Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': 'The Final Rose' and 'After the Final Rose'

6a00d8341bf6c153ef011571294653970c-800wi I knew everything was going to be alright when the bird crapped on my shoulder the day before the proposal. But let's back up a bit. We flew from Maui to Kona for the final leg of this journey. Jillian had narrowed it down to her final two, Ed and Kiptyn. Despite the emotional breakup with Reid, Jillian was feeling pretty good about the situation. Now I don't want to bore you by going back over all the details of this episode, so I'm going to give you my opinion of what went down and why. I know it might sound weird but Jillian had love for each of these guys. If life and love was purely about a physical attraction Kiptyn would've easily been the one. That's not to say they didn't have an emotional connection too, but Jillian didn't see growing old with him and that was big for her. While Ed was dancing around Hawaii in shorts that wouldn't fit my 7-year-old and Kiptyn was flexing his abs, Reid was desperately trying to get a hold of producers. As you heard him say on the Final Rose special, he felt there was something still there between he and Jillian, and he was willing to go all the way to prove it. I have to give the guy credit — this was a bold, brave move. As you could clearly see by the look on her face, Jill had absolutely no idea Reid was coming back.

Allowing Reid to come back was a very tough decision for us to make. This final day is always an emotional roller coaster for all of us. After a long haul, Jillian had mentally prepared herself to break up with Kiptyn and choose Ed. Throwing Reid back into the equation was very risky. We had no idea how Jillian would react and what this would do to her final decision. We were all really flying by the seat of our pants on this one. We knew that both Kiptyn and Ed had rings and were prepared to get down on one knee, and as far as TV goes that was more than enough to successfully wrap up this season. But just like you saw, we also felt there was just something there between Jill and Reid, and had time not been a factor there's no way she would have let him go in Maui. When I saw Jillian's reaction when Reid walked out on that platform, our suspicions were confirmed. She still had serious feelings for this guy. What followed was about an hour of emotion and confusion. Hard to believe after this many seasons we could possibly run into a situation we've never dealt with before, but that's the beauty of this show: we always do.

If you ask Jillian about that final day and Reid coming back she'll tell you it was always Ed all the way. I understand her position and if I was engaged to somebody else I would probably paint the same picture. I don't doubt for a second that Jillian loves Ed and I know that was what she wanted the moment she woke up that morning. But I also know that there was serious temptation when Reid came back and that temptation did lead to a moment of doubt. Luckily Jillian had the poise to walk away and try and collect her thoughts. That's when I asked the producers if I could go talk to her. Jillian and I have become very good friends over the last year and at that moment she needed a friend to talk to, somebody that wasn't going to manipulate or lead her in a certain direction, just somebody that would listen and let her lead herself back where she always wanted to be and that was with Ed.

I received more than a few Twitters asking why I was in the Ed camp — insinuating that I pushed Jillian in that direction. First of all, let me say I wasn't in anybody's camp. I told Jillian once she narrowed it down to the final three she really couldn't go wrong. All three guys were good men and a good fit for her in their own way. That's what made this one of the toughest decisions I've seen a Bachelorette ever have to make. Obviously my talk with Jillian was much longer and more involved than what we were able to show you on TV. I talked with her for probably ten minutes before she arrived at the decision to let Reid go again. Something you didn't see that made me laugh, and feel old, was when we were done Jillian said I reminded her of her dad. I told her her dad must be a smart man and I would take that as a compliment. Jillian knew in her heart what she wanted to do. She just needed a friend there to help her work through her emotions and figure it out. I was happy to be that friend. If she had sat down and told me that Reid was the man she loved and wanted to be with, that would have been fine by me as well, but that's not what she wanted. If you ask me to be honest about it, I have to admit for a moment there I really thought she was going to take Reid back. I'll be interested to hear your opinion of what Reid pulled.

Because Reid coming back took so long, by the time he left the sun was setting over the ocean and it was getting dark. We really didn't think we were going to be able to make it. Once Ed showed up everything was perfect. The sun was setting and you could tell it was right. When you see them together, and I have several times, they are really perfect together. I had many people say they couldn't believe she dumped Kiptyn or Reid and they actually seemed mad about it. This I truly understand. If you think she was going to pick somebody else that's one thing. If you personally would've picked somebody else, I get that too. But what I don't understand is how you could possibly question what's in Jillian's heart. How you could possibly question a woman who's happily in love with a man? Ultimately, this is her life, her heart, and she's the one that made a decision that will affect her life forever. I think she and Ed are great together and I couldn't be happier for the both of them. In the following days I know I'll be asked if I think this will last. If I could tell you that I'd put a future bet on who's going to win next year's Super Bowl. All I can tell you is what I see and that is two people who love each other very much and really want to make this work. Two people who are willing to put in the time and effort to make this work. That's all you can ask for and expect at this point.

