'Twilight': So how did you like it? (Spoiler alert, duh!)

Twilightkiss_lAfter what felt like an eternity-long wait (we feel your pain, Edward), we finally got to sink our teeth into the highly anticipated Twilight movie this weekend. So it’s about time we have a spoilerific discussion of one of the biggest films of the fall.

I’ve seen the vamp flick twice so far — once at a press screening and later during the midnight release — and I’m surprised by what a difference the audience can make. During the first show, with a crowd mostly made up of journalists and a few lucky fans who nabbed spare seats, the mood was fairly sedate. Sure, there were a few woots and hand claps when Robert Pattison first appeared on screen, but that was about it. I left the theater pretty jazzed about what I had just seen. But after attending Thursday’s midnight showing, where gaggles of girls giggled throughout the entire film — frequently during parts that weren’t intended to be funny — I felt slightly less enthused. Perhaps I’m easily influenced, or perhaps the movie doesn’t hold up to a second viewing, but after twirl No. 2 with Twilight, the movie seemed cheesier than I had remembered. That said, I do like the movie overall. But what about you? I’ll start our rehash with a few of my specific likes and dislikes, after the jump.

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Fairly faithful adaptation — It’s no easytask winnowing a 500-page novel into a two-hour movie, but I thinkscreenwriter Melissa Rosenberg did a good job. All of the pivotalscenes are there — Port Angeles, the meadow, the baseball game — andalthough certain events happen out of sequence (like Bella meetingJacob during her first day in Forks), I don’t think it damages theintegrity of the story.

The supporting cast — Billy Burke’s portrayal of Bella’suptight police-chief father garnered the most laughs from me. Subtle,yet funny, like the scene where he’s cleaning his shotgun. AnnaKendrick, who plays Jessica, and Michael Welch, who portrays Mike, are also standouts. The duo add some much-needed comic relief to theotherwise somber script. (But I would have liked to hear more from theCullens. Poor Jasper and Emmett have, like, two lines each.)

The beer — Okay, this is totally silly, and I’m probably theonly one to notice or care, but Charlie always has a Rainier beer inhis hand. As a native Washingtonian whose grandpa was a big Rainierbeer fan, this kinda makes me happy.

Miscellaneous likes — Edward looking like he’s going tobarf when he first catches Bella’s scent (very human response), themortar board wall installation, the Cullens’ house (love me somepicture windows), the baseball scene

The special effects — Granted the filmhad a smallish $37 million budget, but seriously, the "dazzling in thesun" Edward is totally messed up. My colleague Jean likens the effectto an overly generous slathering of shimmer body lotion, while Ithink it looks more like a billowy veil from a bedazzled bellydancer’s costume.

The overacting — Especially during my second viewing, Ireally felt like I was watching many of the actors give a performance,not embody a character. Kristen Stewart‘s sputtering, especially during the hospital scene, really started to grate on me by the end.

All right, Twilighters, that’s my two cents. It’s your turn to haveat it. What did you like/dislike? Which of your favorite scenes wereleft out? Did Robert Pattinson’s hair have you swooning? And are youcraving a(n inevitable) sequel…or not?

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  • Sarah

    Wow, I felt pretty much the same way. The heavy breathing of Kristen Stewart wore me down a bit, and the ending in the hospital bed was a just a little too much psychotic and not enough emotional pain. Loved the dads- both human and vampires. I think Im just too old for the movie when I get excited by the hot dilfs!
    The effects were cheesy and it bothered me how they kept cutting to each of their faces for dramatic effect. Still, I was impressed enough with the movie to see it again and still like it. Certain scenes were done so well that I found myself really engaged in the movie even though I knew how it ended. Overall, Im happy.

  • M Weyer

    I may as well say I’ve never gotten around to reading the books but found this a good film overall. Some of the dialouge was hoky and yeah, that sunlight effect wasn’t that big (honestly took me a couple of minutes to realize his skin was glittering). But did like the cast who gave it their all, especially the supporting lady vampires, hope they get more in the sequal. So while not a big book fan, I liked how it was and does make me want to finally pick up those books at last.

  • Lori

    I totally agree, it had it flaws for sure. Overall, I thought it was a wonderful movie. I thought all the actors did an amazing job. I will be thrilled to see New Moon get a much beter budget!

  • Lori

    I totally agree, it had it flaws for sure. Overall, I thought it was a wonderful movie. I thought all the actors did an amazing job. I will be thrilled to see New Moon get a much beter budget!

  • Tina

    I loved the movie :D Though I didn’t like some of the pacing and a few of the effects, it was awesome!

  • Kristen

    Overacting! It was all stiff and stumbly and dramatic. And Edward should not have looked like he was about to vomit when he saw Bella… he was supposed to be tortured by the “aroma” of her blood! Hello?
    Jasper– did he have a stick up his rear in the book, too, or did I miss that? I get that he’s in pain, but he looked like a retarded frog half the movie!
    Jacob– Hello?! Where was he!? He had like, three lines. It was stupid…
    Plot development– There was none. One moment, they were at some made-up field trip, the next they were in love. It was so quick it was unbelievable. I mean, I understand that there are time restraints, but, still.
    Their voices– Bella & Edward, both of them. Edward sounded like he kept forgetting his lines, and was recovering from some wicked laryngitis. Bella was too afraid and nervous, and, yes, stumbly.
    Still, though. It was pretty good. Movies are never as good as books though, so my expectations were unrealistic :)

  • Charlee

    I’m a 21-year-old, at college in a college town, and most of the audience in my theater was the college-aged crowd. We all giggled throughout. We laughed at parts that weren’t funny, but that was just because whatever was happening we understood and were just sooooo excited to see it in the film. I had to remind myself continually not to scream and laugh during the whole thing, in just disbelief that i was finally seeing the movie after months and months and months. gah i am still giddy from seeing the midnight showing. GAH!!!!!

