'The Shield' series finale: Who feels emotionally pistol-whipped?

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  • Jeff

    I have so much more to say. I’m glad the finale didn’t show how the Dutch serial kid killer ends. It’s better this way. You have to read between the scenes to realize how it ends. Dutch is smart and one assumes he solves it without getting framed. Claudette dying is sad. I wonder if Danni will allow Vic vistitation rights on their child? If Vic never tried setting up Shane to be killed than none of the final season would have happended. Ironic that Vic caused his own demise in that way. I would love to see a new series with the main character being Dutch. Mystery cop drama would be great. He moves to another division. That would be awesome. I wish the Internal Affairs agent that tried to put Vic away in season 5 visted Vic at his new deskjob. I need more Shield to satisfy my Tuesday night addiction. But I’m glad its over. Vic is much scarier and cold hearted than most viewers could have ever imagined. It’s amazing how little and small he seemed in the last scene. Big shot! – huh.

    • lala

      No way. Dutch IS the serial killer, remember when he killed that poor helpless kitty just to see what it was like to kill? Gross and evil. He’s no good.

  • Eric

    I thought the best moment of the finale was Claudette reading Shane’s incomplete suicide note. Vic’s refusal to cry was probably the only thing that kept me from shedding a tear.
    “This is what the hero left on his way out the door.”

  • Chris

    Why not have a gallery of the Top 25 moments in The Shield to pay respect to a great TV series.

  • Kim

    Poor Danni. She’s got the only one of Vic’s kids that’s still out in the open.

  • Donna

    All I can say it was a
    “BRILLIANT” ending, and even with all the awful things Vic has done I kind of felt sorry for him, I cried when Shane killed himself and his family, I liked Ronnie but he got what he deserved in the end.
    This was the very best cop show on tv and I will miss it I will be watching the reruns.

  • dutchboy

    anybody else notice the flyer on the side of the pay phone (i believe shane was using)? flyer for a missing cat…i think i remember seeing that cat’s demise somewhere along the line.

  • Jelana

    Great series conclusion. I also loved the reaction in the Barn when Vic went in — the pure loathing from everyone there.

  • Ted

    A very satisfying ending to an axceptional show. Vic’s assignment at ICE is so much more than just a boring desk job. He is no longer in control. He can’t bully ICE like he did Aceveda. He has no one following his lead or backing him up. Think about the way he was treated when he returned to the Barn. The officers who once respected him looked upon him with disgust. Vic has no friends, no family and no peers. He is now an island. Of course, the last scene does leave it open to think he is up to something, maybe finding his family or getting some payback. Vic hasn’t been one to play by the rules.

  • Joe D

    Great ending to an excellent 7 years.
    Vic Mackey is ambitious, relentless, arrogant, and all about Vic Mackey. In the end, he’s walking out the door with a gun he was already told he couldn’t carry breaking the rules again.
    Shane’s biggest flaw was exactly what Vic said on the phone…”Your biggest mistake was thinking you’re smarter than me.” Shane was a person that promised everything and never delivered.
    Ronnie was Vic’s pawn just like everyone else. Never have loyalty to a person who shows you none….everything Vic does is for Vic.
    He’ll find the kids….he’ll break the deal….he’ll live and survive because he’s Vic Mackey. That kind of character always loses it all.
    Then he rebuilds it in a different manner….because he’s Vic Mackey and he can.

    • lala

      That’s not true. He was told he could keep his personal gun but won’t be on the streets with one working for the feds.

  • SadNotBadd

    Great series finale. The core reason that Vic was such a corrupt badass was that he had a badge to back it up. Without it, if he tries to “settle” scores, he would go straight to prison because it would violate the ICE immunity deal. Going to prison is obviously something he couldn’t stand, that’s why he threw his loyal buddy Ronnie under the bus. I looked at the gesture of him, cautiously looking around, before stuffing the gun into the back of his pants under his business suit jacket after everyone else had left the office as a small gesture by a small man.

  • AntonioSaucedo

    Vic becomes Dilbert. If that’s not hell I don’t know what is. I will miss the best show ever.

  • graco

    Thought most of the stories were predictible, except Shane killing Mara and Jackson, the worst possible outcome. Thought Shane would kill only himself.
    Could not watch a movie if it centered on Vic after all the misery he caused everyone close to him. Don’t think final scene is a sign that he ends well. Most likely he’ll break his deal and end up in prison.

  • Karl

    An excellent (albeit depressing) conclusion to an excellent show. Was there really any other way that everything could have been resolved? In the end Vic got what was coming to him. Now all he hasis time behind his desk to think about the devastating costs of his manipulations. Not just for him, but for everyone in his inner circle.

  • rj472

    The end of Shane and his family was no surprise to me. I worked on cases like that and those guys see that as the only way out. I’ve worked with cops like Vic and they get what’s coming to them in the end. A great finish to an amazing 7 year run. I just wish Dutch could have found the missing mother and prove the boy really was a killer.

  • Brett

    I thought this entire final season was one of the best single seasons of any series, ever. It’s been an emotional ride and I grew attached to Shane & found myself rooting for him to get out clean. Vic is truly the biggest SOB to ever hit the screen and one could only hope he gets his someday. I think in the end when the lights went out he finally choked down whatever remaining guilt that he was fighting off these last few eps and he gathered up his last remaining friend, his desert eagle, and went home to start figure out how to milk his new situation to his advantage.
    Great finale!!!

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