Warning: 'Man Vs. Wild' ads may cause dizziness, nausea

Helpme_lLast night, I was the victim of an unprovoked assault on my senses. Mainly my eyes and ears suffered, but after the attack, I found that I’d lost my appetite, too. The perp in this case was Bear Grylls, and the weapon was a commercial for his extreme wilderness reality series, Man Vs. Wild.

I’ve seen some nasty things in horror movies over the years, but I kid you not, the Wes Cravens of the world have nothing on Discovery Channel’s ad department. The most horrific moment arrives at the 17-second marker, when Grylls bites the head off the nice little froggie (pictured just before his demise, at left). Of course, my morbid sense of duty forces me to share the experience with all of you. Watch the video by clicking here — that is, if you don’t mind fasting for the next 24 hours.

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  • C. A. Bridges

    Can not STAND this show and its manufactured sense of danger. It’s hard to take his iminent demise seriously when a) there’s a cameraman right along with him, and b) he often avoids easier paths to demonstrate how to survive the impassable ones, making him look more like an idiot than a survivor.
    “Here I’m going to avoid this garden path and instead hurl myself over this treacherous waterfall to show you how to survive if you’re ever stupid enough to hurl yourself over a waterfall.”

  • Ames

    OMG, I saw this too and screamed and through the remote to cover my eyes. Then since the remote was across the room, I wasn’t fast enough to turn the channel before another clip of this dude eating the caurcus of a zebra. Very disturbing.

  • junior

    Y’all know this show is fake right?

  • dma69

    Bear, how could you???? I hope Kermit haunts you in your dreams for that!

  • Dana

    I think this show is great I watch it all the time. The whole point is for him to show you how to survive in the wild in various danger situations. If he took the easiest paths then there would be no show. He is very well trained to do what he does. You can actully learn a lot from the show as with Survivor Man also on the Discovery Channel

  • mark in nyc

    I watch this show all the time, if my girlfriend is over I always have to warn her. “if Bear runs into any sort of animal, worms, fish, zebras, etc….turn your head cause he is going to eat it raw”.
    This helps her enjoy the show much more.
    I know people say the show is fake, and there was a report earlier in the year about it. The way I look at it is that he is getting himself in dangerous situations to show you how to survive them. He never says he is going to go out and survive in the wild (like Les Stroud of survivorman), just demonstrate things you may need to know.
    Surviormanis a different show, he challanges himself to survive, and thus does not do the dangerous stuff.

  • Gabby

    OMG, WHY would you do that?

  • Peez

    My husband loves this show. I used to watch it all the time with him, but this season proved to be too much for my gentle eyes to take. The commercial for the episode in which he crawled all the way inside of a dead camel was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. (excuse the pun)

  • paige

    Crikey! That was sexy!

  • Vicky

    Yeah he totally pulled a Han Solo Tauntaun act with the camel. It was pretty gross, but I still like the show. It’s entertaining and you do actually learn a few things here and there.

  • Alan

    This guys is a loser. He actually sleeps in hotels when the camera is turned off. And he is never in any danger at any time. So, there’s no need for him to abuse and attack animals. We get it: If you are ever lost in the wild, eat things. You don’t need to show us, you loser.

  • Patty

    Discovery Channel has nasty commercials. They had a series about tribal taboos or some such and in the commercials were freaky looking tattoos, piercings, just yuck. The show if fine with me I have no issue with that, but the commercials are on between like 5-8 on shows that kids are watching. The first time my son saw it, he was genuinely freaked out. Thank God for TiVo, flip the tuner, come back in 30 seconds.

  • Kit

    I was unfortunate enough to watch this show right before leaving to go to Disneyworld. And I saw him bite into a raw, slimey, still-gasping fish (causing it’s guts to spill out). I’d never seen the show, didn’t know he’d do something so gross. Needless to say, it ruined a good many dinner at Disneyworld when thoughts of that scene would flash across my mind as the waiter put my food before me.
    I really dislike this show. Not so much for the gross factor (which is up there) — but for how manufactures it is (as C.A. Bridges pointed out). It just makes me want to roll my eyes.

  • Snarf

    Yuck. Ewww. and does PETA know about this? Methinks they won’t be pleased.

  • alexandrea

    People, get over it. The stuff Bear eats and does is no worse than half the garbage that’s shown on tv today. Um, hello…”Fear Factor” anyone? Sheesh. And as for him “showing” rather than just “telling” – that’s the point of the show. They’re not going to let him get into real danger, hello, they want him to live so they have a show. But I appreciate that he does push himself by doing things (admittedly they may be stupid things) like jumping into glacial water and the like. He’s certainly not a pansy and for those naysayers complaining about his hotel stays…who are you to deny him a comfy bed at night? They never say he spends the night outside in the new shows. Everything’s been edited now for those who were too stupid to realize it’s a TV SHOW and therefore things were staged for dramatics. Next you’ll be complaining that you can’t believe “The Hills” is staged!

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