Jimmy Fallon as Conan's successor?

Fallon_lOn Saturday Night Live, he co-anchored "Weekend Update" with Tina Fey and hosted a talk show as Barry Gibb in a recurring sketch. But is Jimmy Fallon ready for a real-deal hosting gig? NBC apparently thinks so; the New York Times reports that the network is currently discussing a "holding deal," which would secure Fallon’s on-air services, with the comedian and his representatives. Though the agreement wouldn’t guarantee Fallon a late-night job, NBC has been putting out feelers for successors to Conan O’Brien after the redhead host takes over from Jay Leno on The Tonight Show in 2009.

So far, the only other announced contender is Carson Daly, who has made no secret of his ambition to succeed O’Brien, and can’t be terribly happy with the news that NBC may pass him over after his years spent working the network’s post-Conan graveyard shift. And I’m sure Ryan Seacrest wouldn’t mind being considered; after all, the host-bot is only on television for 50 hours a week.

So who would you like to see take over for Conan when he leaves Late Night? And do you think Fallon can refrain from cracking himself up for a whole hour?

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  • Nomers

    A nightly dose of Jimmy Fallon would be fine by me! NBC don’t screw it up this time and bring in the right guy for the job. Conie and Jimmy every night?!?!?! Woohoo!

  • cs

    all those suggested successors are bad choices, in my opinion. the subject of the previous post, craig ferguson, would be better than all of them but an unlikely choice. i think it’s about time they add a funny WOMAN to the mix and move ellen to late night. i think she’d be perfect there. and a worthy successor of conan.

  • nathan

    Fallon would be alright, as long as it keeps him from doing movies.

  • Dan Daoust

    How about two hours of Conan?

  • Jyoti

    I think part of Jimmy’s charm is that he can’t help but laugh at everything himself. That he clearly enjoys the joke as much as the audience. Debbie Downer anyone? Remember how hilarious it was when Jimmy was part of it, but then once he left it just wasn’t that funny anymore? Well it’s obvious now that Jimmy’s frequent case of the giggles is what made that skit funny. None of the other players could keep a straight face.
    Jimmy also has the potential to be a good talk show host simply because he’s relatable. He’s like your goofy brother who you can’t help but smile with.
    I was a fan of Carson’s show when it began, when he was more into the guests than himself. He clearly enjoyed talking to these musicians and actors and the it showed to the viewer because I enjoyed watching them interact so smoothly. Cut to two years later and he changes his entire format and suddenly he’s like every other would be late night host. Nothing unique about him anymore.
    I stopped watching.

  • Sharlin

    As long as Carson does not get the job. I don’t care who replaces Conan.

  • Ep Sato

    Fallon seems like a poor choice, but a decade ago so did Conan Obrien. Back then everyone questioned why a former Simpsons writer should be hosting a show when he’d never been on tv before. And remember when everyone was sweating a non Craig Kilbourne Daily Show? Jon Stewart took that show and TORE IT UP! I’ve got not much love for Fallon’s post SNL career, but if he makes this show his own, he’s got a chance to turn it into something really funny. Or it could turn into another Pat Sajak show

  • Tyler D

    As long as Carson Daly and Ryan Seacrest don’t get the slot, I’m fine with Fallon attempting to create his own late-night talk-show. In fact Fallon could even do his Carson Daly impersonation on the show, which has always been much more amusing than Daly himself. “Hi, I’m Carson Daly, the most mediocre man in America.”

  • Joe C

    I’m with cs; Ellen is an hilarious stand-up comic, and she can conduct good interviews, too. The only thing is, she might have too good a gig right now. But I would watch her every night.

  • Chris

    There’s only one Carson that should ever be in late night and that’s Johnny. Daly is dead to the world. I’ve never met someone that says they watch his show. He bored me on TRL. The only thing ever exciting about him was his dating of Tara Reid.

  • jerry

    they are smart not to have daly move up. he’s not funny. but i don’t think fallon is a good choice either. what about (gasp!) a woman? amy sedaris would be an awesome choice.

  • Chaddogg

    Seriously? Jimmy Fallon? I guy who could never get through his own damn skits without cracking up hosting a late night talk show? You’ve got to be kidding me. (And Daly isn’t even a remote possibility).
    NBC should be smart and go with someone subversive like Conan was (mainstream humor has moved towards Conan, hence his now increasing popularity)…bringing a minority back to late night would be a great idea….are y’all thinking what I’m thinking?
    Dave Chappelle. Give him complete free reign to do whatever he wants. And a boatload of money to do it.

  • Marnie

    I think you were looking at the wrong half of the screen there, Michelle. Tina Fey should succeed Conando.

  • Stephanie

    Jimmy Fallon did a decent job with WU, and I think that he could eventually work as host of Late Night.
    I also want to suggest Joel McHale from “The Soup.” He’s very funny and does a great job hosting on E!. NBC should be taking a look at McHale, because he has some real potential to host in this spot.

  • GOB

    I agree it should be a female host. Amy Sedaris would certainly bring a new twist to late night. I’d also tune in for Wanda Sykes.

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