Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': episode 9

Chris-Harrison-ext_l That's it, I'm now fully corrupted. I hope you're happy with yourselves. As many of you know, it was a big tech leap for me to start blogging last season. Then I took the next step and started tweeting (@chrisbharrison). Now, I have completed the circle…I'm on Facebook. I realize I'm about three years late to this party but hey, at least I arrived. There are a few fake pages but the real one has a bunch of pics and updates. It also has all the blogs from this season so you can go back and catch up, or just read them over and over again. I think my next step will be getting one of these new cordless devices I've been hearing so much about. Apparently you carry it around and you can make phone calls with it, and it's not attached to the wall. Okay, enough of my pathetic technological life. Let's talk business.

I apologize for not being there for you and Jillian last week in Spain. It's good to know that I was missed. Of all the people I really wanted to say “take a moment and say your goodbyes” to, I didn't get the chance. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to do it now. Wes, get your guitar, your hit song (in Chihuahua, Mexico), your Texas sayings (that really give all of us proud Texans a bad name), your girlfriend, and take a moment and say your goodbyes. Not sure about you but I feel better now. I promise I won't leave you hanging again and I'll make sure I get Jillian across the finish line. As I said last week, now that Wes is gone Jillian can get down to the business of finding the man she truly loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with. I met up with Jillian and the boys in Maui, where we spent this week. Kiptyn had the most uneventful date with Jill. I don't mean that in a bad way whatsoever, it's just that the other two dates had a little more content and drama. It always feels very easy between Kip and Jill. They had a blast at the ropes course and then came the fantasy suite card part II. Jillian gave in this time and took him back to the fantasy suite. Let me just say one thing about their relationship that bothers me a little bit. I don't like the fact that Jillian mentions at times that Kiptyn might be out of her league. That's an insecurity Jilli has and it's something she'll have to overcome before this relationship can take that next important step.

After Kiptyn's day, Jillian had her date with Reid. Or, as I like to call it, the great fishing trip. The entire date Jillian found herself fishing for info and confirmation of Reid's true feelings. As great as their relationship was, Jillian was always needing more from Reid and ultimately at this stage that's what Jillian used to make her final decision and send him home. For all the great things this process provides, unlimited time is not one of them. Jillian needed Reid to step up to the plate and he just couldn't do that. And when he left, I think that's something he regretted. My guess is he'll learn from this and never let it happen again. That to me is one of the great aspects of this show that is rarely discussed. I know many men and women who have left this show “unsuccessfully,” but with a much greater sense of who they are and what they want in life and love. Two good friends of mine, Bob Guiney and Andrew Firestone, are great examples of this. I consider both of them great success stories from this show, even though they didn't end up with somebody from their season. One last thing about Reid and Jillian's date: They too ended up in the fantasy suite and in a bubble bath. A huge rookie mistake often made in taking a bubble bath is adding too many bubbles. The perfect amount will give you the romantic bubbles (hiding what you don't want seen) but you can also see the other person on the other side of the tub. Come on! Do I have to teach these people everything? When I write my book someday I'll devote a chapter to proper bubble bath etiquette and technique. I'll talk a little more about Reid's goodbye down below. Up next was the comeback kid, Ed.

As Jillian put it best, Ed gets major points for simply listening to what his girl wants. Flying in his parents meant the world to Jillian. Ed has also been very open with his feelings toward Jillian, not leaving her to wonder or worry. The biggest problem with Ed that I can tell is his choice in wardrobe. I got a call from John McEnroe and Larry Bird and they want their short shorts back. Even though we were in Hawaii, don't get me started on the suit he wore to the rose ceremony. Go back and watch the guys' reactions when Ed walked up — priceless. Jillian called it his ice cream salesman suit. Jillian decided to take Ed back to the fantasy suite and this is where the wheels came off of what was otherwise a perfect day. Jillian and Ed both put so much pressure on themselves and so wanted that moment to be perfect that it was a disaster. Now, with very little time left, Jillian has to find out if that romantic side of their relationship is there like it is with Kiptyn. With Kip there is no effort; it's just there like it should be. Now Jill has to find that with Ed.