As I said, I knew there was going to be a beautiful ending the day before the proposal. The afternoon before, I was at lunch with some folks from the show. We were talking about how the next day was going to play out when Bam! A bird crapped all over my shirt. The first thing people started telling me was that's great, that's very good luck. Funny how when bad things happen like rain on your wedding day we tell people it's good luck. I gotta be honest. I didn't see the luck in getting pooped on. I just felt like I needed to go shower and change my shirt. But if that's what it took for Jillian to find true love, I was happy to do my part. The bird certainly seemed happy to do its part.

Shooting on the islands of Hawaii was a privilege, and the resort we stayed at and shot at was the Fairmont Orchid in Kona. This is one of my new favorite places in the world. I would like to thank them for their hospitality. It was funny, the day of the proposal my wife and I walked over to Jillian's suite, which was next door to ours. We walked in to find three people trying to help Jill zip up her dress. My wife quickly jumped in. So now there's four people all around Jillian, who's now laughing, trying to get her in her dress. Kind of sums up Jill and her attitude. She has such a great personality. It made it a real joy to work with her this season.

We have still not picked our next bachelor. Tell me who you think it should be. Is there someone from this show you love or should we pick a new face all together? Overall I thought this was a very good season. I'm proud of Jillian and happy the way it all turned out. In the end, this was a Bilbro lovin', mango mango lookin', bad country croonin' season of the Bachelorette. I'd like to truly thank you for watching and supporting us and once again making this show tops on TV. For everyone who's been a part of this one…I'm Chris Harrison… Good Night!

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    • leo

      Nope I disagree though Jill won’t say it. She wanted Reid and was most attached to him and Ed throughout the show (and early on I would add Wes to that list). I think she looked at Kip as the perfect guy but to me he defaulted in the second position only because Jill was very afraid that Reid wasn’t going to be there for her in the end. Choosing Kip over Reid was actually choosing Ed, by taking out the other man she loved and focusing mainly on Ed from that point (the one who she KNEW would commit).
      Things would have been very different I think if he HAD said I love you in Maui. But he didn’t and he’ll learn from it (hopefully)

      SO, she’s chosen Ed and he’s great guy, and Reid has to learn to accept it. But he has every right to have felt that she and he had a very strong connection that was powerful enough to bring him back.

      • silly

        I totally agree with you! You put it into words perfectly.

    • Michelle

      Thanks for a great blog! Would love to see Jake as the next bachelor. He would be the first pilot and first “Mr. Perfect”. It would be fun to see who gets the final rose.

      • Jaclyn

        I agree, JAKE!!!!! he is gorgeous, and sweet and seems intelligent!!! Then can I be one of the bachelorettes?

      • Kathleen

        I personally think Jake would be a terrible choice. He gets so emotionally involved with everything and even though he seems like such a wonderful person and is smart and sexy, i think he would have a horrible time with breaking girls hearts.

    • Jennifer

      I wish that the producers would show more of the guys and Jill just relaxing and chatting instead of constantly professing their feelings. I mean, it’s good to hear that stuff too, but it ends up being the SAME STUFF OVER AND OVER WEEK AFTER WEEK and it gets boring. I liked seeing Ed and Jill on ATFR, just relaxing and chatting, and being themselves. During the actual episodes, everything seems so forced.

      • Janny

        I agree– I get sick of seeing the perfectly lit shots with the right camera angle. It does seem forced and out of nowhere to always here this big profession of love. I like to see the real suff. My fav. part of every season is the very end where they show the outtakes, the funny stuff and the stories about what really happened. It’s kind of cheating to call it reality tv if it’s going to be this staged. I don’t care if we see from the beginning who they are attracted to and it gives the end away. I think we’d rather see that connection grow than to only have it revealed at the end and then they’re gone. I’d like to see the journey in the year after the final rose to see them live in the real world.

      • mary

        I have to agree. I tried to think what normal people talk about on a date; that needs to be their focus, not “are you here for the right reason” and “I need to know how you feel about me”. Relax and be real! p.s. Chris, you are the greatest!

      • suzyq

        Jennifer nailed it. STOP with the professing of feelings over & over. Show their actual conversations, that would make the show so much more real. Like Chris’ blog makes him so much more real and funny!

