I Got Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sjp_lSarah Jessica Parker has joined the loooong list of celebs (Gwen Stefani, Eve, Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, etc…) who have created their own clothing labels, and last night I got to attend the launch party at NYC’s Drive In Studios for her sportswear line — aptly titled Bitten — which will be sold exclusively at Steve & Barry’s stores.

I had hopes of talking to the Sex and The City goddess herself, but unfortunately, my plans were foiled because the fashionista showed up, well, fashionably late to her own soirée (and was practically mauled by everyone but the bartenders the minute she arrived).

I did get a sneak peek at the clothes — SJP was even sporting a pair of denim capris with ankle zippers from the line, too (they’re the ones in the pic on the right) — and I have to admit I’m impressed! Steve & Barry’s is a store I’ll go to for super cheap college sweatshirts (no joke, they’re about $7 there), not for cute, stylish outfits — so I wasn’t sure how SJP was going to pull it off, but it looks like she has.

addCredit(“Parker: Evan Agostini/Getty Images; Clothing: Lindsay Soll”)

The major difference between Bitten and almost every other celebritylabel? Us common folk can actually afford it: Every item is priced at$19.98 or less.

When Bitten debuts on June 7th, I know I definitely want to get mypaws on a few of the pieces (notably a cream bo-ho top, a pair of whiteflats, and a black vest). Are any of you Pop Watchers anxiouslyawaiting the Bitten line? Or are you over this wholecelebrities-as-fashion-designers trend? Do you think the line will sellout in one day like Madonna’s did for H&M?

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  • tk

    where else can I get it??? I saw it on Oprah & I think alot of her stuff looks really good…..My daughter & I would love to get our hands on it…that’s it I’m googling it now..I have been BITTEN and I am a rabid fool…

  • Ron Mexico

    Wow, I didn’t know Dee Snider was even working on a clothing line! I’m out of the loop.

  • Lene

    I so need to know when that’s coming to Canada…

  • Ceballos

    I got bitten by Jon Voight.
    Also, although I’ll never wear any of these clothes (I’ve drastically cut down on my cross-dressing), I think it’s supercool whenever celebs come out with a line and attach their name to something that’s affordable by common folk. NBA player Stephon Marbury came out with $15 sneakers (when some cost well north of $100) and it’s cool to see more of the same.
    Finally, I imagine it must be slightly exhausting to be SJP. She’s CLEARLY a fashion icon, so even when she shows up casual, she has to be SUPER, DUPER stylish. I don’t think the photogs would let her get away with slapping on some sweats even if she was picking up a pack of gum at the corner store (which I’m sure she does herself all the time).

  • Ron Mexico

    I think Twisted Sister is going to be in Canada this summer on the latest tour, Lene. Maybe you can hook up with Dee and see his new clothing line then.

  • Jael

    Pictures on this line ended up on Budget Fashionista months ago and no one liked it. SJP had a fit saying that bloggers get free clothes and that they don’t understand the needs of the common woman like she does. If I want basics, I’ll go to Forever 21. SJP’s been so condescending to women throughout this whole thing that there’s no way I’d buy these clothes.

  • Eri

    I saw the line on GMA this morning. I wasn’t impressed. It’s not something I’d go for, the style doesn’t match my own. But it’s neat concept.

  • Chris

    I’m with Ceballos…I’m not going to get into cross dressing because of her new line, but I am impressed at the partnership with Steve and Barry’s. Every sweatshirt I own has come from there, and they are the go-to store when you need something really comfortable for really cheap (once you wash that strange chemical smell out of the clothes that every Steve and Barry’s seems to have…)

  • ep sato

    Ceballos is spot on. Thanks to Sex and the City, SJP’s always going to have to be stylin’ and profilin’.
    I’m digging that there seems to be a new wave of celeb fashion that’s made for average joes to wear.
    Given the flair that Kramer, Tony Soprano and Larry David had for Da vinci/BC ethic styled retro shirts, I felt like a part of hep scene for a while. Shame those aren’t as “in” as they were in 1998….
    Personally, I’d love to see some male celebs do clothing lines. A daniel craig line based on his Bond outfits would be awesome! And it’d be slick if his gear sold at H&M too. Imagine looking like JAMES freaking BOND and only paying $20 for the shirt!
    Oh Popwatch Genie, you cancelled Lucky Louie and got Flash Gordon remade, PLEASE make it happen!

  • ceej

    I like it. I’d much rather spend my hard-earned cash on assets than clothes for my ass.

  • Miss USA

    I am the one usually biting someone, but this time the bite is on me. I love to bite people.

  • SuzieC

    I was not all that thrilled about this until I read the price. I’m a college student who’s on a tight budget. Normally I dreamily look at the celeb clothing lines knowing there’s no way I’ll ever own any of it unless it’s a gift.
    I think I now love SJP more than I ever thought I would.

  • HadasBT

    I saw this on Oprah, don’t ask it was a commercial break during Ellen. While Op to the rah didn’t seem at all excited (I mean why would she, she doesnt need this) I was thrilled, the line looks very stylish and I’m lookin forward to creating many new outfits!

  • GoddessLu

    To Jael,
    How can you think she is being condescending? SJP is trying to reach the common woman, the one who can’t afford shoes and handbags over $100. If anything, she’s very in touch with them–she grew up in a large family of modest means and wore a lot of hand me downs. This is a girl who, while she no longer needs to, understands cheap chic! The pieces are basic bcuz at that price, they need to be. Get your hoochie crap at Forever 21–the normal people will get Bitten.

  • Alicia

    Sarah Jessica Parker does NOT care about the “common woman.” She cares about making money. And if she has to use sweatshop labor to do it, hey, why not?
    I think the clothes are perfectly ordinary. If SJP’s name weren’t attached to this line, would anybody care? Probably not.

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