Exclusive! 'Dr. Manhattan' character banner from 'Watchmen'

"No. Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise. Read the full post.

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  • Jeanne

    mage, a veil of secrecy would prevent people like me who weren’t aware of Watchmen before from getting interested in it. I read it after seeing the teaser trailer last summer, and I loved it! And now I can’t wait for the movie to come out. Would you rather it didn’t get as wide an audience as possible and therefore tank?

  • Jer

    I get it. This is a picture of the leeetle baby Dr Manhattan. It’s like a hint at the new direction of the character for the movie. I dunno if I like it. I hope in the movie he’s taller than the 14 pixel size of him on this page…

  • Nick Robertson

    As a huge “Watchmen” fan I have been following of the film adaptation’s progress and feel that it has nailed, for the most part, the visual aesthetic that was so vital to the series as a whole. That being said, it seems very few have actually read “The Watchmen”- this whole “who’s watching the watchmen? we are” comment makes a poignant statement sound like a catch-phrase for a bad 90s sitcom. Keep the cute to “Twilight” and “27 Dresses”- “Watchmen” deserves due reverence.

  • Meg

    As a huge fan of the graphic novel, I am extremely excited about this film! I believe in Snyder and that he will stay true to the vision, while adding his own personal touch to it. If he makes minor changes, I can deal. It’s not like I have unrealistic hopes that it will be EXACTLY like the graphic novel, frame by frame.

  • Tim Bisley

    I don’t think EW got the rights to show the image any bigger than this. Think of it as them getting the short straw of the bunch. Either a sign of EW’s relevance or perhaps the cgi in the photo doesn’t stand up to inspection at a bigger size. Still looking forward to the movie though as long as they don’t change the ending.

  • Editor

    You posted…we listened. Hope the bigger size photo is better!

  • J

    I’m huge WATCHMEN fan and I think the movie needs to be over at least 2 hours and 40 minutes to stay true and I dont care that they changed the ending just as long as it doesn’t leave plot holes aka why Comedian needed to be killed (could say the same thing but just tweak it a little/island)

  • mage?!

    In answer to Jeanne, I feel that less is more in this case. The story has some wicked twists in it and it would benefit it as a film to be a surprise to some people.In addition, as a longtime fan of genre fiction and comics I am afraid of backlash from the conservative American pop culture. I want it to be a hit, but I agree with Alan Moore on the state of his work.
    This is a brilliant piece of work and I hope the movie does well, I just don’t want to have defend my Fandom to the average person ever again.

  • duemicemipt

    Hi Guys,
    Long time lurker, thought i would say Hi :)


  • Hunter

    I love the graphic novel but f@#$ the squid… I thought it was hokey when I read it and am interested to see what Snyder & Co. will blow our minds with…

  • mudslinger

    I love the liberal bias of this site talking about the New Frontiersman being bad for doing nothing in the story but writing about their opinions yet Nova Express, the liberal magazine in watchmen is duped by Ozymandias into helping drive Dr. Manhattan off the planet by being willing to print a false story. Shades of liberals like Dan Rather’s knowingly running a story based on forged documents.

  • elly

    i read watchmen well before the film was greenlit. i think it has a better chance on screen than other moore books because it can be clearly (snarf!) interpreted two opposite ways, with rorschach and his worldview as either hero or villain (pretty sure snyder will make it hero). also because snyder’s a fanboy, unlike, say, the poor schlub who directed ‘league of extraordinary gentlemen’.

  • Shaun

    Patrick Wilson is so yum!

  • Adrian Veidt

    Dear Mudslinger, keep your conservative garbage to yourself. In case you aren’t living on Earth, your party just got massacred in the elections last week. That means nobody wants to hear/read lunkheaded, typo-ridden right-wing screeds anymore. Let’s keep focus on the movie, which will rock.

  • superhonkey

    every scene i have viewed in trailers and other snippets (including this poster) has been lifted frame by frame directly from the graphic novel. i am very excited for the movie. i have been telling my family and freinds for some time about how amazing the book is, though they still refuse to read it because despite the “novel” format- its a comic book to them. We’re over 40. i have them all convinced they need to see it. they do. oh…one thing that i should mention. i read a few entries in here that bag on the fictional right wing “new frontiersman” newspaper and likewise real life far right politicos in the real world; though i personally disagree with much of the knee jerk stupidity of the real extreme right, in the book-they and their champion (rorschach) were the only ones who did the right thing. every time. even in the face of armageddon. if only comics were real, huh?

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