Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': episode 7

Chrisharrisonsuit_lWe are down to our final two and things are getting very serious on the show and with you, the fans. This seems to happen about this time every season — I start hearing some of the craziest rumors.  Honestly, I have no idea where this stuff comes from. I guess like high school, it’s usually those people who want everybody to think they are in the know or who like to stir things up. Whatever the reason, I don’t have the time or energy to chase them all down and explain them away. Actually, there is one rumor that seems to be stirring up more trouble than the rest, and I will address it. I can without a doubt tell you that Jason did not meet any of the women, including Melissa, on this show before they got out of the limo on night one. I don’t care what you hear or who you hear it from — it’s all bogus information. Just know this: Most if not all of the rumors you hear are completely ridiculous. Every week when I do the voice-overs for the upcoming episode, we often get a good laugh about our favorite wild theories and stories out there. One thing I do love about all this is the passion that’s out there. This show obviously hits a chord with people. Some of you are just along for the entertainment, some for the romantic journey, and then there’s some that want to search for clues and try to break the show down for everybody. I say to all of you, whatever your reason for watching, thanks, and I’m glad this show can be so much for so many.

With all the crazy stories floating around let me say this about what’s to come: I’ve been hosting this show for over seven years now and I’ve never seen anything like this season. From start to finish it has been unlike anything we have ever put on the air. There are many reasons for this (like good casting and good producing), but honestly some things on our show — as much as we’d love to take credit — had less to do with great producing and more to do with good old-fashioned human emotion. The theory that this is all produced or scripted cracks me up. Don’t you think if we scripted all these endings, we would come up with a perfect love story or crazy twist every time?  The truth is, and I think this is the greatest thing about our show, in the end it’s not a game, it’s real people trying to make a real life decision, and when that is fake you can tell. When it’s not, it makes for unbelievably compelling TV. All right, I’m off my soapbox — time to hit Queenstown New Zealand for the exotic dates.

This is where the show really slows down for everybody. Each date goes all day and all night. The couples really get some good quality time on and off camera. Jason’s date with Jill was first. Every time you see a helicopter or blimp date you should realize there’s a chase helicopter capturing all the wide beauty shots. Let’s talk about that hot tub scene at the end of their date. That was easily the hottest, most explicit scene we have ever put on the air. One of our producers got so embarrassed watching they had to turn away.

Molly’s date started with a bungee jump off the most famous bungee spot in the world. We didn’t show this, but on Molly’s urging they jumped again. Jason didn’t love the first one that much, and he shared with me later if it wasn’t for Molly there’s no way he would have done it again. I find it interesting that with Jill and Melissa, Jason worries about his feelings towards them. With Molly, though, he seems always to be worried about how she feels about him. Just an observation. Obviously not meeting Melissa’s parents still weighs heavily on Jason’s mind, and it really lingered over their time in New Zealand. Jason didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but the reality is family is everything to him, and the fact that Melissa’s family made the choice not to meet him is something that has to be measured carefully.
The deliberation and rose ceremony was held at the same house where Jason and Jillian had their exotic date. It’s a beautiful house that sits atop a vineyard overlooking a lake about twenty minutes outside of Queenstown. When I showed up, Jason was already there and had on a horrible tie. He didn’t have a backup, so I gave him my tie and a production assistant had to hustle back into town grab my extra and race back out so we could get everything shot before sundown. The things I do to help these people find love! Jason and Jill were great together but in the end she got the dreaded ”friend” card.  I know there was more there in Jill’s heart, but in the end Jason couldn’t see it going further than that, and he could with Melissa and Molly.

After watching the tease at the end of our show, I’m sure there are millions of questions and a million more rumors and theories.  Obviously, Deanna comes back in the finale. We flew her out to New Zealand where she does sit down with Jason. We also showed you a bit of the first After the Final Rose special that will air immediately after the finale on March 2nd. I give you a hint that something happens that’s so stunning and dramatic, we taped it in private without an audience. Let me tell you in no uncertain terms, this is a moment in Bachelor history you don’t want to miss. Next Monday night, February 23rd, is our two-hour Women Tell All special. It’s a great show that true Bachelor fans will love. We listened to you guys, and the show is packed full of bloopers, never-before-seen footage and in-depth interviews with Jason getting his thoughts on the pivotal points in the season. We also catch up with former couples, and we cover all the rumors swirling around about former Bachelors and Bachelorettes. And of course, we sit down with the most memorable women from this season and dish about what happened. My sit-down with Jillian is incredibly emotional, and Jason comes out to face her for the first time since that day back in New Zealand.

