'True Blood' sex-scene tally just keeps climbing and climbing

http://ewpopwatch.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/trueblood-moyer-paquin_l.jpg?w=240&h=320If you’re keeping score on True Blood sex scenes, make sureto chalk up two  — what’s the family-friendly website term, manualmanipulations? — from last night’s episode. That made for acomparatively low-key offering, considering that so far this seasonwe’ve had raunchy couples, a human escort/meal ordered up from hotelroom service, and at least one orgy. In fact, True Blood’s stars are naked so often, you almost wonder why the show bothers to have a wardrobe department. Okay, maybe that’s a slightexaggeration, but really, the actors on HBO’s fang-banging vampiredramedy have to be comfortable with their bodies, since we’re seeing somuch of them. Series stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, who playSookie Stackhouse and vampire Bill Compton, have the most sex scenes(they accounted for one of last night’s grabfests), and they’re luckythey’re a real-life couple, as it’s gotta make things easier…or atleast seem less like work. (And how about that season-opening coupling?Jaw dropping!)

Ryan Kwanten, who plays Sookie’s brother Jason,was nude so frequently that series creator Alan Ball had to insert aline in the second season explaining how much the character worked out.(Unfortunately, Kwanten told me for my True Blood featurethat’s in this week’s issue of EW, in season 2, “I’ve only been halfnaked once in 10 episodes.”) Nelsan Ellis’ gay drug dealer Lafayette isso wild, his own parents can’t watch. Put it this way, says Ellis: Whenyour dad’s a deacon, “HBO is an island that’s far, far away.” SamTrammell, who plays shape-shifting bar owner Sam Merlotte, also wasafraid he’d offended relatives…sort of. When Trammell arrived at alocation shoot for a season 1 scene that had him running in the buffthrough the woods, he discovered that he was already familiar with thearea. “It’s on state-owned land, but it used to be owned, back in theturn of the century, by a great-great-grandfather,” he says. “I’ve got13 relatives buried there. I ran naked on old family land! And I’m sureevery one of those people turned over in their grave.”

To read more secrets on True Blood — both sexy andsacrilegious — check out my feature in this week’s issue ofEntertainment Weekly, on newsstands now. There’s scoop on the rest ofthe season’s twists and turns, and TB and Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball reveals the surprising and tragic reason why he is so fascinated with death.Alynda Wheat



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  • Erika

    To be honest, this is why I DON’T watch True Blood. Sex is a fun plot device, but to a point! There is a line to what is artistic and what is just raunchy. I admire shows that use sex as a part of character development or story, as with any other plot tool. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I can’t see lauding a show that feels it has to be this graphic to be cutting edge or artistic. I have much more admiration for the shows that sell me on a character I never have to see go full frontal.

  • Adam

    The real question is…when does Jessica get “True Blooded” ;) lol Yes it’s a verb now. I wanna see more Jessica!
    Sookie too ;)

  • Yasser

    I guess you are old fashioned the Erika… the show is perfect as it is…

  • Kate

    A key device with Bill and Sookie’s sex scenes – and why they ARE important to the characters – is the contrast between their “normal” couple stuff (bickering, power struggles, lovey-dovey talk) and the crazy sex that reminds us that we are talking about a human-vampire relationship here. Classic examples: CRAZY graveyard sex followed by romantic scene chatting in bed, Sookie-drinking-her-own-blood sex followed by pedestrian bickering in bed. It’s the contrast that makes it so interesting!

  • missysause@gmail.com

    I love this show I love all the characters and the suspense. I wait all week to see what will happen next!

  • michellesause@yahoo.com

    Love the show love the characters and the suspense I spend all week wondering what will happen and everytime they leave me on the edge of my seat!

    • tariqsaim

      nice see any videos

  • Natalie M.

    In the books the sex scenes are pretty awesome and I was worried that once the show made it to the telly they would get toned down… well needless to say they haven’t and I’m happier than a pig in poo. My Sunday nights are brighter and raunchier and I love it!

  • Tarc

    **rolls eyes** Purtian prudery is so ridiculous.

  • Angie

    It ain’t broke so don’t fix it. the sex just adds to the lust of the show.

  • Jane

    Love Sookie and bill scenes, but sometimes I get weirded out since they’re a couple in real life.

  • Jean

    Erika – you are neither too old fashioned nor a prude – you are female. It’s a fact that women tend to be more titillated by suggestion – the “cut to the port hole” works for us a whole lot of the time. Men tend to be more visual and require more of the visual for stimulation. And – no – I’m not sexist – just a person who’se studied enough about sexual development, psychology and The Male Gaze. The thing about porn is (and not that I’m suggesting this show, which I like, is “porn”) – okay maybe I should say “graphic” sexuality is that – man or woman – you can get numbed to it – and then require more and more graphic representations to be exicted. And that’s exactly why some people get literally “hooked” on porn.
    There’s nothing wrong with those of us who found Rhett Butler’s picking up Scarlet O’Hara and heading upstairs – without actually showing us what went on there – plenty “sexy” as it was. In fact, the thing that may be very “right” with us is our IMAGINATION.

  • Jean

    Follow up: That would make a good bumper sticker –
    The IMAGINATION – why not try leaving something to it?
    Erika – it’s a good legacy. No need for you to apologize or be called a “prude”!

  • javi

    this show has it all sex,orgys ana paquin and the ice man from generation kill also you can’t go wrong with the sex it’s a show for the vampire fannatic and horror fans alike.

  • Chris

    I love the show, and they can push it as far as they like, so long as it makes for a compelling story.
    And gotta love puritan America. “A show about murderous, bloodsucking Vampires, and equally brutal people?Awesome! Hey, Who’s butt is that? Gross, keep the sex outta my ultraviolent fantasy show!”
    I’m puzzled at how America can embrace violence with one hand, and eschew sex with the other. I’d rather see our sensibilities regarding this dichotomy reversed. Admittedly they are often portrayed entwined together. But it wouldn’t surprise if more people watch “Torture porn” movies than actual porn.

    • patrick

      “Puritan America” once burned witches at the stake. Hows that for gore and violence?

      The religious right… is no better or more moral than any other person.

  • RED

    PLEASE!!! TO EACH HIS OWN, I lOVE the show, If you don’t like the in your face sex scenes, don’t watch the show.

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