The 'CSI'/'Two and a Half Men' mind-swap

You may think this should be filed under Things That Make Me Die Inside, but this is just whackadoo enough that I wanna see it happen. According to Variety, CSI exec producer Carol Mendelsohn and Two and a Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre are seriously considering swapping writing staffs for an episode. CBS has yet to okay the stunt, but we’re confident the network will see the possibilities: Helping Jake (Angus T. Jones) with his science homework, Alan (Jon Cryer) investigates the number of STDs in Uncle Charlie’s (Charlie Sheen) bloodstream. Grissom (William Petersen) suddenly remembers he lives in Vegas and plans an evening involving poker and showgirls.

If CBS lets this fly, what other crossovers could you imagine? Fingers crossed for How I Met Your Mother and CSI: Miami. (Caine tells his crew, "it’s time to… wait for it… [sunglasses on] suit up." YEAAAAAHHH!!!)


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  • Myles

    Mandi, I actually blogged about this today and came up with a somewhat similar pairing, although I crossed network lines to do it: The Office and CSI: Miami. (With no offense to HIMYM).
    My reasoning is that Dwight is basically Horatio when he puts on his deputy sheriff’s uniform, and when I started to imagine him delivering Horatio’s lines I basically burst out laughing.
    I’d also like to see Friday Night Lights’ writing staff spend some time with David Milch’s team for a while. I think that it would be really interesting to see an HBO style take on High School Football (But just for one episode), while John from Cincinnati proves that Milch needs some serious help making characters that I actually want to like, something FNL is fantastic at.

  • furry_tom

    Myles, if you’d swap The Office with Law and Order: SVU, you wouldn’t need to cross networks.
    Detective Elliot Stabler: We just got a call, there’s a murder downtown. It might be messy.
    Captain Donald Cragen: Ewww, messy? Yuck. You guys better go take care of that.
    Stabler: We’ll probably need backup, it looks like a big one.
    Cragen: That’s what she said!
    [Detective Olivia Benson looks at him in shock. Stabler looks at the camera, tilts his head and smiles]

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