    • Cougar

      Reid was pretty boring to watch all the way through. He just did an interview and even referenced how he figured out he’d like to spend more time with Jillian, BUT he can’t say he would have ended up getting married. So here’s the thing with Reid..he has no desire to get married and the show would be another bomb season like the previous people who picked no one. Jake and Michael do want to get married a.s.a.p so they would be great Bachelor prospects.

    • Marci

      Jillian is the best Bachelorette ever! She has such class and respects herself. I thought Kyptin and Reid were also good choices, but she and Ed had a great connection from the beginning and it lasted all the way through. His return after leaving showed that he truly loves her. Best of luck to both. As for the next Bachelor, I think Kyptin should be the one chosen as he, too, has a lot to offer. Reid is wonderful, but still is not comfortable with his emotions. Maybe later.

      • nancy

        Marci, what show were you watching? You think Jillian has class and respects herself? She spent 3 nights with three different men, constantly says the “F” word, and kisses and wraps her legs around all the guys, well I guess your idea of respect and class is a lot different than most people.

    • CJ

      Marci- I disagree that Reid is vindictive.. HURT maybe. And there were things that happened that we didn’t see.. Jillian led these guys on right up to the end..she made each one think they were IT ! That’s show biz!

  • BringBackReid

    Reid should be the next Bachelor! This is the first time I’ve commented on your blog (or any blog), but I had tears in my eyes watching him on ATFR and feeling his pain. He needs to find a great woman who will help him continue to come out of his shell and wring all the joy out of his life that he can.

    • Susan

      OH YES REID!!! and don’t change at all Mr. Reid, you are fantastic just as you are. Your pausing before answering questions doesn’t make you indecisive, it makes you smart. I can’t wait to see you as the next bachelor and I can’t wait for Jill to kick her butt :))

  • Kristen

    I’m all for Kip as the next Bachelor. He’s seriously classy–and not too difficult to look at, either. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, whatever you do, DO NOT have Jake as the next Bachelor! Much too fake (at least, that’s how he comes across!) for me!

  • Carly

    Kiptyn for the next Bachelor!

    • kt

      Agree, Kip!

  • Ashley

    I think Jillian is a true sweetheart. She’s the reason I watched this season so faithfully, really hoping that she would find love. She and Ed were so cute together on tonight’s show. It’s obvious they are crazy about each other and really trying to make this work. I wish them luck. And if it turns out this doesn’t work out for them, I hope they’ve both learn something they can take with them in life. I enjoyed watching the journey.

    • laura

      me too – best series of ‘ette yet. I loved Jillian. She was infectiously joyful and smart and so cute. I understood why she picked ed – esecially after scenes of his little drunken night came out – that was hilarious. I hope they last. Reid is sooo attractive – vulnerable, subtle wit (and loved his cptn stubbing shoes) but you have to admt it was funny even when he came back he had a hard time really expressing himself – he went to all that trouble and he still was sort of hemming and hawing. he is darling and sincere and I think really did adore her but why did he have such a hard time expressing it – maybe deep down he felt she wan’t the right fit. lets make him the next bachelor and see if someone is out there that will be his righ fit. K was perfect of course but maybe intimidated her. Ed CERTAINLY doesn’t intimidate her…you know what I’m sayin’

  • Carly

    Actually, Reid wouldn’t be bad either. But, he’s iffy with his feelings. Kip seems like a winner. You can’t trust any new guys. And, please, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t pick Jake. He’d bore us all with his fake opie talk.

    • laura

      Amen! Jake is a nice guy and all but capitol S – snoresville. I love reid but would be ok w/kiptyn.

  • FancastFan

    Meh, it’s getting a little old now that you guys keep bringing back a former player to make him or her the new Bachelor(ette). Keep brinigng in new poeple. This season’s finale (in fact, the entire season) of The Bachelorette can be watched on now.

    • Patti

      I definitely agree! Why keep picking the leftovers from previous bachelors/bachelorettes…..time for something new

      • LeighAnn

        I agree! We need to stop the chain. Who’d it start with? Brad, then Deanna, then Jason, then Jillian…I think 4 in a row is enough. Someone new!

  • Emily

    Michael Stagliano for the next bachelor! Gorgeous, intelligent, kind, hysterical and with the biggest personality of the group.

    • Dee

      Yes!! Stagliano is awesome..he should be the next bachelor..genuine, smart, funny, and a catch! Either him, or bring in someone new, its getting boring to have the rejects as the new bachelor!

