Lip synching at the Olympics? What is this, reality TV?

Kristylin_lWith all the stories about apparent fakery production enhancement at the Olympic opening ceremonies, I imagine Nigel Lythgoe reading an item like this one (about the adorable floating girl who, it seems, lip-synched her song because the real singing girl wasn’t deemed cute enough) and thinking to himself: "Blimey, why didn’t we do this with Kristy Lee Cook?"

Then I get another horrifying thought: What if the evil alien scientists Idol producers really did do that with Kristy Lee Cook, and that was just the best voice they could find for her? (For all you Idolatry/Mechagodzilla fans, a trip down memory lane follows, after the jump.)

addCredit(“Kristy Lee Cook: George Napolitano/FilmMagic; Lin Miaoke: AP”)

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  • stephen

    F*** you Gary. Im sorry, I love this magazine, but consider what you just did. You took the exploitation of one little girl and the potentially self-esteem shattering act on another ad related it to American Idol. Popwatchers may tell me to lighten up and it’s not always serious here, but come on, this should be. And Popwatch has had very serious topics before, why is this different?

  • LJ

    Lighten up, stephen! Just because China chose not to follow the American “everyone is good at everything la la la” mantra doesn’t mean that these girls lives are ruined. One girl learned she can sing better than the others, and one learned she is cuter than the others. In the pantheon of China’s missteps, I’d rank this one pretty low.

  • Ceballos

    The girl on the right may not be the strongest singer in the world, but she looks like she’d fit right in on China’s gymnastics team.

  • Wojo

    Whoa Stephen, calm down. By all reports, the Chinese on the whole consider it in an honor to be involved in the ceremonies in any way whatsoever. The girl’s self-esteem hasn’t been shattered. She’s proud her voice was at least used. In America, this would have been a national embarassment, and you can argue whether it should be or not. But the fact of the matter is that it’s a non-issue for the Chinese. If the girl with the great voice and her parents aren’t upset, why are you? And this is coming from someone who agrees that the Chinese shouldn’t have done this, but I’m not all up in arms about it. I just think it makes them look kind of silly in America’s eye. I don’t how other nations have been reacting to the story so I won’t venture to guess. Different cultures have different values so I don’t want to assume anything.

  • Wojo

    But back to the funny, Gary, I’m not sure that your idea would work. Of course, Kristy Lee Cook is a pretty young woman, but she still made all those bizarre robotic movements. She also did those strange things with her eyes, where they got really intense and wide for a few seconds and then relaxed suddenly. She’d still have to be re-programmed for this to be at all effective.

  • Mells

    I actually just saw the Idols Live concert last night and didn’t think Kristy Lee was all that bad. At least she outsang Ramiele but other than “Proud to be an American” her other 2 songs have already slipped my mind….

  • katy

    has anyone else heard KLC’s new single, “15 Minutes of Shame”? I hate to say it, but it’s good–and surprisingly catchy.

  • Nick

    She’s not that bad. Sure, 8 Days a Week was disastrous to say the least but the rest of her stuff wasn’t too bad. And she got better towards the end.

  • Judy

    Mells, I saw the Idols last night too! We must have been at the same stop. I wasn’t a fan of Kristy’s until yesterday, because she was so sweet during the meet and greet, and I definitely would have taken her performances over Ramiele’s anyday. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED MECHAGODZILLA! Part of the greatness of watching Idol was watching Idolatry afterwards.

  • kari gibb

    stephen, LJ, Wojo…. you are all off your rockers. If dare to bring in the ‘Americas standards aren’t the rules’ card, then lets do that.. and bring in the WHOLE idea. Which is the greater nation, America or China. Thats the argument you are skirting. China has been around for thousands of years and is dirt effing poor. As a political system, it blows. As a society, its narrow minded and restrictive. They consume technologies that they never would have developed because of its own design.
    America is the opposite of all that..young country, most modern technology was developed there because its society and government are NOT outdated, restrictive, byzantine, or generally sucking.
    That being said…the real comments you apologists cleverly masked is that China’s inability to be embarrassed IS a shortcoming, not a cultural difference. They fail at a lot..a lot. America is the greatest success story in the past 300 years so don’t go thinking they aren’t allowed to ever say they’re the best and apply their thinking and judgments on other societies. If those other cultures want to be old and outdated, fine… then we’ll call them as such. Personally, I think such cultures should be deprived of modern technologies like the cell phone, they refuse to change and grow so why accept them as equals?
    China tried scamming the world on this one. If Americans want to call foul, they certainly have that right. Their word carries more credibility than just about anyone elses.

  • Wojo

    Was I really just called an “apologist” on an EW comments section? Kari gibb, who are you to decide what’s better for people? The U.S. has its fair share of problems. It’s far from perfect. If I had to choose between living in China or the U.S., yes, I would choose the U.S., but that doesn’t make it better. If people are happy where they are, what gives you the right to judge them in such a heavy-handed manner? It sounds like you’re part of the reason the U.S. is becoming a nation of people who lack respect. You feel you can impose your opinions on whomever you want with no regard for their views. And your last comment about the U.S.’s word having more credibility than just about anyone else’s is possibly one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read. Since we’re Americans, we’re capable of being more truthful than the rest of the world? Are you mentally deficient? I didn’t “cleverly mask” anything. I just have the ability to look at things from multiple points of view.

  • Wojo

    I’m sorry, Gary. This is why politics and entertainment should probably never be mixed. You think you’re going to make some innocent Kristy Lee Cook jokes, and then the next thing you know, you’re debating cultural differences with a complete stranger. I apologize for contributing to the tangent.

  • LK

    Any excuse to rewatch Idolatry is a good one, y’all. I am just shocked the Chinese didn’t just build an actual robot cute little girl, cause that would have rocked. It’s not lip syncing if you’re actually wired, is it?
    Actually, BTW, the Idol finale I would have liked to see would have featured Kristy Lee versus David Archuleta, dueling it out with “America Frack Yeah” and “Shout to the Lord” until the entire stage exploded into a mass of tiny confetti glitter crucifixes and red, white and blue banners shaped like babies, and huge fireworks that spelled out Texas and football and Mom.
    The the Rapture would happen, and Simon and Ryan and Cook and Slezak and billions of Chinese and all the godless Sodomites would turn into salt and Archie would sing the redeemed people up to Heaven with his pure, sweet voice.
    Kristy, too, on her pony.
    I’m just saying.

  • Mike

    Kirsty is a generic barbie doll. Her voice is actually quite pretty and strong judging from her live tour performance videos but I just cannot stand the girl. Dont get me started on her song choces. God Bless The USA? GAG. Cliche cheese.

  • Anonymous

    This article made no sense to me, in regard to Kristy Lee. She’s definitely cute enough and she’s got a great voice. Just listen to her without the video. What in the world is this writer talking about? I don’t get it.

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