'Jon and Kate' is coming back. Yay?

jon-and-kate_lJon and Kate Plus Eight returns from hiatus next week — gee, it hardly feels like it’s been gone! — and TLC’s president promised TV critics that the network “will continue to capture this family’s journey in a sincere and sensitive way.” Which is not particularly how I’d describe the show in the past, but let’s go with it. “As far as new people and places that may be cycling into Jon and Kate’s lives, we’re taking it on a case-by-case basis.” Also, no more couch.J&K+8 is in a weird, Hills-style media moment right now: Viewers are tuning as a supplement to their knowledge of these people. We’re almost more interested in how the show will cover (or not) certain events rather than seeing those events transpire. Will Jon go on a date? Will Kate spank one of the kids? We already know both of those things happened — what we don’t know is if TLC will show it.

A lot of us are going into Jon and Kate fatigue, and I wonder how sustainable that just-to-see-if-they-show-it kind of viewing is. That said, I’m curious how the show will play now that Jon has so mightily destroyed every shred of sympathy anyone ever had for him. I used to feel bad watching him get berated on the Couch Of Our Discontent. Now I think someone needs to put him in his place — or at least out of those wretched Ed Hardy clothes.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Will you still be watching Jon and Kate? How do you want to see the family depicted, given what we know from non-show outlets?


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  • Officer Farva

    Jon deserves all the fun he can get while his 15 minutes are winding down, just for being married to such an abusive mean-spirited control freak. GO for it Jon! Grab all you can get and enjoy life and pleasant female companionship for a change.



    • Tina

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    • john

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  • S

    Officer Farva – I disagree. Kate needed to be the control freak because clearly Jon was the 9th child in the family.

    • Ms Rockie

      I agree with Officer Farva. He needed a break. I think I watched her slap him on the face one too many times.

      • Raj

        Needed a break from WHAT – the intense and real pressures of trying to provide for the family – ugh – don’t forget people it was HIS DECISION to marry her – if you don’t check things out before the marriage stage – and need to take a break – GIVE ME A BREAK – this is truly disgusting mentality to take about marriage and family – what next – a fling on the side with some hot babe – oh yeah sorry – been there and done that already – get off the TV – and TLC stop the exploitation

      • Carol Telford

        Jon should not put up with Kates sarcastic mouth anymore. I don’t know who she thinks she is but I would love for him to put her in her place.

    • hen

      totally agree. god, he was so immature and quite frankly, having a mid life crisis at 30-something is just asinine and self indulgent. he needs to grow up.

    • robinepowell

      S: I agree with you 100%. Remember when they took the kids to the new house and Kate was standing in their bedroom trying to explain to the kids it was off limits. Meanwhile Jon was wondering off exploring (as if he hadn’t seen the house already) and Kate got mad because she was the only one laying down the rules.

      Can you really blame her for being so bossy with Jon? Beside the fact he knew what he was getting into when he married her.

    • Jennifer

      I couldn’t agree more. This was clearly a case of blame the evil woman.

      • Pastancheese

        I agree. Mean, mean Mommy. Someone has to be the grownup and Jon didn’t want to do it, making Kate look even meaner. If it were up to Jon, the kids probably wouldn’t have made it beyond the first year.

    • Sharlin

      I agree. I am Team Kate all the way.

  • Moxie

    If Jon acted as immature DURING the marriage as he has since they’ve separated, it’s no wonder to me that Kate “treated” him the way she did. If she didn’t keep that household under control, he sure wasn’t going to step up and do it. And it would have been complete and utter chaos.

    • KJ

      So true Moxie & S…I agree completely! I used to feel sorry for Jon at times but it is clear to me now that the only reason Kate had to act that way was because of Jon’s immaturity and lack of responsibility. He is acting like a real jerk and setting a horrible example for those poor children-it makes me sick!

  • Austin Rob

    I can’t believe people actually watch this. They look totally uninteresting. I’ve never watched the show & never ever will. It’s amazing the attention they get – I don’t see the appeal at all. Yawn!!!

    • dixie

      Totally agree-who are they and why would you abuse your children like this!!!!!!

      • Jennifer

        Please Dixie.
        Calling this abuse is very disrespectful to those children who really suffer with abuse in thier lives.
        Shame on you.

  • JenCar

    I love the “I can’t believe people watch/read/go to…” comments. Mean while that person took the time to read the article and comment on it. Makes no sense to me.

