Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': The finale and 'After the Final Rose'

Chrisharrisonportrait_lSo there you have it. Now you all know how it ended and you get to judge for yourself what the circumstances were that surrounded Jason’s decision. Today’s blog will give you the facts, as I know them, of what happened, but in the end it’s your decision what you believe. I’m going to deal with most of what took place on the show today, but I will also put up another more detailed blog on Wednesday after you have all had a chance to see ATFR part 2. Just to give you all a timeline of the events, here’s what went down.

Jason proposed to Melissa right before Thanksgiving over in New Zealand. It was an awesome day and night. They couldn’t have been happier. I have an amazing picture of the three of us that I took on my phone right after the proposal. They were both very much in love and the scene couldn’t have been better. It appeared to us he had found a terrific woman who would become his wife. You have to understand that we want a proposal and we want a true happy ending. I would have sworn up and down that that is what we had that night. I thought on the flight home that you, the viewers, are going to eat this love story up. I talked to Jason and Melissa several times after the proposal and all was going well.

After the holidays something changed. Jason was struggling with Melissa, and he told me something was wrong and things had changed between them. A few weeks after that I heard that Jason was going to break up with Melissa and that he still had feelings for Molly. I will be honest when I tell you that my heart sank. I loved Jason and Mel as a couple and selfishly knew that their success together would be great for our show. A true love story with a perfect ending, but all that was shattered with that phone call. My first thought was:  Oh my god, he’s going to do the unthinkable and make the switch. Turns out I was right. Jason knew he and Melissa were through and wanted another shot with Molly, who he had also fallen in love with. So here we are in the middle of the Bachelor season on TV and our Bachelor is breaking up with the woman he chose and going after the one that he let go. We had a decision to make. What do we do with this situation and this information? Do we let all of America just keep going along with this happy little fairytale only to find that in the end it all blew up a month and a half prior? It’s not like Jason was breaking up with Mel and just going away. He was asking for a shot with the girl you saw him break up with in New Zealand. I know this has been controversial, but in my mind the only thing we could do out of respect for all of you watching was to show, as delicately as possible, what the hell was happening. Not that it makes it any better or easier, but the fact is everybody knows when they sign up for this show everything about their story will be public. It’s a TV show and that is not a big secret. They are well aware of what they got into.

We quickly put together the first After the Final Rose special and brought the three of them together to play it out. I won’t speak for Melissa, but I can tell you she wasn’t blindsided. She knew things weren’t going well. Did she know Jason was going to break up with her? Honestly, I don’t know. You’ll have to ask her, or you could ask your double top-secret source who’s second cousin knows a guy who saw the Bachelor once ( I love the ”Source” — great stuff). Believe me when I tell you that was the hardest, most uncomfortable show I’ve ever hosted. I like Melissa very much, and in fact we’ve talked several times since the taping including Friday before the second ATFR special. Of course, she was hurt and pissed that night we shot the special, but she feels, as do I, that everything happens for a reason and that she’s better off. I consider Melissa a friend of mine, and when I go home to Dallas, she’ll be the first person my wife and I will call to have a cold one with. I know it’s hard to see this but these are real people trying the best they can to deal with real issues. As I’ve said before, that’s what makes this show so incredibly compelling to watch.

Because we shot the special and because what happened was so explosive, I assumed it would leak out. We could have been real A-holes and held off till we were closer to the end but that wouldn’t have been fair to anybody. So we shot that special six weeks ago. It’s unfortunate things leaked out like they did but we know how that happened and who’s responsible. We were also well aware of the ”bonus” information you have been given. I’m not sure why ruining the ending of one of the most successful shows on TV wasn’t enough for people, but it should have been. To hear these ”people” go on and add their own twists and turns to the story was not only laughable but flat out ridiculous. To be quite honest, I could care less, but I know Jason, Molly, and Melissa have been hurt by all this and that’s where I draw the line, and I do care about that. We said this on the show but I want to make it very clear to you, that when Molly walked on that stage six weeks ago that was the first time she had seen Jason since the finale was shot. A quick side note: When you’re making up stories, try to make it somewhat realistic. Do you really think we would fly anybody into the Bachelor’s hometown for a date after the show was wrapped? Not even Melissa met him in Seattle. Come on people, I expect better rumors and lies from you by now. Try meeting in Mexico or Canada that would have been so much more believable.

