Ann Coulter makes Elisabeth Hasselbeck look sane

Q: What’s it take to make Elisabeth Hasselbeck seem like The View’s sane, cool-headed host?

A: Apparently, a visit from bat-crap nasty author and pundit Ann Coulter!

On today’s show (clip embedded below), Whoopi started things off by railing against Coulter for stating in her new book-type thing that single mothers are a plague on our society and that Hollywood actors use single motherhood to further their careers. Things got pretty heated, of course, and just when it seemed inevitable that the ‘Bot would interject an angry defense of Coulter (who at one point complained that the hosts were reading her book "as if it were Mein Kampf"), the Hasselbot actually landed a nice jab, suggesting that perhaps society’s focus should be on the deadbeat dads, not the single mothers they ditch — a statement rightly met by (stunned?) applause from the audience. (Go ‘Bot! Go ‘Bot!) The segment concluded with the entire table shouting over each other and Sherri Shepherd very nearly hauling off and walloping Coulter for disrespecting Babs. Looks like The View only has room for one blonde, conservative loon at a time.

Anyone catch this? What’d you think of the ‘Bot’s performance? Anyone think Coulter held her own with the View ladies? What would happen if Shepherd ever ran into Coulter in a dark alley after a few cocktails?

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  • Anonymous

    Ann Coulter is an evil, acid-tongued witch. Too bad her jaw wasn’t wired shut permanently.

  • Kristen

    Ann Coulter is a loon.

  • Lee

    You couldn’t pay me to watch this show.

  • confidential

    Sometimes we need an extreme showing of horrible behavior for us to recognize and correct our own behavior. It took the anti Christ Coulter for Hasselback to recognize what she’ll be if she keeps up with her ignorance.

  • RayT

    The people I feel sorriest for are the ones who buy Anne’s books because they think she’s for real. Anne is basically a performance artist/stand-up comedian who says things even she knows are ridiculous (“Evolution isn’t real!” “The 9/11 widows are whiners!”) for shock value. Then watches as the uneducated masses snatch up copies of her books and laughs all the way to the bank, probably thinking, “I can’t even believe that worked.”

  • MultiPass

    I always thought Ann Coulter was a comedian. Isn’t her act a parody?

  • Alichat

    While I understand their disgust with Coulter, and I agree with Whoopi that Coulter can dish it, but can’t take it, I really think that they should have not talked all over top of each other, and just let Coulter talk. She can bury herself just fine….she needs no help.
    And can I say, this was one of the few times in my life I actually agreed with Elizabeth…..frightening….I should put this on my calendar. LOL

  • mehere

    Just caught the end – at the Mein Kampf comment and the reading by BW of this toxic scribbler’s words about JFK. Noticed that EB looked like she was biting her own tongue off, looking both cowed and furious. (Maybe this was the show’s way to showcase that EB is not like Coulter, a point she vigourously protested during the campaign. Maybe not.) Truly – why does anyone give that hate-mongerer Coulter the time of day? It ended with Whoopi yelling “You can dish it out but not take it!” I ended up wondering – really, what is the matter with that Ann Coulter and why has she earned even one second of time on mainstream American tv? Wish I hadn’t even commented here either but she really was such a wave of ugliness it’s bothered me today

  • Terence

    The best parts of the interview were the ladies continually saying “We’re not attacking you!” as they continued to attack her. I thought though Coulter was great. They didn’t let her speak much, at least without interruption, but she more than held her own.

  • Viastar

    Excuse me. Ann Coulter is a brave soul to go on that show with those B@#$%&es!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Sorry but I love Ann Coulter. She gets the last laugh, because this is exactly what she wants. She wants people to talk about her, attack her, defend her, the whole deal, all while maintaining credibility as a major voice for the extreme right-wing. She’s so much smarter than people give her credit for.

  • J King

    I think that all of the women are out of line. When a question is asked, then everyone should allow the question to be answered without interruption. Everyone is talking over everyone else and no one is getting their point across. All of them should learn some manners!

  • aaron

    I wish it had gone on longer! I think Ann, Sherri and Elizabeth could be gal pals, all kinds of CRAZY!

  • A

    I had to put the tv on mute. Normally I’d be happy to watch a good back and forth on the View, but Coulter is so nauseating and disturbing that her voice felt like poison in my ears. I NEVER agree with Elisabeth, but at least she doesn’t compromise her integrity by making ludicrous, hate-filled arguments just for shock value. I’m not even sure why they invited Coulter on the show, they had to have known it would be a big fight.

  • Liddy

    I wouldn’t be sorry if Shepard did run Coulter over with her car in a dark alley, cocktails or no. I don’t even care if saying that makes me a bad person. I’m a bad person, there I said it. Ann Coulter disgusts me, she’s a terrible excuse for a human being.

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