      • Eliza

        Yes, please please please have Michael be the next bachelor!!! :)

      • Kathleen

        completely agree. Mike Stag or someone new. Personally i would say we should bring in someone new, someone the viewers dont already know about…someone the viewers can fall in love with all over again instead of someone we already have formed an opinion about, but if they are going the repeat route, definitly mike stag

      • Kate

        I TOTALLY agree that Michael Stag needs to be the next Bachelor…he’s so funny and entertaining. From a TV production point of view I think he’d be the best “tv” – but he’s also a total sweetheart, genuine and down-to-earth. Sometimes I get turned off by these “perfect” schmoozy looking bachelors and end up not watching the season. I would tune in to see Michael for sure!

      • a different Kate

        Please make Michael the next bachelor! I’ve been saying this for weeks! He is genuine and sweet and funny and seems ready for to meet a great girl. The only other acceptable choice would be Reid, if he could get over Jillian fast enough to put his heart through all this again.

    • Felicia

      Can’t be Michael :(

      He’s hooked up with serial dater Holly Durst.

    • Kate

      Mike Stagliano for the next “Bachelor.” He’s not only adorable and has a big heart, but he easily had the biggest personality and would make the most entertaining “Bachelor.”

    • Colleen Stringi

      My husband and I both loved Michael – so sweet and so sincere, not a bit of artifice about him. I’m thinking that the producers should make a special TWIN version of The Bachelor w/ him and his brother – that would absolutley kill in the ratings!

      • Karen

        I agree. I vote Michael and his twin brother for a new spin on the bachelor. At least a new person-Reid and Kypton might be boring.

    • Kristi

      I agree…Michael S. for the next bachelor.

      • Ersula

        I saw in an interview with Jillian that she suggested Michael S. and his twin. I think that would be a great show. They are funny and adorable and the girls would go crazy. It might get confusing of which brother you liked though, as they seem to like switching spots.

    • Cougar

      Michael would be great…add his twin brother..oh my gosh..women would be glued to the TV! Add the cougar factor…an amazing twist not done by ABC yet. Young guys love older girls, and with Michael’s incredible sense of humor and desire to be in a committed relationship, it would be a home run.

    • silly


  • Elisse

    I love Jillian and Ed together, but as usual the show spent too much time on drama and not enough time on the actual love story. Reid irked me for some reason, but I’m glad he said his piece. I didn’t realize Jill was as conflicted as you say. Interesting. The next bachelor should be Jesse. Kip is too boring, Reid is too indecisive and Ed is taken :).

    • Jan Williams

      I’m with you on Jesse too!!!!!!!!!!

      • laura

        jesse, ew. I thought his brother was cute though.

  • Chelle

    Please choose Reid to be the next bachelor, he deserves to find love!!

  • Liz

    I’d love to see Reid as the next Bachelor. He has a very cute personality and look.

  • Suzy

    I can totally understand why Reid wanted to return- he obviously wanted to make sure that he’d told Jillian everything to avoid some huge regrets. I’m not sure his decision to return was totally fair to her- she was obviously v. confused. In the end I was really happy to see Jillian choose Ed. They’re obviously very happy and in love, and they’re able to laugh together which is super important. Plus, I’m a former Chicagoan, and I thought Ed was adorable.

  • Stephen

    Last night’s “Bachelorette” was hilarious. Especially when Jillian says, “Ed better not f*****g disappoint me.” And who can blame her after all that the show’s producers have put her through — ushering in party crashers Jake and Reid. Word of advice to future Bachelorettes: Before you go on the show, have a lawyer on hand to put a restraining order on all the people who don’t get a rose.
    I watch “The Bachelor” and all I see these days are strings and marionettes. For instance, when Ed returned, there was no mention of what happened to his job. Did he leave or cut a deal with his boss? Or did the producers call and offer him a handsome check to quit his job?
    I like Ed more than Krypton, so I like her choice. Oh, poor Ed. So the dude couldn’t dude couldn’t, ahem, “perform” in the fantasy suite? Perhaps that’s because there are, like, 2 camera men and 1 boom mic operator hovering over the bed? (I laugh when they call it a “one-on-one” date.)
    I wish Jillian and Ed all the best.

  • Joann

    DEFINITLY REID for next bachelor. HE certainly deserves it, after getting rejected twice. Plus I think he is awesome. His quick wit, charming ways,& killer smile. will make for a perfect bachelor. not to mention those gorgeous, baby blues.. GO REID Go CHANDLER !!!

    • laura

      I’m with you and so funny that everyone’s calling him chandler!! he’s irresistible.

  • Anne

    Either Reid or Kipton for the next bachelor. And..please find really nice girls with big hearts. They both deserve it.

    • Susan

      Reid or Kip, both are truly genteleman.

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