Which 'Idol' guy brings the momentum into tonight's semifinal finale?

I mean, aside from that Archuleta kid. After all, as my co-host Dawnie Walton likes to joke, season 7 of American Idol is "the most exciting race for No. 2 ever!"

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  • JackSparrow228

    Here’s the thing. If DavidA (aka Lil’D) wins this competition, he’s gonna go the way of Taylor Hicks and have blah record sales. Y’all out there LUUUUUUUV him, but the kid has NO edge and would never bring in any decent kind of record sales. Same goes for Jason. David H has way more of a chance to be a successful recording artist. He’s a much more polished, engaging, and interesting performer. I’m still rooting for Luke of course, and he’ll be getting all my “pretty” votes tonight. I SO hope he didn’t listen to Paula and doesn’t do Kenny Loggins. Please don’t do Kenny Loggins…PLEASE don’t do Kenny Loggins!!!!!!!

  • J

    David A. may be this seasons front runner but I don’t think the votes he gets each week are going to translate into huge record sales if he wins. I know I’m in the minority but I am just not wowed by or a big David Archuleta fan. His cover or version of Imagine was alright but it can’t hold a candle to the original. It’s such a huge song by a super famous music legend. I hope David covers a non ballad tonight. He needs to change things up a bit. I don’t feel like he has given us anything new or unique. But ya anyways The 3 guys who will make it into the top 12 for sure after tonights show will be I think David Cook, Michael Johns and David Archuleta. I really hope Luke and Danny go home on Thursday. They just arent Top 12 matieral.

  • Adam S

    I really do wish everyone would stop crowning this David Archuleta the winner already. First of all, it’s week THREE!! We’ve only seen him sing twice. At this point last year, LaKisha Jones was the front runner. Secondly, he’s 16. He WILL show inexperience at some point. And thirdly, he’s going to get annoying, I can tell already. I would happily get anyone $50 that Archuleta is NOT the American Idol when all is said and done.

  • JJ

    I agree with JackSparrow228 if David A. wins his record is gonna flop like past winner Taylor Hicks. Cuteness can only get you so far. Plus if David A. is sooo good like Idol is hyping him up to be why after he won Star Search and got to record a single why hasnt he been signed to a major label since then and sold millions of records? If he is sooo good he shouldnt of needed to go on Idol. I think perhaps we have a season 5 repeat on our hands. Where a runner up will outsell/outlast the winner and perhaps 2nd place finisher as well. Don’t get me wrong the kid has decent vocals but he isnt anything unique. I think he is Top 12 worthy just not my pick for season 7 winner. We need a rocker to win this year. We already had 2 pop singers win, 2 rnb singers win, a soul blues singer win and a country singer win. It’s time for a rock singer to win so looking at the Top 16 we have 2 possible choices then.

  • Rose Tyler

    Oh how I agree! He may be adorable and yes he can sing but who is going to buy his album? I mean what kind of album would the kid even make? I’m certain he would end up down the path of Taylor Hicks. There are still many weeks ahead of us and plenty of time for someone else(Brooke, Carly, Michael Johns, David Cook) to out shine little David.

  • Liz

    David Cook! He has the voice and the style to follow in the steps of Daughtry, meaning that coming in 2nd or lower could be the best thing that ever happened to him. I disagree with the other poster who said that David Archuleta doesn’t have what it takes to sell records — I see the point, but wouldn’t we have said the same of Clay Aiken? Finally, I want to say that David Hernandez gives me the creeps. He does have a great voice, but I can’t watch the guy, he moves like a bad wedding singer. Or Tom Jones, or anyone at Studio 54 in the 70’s. I’m trying not to say “like a stripper”, but there it is. Suffice to say I thought that long before I heard about his previous job.
    That said, I do think he’ll make the top 12 comfortably. My votes for departure tonight are Luke and Danny.

  • JackSparrow228

    The difference between DavidA and Clay Aiken is that Clay appeals to kids AND adults. Who, over the age of 16 is gonna shell out money for a Lil’D album? Especially since he doesn’t even have the courage to sing the “Imagine there’s no Heaven” verse of “Imagine”. Yeah, there’s some real EDGY stuff, man!

  • gray

    i agree and disagree with jacksparrow… david h is THE one to watch. lilD bores me already. i wouldn’t pay money to see him live (unless he was starring on Broadway in, let’s say, the Lion King. Wouldn’t he make an adorable SIMBA??)
    now, the only thing i disagree with jacksparrow about is kenny loggins. i am sorry, but he rocks. HE ROCKS

  • nycgirllms

    As far as I’m concerned, none of the guys have any spark this year. There are more good girls then boys. David Archuleta strikes me as too phoney and too slick for his own good. I felt the same way about Katharine McPhee and look what happened to her career. She’s reduced to selling her wedding pictures to the tabloids to make a few bucks. If by some chance Archuleta wins(god I hope not), he will have a very, very short career. Didn’t the producers get the memo, the boyband-cute singer fad ended like ten years ago. If you look at the charts, singers these days have a little edge to them. Justin Timberlake knew the boyband-cute thing was O-V-E-R and reinvented himself. Archuleta could sell a few records but then his expected fanbase-teenage girls-will hit puberty and move on to the next thing.

  • Kaycee

    Lol funny you mention Clay Aiken and compare David with him. Ya Clay’s first record did really well but after that everything Clay did music/albums wise was a flop or close to it. Where is he now? On broadway or off broadway just like I thought he be before he placed second in season 2. But ya anyways David A. is one of the better male contestants this year no doubt and he will make the final 12 no question. Platinum selling artist though I think not. Kid is cute but like someone else said cuteness will only get you so far. I think David Cook and Michael will do well tonight. Going home better be Luke and Danny all I gotta say. Luke should of gone home last week instead of Robbie. And David Hernandez is kinda scary looking and to know he used to be a stripper makes me scared of him even more. lol.

  • JackSparrow228

    gray: I totally agree that Kenny Loggins rocks. I’m just scared that Luke’s gonna pick the wrong song, which could easily be done from the Loggins songbook, know what I’m sayin’? He might be able to get away with Danger Zone, or something like that. It’s just that Luke’s hanging by a thread here (seems EVERYBODY here wants him to go home), and if he picks the wrong song, he’s done. He has a good voice, he just needs to find the perfect song to showcase it in the right light. I’d love to see him do Tears for Fears or a Phil Collins song, maybe?

  • gray

    jackS- ok, ok, you have me here…. i had totally forgotten about danger zone (that really made me laugh), and could totally see him picking that. you’re right, he needs to pick something that can maybe show a little more edge. although, i won’t be too sad if he leaves. i still think we need to be concentrating our efforts to overthrowing david A. snooze and yuck.

  • AH

    Well we all know NOW why David Hernandez looks comfortable dancing. He was a stripper!

  • Elizabeth

    I wouldn’t write off Archuletta’s selling ability: those screaming girls would buy his record. (And some of us who feel an obligation to buy albums of those contestants we enjoy). Kudos to Michael & Dawnie on a solid episode of Idolatry.

  • JackSparrow228

    gray: Oh, yes, we absolutely MUST do something about Lil’D. It’ll be a loooonng time before he’s ousted tho. Even Sanjaya made way further than this on the teenybopper vote alone (I still have nightmares about that bizzarro mohawk). But, along with Danny PlasticHair-ISH, can we PLEASE send Jason home first? He totally creeps me out.

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