don’t care about what she does in her free time. But her public persona is inseparably associated with Disney right now, and this is not the image Disney stars should be portraying to their young audience.

  • dave

    This is so wrong. What the f*** is wrong with this girl, and what is wrong with her parents that they would approve of this? Miley’s fanbase is significantly comprised of young girls. Miley is a terrible role model for them. This is far worse than anything Britney Spears ever did. Why? Because Britney Spears was not necessarily trying to be a role model for young, impressionable girls. When Britney first hit it big (age 16), she did not have a Disney Channel TV show. She was just making hit music. She had no ties to the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or any other kid-oriented company. It was not exactly her fault that young girls liked her. That was an issue of parenting, where if parents didn’t like her, they shouldn’t have exposed their daughters to her. Britney was not the face of the Disney Channel. But Miley is different because of Hannah Montana. She is the biggest star on the Disney Channel. If you’re going to have a show on Disney (a channel which has a generally young fanbase), then you better present yourself appropriately. And Miley Cyrus does not present herself appropriately. I understand she’s growing up, but as long as she’s associated with Hannah Montana and the Disney Channel, she should not be acting like this. This girls needs to take some responsibility for herself and stop acting like an idiot.

    • Vince

      Dave – Did you ever hear of the Mickey Mouse Club? Britney was on it, and yes it was on The Disney Channel. I doubt Miley Cyrus does her own coreography.. Its the money hungry people backing her who are exploiting her.. I agree its in bad taste however there are plenty of cable channels showing worse every day that kids can easily watch.. And 16 year old girls have been dressing and acting above there years for a long time now. Parents turn a blind eye until something bad happens or a hormone enraged 16 year old boy makes an inapropriate comment or gesture. Then they want to point fingers and lay blame on Miley or Britney, when the blame lies soley on them.. Watch your kids watch TV once in a while you might understand them better.

      • dave

        Vince, I know Britney was on The Mickey Mouse Club. But when Britney hit it big, she was no longer on the Disney Channel and had no ties to the Disney Channel. She was on The MMC when she was like 12 years old, several years before she became a huge pop star. That’s the difference I was trying to point out between her and Miley. And I totally agree with you that parents should censor what their kids watch. The blame is on the parents, as I stated in my previous post. But my point was that Miley is still on the Disney Channel and is still making new episodes of Hannah Montana. Even though she is growing up and may want to change her image, she puts herself in a role model position (although I don’t think she is one) by continuing with Hannah Montana and Disney, and if she’s going to do that, then she should act responsibly and appropriately. Shame on her, shame on her parents, and shame on her managers.

    • sonja

      Britney absolutely went after the teen and tween market. Do you not remember the declarations of virginity, even when she was shacking up with JT. Miley said that Brit was her idol, and she’s heading down the same path, and her parents are cheering her on. Very nauseating.

    • Alex

      Agree fully, nothing more needs said really.


      i dont like you =^(


        idont like you dave person =^(

    • astro

      hey, you have a good argument; i like it.

  • me

    Isn’t Miley Cyrus the president of Future Strippers of America? More proof positive of the American sexualization of young girls. At this rate, Dateline: To Catch a Predator will never go off the air.

    • ziggy

      omg, you’re so right. how sad for girls and women everywhere.



  • andrea

    Miley is such a whore. I hate her.

    • Nichole

      When is it ever appropriate to refer to a 16 year old as a s%$*? You should know better.

      • me

        When she is one!

      • Daniel

        When she is a whore

      • Ashli

        I don’t know how old Andrea is but I’m Miley’s age and I feel perfectly comfortable calling her a whore. She dresses like one and dances like one and is teaching younger girls to act like one too when she goes up there in front of millions of impressionable preteens. Especially in that wardrobe (first a tiny miniskirt, then a seethrough white shirt with a black bra underneath when backstage, then those tiny shorts and shirt where you could clearly see her bra AGAIN, then in a much too low cut dress). I especially feel bad for her younger sister, who is already learning that it is OK to dress and act like that, which you can tell by the way she also danced around a pole at a nightclub with her friends (and that wasn’t on top of an ice cream cart). And it’s even worse that her stand by and applaud Miley while acting like that.


      i dont like you either andrea =^(

    • Wow

      You don’t even know her and you have an opinion and hatred towrads her??? Wow that is called being an idiot moran and much more! You don’t know her do leave her alone what I’d it was random person talking about how your a whore and how they hate you u wouldn’t like it so shut up

  • Caledonia

    I don’t care what she’s wearing or how she’s coreographed; I really just wish she would stop singing.



      • Rachel

        I agree, as well. She makes money by the video shown above… Not off her vocal skills.


        shes AMAZING theresa

    • Katie R.

      OMG! I was waiting for someone to comment on the singing. That was probably one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen. Can’t sing, Can’t act.