    • anna

      i always wonder that too, my assumption is that they are just extra bored at work, but really, they should be able to find something to read that’s not about jon and kate…

      • Raj

        actually I’m really bored at home …… nothing good on the tv…..waiting for the return of Jon, Kate , girlfrind one, fling two and eight kids who are really going to need therapy…….

  • Officer Farva

    TO all the Jon haters, you are in denial about reality, if Jon had acted even remotely like Kate, you would be screaming spousal abuse. Kate was abusive, period. Kate is estranged from her family and has no friends except for a bodyguard, who is paid to put up with her. She is very unlikeable and unreasonable, to the point that she makes the show unwatcheable. Jon deserves the fun he is getting. Kate was NOT a good and loving and supportive wife, I repeat, she was abusive.

    • Kate

      TWoG much?

      • Officer Farva

        I’m not really into The World of Golf.

      • Kate

        That was actually pretty funny, Farva.

    • huh

      And exactly how much time did you spend in their home observing their marriage? Oh, none? Well then you certainly don’t know if she was a good or supportive wife. Chill out…you’re not an expert here, just another viewer…you have opinions there not facts.



    • rose

      I think Kate acted the way she did because jon is a real piece of work. Had she not been so hard I think the kids would have turned into wild animals. As you can see they are very well behaved and I believe it was because Kate did such an awesome job. If I lived next to Kate I would be honored to be friends with her. I hope someday, someway I get the chance to meet her in person. YOU GO KATE….. The kids look happy, healthy, and very LOVED… thanks to KATE.

    • NCP

      The same Jon who was fired from his job for goofing around and stealing when he knew he had 8 kids to support? The same Jon who was more than happy to let Kate make the major decisions? This guy deserves to have fun? I think all he’s ever done is want to have fun, and then whine and bolt when he has to act like a grown man. Yeah, he’s great.

      • klav41

        Right on NCP.Im in total accord with your thoughts on this subject.I must say ALL Viewers thoughts are welcome in forums such as this .even the ones we disagree with… It’s a free world for the most part :P

  • Tiffany

    I used to be on team Jon, but I have a sneaking suspicion that poor Kate knew about his cheating, childish ways all along, and had to keep her under-contract mouth shut for the show! Which would explain why she treated him like a punk. Oh well…plenty of families are worse off so who cares.

    • steve

      You sound bitter… Been dumped lately? Got issues?

  • Austin Rob

    Does not change the fact that I don’t and never will watch the show…running across these articles (since they’re everywhere) is a different thing altogether. You probably don’t get that either. And that matters soooo much to me – thx 4 ur input. I was hoping you would reply.

    • Raj

      Slow news day….

  • minusTLC

    The show is going to be more bullsh*t to cover up what a-holes they really are in exploiting their children.

  • Snarf

    Be curious to see if that 22 year old famewhore Jon’s been “dating” makes it on the show somehow, or even more interesting to see what happens if she DOESN’T (“You mean I slept with you for NOTHING??!”)

    • Raj

      It’s not nothing – she got magazine and tabloid coverage – hey I’m on the cover of a magazine….

  • Bella

    Never watched it before, won’t watch it now, but I am soooooo sick of hearing about poor john & kate. It’s the children that everyone should be concerned with. They are only pawns in the game.

  • nonny

    i will read recaps. but i won’t watch. unless i’m bored at that time.

  • Rick

    I’m just sick of the whole thing. Both Jon and Kate talk about how they are putting the children first, but they are both acting less mature that the kids. Their only means of support now are these kids. They are given EVERYTHING and want more, all because they have eight kids. How do I interpret “putting the kids first”? – They both realize that they have to keep this show going are they might have to get REAL jobs and earn a living, and the show all depends on the kids.

  • jon

    To be honest I think Jon held back because of the TV cameras, because he didn’t want to “look bad” on TV. Kate, being more extroverted obviously never had that problem. The few times Jon would talk back at Kate he looked very uncomfortable.

    • Raj

      More like held back because of $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

  • Blessings

    For “Reality Show Fame” – J & K got what they deserve a legion of hates and commentors on their every move – life’s a bitch isn’t it for the celebrities that they think they are. Too bad for the kids – maybe the money will go towards their therapy

    • Raj

      so do therapists do bulk discounts – buy one therapy session – get one free or at least 1/2 off….. still bored…..

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