Are backstage conflicts upstaging your favorite TV dramas?

155312__izzy_lReading about Katherine Heigl’s (pictured) salary dispute at Grey’s Anatomy, and the possibility of Goran Visnjic leaving ER, and the rumor that Kate Walsh’s planned Grey’s spinoff has her costars in a snit, I was struck by the following idea: Wouldn’t it be great if, as they’re casting any new series, TV producers wrote in iron-clad clauses that prevented actors from publicly discussing their contracts? I know it’s kind of counterintuitive for an entertainment journalist to advocate a gag order on the acting community, but I also long for a simpler, spoiler-free time when I could actually be surprised when a character got killed off (or written off) a show — and when I didn’t have to digest quite so much backstage drama that it eventually threatened to overshadow what unfolds in front of the cameras. Am I just burnt out by the fact that I haven’t had a single conversation for two weeks that didn’t include the names LaKisha or Melinda, or do I have a legitimate beef here, PopWatchers? Holla back!

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  • Jennifer

    Well, I’m addicted to spoilers, but I agree about backstage drama starting to over shadow a show. If it’s only one actor, or one thing, it’s not too bad. But there has been so much drama behind the scenes at Grey’s that it’s getting ridiculous. I can barely watch without wanting to roll my eyes at some of the actors.
    On that note though, I actually wouldn’t care if Heigel left. Izzie is by far the most annoying character on that show, IMO. By far. To the point I can’t stand when she’s on screen…so Katherine Heigel certainly isn’t making my tolerance any better.

  • Stacey

    I discredit most reports, unless they come from a accurate post. Like the ER news, which isn’t completely settled if I am correct. The level of gossip coming from the corners of Grey’s Anatomy does make one wonder, what is going on. But then on the other hand, I discredit some of it as just rumors and unlikely true. True, some of it lessens the enjoyment if down the line you know someone might leave. But then KH still has several years as Izzy before leaving is even an issue. And KW, I don’t care for Addison so her leaving is sorta a celebration to me. And really, we all know she probably has a “if it fails, she can return to Grey’s” clause. I guess it depends on the show. I know rumors coming from one of my all time favorite shows Roswell made me less appreciate certain characters/actors, until just recently as I watch my DVDs. Because I let the gossip get to me. So I understand your thinking…

  • Isa

    Thank you for brining that up! We shouldn’t know who’s contract is up and whether or not it is getting renew (or for that matther how much they are getting paid). How shocking was last year The OC finale when we all knew Micha wanted out… It just spoiles the story! Meredith couldn’t die, her contract wasn’t over and she didn’t wanted to leave the show…. It has become too obvious.

  • Tina

    I hate contract news as well. “Las Vegas” was recently spoiled by a headline for me. But to be completely honest Izzy annoys me. Her little rant about the butter during the episode two weeks ago was self centered and had really bad timing. I wouldn’t mind if Izzy left Seattle Grace.

  • Ceballos

    Yeah I definitely agree with this item. The sad part is that, with all the avenues of information out there, we can never go back to a time where we, hello!, simply watched the show when it was on and waited till next week to find out what happened? Do you guys remember what that was like? We didn’t know, and more importantly, we didn’t CARE whose contract was up, who was feuding with who, etc. The worst we got were vague descriptions of people like Roseanne and Brett Butler being “difficult”. All this other current junk is distracting as all heck.

  • hannah

    no. the backstage dramas don’t bother me at all. they do not lessen my enjoyment in watching my favorite shows. i don’t watch these shows because of the actors. i watch them because i like the story and the characters. i may hate isaiah washington but i think good actors can make you forget that they are who they are in real life. they make you believe that they are actually the characters they play.
    as for katherine heigl, i think she’s a good actress. if anyone needs proof, i refer them to the last scene in the last episode when she and denny felt each other in the hallway. it was brilliant! that girl can act with just her eyes. she IS izzie. i think she deserves to get as much money as her co-stars.

  • Ed

    This kind of dram-uh does not surprise me in the least. Ever since Farah and Susan left their shows for more $$ or fame – no show is safe.
    But unlike others, I think Katherine has a shot at superstardom.
    Unfortunatly for Grey’s writer Shonda, she hired a bunch of actors who think that they are the show – they’re not, they’re just part of great writing.
    McDreamy, rememeber, you were Will’s lover on Will & Grace for a while; it took you this long to get somewhere, don’t spoil it.

  • Bob

    Why exactly are you reporting on a
    story from Star magazine as if it were true?

  • bo

    You might want to slap the crew, production office folks, and PA’s with the same gag order you put on the actors. These folks also snitch to the press about what’s going on…

  • Katie V.

    First off, please stop using that picture of Katherine Heigl in that hideous sweater…Secondly, I followed the link about peeved cast members, and was amused at Ellen Pompeo’s snit over not being consulted “because she’s the star.” Umm…Yeah, right, I guess she must be the “star,” technically, since her name is in the title. I consider GA to be an ensemble show, though, and I’m amused at Ellen P’s divatude. O’course, I’m what Meredith fans call a “hater,” so I’ll stop now.

  • Adam

    It doesn’t bother me because the shows I like don’t seem to have these problems. Funny how these issues seem to happen to the shows the middle-age housewives adore. You never hear about any drama over at 24, do you?
    But since the tabloid rags won’t print themselves, they have to print stories like this so all the women can cluck about them over at TWoP. As if the world would end if (insert mopey female character here) left the show. These actors need to stop their crying and just do their job.

  • Ceballos

    katie v. that really IS a terrible photo of the gorgeous Katherine Heigl. In that photo Heigl looks a bit like Charlize Theron…in “Monster”!

  • Karla

    Bob is right – Star magazine? There are no sources named, and it reads like pointless idle gossip.
    But it never surprises me when actors and producers and directors clash. This is, in large part, an industry where dramatic, emotional, self-absorbed, and mercurial people do well. It sorta goes with the territory.
    Even on 24.

  • aa

    it does seem like surprise is no longer a factor when it comes to entertainment. when you find out that so and so is signed to a series next season, for example, it does kind of lessen your interest in the storyline you’re currently watching. as much as i love all the entertainment news outlets i do miss not knowing and just getting caught up in whatever is on the screen.

  • Michael

    I agree 100 percent with the fact that elements of “suprise” on shows are going down the drain; We know who will be leaving weeks, months before they leave. It really puts a damper on the excitement of so-called “big” events on these shows. That’s not to say I even remember a time where we didn’t know at least something…I’m 24, and I can remember a good 15+ years ago when my mother would know well beforehand who would be leaving Days of Our Lives. But I do know it was never to this extent. Maybe that’s one of the reasons (one of the MANY reasons) I love American Idol so much; no one knows what’s going to happen until it actually happens.

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