I'm extremely happy with the two men Jillian has narrowed this down to. Both Kip and Ed are good men who love her and want the best for her. Now it's all on Jillian to figure out what she's looking for and which guy has those qualities. Reid's exit was by far the toughest to date for Jillian. You got the feeling that had time not been an issue, this could have gone further. As Jillian said during our deliberation, each guy represents something very different she's looking for in life. I think the look of disbelief on Reid's face as he pulled away in the limo said it best. Again, I'm sure he left that day with major regret for not saying what needed to be said.

We have two weeks left in this adventure. Next week will be the "Men Tell All" show that we just shot last weekend. It was by far the best tell-all we've ever had. I didn't expect the guys to be so open and so fired up. It got out of hand in a hurry. There's plenty of talk about David, Juan, Tanner P, Jake, and, of course, Wes. There are also plenty of never-before-seen scenes and bloopers that you all seem to love every season.

I forgot to mention one more huge technological achievement I just realized. This is my first time blogging at 30,000 feet in the air. Congrats! We all became members of the mile high club together. I trust it was as good for you as it was me.

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  • Rayvenne

    Awwwww I wanted Jill and Reid. HEY, a couple weeks ago, there was a preview that had Jillian saying: “The guy who was so difficult to let go gets down on one knee and proposes, and I owe it to myself to consider it”
    So was that a SPLICE job, with different quotes put together out of context, or does that mean Reid comes back? You guys didn’t show that preview snippet tonight so I guess he doesn’t. :(

  • Shel

    Chris, thanks for the blog, congrats on your technological advancement and we’re going to hold you to NEVER leaving us hanging like that again! Very very sad to see Reid leave and he even said he was very surprised. I think he actually thought he had said enough (at the time) & since we know we don’t get to see everything, maybe he did. What was with that long bench scene? I thought she WAS going to change her mind. I wish she had. You may feel everything comes easily with Kiptyn, but I find their relationship lacking, plus – as you mentioned – very disturbing that Jillian always sets him up as “perfect” & fears she may not be good enough for him. I have had favorites before & have lived with disappointment (its just a tv show etc)., but this time – I really have a sense that she may have let the right guy go. Maybe you should point out in one of your heart-to-hearts with her that Kip saying he “sees” himself falling in love is really not much of a declaration either. lol

  • JJ31

    Hey Chris,
    So is Jillian not introducing the guys to her family? I thought that’s the deal. Hometown dates with the guys, fantasy dates, then the final 2 get to meet her fam. Doesn’t seem right to have a proposal without any time with Jillian’s family.
    Anyway, rough show tonight. You do a great job of analyzing the drama, poking some fun at it, and helping us move on. Thanks.

  • Kelly

    Why isn’t Jill taking the guys back to meet her family like they usually do? Jill seems like the kind of person who would really want and value her parents’ and family’s input.

  • Camille

    Chris, I’ve always wondered on these trips, such as Spain and Hawaii this season, what are the guys doing on the days they don’t have dates? Are they trapped in the hotel or do they get to get out? Do they hang out with the other remaining guys or are they just on their own? I’d like some more behind the scenes info. Thanks!

  • Christiene

    Shoot! With the cowboy snake gone, there is no reason to throw things at the tv. There goes my diet! I liked Reid .. way more than Ed (he just gives me that ick thing) and Kiptyn is .. ok. Not bad but not great. She likes his looks (kinda like a pretty boy Mad magazine thing), but I get the impression he’s saying what he thinks he should be saying. Not what’s really going on in his head. Oh well, since my pick is gone … where do I catch the next plane to Philly? lol Thanks Chris, always wondered what the mile high club was! *wink wink* hehehehe

  • Sheila

    I’m really looking forward to next week’s the “Men Tell All” except the part with Jason and Molly. Thank heavens for DVR’s which will allow me to fast forward right past them.

