Must List wants your very best recommendations

That’s right, not just your best — your very best. On my Must List this week is MTV’s comedy sketch series Human Giant, the first season of which came out on DVD yesterday in all its random, violent, reliably juvenile glory. Even better: season 2 debuts this Tuesday, March 11, at 11 p.m. (Warning: trailer contains some NSFW language and very silly violence.)

Time to stop monkeying around (warning: see above) and tell us what’s a "must" for you right now. And please include your full name and email address in case your recommendation is the "reader’s choice" we decide to print on the next issue’s Must List page.

For inspiration, try running around town in a bright red tracksuit (maybe you’ll bump into Patton Oswalt, like the Giant boys do in the clip below). Let’s go!

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  • nikki28

    Chuck: season one on DVD.
    Oh wait it’s not on DVD yet. :(

  • drella66

    Free Radio
    Top Chef Chicago anticapation!
    The “sweded” movies from “Be Kind Rewind”

  • Liz

    SNL’s new episodes

  • Kirsten

    Away From Her, Eastern Promises, Days Of Darkness, Poor Boy’s Game, Shake Hands With the Devil- five great Canadian films that deserve a wider audience.

  • Liz

    oh, and Slezak’s America’s Next Top Doll popwatch entries…

  • oren is pretty damn hilarious and non-offensive like tmz

  • MrKitty

    Tana French – In the Woods – published in 2007 – best psychological crime novel written in a long time. Set in Dublin – a must read. A girl is found murdered on an archaeological dig – recalling a disappearance of two children in 1984 – one of the trio survives and is now a detective on the Murder Squad that takes on this case along with his extraordinary partner.

  • Majel Maes

    Saturday night BBC America – starting with Torchwood. Holy wah. Captain Jack is the most intensely, fiercely passionate bi-sexual former time lord on TV. (OK he’s the only one but that’s just a technicality.) When Ianto opined that he and Jack’s “dabbling” was “inventive…bordering on avante garde” in last week’s ep my imagination went hay-WAYAH. Especially since my husband is deployed to Kuwait right now, and I’m a ‘single’ mom to 3 kids, Saturday pm has become my time to be an adult and experience (vicariously) that kind of passion. Of course then I have to stay tuned for Graham Norton – that show invariably makes me laugh so hard I cry, which is also a welcome emotion at this point! I look forward to this all week long.

  • Todd

    The cartoons of Garfield Minus Garfield.

    Seriously, reading Garfield will never be the same.

  • Luke

    Breaking Bad on AMC. Thanks to the writers strike for helping me find some alternative television.

  • Snarf

    Book – Blindfall by Christopher Rice.
    Just picked it up. So far me likey, me likey a lot.

  • Lauren

    1. Reno 911!–still hilarious and improv-tastic 5 seasons (and 1 movie) in. Nick Swardson’s Terry is the awesomest rollerskating hustler EVER!
    2. Awesome young adult novels and their upcoming film versions–Twilight (Stephenie Meyer) and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (David Levithan and Rachel Cohn). I’ll be the first in line!
    3. Saturday Night Live! Thanks to fantastic hosts like Tina Fey and Ellen Page, and hilarious cast members like Amy Poehler, Jason Sudeikis, and Kristin Wiig, and let’s not forget the great writing, the show is finally funny again. Thank blog!

  • Kayla – Already mentioned in Defamer, It’s about a sitcom writer who figures out how to be funny after her cousin is murdered and her mom goes crazy. It’s hilarious

  • Heather

    The only thing I can focus on right now is the Wire. Please god let Dukie be OK.

  • labgrrl

    LOST!!!!! and my new obsessions 30 Rock and The Office

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