Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': After the Final Rose, part 2

Chrisharrisoncurtain_lNot sure if it’s safe to come back in here, but I wanted to come back today and give you my final thoughts now that everything is out in the open. I completely understand that many, if not most, of you are upset at what went down. It’s not up to me to judge whether Jason was right or wrong in doing what he did. That’s for you guys to decide and debate. I hate that he hurt Melissa like he did but I also see the other side. I spent time with him and Molly and have talked to both of them several times since we shot After the Final Rose part 1. I don’t know if it makes it any easier for you to swallow but they are in love and are fighting like hell under an extreme amount of pressure to make this work. I told him that he must really love Molly to have done this. The easy thing for him to have done was break up with Melissa and just let it all go away, but that’s not the choice he made and that’s what we showed you.

I found it very interesting to hear what the bachelorettes who came back had to say. Most of them are very good friends with Melissa, but they saw firsthand what really happened this season. I can tell you now that we all thought it was Melissa from the start. I remember thinking that first night that it was going to be hard for us to hide the fact that Jason was so in love with her. Even the other women could tell it was Melissa. But they also said that they could see his feelings for Molly grow stronger toward the end. It will be debated for some time to come what was right and what was wrong, and I’m happy to hear all of your opinions. I really am. I find it fascinating to hear how you feel about all this. We all bring our own baggage into this discussion and that definitely helps shape our thoughts and feelings. I’m not here to apologize or excuse anything that Jason said or did, but let me say this publicly about everybody involved: I consider all three of them to be friends. I’ve talked to Melissa and know she’s doing fine. You’ll see her this week telling her story to Ellen and in the magazines. By the way, I will also be dishing on Ellen’s show Wednesday. I wish Melissa the best and know that we’ll keep in touch and that she’ll be fine. I also consider Molly and Jason to be friends now and wish them nothing but the best. After taping the special Friday night, Jason, Molly, Jillian, my wife, and my friends all hung out in my dressing room and had a cold one. We talked about what was about to happen this week. Jason and Molly are well aware that many don’t appreciate what happened and hold ill feelings toward them. They are going to have a lot of pressure on them and all they can do is just rely on each other and do the best they can. I wish you all could have hung out with us and just seen that these are real people going through life just like you and I are. It just so happens that what they do is magnified times a thousand because they are on TV.

There will be a lot said and written about this season of The Bachelor. For better or worse, it’s one for the history books. I can’t do much about the rumors and flat-out lies that are being told out there. I have been as honest and as detailed with you as I could possibly have been. I am sorry that this is hurting some of my friends but they are strong people and will come out on the other side of this just fine. I’ve never been a part of anything like this before and will be perfectly happy if it never happens again. Ratings aside and contrary to what some of you may believe, I didn’t enjoy one bit of what happened. I would love to show you a great love story every time but that’s not how life works, and in the end we may have indeed brought you a love story after all. Five years down the road, when Jason and Molly are married, I wonder if many of you will feel different about this.

Let me just wrap this up by saying, I’m very excited to announce Jillian as our next Bachelorette. I think it always speaks volumes about our show when the good people like Jillian decide to come back. I think it also helps that I showed her the script for next season, and although she’s not happy about having octuplets, she does like the guy we picked for her so she’s all good. Seriously, Jillian is the best. We couldn’t have found a more down to earth, funny, thoughtful woman. I hope she finds what she’s looking for but be warned  – even if she does, we just learned it may not happen exactly how you like!

A quick thank you to the wonderful crew I work with on The Bachelor year in and year out. I love you all like family. My thanks to my new friends at EW. When I started this I had never blogged before and now that it’s done it’s safe to say I’ll never do it again. Kidding…I’ll be back blogging about Jillian when we premiere in May. Until then, thank you for watching.

For everyone who’s been a part of this one, I’m Chris Harrison. Good Night!

Now check out our exclusive deleted scene from the finale and then read Kristen Baldwin’s ‘Bachelor’ recap if you haven’t already…or even if you have. It’s hilarious.

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  • Callie

    I’m so glad that you will be back blogging The Bachelorette. I was pissed yesterday, and still think the whole situation is more than a little uncomfortable, but I (think?) I understand it. I still think Jason is a bit of a confused shmuck, but like you said- he must really care about Molly to go through all this crap in the public eye. The most interesting moment for me? When he said “I guess I wanted my best friend” — all I could think about was Jillian! She said it to him first, it just wasn’t her as the best friend that he wanted!
    Hope you enjoy your break, Chris, and hope people here don’t eat you alive. Here’s hoping for a great season with Jillian!