  • Mary

    I went to a midnight showing on Friday and loved it but I did feel like the relationship was rushed but I didn’t really mind b/c I’ve read all the books so I just filled in what was missing. I saw it again today (saturday) and I have to say I thought it was even better the second time around. It’s not perfect or oscar worthy but for what it is, it’s fantastic to see one of my two favorite book series (HP being the other) brought to life. And I’m so excited about New Moon. I am 100% Team Edward but I hope they don’t add any scenes of Rob in the middle of the movie b/c that will really take away from his return in the end. I’m also excited about New Moon b/c the faster we get that done the faster we get to Eclipse and maybe Breaking Dawn (tied for first as my favorite). Overall great movie, and I have to disagree.I think it gets better with multiple screenings.
    P.S. As for the mixed reviews for the movie, considering the received mixed reviews, they were exactly what I expected.

  • Jandira

    I loved the movie! A few things did bother me though but they have nothing to do with the adaptation…I thought the cast and crew did an amazing job with the source material and budget they were working with.
    1. There is no mention of “Twilight” the name of the freaking book/movie. I wish they added in the line where Edward mentions that it’s the easiest part of day for them to be together. But, I’ll get over this, seeing as 99% of people who love this movie know this fact already.
    2. Edwards reaction to Bella in Biology – I don’t know – I laughed both times I watched this scene and I don’t want to laugh here. I think the music didn’t help here either.
    3. Bella’s reaction to Edward in the hospital as he’s telling her she should move to Jacksonville. I love the sputtering in every other scene…but this was too much.
    I’ll overlook it all though because I appreciated the love and passion that went into making this movie more than anything else. :) Great job!

  • katie

    I thought the movie was poorly acted with silly special effects. I found the movie very campy. I’m in my late twenties, past the Twilight demographic, but I can’t help but wonder if everybody’s allegiance to the books is the only reason the movie is earning any praise. I didn’t see the chemistry between Stewart and Pattinson (unless heavy breathing and staring at each other counts?). The makeup looked more geisha than vampire. My theater laughed throughout as well … and not at scenes that were supposed to be funny. It makes me kinda sad this movie is getting so much press, and so much attention, when better movies (on lesser budgets) are made. The obsession women have with Edward is getting all kinds of creepy too. I think Rob Pattinson is a doll … but my word. Am I the only one who thinks this is all getting out of control? And now we get three more? Ugh. The first three books were okay. Breaking Dawn was disturbing. I’m embarrassed I paid into this franchise.

  • Alexandria

    I’m not a fan of the series — I couldn’t get through Twilight, it’s so bad — but my two best friends are fans and convinced me to go to the midnight showing for the laughs. And it didn’t disappoint. Bella’s dad was easily the best character — the most realistic and most sympathetic.
    The crowd was pretty respectful, which was more than I expected. I was imagining screams at every line that would be deafening enough to cover the dialogue. But yeah, the crowd laughed A LOT at things that weren’t meant to be funny (Edward’s blatant awkward/creeper/stalkerish-ness, for example), but since that’s why I went along, I didn’t mind. :-)

  • M Weyer

    Okay, one thing that really bugged me: The hair. I know, it sounds stupid but honestly, the vamps (especially Edward and his dad) just have this really bad hair that makes them look totally ridiculous. It’s hard to buy Edward’s dramatic chops when you’re staring at that gelled mess on his head.

  • Traci

    I am a 45 year old mother of a 17 year old teenage daughter and I read all four books! My own Mother, 72 years old also read and loved every one of them! I saw the movie today with my mom and we were not dissappointed at all! we were just as excited as every teen in the theater! I even found myself screaming for Edward also! Bella could use more softness and love in her voice…she sounded like she was reading her lines! But in all, I thought the whole movie was great concidering the budget! I am going to see it again, and I can’t wait for the release of New Moon! Thank you for allowing me to be a teen again and for creating great novels for us to read! I never thought I would ever see the day that I would be in love with a vampire!! :)

  • KN

    I enjoyed the movie, though not half as much as the squealing teenagers around me. I didn’t even mind the hokey special effects. I’m looking forward to the sequel with increased budget, but I hope they don’t overdo it. And I hope they stay fairly faithful to the books.

  • Steph

    I’m the type of person who reads critics thoughts & usually agree, so after hearing about mixed reviews I thought for sure my expectations would meet with disappointment. I was wrong. Rob was amazing as Edward & while I believe Kristen is one of the best young actresses around her Bella lacked…Bella. No clumsiness & not enough character depth. Like, I didn’t feel her falling in love w/ Edward at all. Someone who really surprised me in the movie was Jacob! I am so Team Edward but I cannot wait for New Moon. I adored Jake in this movie & can’t wait to see him shine in the sequel. He was a standout in this movie. But my favorite aspect of this movie was the beginning scene(which really made me feel like I was watching a “big” movie..of course after a few bloopers I realized I was watching a small-budget one) and, most of all, the baseball scene! Terrific! Wasn’t Alice a great pitcher? I needed more Cullens(although I still wish they had cast someone else as Rosalie! Overall I liked it.

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