A lot has happened in the six weeks since we shot that first special and that is what you will see on March 3 on After the Final Rose part 2. I think we did a pretty good job of answering most of the tough questions surrounding the decision and what has happened since. I wasn’t real sure, since we have never done this before, how it would go and if it would help at all, but it did. I’m not saying that if you’re really mad it’s going to make everything all better, but I could tell from the audience that they could at least now understand and see both sides. I know many of you have sworn to me that this is it — you will never watch again. To those of you who have said that and feel this way I say this: I’m sorry your feelings were hurt and I’m sorry you didn’t get the magical ending you thought you were going to get. My promise to you is that no matter what happens on this show, good or bad, we’re going to show it. We can’t have a show where we only show the good parts and when things turn ugly, as life often does, we stop pack up our stuff, apologize to the millions watching, and just go home. Jason chose this path. I hope you will come back and watch the show, but if not, thanks for your support and thanks for seven great years together. I’ll keep your side of the bed warm in case you decide to come back home. Again, I will be back with a special blog on Wednesday that will wrap this up and give you what final thoughts I have on this season. Unfortunately, I can’t wait to read your comments and then write Wednesday’s blog, but I will be reading all of your comments as usual. See you tomorrow!

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  • Justine in Seattle

    “Wanna get some coffee”
    Give me a break!

  • Alissa

    I guess the thing is…no matter what the truth is behind Jason’s decision, breaking up with Melissa on national television is just low. Asking out another girl 15 minutes later is even lower. It’s sad how little respect he showed for Melissa. She was definitely my favorite all season long.
    I think it’s funny when people say they’re going to stop watching. I’m guessing most don’t really mean it. Why get mad at the show because you don’t like what Jason did? Because ultimately, even if you believed Jason was encouraged by the show to behave a certain way, it’s HIS decision what he does. I’ll definitely still be watching the Bachelor. It makes for great entertainment!

  • becca

    Chris I don’t believe that Jason didn’t talk to Molly before hand…He was way to sure of himself.
    It would have been way smarter of this show to just say that Melissa broke up and that Jason/Molly were together than to have us watch Melissa react like that.

  • brittany

    totally appalled! and I really thought jason was a good guy. that man is never going to have true happiness, and that makes me sad.
    thanks for the season chris! definatly entertaining! and love the blog.
    for those who think it was fake and chris is just lying… get a grip!

  • anna

    JAson is a total d*****bag!

  • kkp

    Thanks for the insight, Chris. I think a lot of the anger on some people’s parts is because SO many people were routing for Melissa and so few people liked Molly (either due to editing or just their personalities that did or didn’t come through). People are upset because Mel was hurt, and no one got the ending they were hoping for. I honestly believe that if the situation were reversed and he picked Molly first and then changed his mind to end up with Melissa, there would be a HUGE number of people who would have a different attitude about all of this and wouldn’t be so quick to judge everyone. They would be happy that they got the ending they wanted and would be willing to overlook the editing and other stuff. Maybe some would still be outraged by a televised breakup, but there wouldn’t be as big of an outcry as there is.

  • You Suck, Chris!

    Don’t be condescending – by now few expect a happy ending from your show. But nobody enjoys seeing a nice girl humiliated on national television.
    Don’t try to deny your role in it. If you really liked Melissa, why did you and your producers let Jason dump her on camera? All of your comments this whole season have been favorable to Jason, when he acted incredibly poorly.
    I used to think you were really funny and a great part of the show. Not anymore. You are almost as gross as Jason.

