The TV character you'd date in real life

Tvdates_lIn honor of Valentine’s Day, and with a nod to our gallery of Pop Culture’s Best Couples, let’s all name the TV character we’d actually date. Here are the rules:

1. Hosts of any kind are disqualified. The relationship you’re creating is real; your better half must be fictional.
2. You can’t change anything about your partner — other than that he or she will no longer have the hots for the show love interest, obviously.
3. You must explain why you’d make a good match, so when other PopWatchers want to steal your pick, they know what they’re up against.

After the jump: Three of the TV heartthrobs who made our cut, and why.

I spent waaaay too much time debating this yesterday. First with colleagues Abby West and Jennifer Armstrong. Jennifer knew immediately that she wanted Jack (James Tupper, right) from Men in Trees because he resembles half the men she’s dated, clearly likes New York writer types, and has great hair. Also, because she didn’t want to say she’d date a teenager (Ryan from The O.C., played by Benjamin McKenzie). Abby had to ponder briefly and IM’d me when I finally let her return to her desk. According to her (and her husband), Medium‘s Joe Dubois (Jake Weber, left) is “the best all around man on TV. He’s handsome and loyal and smart (rocket scientist!!!) and loving and affectionate and real (will argue… eloquently… but argue nonetheless). Gets frustrated. Is a great dad.”

That’s very persuasive, but I couldn’t begin to process him with my head already spinning. Do I go with NewsRadio‘s Dave Nelson (Dave Foley)? Not if I want to keep my friend Eva, apparently, who said “What would you have in common with Dave Nelson? Do you drink coffee? Do you watch Green Acres? He’s mine.” What about Ed‘sEd (Tom Cavanagh)? He’s a dreamer but still solid, and were we ever to reproduce, his staff at the bowling alley would provide free daycare. Tempting, but the fact that I stopped watching the show toward the end doesn’t exactly bode well for our longevity. After I tried to tell my friend Tamara (pick: The West Wing‘s Josh Lyman, played by Bradley Whitford) what I loved about Sports Night‘s Dan Rydell (Josh Charles) but couldn’t remember, I accepted the inevitable: I had to post another picture on PopWatch of Bones‘ Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz, center). I respect the man, for what he does on the job, for how supportive and protective he is of his friends, for asking Brennan where her TV was when he first saw her apartment. I also happen to share his love of Thai food and pie, and I fully support his affinity for flashy socks and hair metal. Anthropology was one of my majors in college, so he could leave me alone with the squints. And because I work long hours in New York and couldn’t make the totally manageable trek to D.C. every weekend, he’d still have plenty of quality time with son Parker and shrink Sweets.

Your turn.

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  • paige

    i have always had a thing for jason street in friday night lights

    • Sudeshna

      Don’t stop there! Take care of the funeral aretgnrmenas too! This way you have it the way you want it and the family is not stuck with decions at a terribly stressful time.krantcents recently posted..

    • Francois

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  • jaime

    ben covington (scott speedman) from felicity

  • Amelia

    Jim Halpert, from “The Office”. He is adorable, funny, and down to earth. I feel like we would connect because I’m goofy as well, and very down to earth. He doesn’t seem to have high aspiration in his career, and I’m fine with that. I would be happy staying in Scranton with him.

    • Oziel

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    • Patricia

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  • Red

    Jim from The Office is the only answer. We would have so much fun pulling pranks of Dwight and Andy and we’d go to baseball games and he’d never leave me at a fountain in NYC. Of course, I’d have to pull an Eternal Sunshine on him to erase all memories of that Pam person, but I know people and that can be arraigned.

  • arahsae

    Sylar from Heroes. His hotness and intensity could definitely switch me into a bad-girl. Then we would team up, kick some good-guy a$$ and bring all that adrenaline, etc. back to the bedroom. Oh geeze. Did I really just post that online?? I think I need help…

  • Lyn

    Sean from Psych. Hot, funny and always up to trouble that won’t get him killed.

  • Catherine

    I would not hesitate with Booth!
    And I always had a soft spot for Aidan from Sex and the city!

    • Guddu

      This is why I’ve encouraged Son #2 to chgnae majors and pursue politics. It’s something he’s passionate about anyways. He’s joining the Marine Reserves today, and just to push him in the right direction, I’ve started calling him Mr. President. He likes it.

  • Andie

    I’d want want to date Liz Lemon, and not just because I love Tina Fey. She’s smart, funny, and at least tries to be a good person, even though it doesn’t always work. She’s a bit of a work-a-holic, but she always has time for her friends and some board games. Plus she works in tv, and seeing as I love tv, she’d be my perfect match.

  • Rebecca

    People, you have to say *why* you are a match in your post.
    That said, I pick Joe Dubois as well. He has fun teasing his wife and pushing her when needed, but it’s always out of love and he’s a partner with her in their home and family.

  • monica

    I’m such a dork, but this is the coolest question ever. I have to say your case for Booth is very strong. I don’t think I can top that. But, let’s see…Landry (Friday Night Lights) and I both love movies and joking around. Cappy (Greek) and I both don’t take life so seriously, love hanging out with friends, and will go out on a limb to help a friend. And Ben (Reaper) and I are both Hispanic, love animals (in reference to his pigeon fascination), get injured a lot, and are the brains of the operation in our group of friends. I think I choose…Ben.

  • anne

    Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) – I know he’s on the run from the law and a shadowy evil corporation that murdered his last girlfriend and that he is seriously on the rebound after losing said girlfriend but look at the guy – he is incredibly hot, sexy, vulnerable, smart, – how can I not go for that? Besides, he hasn’t been intimate with a female for months so I know that whatever time we spend together on a secluded Central American beach would be …uh…memorable to say the least. So hands off girls this fugitive is mine!

  • Annie

    I’d like to date Jim Halpert. We both have a similar sense of humor, we both enjoy a good prank, our hair both has that odd flippy thing around the ears,I wouldn’t try to change him like Karen tried, and he clearly has a thing for awkward and dorky girls and, not to brag, you’d be hard pressed to find a girl more awkward and dorky than me.

  • DRS

    Wow, I never thought this would be so hard. I’m torn. Can I choose three? If so, I choose Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights because he is so passionate and dedicated and loving and exasperating. Ben Covington from Felicity, for being the sexy college boy of my dreams with depth and mystery and while a bit challenged in the “not cheating” department, always loyal in the end. Finally, Jim Halpert from The Office because I love how playful and goofy he is.

  • tiff

    Coach Taylor
    Ben Covington
    Pacey Witter

  • Janine

    Chuck Bartowsky from “Chuck” because I am kind of a geek myself, I could hold my own in that German-hot dog-waitress outfit, and most importantly, I have a lot of patience, so I could deal with his annoying best friend, Morgan.

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