  • sheryl

    Gosh, I was all excited about seeing the “Men Tell All” episode but then I see Jason and Molly are going to be featured on the show. I’m not sure if there is data on this but I’m guessing Jason is right behind Wes in the “eek” department with a lot of females.
    Psst…..Dear ABC producers….I could care less about an update on Jason and Molly.
    Thank goodness there is this technology called a DVR (Chris you should check it out!) so viewers can fast forward thru unimportant parts of the show like Jason and Molly!
    Sorry to see Reid go, I just loved him with Jillian. Her draconian timetable for love may have lost her her soulmate.
    Ed; great guy, sweet, earnest, caring would probably provide her with a comfortable life but sparks might not be in their future.
    Kiptyn; he’s perfectly nice. Good dating material but I don’t think has the attention span for a long term relationship. He strikes me as someone who gets bored easily.

  • leo

    So sad to hear about Reid. I missed the episode – travelling with no internet- but had to check out the 411 at the hotel!
    Reid was the real guy. The one who will make you feel good about yourself and comfortable in your own skin – whether you just had a baby and feel pretty unattractive or whether you’re clutzy or have your little quirks. He’d be smart enough to give you space when you’re really in a mood. He and Jillian had chemistry and I think he’s his own person and is honest to a fault not willing to say something he’s not sure about just to get a rose. The others are not as far along emotionally as he was and honestly she was the closest to him as well so I’m very worried she made the wrong choice because she’s so afraid of being rejected in the end. Reid would never.
    I don’t dislike either of the other two though I have some suspicions about Kiptyn being to passive and Ed maybe hiding something. Some are saying maybe Reid will come back like Ed did. I’m praying so!

  • Susan

    This episode was misleading for me….such a big lead in for the fantasy suite failure… looked like he had fallen asleep, but it was still the evening when they were talking about things not going well…can’t they wait until the morning before they declare the night a failure? And why is she so willing to keep flakey guys around? I like Reid, but think she has concerns she’s not expressing in the interest in being politically correct. Didn’t he say something at the beginning about not knowing what it’s like to wake up to Christmas presents? She said again tonight that “Christmas was really important to her”… they ever consider religion…they don’t ever really discuss it. I wonder if that played into her decision.

  • Kera

    chris harrison you suck balls.
    -You play up this erectile dysfunction scenario all season and then you barely talk about it on here? Shamless, you ABC tool.
    She let the wrong guy go. I think Chris and Ed are secret lovers.

  • michelle

    i was so so sad to watch Reid go, but at the same time i’m happy for him because he deserves a better and more beautiful and more intelligent than Jil. i just feel sad because i won’t see Reid more in upcoming episodes. I just miss only Reid, he is my best pick.

  • rbk

    I’m awfully surprised you didn’t address the interviews (with a local radio station and REALITY STEVE) Wes did. He spilled plenty of how things work behind the scenes on this show and the hatchet edit job he received. That needs a rebuttal, Harrison. And did he actually appear on ‘Men Tell All’?

  • Brian C.

    OK, so I was somewhat vilified last week – mostly by the Canadian politically correct police – for saying that Jillian uses the word “about” too much. Let’s be clear – it’s not because of the accent (which I like, except not on Jill because she’s, well, annoying). She just doesn’t shut up in general, and “about” is her go-to word. Way to perpetuate the stereotype… anyway, here’s tonight’s tally: 58 uses of the word “about” in a 2 hour reality show. Amazing.

  • Kristin

    My concern with Kiptyn is that I notice Jillian is always asking him to kiss her. In tonight’s episode, she must have asked him 5 times on the ropes course. Does he not show her enough affection? Is he not into the relationship as much as she is? Or are his kisses so good that she wants them all the time? Makes me wonder….
    Chris ~ I would also love to know what the guys do when they aren’t on dates – I enjoy the behind the scenes tid bits that you share.

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