      • ash

        thank god i am also so happy that some body siad something absoput her siang it just terrible i know right

    • teacher

      I completely agree about the singing! Some girls at the school where I teach sang “The Climb” at their graduation and sounded way better than she does.

      • girlygirle

        i think she can sing she just can’t dance

    • me

      Can ANY of you spell?Choreo!!!!!!!!!

    • iwashere

      Lmao i know

  • LisaMama

    My nieces, ages 10 and 8, stayed with me for a week recently. They used to be huge Miley/Hannah fans. i nearly wept for joy when my 10 year old niece said to me “I don’t like her anymore. She’s not very talented.” Whew! Crisis averted!

    • Theresa


    • Raj

      Smart kids – knew to get away before the train wreck

    • WayBeyondSoccerMom

      My daughter said the same thing. The Miley posters are now off the wall, replaced with Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. And, bonus, my 12 year old daughter is over the Jonas Brothers, too!

      • girlygirle

        i so think your kid is great. i am 10 and i think miley is a slut and the joe bros are overated and i so agree w/u

      • sk8terchick

        Ur daughter is a smart kid. I’m 16 and I used to look up to Miley when Hannah Montana came out. But now I can’t stand her. I was glad when my 10 year old cousin said that she didn’t like Hannah Montana, that was one less family member I don’t have to worry about getting out of the Miley syndrome. And Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are great role models. You don’t see them dancing around a pole just to get attention. And what Selena wore last night was very age appropriate and she looked gorgeous. Unlike Miley who looked like trash.

      • sk8terchick

        Oh and I just got over the jonas bros too. They r soooo overrated.

      • ABRIL CRUZ


      • Joan

        Oh yeah? I have a question, SoccerMom. Did you Taylor Swift’s dress was shorter than Miley’s? So short her underwear clearly showed! And do you want your little daughter throwing food at people? Because that’s what your precious Taylor Swift did!

    • MLD

      Brilliant when the KIDS know she sucks

    • Joan

      Taylor Swift’s dress at a concert was even shorter than this one. And she’s the one who throws food at chefs in restaurants!

  • caitisully

    Man. I guess it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, not that that’s any consolation. She should know better. All these kids love her. What a shame. She really had -even has- a chance to be an amazing role model. I hope she doesn’t blow it.

  • Shay

    Yeah, the way people are blowing up about this I expected it to be WAAAAAYY worse. Not that I approve, but I have seen way worse at dance recitals for kids about the same age.

    • sara

      I hate to say it, but yeah, I’ve also seen way worse at dance competitions in dances that were in the 13-14 division. I’ve also seen dances that were disqualified for age inappropriateness and fortunately, this doesn’t come close to those. Still think that as a role model, Miley should tone down the sex until she’s older.

      • Sexism

        Why does she have to be sexy at all?


        WHAT!!!!!!!!!!what do you mean “tone down the sex”?!?!?!WHAT SEX?!?!?!

    • emma

      yeah, just look at cheerleaders…

      • ash

        hey whats wrong wit cheerleaders i am onne and i dont even look limke a ho slut hokker and a ugly littlr tram stamp like that girl miley

      • sam

        Wow, ash. I think that maybe you should stop worrying about cheerleading and maybe attend an english and spelling class or two. That is just sad.

      • Laura

        Ha, Sam I completely Agree. Ash, I believe u just like proved the cheerleader sterotype like totally correct!!!

  • Look…

    I’m no miley fan, but i wouldn’t exactly call that pole dancing. it’s not like she was doing a spread eagle while twirling around upside down or anything, and in fact, hardly even danced around the pole. it seemed to be there more as a stability feature for when they wheeled her around on that cart. but i must say, her choice of attire is a bit much with the hot pants and all, so she should definitely tone it down on all fronts.

    • rosie

      well she wasnt dancing on a lolipop stick

      • Lindsey

        it doesnt matter what she was dancing on people would still make a big deal out of this! it was there for her to hold!!! and whats funny is there are KIDS on here talking about how she is a “slut” what little kid should be using that type of language obviously they have been exposed to it by some one they are close to… how about every one just gets off of mileys back she is doing what adults are telling her to. if you have a problem talk about the people influencing her not her!

  • DL

    Who would’ve thought that the scene at the end of Little Miss Sunshine would be so prescient?

  • Snarf

    She and Vanessa Hudgens should compare notes….

    • sara

      V. Hudgens is 20 or 21, I think she has more of a right to be sexy than a 16-year-old! Miley is 16 going on 30…her stalker will have more reason now to stalk her with her flaunting herself like this…that’s scary, doesn’t she realize that?!

      • Your all idiots

        You should realize itz none of your buisness get the f#@* over it…PEACE LOVER ;)

    • Emma

      Thats not fair Snarf person and Sara person because 1 Miley did not take bad pics of herself and send them to Zac did she (Oh and thats a fact!) Ha

      • carly

        uh emma not trying to be rude but i agree with sara and she is supposed to be a role model for five through eight year olds.

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