It's not too early to save Joss Whedon's 'Dollhouse'

Elizadushku_lIf you are an avid Joss Whedonite, you’ve probably already heard this news, soeither bear with me or skip to the third graph. If not: Given the cautionary example of thecancellation of Whedon’s cult-fave Firefly series, among other ill-fated genre shows past,fans have united to save the sci-fi/fantasy guru’s Dollhouse (starring Eliza Dushku, pictured). According to, is leading a campaign to "urge followers toorganize viewing parties, watch the trailers online, buy Dollhouse-endorsed merch and create more fan sites."One poster, ultamatt, even suggests making "little cardboard dollhousesand set them up all around towns…. A viral marketing campaign that gets peoplethinking "WTF are all the dollhouses for?" All well and good, save one small detail: The show hasn’t failed yet. Dollhouse isn’t set to air for anothereight months.

Is this a case of super-fandom gone a tad super-crazy? Or in aworld where presidential candidates battle it out for the nomination for more than a year,is there no such thing as revving up a campaign too soon? Personally, I thinkit’s a little silly, especially in light of the fact that Dollhouse seems builtto last — Wired claims the show was greenlit even before the pilot was shot, andseveral other sites are reporting that the seven-show season was upped to 13. And as points out, why not wait to see ifDollhouse is actually a show worth fighting for?

Assuming Dollhouse is sturdy, what fall network shows are youhoping get nixed? Which ones are you fighting for? And how far would you go (shortof physical harm to network execs) to save a show that you love?

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  • Chandra

    First of all, since it is airing on FOX, it is never to early to try and save a show. I don’t know of any network that destroys so many shows by poor promotion or constantly moving around the day that it airs on.
    I have yet to see watch or read anything of Whedon’s that I didn’t find to be of the highest caliber. So I think it is okay to get started before we see the actual show.
    Whedon fans are fanatical (with good reason) so I am glad that people are trying to make sure the Dollhouse lasts.

  • hanncoll

    why not wait to see if Dollhouse is actually a show worth fighting for?
    It’s a Joss Whedon show. That’s all I need to know to decide it’s worth fighting for.

  • Bruce in NC

    I’m still angry about Drive being cancelled. Admittedly, April was a terrible time to start a series like that. I look forward to Dollhouse but I just don’t trust America to watch it in large numbers.
    “Prove me wrong kids. Prove me wrong!”

  • Angela

    I adored Buffy to the point of obsession. I was indifferent to Firefly – I never even bothered to see Serenity. It’s nice that people love and appreciate the worlds that Joss Whedon has created, but COME ON. Trying to save a show that has never aired? Who knows if it’s any good or worth the effort? Dollhouse might prove be the best show in the history of the world. It has an equal chance of being so bad that it both sucks and blows. Seriously, the sun does not shine out of Joss Whedon’s ass. This kind of silliness makes me weep for fandom in general.

  • Chandra

    I don’t see how someone can say it has equal chance of being good and being bad. Like it is just a flip of a coin? I love all of Whedon’s stuff so obviously I have the same taste as him, and thus am pretty positive I will love this.
    Once a show is canceled it is too late to save it, that is why people start early. If it really sucks then it will be canceled because only his most rabid fans will stick with it.
    Seriously, if I find him to be gifted in his craft why is is so silly to believe he will continue to churn out the same level of work. Joss doesn’t get the credit he deserves and it gets infuriating after awhile, so people are trying to avoid the heartbreak. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you should demean them.

  • Jame Scholl

    From their first good series (Brisco County, Jr.) to their latest (New Amsterdam), Fox has always shown a willingness to kill an intelligent, well-written show and replace it with something that demonstrates their severe underestimation of the viewing public. Any time I see something really intriguing on Fox, the first words that come to mind are, “Great. But doomed.”

  • Jane

    I too am worried about Dollhouse’s chances on Fox, which is quick to reject many poorly-rated, high-quality series. However, Kevin Reilly is now in charge and he’s the genius who nurtured My Name Is Earl and The Office, along with other good shows on NBC. He has proven that he has patience and is willing to let audiences catch on to a show. Because its Whedon, I’m sure he’s going to give the show every chance that he can.

  • The One True b!X

    “Is this a case of super-fandom gone a tad super-crazy?”

  • Rob Grizzly

    A lot of good points. But if these superfans start getting on people’s nerves, there may be a backlash.

  • carr

    Fox does kill shows. but….(and this said as a whedon fan)…you can’t save a show before it airs. the show might be horrible. it might be great…but it might just not be all that good. we just don’t know. and if it is really bad…it’s almost like putting all whedon fans and even him in a bad light. dont think thats a good thing.

  • ewanspotter

    Crazy? Maybe. But well-intended I guess. In the end though, I fear FOX: THE SHOW KILLER is going to gobble this Sci-Fiian up, just like the dozens of others in the past few years.

  • Luis PJ

    I say this more of a preemptive strike then a campaining, but what do I know

  • peaches

    With the sheer lack of original programs coming to television this year, Dollhouse might just have a chance! Hopefully, FOX doesn’t flush it down the drain after two episodes.

  • mjade27

    Kinda afraid to even start watching this or “Fringe”, based on FOX’s track record. I’ve been avoiding them since they dumped “Firefly.”
    Also, still smarting from the burn of CBS canceling “Moonlight.”
    It is getting harder and harder to want to invest in watching new shows on the “major” networks, since their chance of survival is so low. And, yes, I know they don’t stand a chance if no one watches to begin with, but it doesn’t seem that I am being counted as a viewer anyway, based on the current ratings system.
    BTW – Someone bring back “Moonlight”!
    Vampire Solidarity. RAH! RAH! RAH!

  • Meredith44

    I have to say, that this sort of thing could potentially backlash. I am a casual fan, and seeing this kind of rabid campaigning before a show even starts is turning me off to wanting to try the show. I want to watch a show, not a cult.
    I make my opinion up about shows based on the shows themselves, not who makes them. (I didn’t like Buffy, liked Angel but don’t understand all of the fuss, and own Firefly on DVD, but never campaigned for the show or anything.)
    As of now, I’m planning to watch the pilot episode and seeing if I like the premise; however, part of the fun for me with a lot of shows is interacting with people in fandom, and if fandom seems like it is going to be crazy obsessed, I may have to rethink my plan.

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