I know this wasn’t the usual happy-go-lucky, funny blog, but at this point, the season doesn’t really warrant that. My goal here is to walk with you through the end of the season and let you in, without being cute or cryptic, as best I can to help you enjoy this experience as much as possible. I hope I’m doing that, and I hope you will continue to comment. I still read them all (no joke) and get much of my direction and inspiration from what is written in the comments. Just a heads up: I will blog three more times about this season. I’m going to have my usual blog next Tuesday after the Women Tell All, and then the Tuesday after the finale. But because of the unusual circumstances and the fact that we have another After the Final Rose special airing Tuesday night March 3rd, I will have a special final edition Wednesday morning March 4th. I feel like you guys have been so loyal, I owe you a final blog that really wraps up everything that is about to happen. Get Ready!

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  • Andrea

    I love you Chris! Your insights made this my favorite Bachelor season! Cheers to the best host TV has ever seen!

  • leleana

    I gotta be honest, I’m terrified Chris! I’m absolutely loving Jason and Melissa, but this whole “shocking” finale has me worried. The only finale that has ever truly shocked me was Brad’s, and that wasn’t in a good way. So this better not be bad!

  • Tessa

    After watching nearly every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, I admit I have succumbed to a certain amount of cynicism about producers’ input in who goes home, the honesty of some statements, etc. This is at war with the really romantic side of myself that just wants to see 2 people fall in love. Thanks for your honesty, and your insistence that everything is real. Except maybe for tie choices. Thanks Chris!

  • KT

    OMG! I am dying! I can’t wait 2 more weeks. Don’t you know that Monday night gets me sooo excited? I can’t stand the suspense!

  • Kerry

    Chris, I know you can’t reveal too much, but please if you can, was there an “After The Final Rose Part 2″ planned before the Reality Steve blog rumor? Or are the producers doing a little CYA? Again, love the 2 hour episodes. New Zealand tourist board ought to be thanking ABC for I really want to travel there now. Hope the remaining episodes are not too spliced/edited that we question the whole thing. Just give us the straight “poop” if you will, lol. Thank you.

  • Brittany

    Isn’t it a little cheesy that both Jillian and Molly matched Jason on their dates. First with the plaid, then the brown shirts? Come on, tell me this wasn’t planned!

  • Sweatpea

    I am very disappointed with Jason’s choice. Melissa is too young for Jason’s life. Stephanie was the most outstanding woman on this show. Please make her the next B’ette. We aren’t ready to give her up.

  • Anonymous

    Nice save on the FRC tie! Sure, I believe you Chris.

  • Rebecca

    I love Molly! :)

  • Dani27


  • James in San Diego

    Hi Chris. Thank you for doing these blogs. It’s not very often a host will take the time to do something like this. I watched the episode tonight. That bungee jumping had me a little nervous myself. The hot tub scenes were pretty hot. At the end, I was shocked that he let Jillian go. I thought for sure that it would be Jillian and Melissa in the Finale. It was kind of shady on Jason’s part to say that he only sees Jillian as a friend after they got all steamy in the hot tub while being half naked, and then, presumably, had sex in the suite. I’ll be sure to tune in for the remaining episodes. I think everyone is expecting Jason to pick Melissa. But who knows? Maybe there will be a surprise. Have a great day, Chris, and I will chat with you again later. – James

  • mike rand

    this guy is easily and understandably confused; if i were in his place (don’t i wish!) I’d think Molly was great but could never be married to someone who says “shut up!” even in jest. For a lifetime, this lucky guy should take Melissa to be his wife.

  • Kim

    I’m really bummed that he dumped Jillian. She was my fav from the beginning & I could really relate to her. It seemed like he dumped her because she was too independent and he wanted a girl who would completely depend on him. I think that’s ridiculous & I don’t envy the girl who ends up with him. That being said, I think Melissa is exactly what he wants. I didn’t watch last season, so idk about Deanna but I hope he doesn’t pick her. That would be like a waste of a season. After Jill’s dumping, I realized why I stopped watching this show a few years ago (I used to watch, stopped, then came back). I’ll finish out the season, but I won’t be back as a viewer again, unless of course Jill is the next Bachelorette. She deserves someone who loves her & wants her to be her own person & appreciates her independence. Still, I enjoy reading your blog, Chris. It’s very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to write it!

  • Katrina

    I love your blogs Chris! It’s great to hear about the behind the scenes stuff we normally wouldn’t think about. From the very first blog you said how much you like Jillian. I think she’d make an amazing bachelorette, don’t you think?!!!!!!!

  • Hello

    Thanks for clearing things up – I can definitely tell when things are fake and/or cheesy, and when they are real. The real moments this season, when they were laughing with family like normal people, are the best.
    As for the constant interviewing between Jason and the girls, as opposed to genuine, normal-sounding conversation, it is understandable but sometimes a yawn because they all say the same thing, they all say they are in LOOVE with him, what are the odds of 10-20 people falling in love with one guy in the space of a few weeks. Lol.
    I hope you guys keep the real stuff more often, even when it is at odds with the “romantic story arc”. If someone says the whole cameras watching thing is weird, show them saying it. If they say there is something about Jason they don’t like, show it.
    We (or at least I) like those real moments best.

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