'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince': Will you reread it before the film's release?

Half-blood-prince_l I've read all the Harry Potter books. Once. I don't understand the people who are rushing to reread Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince before the July 15 film release. The fact that I haven't read the book since 2005 means that the movie might still have a chance of surprising me. Perhaps I'm so against "the rereading" because I hadn't read any of the series when I went to see the first film, and I ended up enjoying it more than the friends who were already hardcore fans… What's your MO when it comes to preparing for Harry Potter movies? Tell us in the poll below. (And explain in the comments section. There's still time to sway me…)

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  • danielle

    I have already started rereading HP & HBP. I am 11 chapters in, and I guess I just enjoy rereading before each film because it puts me in the HP mood and the frame of mind. Each book has a different mood and tone to it, so I like getting back into that part of the epic tale.

  • KJ

    I am a HUGE HP fan and have re-read the books multiple times. However, I do not re-read the books prior to the release of the movies. After POA I learned that re-reading the book before seeing the movie only sets you up for disappointment because of how many things are left out, changed, etc. Now I just enjoy the movies for their own merits instead of comparing them to the books.

  • Nat

    I always find that while I enjoy re-reading HP generally, whenever I do before a movie I end up focusing too much on what they missed out rather than on enjoying the movie. I might re-read it after though.

  • Rachel K

    I wouldn’t reread it at this point. Because the book is so good the movie will only be a let down this late in the game. I read the whole series over again to prepare, but back in February so I had a buffer before the movie. I know, I know, totally obsessed because I planned the whole thing out. :) If you wanted to prepare you could always reread the fifth book. That sets you up for the sixth movie but doesn’t spoil anything.

  • Lu

    I do not read the books before the movies (and after the last movie- #5, I don’t plan on seeing any more)- but I did used to re-read every book before the next book in the series came out. Kind of the same way before a new season of Lost starts, I re-watch all the previous seasons again on DVD….such a geek!

    • Howard

      Thor is a difficult cocepnt to pull off hence the skepticism. This looks like it is well thought out but we’ll have to wait and see. They seem to be partly going for a “Lord of The Rings” feel to certain norse mythology aspects of the story. I am looking forward to it.

  • Jack Frost

    already did. loads of time.

  • Q

    I do reread them before the movies come out but I usually do it a few months ahead of time. This year I went back to HBP around Easter. Usually a group of my friends does the same thing and then we have some time to guess what will be in, what will be changed and how it will all come together on screen.

  • Melinda65

    I’ve only read the books once, but I have listened to the audiobooks, since that’s how my husband “read” them. I plan on rereading them sometime, but I’ve got so much new stuff to read all the time, planning might be as far as it gets. I wouldn’t specifically reread just because the movie was coming out, though.

  • Elizabeth W

    I’ve already finished rereading (and moved on to rereading the rest of the series…again. I find it difficult to stop once I’ve started). For me, this series gets better (and more intricate) with each read, so I’d rather enjoy rereading the books than seeing the movies anyway.
    But I still can’t wait for HBP.

  • Abby

    I agree with Rachel K…it’s good to have a buffer between when you last read a book and when you see the movie version, or else all you do is nitpick. I didn’t reread the Narnia books before seeing the first movie, and I wound up really enjoying it because it matched my memory of what the first book was like. The movie actually made be go back and reread the entire series, which I hadn’t read since I was a kid. I reread all of the Harry Potter books last summer, so I’ve got a good buffer zone between book six and movie six. I’ve also just finished rewatching the movies in specific preparation for the new one, which is standard operating procedure in my family for movie series.

  • Delia from Detroit

    I don’t read the books or watch the movies anymore, but my husband re-watches every single DVD before a new HP movie comes out. This is a 51-year-old HP fan! He has also read each book at least twice. I have read all the books, too, but a long time ago, and don’t feel the need to sit through all the movies.

  • Stan

    I just finished re-reading it. I am a 41 year old man. J.K. Rowling has given the world a gift. It was my pleasure to enjoy it a second time.

  • Erika

    No. HBP was my least favorite book of the series, so I don’t feel inclined to read it again. I’ll enjoy the Draco development and the Harry/Ginny stuff as I remember it. As far as ‘movies vs. books’, though, I remember hearing a quote once from a director who said that with everything that was brought to life, even if it was a film adaptation of an already popular book, he hoped some creative ingenuity could be used to create something new and unique. ‘What was the point,’ he essentially wondered, ‘of spending lots of money to adapt something that was already perfect in its first form?’ Before I read that, I got irritated with movie adaptations that didn’t stick to the book. After thinking about it, though, I’m willing to accept changes people make so long as they adhere to the integrity of the books. I don’t think any of the HP movies have gotten away from what makes the books special, and I know JK Rowling approves of them, which is good enough for me.

  • marymary

    I started 2009 by re-reading the whole series. It was the first time I read it from beginning to end (since the final book came out). I agree with other posters that each time I read the books I get something different out of them. For example, I did not like HBP very much when it first came out. But reading it with the whole series in order, I really liked it. I am looking forward to the movie, and I try to judge them as two different pieces of entertainment. Movie adaptations are always going to veer away from the original stories, but that is no reason not to enjoy them as well.

  • marymary

    I started 2009 by re-reading the whole series from beginning to end. It took about 5 months in all, because I took my time to really enjoy the books and not rush through them. When it first came out, I did not really like HBP. But re-reading it in the context of the whole series, I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the movie and I look at the movies at a different piece of entertainment then the books. Movie adaptations will always veer away from the original story, but that is no reason not to enjoy them. It’s like hearing two different friends tell a story- there are bound to be changes but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

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