  • Ricki

    The worst thing Jason said tonight was when he declared that Melissa would be a great “wife,” but that Molly “challenges” him more. How denigrating and misogynistic. It’s bad enough that he hurt Melissa, but this guy just can’t stop himself from sticking the knife in further and further. To imply that Melissa’s intelligence is lacking or not up to par with his own laughable intellect is just base. Melissa is definitely better off.

  • Chris lies

    it seems like you are too fast to forget the days you pimped jason as the best bachelor ever. i won’t be shocked jillian will be the best bachelorette until you need to throw her under the bus to save your behind.
    it has been 17 seasons and not once you showed a love story including trista.
    take your script and shovel it to your behind.

  • Stan

    Mr. Harrison, I think you have been an excellent spokesperson for this show and the blog was terrific. Thanks for doing this! ABC and the staff and crew of The Bachelor could do alot to regain the confidence of the viewers by being more transparent about the inner workings of this and past bachelors. Why can’t the past contestants speak about the show without the threat of a 5 million dollar lawsuit hanging over their head? What is so incredibly important to keep secret if the show is truly a love story that you just happen to film? Again, thanks for everything. Depending on ABC’s reaction to this season I might…or might not tune in next time. Either way, I wish you personally all the best. Cheers!

  • Kandy Kane

    You’re as much of a liar as Jason is and I hope ABC and you two are pleased with yourself for hurting Melissa just to get ratings.
    And don’t tell us Melissa is fine. Unless you paid her to be. Then I’d like to be paid too not to feel totally lied to.

  • JB13760

    I can’t believe ABC manage to get their claws on Jillian for the next bachelorette. I thought Jillian would have known better especially over what happen with Jason this season. That being said, it was very smart to get Jillian on ABC part as I pretty much vowed to never watch the Bachelor again after this season, but I deeply care about Jillian and will probably get sucked into that season. I just hope Jillian finds someone who can be her ‘rock’ so she doesn’t have to be so strong any more, whether it’s on the next Bachelorette season or later down the road.

  • Rene

    Falling out of love is not a crime; purposely humiliating someone on national TV should be. I realize contracts are involved, but there is also a thing called human dignity. It would have been one thing had Jason and Melissa come out on the show and said (jointly) their relationship wasn’t working and they were going their separate ways. But for Jason to “dump” Melissa like that was cruel, and poor dumb Molly must be blinded by love to not see the potential down the road for a similar heartache. To actually say on TV she was happy it had all happened showed her coldness and immaturity. It will be intersting to see how all this plays out. Life has a way of “rewarding” people as they deserve.

  • Lee

    Thanks again for your patience and composure, Chris. You write a great blog (I miss your old website from the Andrew/Jen days). Great to have you back!

  • KC

    I support what you said here and wish Jason/Molly the best.
    I hope Jillian finds the one next time. PLEASE get a good mix of decent candidates on the show. People who have been yada yada’ing these few days will come back.

  • Alissa

    I’m not going to lie…I just felt icky watching tonight’s show. What Jason did to Melissa is unexcusable. It’s great to follow your heart…I’m all for it, in general at least. You know, unless your heart is telling you to dump someone you claim to care about on national television. In that case, I’m pretty sure following your heart just makes you a bastard.
    I’m excited to see Jillian as the Bachelorette though. I actually didn’t like her for most of the season (I know I’m in the minority) but she grew on me. And I liked her in interviews after the show. Hopefully her season will have a happier ending…

  • Stephen

    What people are most upset about is that Jason dumped Melissa on television rather than in private, which would have been the classy and correct thing to do.
    The AFTR 2 show didn’t challenge him on this because, of course, AFTR was complicit in all this because you guys were more interested in compelling television drama than giving Jason and Melissa an opportunity to finish things before their appearance on the couch.
    Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for calling out Jason for dumping Melissa on television and ditto Lost’s Evangeline Lilly for thumbing her nose at Jason’s actions on Kimmel’s show.


    The mails have been leaked and confirm RS

  • Sheila

    Thanks for doing the blogs this season Chris and look forward to them during the Bachelorette.

  • Julian

    The emails between Melissa and Jason definitely suggest that at least the last part of the show was choreographed. He admits to being the pawn of the producers and Melissa confronts him about it. Jason is so unappealing with his watery eyes and self-centered attitude. Melissa will find someone more worthy.

  • Cindirella60

    I want the down and dirty sordid details of EXACTLY WHY they ‘lost’ their connection. WHAT happened??? I want ALL the nitty gritty details!!!! I am guessing she wasn’t so warm and fuzzy with Ty over the holidays….and the passion??? what is that about exactly? I need details here! If we had legitimate details, maybe we could understand better….so spill!!!!!

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