'Medium' recap: Dream a little dream of mom

Medium_lI had my fingers crossed for you, PopWatchers. Last week some of y’all were a tad spazzed about an incident we’ll refer to as The Boy in the Box. Gruesome it was, so I’d hoped this week would be better, that there’d be nothing deeply objectionable involving children or violence or sex—nothing like, say, a barely pubescent girl getting dream-raped by a freak playing a twisted version of Bad Cop. But clearly, I don’t run nothin’.

Maybe Medium is trying to work out some, forgive the expression, kinks (this is, after all, the network that gave us 14,572 iterations of Dateline’s To Catch a Predator). Or maybe this is what the show figures it has to do to keep up with the likes of Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU. Whatev. All I’m saying is that it looks like we’re in for a seriously dark season 4, so get your minds right. 

So what happened, exactly? (Sorry class, have to give the latecomersa chance to catch up.) While Allison was having her usual Dreams ofRandom Exposition, Ariel had a few dreams of her own (no, there’s noBridgette or Marie in this episode—sometimes they exist, sometimes theydon’t—anyway, pay attention). Ariel’s dreams were way more interesting,though, as they cast her as a girl named Casey, who just happened to beBFF with a blonde named Allison—yeah, Ariel dreamt about the Pretty in Pinkversion of her own mother. (No, this Young Allison was a differentactress than the previous Young Allison. No, I don’t know why. Stopasking questions!) Anyway, thanks to the dream, Ariel snuck off to meetsome boy we’ll never see again, got caught, had her own Dream of RandomExposition about the evil cop, and eventually got him thrown injail—thankfully before he could kill his next victim.

I’m glossing over, here. Sure, we saw the cop’s attack on Allison’sfriend coming from a mile away, but it was still awful. Give it to the Mediumwriters for getting us to feel the same stomach-sinking panic Arielfelt—like we, too, were stuck in a nightmare from which we couldn’tawake. Worst moment of the night.

Second worst moment: Realizing that Cynthia Keener (a.k.a. MaerosePrizzi, a.k.a. Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent, a.k.a.Anjelica Huston) might just be a raging, selfish rhymes-with-itch. WhenAllison explained that it might be more helpful if she actually,y’know, came along to interview people for cases, Cynthia sniped, “Thatwould seem to rather defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it? I mean, this issupposed to be about me, not you.” Actually, Cyn, it’s supposed to beabout the victims, but I can see how you’d get confused. As if thatweren’t enough, the –itch hung up on Allison, then swanned up to herfront door to fire her.

See, this is why they don’t let me out into polite society—I’d havesmacked her. And while I was at it, Ariel, too, for calling her mom aliar during her I’m-sorry-I-got-busted-not-sorry-I-did-it hissy fit. (Sigh…I’m still learning to use my words.)

Then again, maybe Ariel’s had enough. Maybe now she’ll know not tomouth off, sneak out to see boys, or take unauthorized trips onmunicipal transit. And she damn sure better stop sleep-snooping in hermama’s bidness. For one thing, we got enough of that weirdness in Dreamscape, and have no desire toreturn (cute Dennis Quaid or no). But more importantly, where’s thefun in screwing up, goofing off, and generally having a naughty pastif, in the end, you’re just gonna end up with psychic kids?

What about you, PopWatchers–Medium getting to be too much for you?

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  • Ben

    I wonder how much input Allison Dubois has on the series and I guess I don’t know enough about her to know how much of the show is really based on her life? The show is getting a tad darker, but it does make it somewhat more interesting. I liked it better with Allison working with the DA’s office, but I guess a series has to change to peak interest or get cancelled. Let’s just hope that this change isn’t looked at as “jumping the shark”.

  • Strepsi

    Love Anjelica Houston! Love Ariel, and the dream was well-done and horrific. Bonus points for using Crowded House “Don’t Dream It’s Over”. And given how many parents have kids that sneak out and disobey, I bet a few of them would secretly like to have their kid “scared straight” like Ariel was! (Although, uh, ‘tough-love’ is one thing, but ‘dream-rape’ is taking it a tad too far….)

  • AJ

    I dug the 1987 hair and clothes. Totally cracked me up.

  • Dana

    I don’t mind if it gets darker this season, but then again I love CSI and Criminal Minds.
    Loved the 80’s flashback

  • colbea

    Loved it again, I wished it was longer. But now it is time for a Bridgett episode!!!

  • Stephanie T.

    It was a good episode but there was a slight mistake:
    The striped shirts were from 1982 not 1987. 1987 teen fashion included the Debbie Gibbson black vest, the stone washed jean jacket, and the “newspaper sweater”.

  • Zan.Bee

    Hey Alynda Wheat, why do you insist that Medium serve up PG-13 entertainment. I enjoy the grit and gumption of this show. I mean, Alison can’t just dream about lost puppy dogs…!

  • Maggs

    Even though last nights epsiode was uber creepy I loved it. I was literally screaming at my tv during the scene with Ariel in the cop car. Also, props to the young actress, just watching her face was enough to give me goosebumps. Can’t wait for next week.

    • Princess

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  • pai

    Nope, not too much for me. That’s why it’s on at 10 p.m., peeps. And if it creeps you out, well, I hate to drop this show’s ratings any further, but just don’t watch. The thing that is so resonate about this show is that it is coming out of society and its ills. And then you put in a really powerful family dynamic — could Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber be any more believable — and you get something eminently watchable that really sticks with you. Not to mention it’s the same show it’s been all along, it’s not changing and I appreciate it.

  • pai

    One last thought. I think these first eps are sooooo gut-wrenching is because the show was on hiatus. Glenn and company had ideas in mind and they’re taking them where they lead. If it was a full season and they got into a dozen or so eps, then you’d get the lost puppy dogs.

  • MAC

    LOVE THIS SHOW! Lay off Ariel too!

  • Alynda

    Just to clarify: I LOVE this show. I don’t waste my time doing TV Watches of shows I don’t love. I even love it when it’s dark. It’s just that, ahem, some of you seemed a touch put out by the “mature themes” of the last episode. Basically, I kinda thought y’all were gettin’ soft on me (my bad). That, or my watching of every procedural on network (minus Cold Case) is warping my brain. So we’re agreed: Bring on the wrongness, Medium!

  • I like Joe

    I thought Entertainment Weekly wrote in their magazine that this season of Medium WAS going to be darker and it’s going to have a different feel then all the other ones. Isn’t it in the magazine with the Lost guy on the cover? Either way, I agree with pai: it’s on at 10 for a reason, if this was a “let’s watch TV kids!” show then it’d be on at 8. I like this show because it actually makes me a little scared. I love CSI and the Law and Orders but none of them get me a little scared and tense every time I watch.
    PS: I agree with pai again, Allison and Joe are really believable.. I hope when I get married my husband is like Joe.

  • Dan

    I have been a HUGE fan of “Medium” since it began..and..I still LOVE the show. Alyson and Joe are the most realistic couple on television. Also, as far as the ‘darker storylines’ go–the printed version of EW mentioned this in a recent edition..so..no surprise really.

  • Sharri

    Medium is a great show that lots of folks don’t watch. I wish more would, they don’t know what they are missing. Having her daughters begin to realize their powers is exciting. I can do without A Huston, but it’s a good way to bring a reaction to us. Let’s hope they keep up the good work, and keep this going. A real woman has done this for years, I hope they never run out of story lines.

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