Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 6

Philkeoghan2_dlWow, who knew there could be so many questions about my underwear?Okay, for the record, here’s the deal. Boxers…too much dingle dangle,briefs…too tighty whitey looking. Support is a necessity, looking likea overly tanned European tourist in a Speedo is an absolute no no. Atthe end of the day it’s all about personal preference and whatworks…after spending three days at a nudist resort shooting anepisode aptly named, Nude Awakenings, I am way beyond passing judgmentabout how or where people hang out.

Really good to know so many of you are enjoying the fresh aspects ofthe show. I agree that this has been one of our best seasons yet. Beingable to choose fresh locations and new challenges never seen beforereally helps but of course this cast is really starting to heatup…and it’s only going to get better. Remember that Mat meltdown Itold you about? Well, it’s coming soon.

What’s interesting about doing a show like Race is the reaction people have to the challenges, both the racers and the viewers. Some people wrote to me and said having people run like that in the cold is way too extreme, others felt it wasn’t extreme enough. Everything from — "You could have killed those people" to "Ah, when I was young we used to run backwards ten times as far, on our hands." 

At the end of the day we are simply trying to push people outside their comfort zone, to challenge them. This is something I believe is an essential part of life. I really believe there are way too many people who forget to really live. Why? Because you can…because life is too short to be a spectator…because sometimes it’s okay to do something just for the fun of it and you don’t have to analyze everything to the point of exhaustion. Pushing someone outside their comfort zone is relative. What’s extreme for one person may be quite tame for another…that’s okay. And it’s one of the reasons we don’t pick people who would simply waltz through every challenge. As far as safety goes, as I’ve said before, everything we do is tested and retested, and at the end of the day the most dangerous thing we have people do is get in a taxi cab. Race is about getting people to take mental leaps not having people risk life and limb.

Look at the mental leap the teams took arriving in India. The reaction of Luke and Jamie is quite typical. It is very difficult for some people to suddenly be exposed to the realities of a world that many people simply try to ignore. Naturally there is a feeling of helplessness. One of the great things about the Race is that we are able to show real Americans the world in a way that is seldom seen on primetime television. Usually when you see the world there is a war, a natural disaster, political disruption. On Race we have been able to show the kindness of strangers, provide an insight into a different culture and capture moments of everyday life while driving down an Indian street.

I think Mel is great. I hope that when I’m 68 I have the same sense of humor and passion for life. The connection he has with Mike is very cool to watch. Mike definitely got his comedic timing from his dad.

Maybe some of you might want to be one of the next Amazing Racers … well I’m six days away from heading out across America on a bike, and part of my tour includes casting for the new season of Race. Please check out the route and if you have time sign up to ride a few miles with me. See you soon!

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  • J T

    Yay Phil! You are riding in Omaha, so I will see you then. I signed up at the website for your ride. Very cool.
    Oh, and the shot of you last week in your skivvies was very amusing. I could almost hear all the gasps and shrieks across the country from all the Phil-fans.
    Camels are always comedy gold, too bad they were less utilized this time out. India seems to be a must stop for TAR. There are several teams left that could take the win and I would be happy. Lots left to look forward to this season!
    Thanks for the blog Phil, insider info is always fun…

  • Kelsey

    Phil, how long is it between when the race is actually being filmed , and when we see it on TV?
    Thanks, Kelsey

  • atlanta

    I wish the Race would tell us how far back the last teams arrived. I know they want to make it a horse race on the way to the mat, but when the final team arrives, I’d love to see if they were 2 minutes or 2 hours behind.

  • Liz P

    Great episode – was so worried about Mel, glad he pulled through and, in the end, brains won out over the younger folk’s braun (shoving camel feed in your shirt? Seriously?).
    Couldn’t tell from your MS Ride’s website exactly what your route will be – can you give a link?

  • stevex

    First we see Phil in his skivies, now we get a chance to see him up close, in tight bike shorts? Thank you, Santa!

  • AA

    Phil, why no penalty to those who didn’t use the correct tools to collect the hay for the camels? If they had to take back all the hay they had stacked with their buckets (or at least been given a time penalty), the blondes likely wouldn’t have come in last. Comments?

  • Ken

    I assume the Mat meltdown is what we saw in the previews…since Phil was there and I did see the Mat, it looks like they made it, but Luke’s mom had a real rough go somewhere. I hope she was okay, but that was probably the scariest looking moment since the season 7 jeep roll. Especially for Luke, because if no one else on the Race staff can sign, his main communication means is unavailable and he was probably real scared (beyond it being his mom). It’s definitely turning into one of the most dramatic Races.
    Also, having just rewatched old Races that went through India, I’m touched to see the reaction of these Races as compared to some of the “model” teams that were more prevalent. They really gave “ugly American” a new name. They’re probably lucky their cab driver didn’t decide to kick them out, but he needs the fare to feed his family.

  • MJMN

    Phil, I hope that next week you will comment on whether the contestants had to start over or were penalized for not using the tools they were supposed to use when transporting the camel feed!

  • William

    Awesome to hear of your ride across America. I participated in 3 MS 150 rides from Hosuton to Austin. Too bad your route doesn’t bring you to Texas for the chance for a ride along.
    Loving this season of the race. Keep up the good work and come visit us in Houston some time!

  • ADMS

    Add to something Phil wrote-when I lived/worked in 3rd world countries, I saw the same breakdown in people that some of the racers had. The poverty, the sights, the smells…it’s a lot to handle. And then you see the kids eating trash or trying to sell gum or trinkets on the streets – that’s why TAR goes to India so many times. It’s a total 180 from what we know in the States (and first world)
    Compare that to another season when the racers were in Dakar, Senegal and one of them (in a cab with an English speaking driver) was whining about how they keep breeding and breeding and how poor everything was and how she wanted out of there.
    If I was the cab driver, the trip would have ended there…
    Speaking of which, I remember earlier questions about why cabs always stop for gas during the race – cabbies don’t make that much and when fuel could be $5/gal, if they don’t need it in their tank, they don’t pump it into their tank. Sometimes they pump what they need for the next trip only.

  • Alia

    Ha! Excellent use of the phrase “dingle dangle.” I’m going to try to use that in a sentence sometime today. ;-)
    Great ep this week, too. I didn’t feel too bad for the flight attendants because they got to paint an elephant, which actually looked like a lot of fun!

  • Doug

    Phil, love the blog. It is so great to hear about the race from your perspective! I noticed that all the teams were wearing the same type of ‘puffy’ coats when they started this leg. Do they not have to pack their own coats? After they got to India, did they still have to lug them around for the rest of the race?

  • Katie

    Hi Phil–Just curious why one of the challenges in this episode included dancing for money? I know it was only a small amount of money, but after seeing the rampant poverty, it was a little disturbing. Please tell me that it was given back or donated to a charitable organization!!

  • Rachel K

    Hi Phil – Thanks for your blog! I too was curious why there was no penalty for people who didn’t use the baskets until halfway through the task. I was hoping that would be the twist at the end that allowed the blondes to possibly catch up …

  • Cyndi

    Was hoping to hear something about having the Indian fellow play “flutes” through his nostrils loudly next to you! Am really enjoying your blogs and videos!

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