Jessica Alba on 'SportsCenter' and other awkward celebrity promotional appearances

Ff2_lSo last night I’m flipping channels and catch Jessica Alba on SportsCenter, sitting in the "Budweiser Hot Seat," answering questions like, "Who is the bigger NBA fan, you or Eva Longoria?" and claiming that she never said that she hopes directors will be able to see past "my hotness" (because my hotness is a phrase she would never use). Is this a fantastic way to promote Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (pictured) to men, or just awkward? I’ll say both.

It got me wondering what other "great" promotional appearances I almost missed. In exchange for whatever you post below, I giddily offer this clip of Guardian costars Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher being forced to read a hospital menu — in German. Costner plays along longer than you’d expect, but Kutcher emerges the crowd favorite.

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  • Stephanie T.

    She needs to stop bleaching her hair. It looks fake.

  • Anonymous

    For the life of me, I can’t understand what the big deal is with Jessica Alba. She’s not especially talented or especially pretty. She’s got a decent body, I guess, but so do millions of other people. Go away, Jessica Alba.

  • Ceballos

    I just hope people will be able to see past my hotness and ready my post.
    I also caught Jessica Alba on Sportscenter last night…it was also as awkward as that one time Robert DeNiro appeared on…well ANYTHING really. Have you ever seen that guy be interviewed while he’s trying to plug a movie…it’s SO painful. I’m always a bit fascinated how actors with such outsize personalities on screen (like DeNiro or Depp) can be so shy and awkward in person.

  • Ep Sato

    Prince once did a performance on Letterman to promote an album he decided to shelve on the day of the performance. It struck me as odd.
    And while it’s standard fare now, Bill Clinton’s campaign visits on Arsenio Hall and his town hall with MTV’s “Choose or Lose” were both unusual and unique at the time.
    And finally, Eleanor Holmes Norton’s been able to promote DC voting rights thanks to several (Awkward) appearances on the Colbert Report. Talk about an odd way to get support for a cause…

  • janice

    Whoever put her in those blue contacts needs to be fired. Period. If memory serves – she didn’t have them in the first film.

  • Ceballos

    Also, I’m with the person that commented right before me? What’s the big deal about Alba? I mean, I get that she’s hot, but so were like (literally) hundreds of other girls on the UF campus I went to school at a few years ago.
    I was flipping through that gallery of hers that had up showing her career…and pretty much all her movies thus far stink. Except, of course, for “Sin City”…where she played the stripper that doesn’t take off her clothes.

  • Janice

    Also – I’m totally agreed with everyone about Alba being overrated… I read an article in InStyle yesterday dubbing her an “A-List” actress. Is it me, or do A-listers not appear on freakin’ Sportscenter.

  • Ep Sato

    From what I read in her Sin City interviews, Alba didn’t go nude for fear of upsetting her dad. To date, the viewing audience has never gotten to see her tatas or nana, and that’s how Ms. Alba wants to keep it.
    Agreed she’s a little overratted. That “all swimsuit” movie that opened opposite of Serenity was a piece of garbage…

  • Howard

    Stephanie, her whole appearance in FF2 looks fake. The lighter skin, the lighter hair, basically anything that makes her look less “ethnic” (As if the fanboys couldn’t deal with a slightly Latina Sue Storm). That Tim Story was able to make her look less attractive is reason alone that he shouldn’t get FF3 if they make it (some of the dialogue from the first flick is reason enough; at least they sacked the writers from that one).
    I love Jessica Alba; I love that you usually can’t count her ribs when she’s in a bikini and I love that she looks a little unique. But she loses a little hotness when she uses the expression “my hotness”. Just the way it is.

  • furry_tom

    The second most awkward moment on Letterman (behind Crispin Glover trying to kick him in the head), Harvey Pekar trying to pick a fight:

  • KingLouieXVIII

    As far as painfun-to-watch promotional appearances go, Tom Cruise takes the cake. We all remember the infamous couch-jumping Oprah incident, but let’s not forget the times he attempted to be all “gangsta” on BET while pimping movies like COLLATERAL and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III. Any Johnny Depp or Sean Penn interviews are also cringe-inducing b/c these guys have ZERO personality off the set.
    As far as Ms. Alba is concerned, I agree that she’s not the most talented actress. But I think her appeal is so great b/c she is a breath of fresh air in a Hollywood scene rampang with blonde, anorexic, white girls. There’s an exotic quality about JB that makes a lot of people (including me) sit up and take notice. Though I do not appreciate the was producers are making her more white by the day in order to expand her appeal. Those blue contacts look horribly fake!

  • Ceballos

    Ep, I read that too, and I totally respect her decision (and any other actress or actor) to not want to do nudity on film, I really do…that stuff’s gonna be out there FOREVER.
    That being said, if that’s how she really feels, how about NOT accepting a role as a STRIPPER in a movie with a hard R rating? I mean, one of the major sells of the movie was how it was a near exact recreation of Frank Miller’s drawings…and if you’ve seen Miller’s drawings of “That Yellow Bastard”, then you know Alba’s character was severely overdressed in the movie. I’m not one of those guys that automatically shouts “show us your boobs”, but that specific scenario was unrealsitic to the point of being distracting and taking me out of the movie.
    So to summarize: she can’t act, her movies stink, and she won’t even do nudity (show us your boobs!) when a role reasonably calls for it. And this is an “A-list actress? Ick.

  • Jason

    She has exactly the same expression in every scene of every movie she’s ever done – blank. Ethnic actors – men or women – are a breath of fresh air, to be sure. But how hard is it to find talented ones, I’m looking in your direction Halle.

  • Darth Nihilus

    Jessica Alba is great – stop your whining and get over it.
    If she did not take her clothes off for her role as Nancy the stripper in Sin City – so what? Go buy a Playboy and do your business if it was so important to you – Sinj City is still a good movie.

  • dMatrang

    Seriously, I cann’t believe nobody posted this one. It’s a recent Pirates Promo Tour for Depp. He is very gracious in it, but talk about crazy!

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