  • disappointed viewer

    you know chris, i could not even finish reading your blog…after tonight’s show, i see right through you.. you are another man sucked into the money and fame that hollywood offers..making ppl knew exactly what ABC was doing. please, please don’t say you had no idea. we knew this was happening and we watched closely to the acting. jason needs to win an oscar for such great acting.. jason was a good man to many of us before this show aired, now he’s just the biggest jerk because he knew exactly what happened. first off, it did not make any sense that jason a guy who’s family oriented would propose to melissa.. we saw it in his face at the proposal that he wasn’t even that madly in love with melissa but he went through with it. molly, well, she was just full of herself in the car ride back..he made a mistake…did she once mention how she felt for him? i would laugh my socks off when the announcement of jason and molly breaking up. i would not be surprised.

  • seattle_girl

    Well if that wasn’t the suckiest ending ever. Don’t know if I’m more disgusted with Jason or with Molly. I mean, have a little dignity woman! And what about your colleague through all these – Melissa? Let’s just laugh with glee over her gasping corpse. Yuck. Way to suck the joy out of this show for me. I think the only way I’ll come back is if they make Melissa the b’ette to have her shot at destroying someone…er, falling in love, I mean.

  • Riley

    Chris, your blog was obviously well thought out and I believe you do care about the people involved but to be honest it makes no difference to this viewer in the end. Nothing you said or that I saw tonight made me feel anything other than this: Jason is the world’s biggest indecisive douchebag, Molly was asinine to jump all over taking him back 2 minutes after he dumped Melissa on national TV, and Melissa is the only one of the 3 I give a rat’s patooty about. She may have known things weren’t “good” but you’ll never convince me she was ready for him to drop her to go back to Molly. The only thing Jason said that I agreed with tonight was that “this wasn’t the classiest or coolest thing to do.” Truer words never spoken and the end of my viewing of The Bachelor which isn’t the end of the world or anything, just a very small sliver of it. Good luck to you and Melissa in the future but a big pffffft to Jason and Molly. You may like him but not too many other people in America do tonight.

  • Claudette

    In the final analysis…….Jason’s actions show him to be indecisive and unreliable. Sounds like the poor guy needs a shrink, not a life partner.

  • juju

    im shocked. jason was always my favorite. now i see him as the dog he is. he needed to show mel more respect. and molly if he did that to a great girl like mel he will do it to you too.

  • Disgusted

    Chris, why even show the breakup on national TV? To me the whole show seemed fake and scripted. Melissa’s emotions and reaction weren’t nearly as dramatic as they should have been. Besides, Jason commented on Jimmy Kimmel that he and Melissa were already broken up before the ATFR was taped, so why even bother with the show? Molly seemed as though she was reading from a cue card. Sorry, but I think Reality Steve hit the nail on the head when he said Jason chose Molly early on and ABC came up with the plan that we, the fools who watch this crapfest, saw play out on TV. Why won’t ABC just tell us the truth? So what if Jason and Molly hit it off early on? Just go with it. The viewership will still be there, and you might even give the show a little morre credibility.

  • clk

    hello all, thank you Chris for trying to clear things up for us viewers! I read your blog, and it clarified some things for us, but of course, I am shocked and in disbelief that this has happened. This season has been by far, the most crazy, insane, entertaining season! for many that have said, I will never watch this again, I have said that at one point when it came to Brad dumping Deanna, and then when it came to Deanna dumping Jason, and I have still watched all of the seasons. and now this season, I still love the Bachelor. I am looking forward to after the final rose part two, even though I am confused as to how it will go?, since I thought this was the final ATFR.. Anyways, I will tune in, for the upcoming episode, and for upcoming seasons. I hope either Jillian or Melissa get to be the next Bachelorette!! Thanks, Ciao!

  • Katrina in Ohio

    It’s not what he did that ticks me off. It’s how he did it. The whole official breakup should have been done off camera. Period. There was no need to humiliate Melissa like that. It’s bad enough to be told you want to date the other girl. Jason is a tool. Plain and simple.

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