Are you ready for some (ads and) football (and more ads)?

As you may have heard by now, there’s this big game on Sunday involving the Bears of Chicago and the Colts of Indianapolis. And, as you also may have heard by now, there’ll be lots of commercials airing between all of Peyton Manning’s interceptions. Whole thing rings a bell, right? Well, the latest Hollywood-related news on the Super Bowl XLI front is that, as of late last night, only two movies—the inner-city drama Pride and and the comedy Wild Hogs—have bought ad time on the CBS telecast. (This year’s cost of a 30-second spot: a cool $2.6 meeeelion.)

This revelation leaves some in "the business" scratching their heads: Why pass up an opportunity to introduce a film to the year’s biggest audience, they wonder, just as Talladega Nights did with great success in 2006? But, as Variety reports, others embrace caution, arguing that studios should be careful not to expose their upcoming movies to too much advance analysis and possible ridicule (see: The Hulk). I tend to agree. As much as I dread the withering of the beautiful football-and-film friendship that brought us last year’s supercool V for Vendetta spot, maybe this is a good thing. After all, we complain so much about out-of-control movie-marketing budgets, perhaps we should commend Hollywood for tightening its purse strings a bit. And, besides, who wants to see movie trailers while watching the Super Bowl? We can see those any time. The Super Bowl is an occasion for landmark Apple ads (hello Hollywood director Ridley Scott!) or even the latest Budweiser extravaganza. Aren’t those what we’re really looking out for?

So, anyway, yeah, what are you getting excited to see during this year’s show? (Anything with the words "Kevin" or "Federline" in it, by the way, doesn’t count.)

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  • maya

    Actually (and I’m throwing up a little in my mouth as I say this), the Kevin Federline ad is pretty funny.

  • Heather

    I’m eagerly looking forward to the Budweiser – Mad Max ad (featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr.).

  • Greg

    I’m guessing this douchebag is a Bears fan. The Colts are going to kick their ass this Sunday. That is all.

  • aramis

    Not everyone is a Colts fan Greg. The only douchebags are those who can’t accept the fact that people have different tastes and call them names for it. As for the whole spectacle…I hear the ADs aren’t going to be as epic as they once were this year. But it will still be fun to watch them. I’m going to join Maya (and throw up a little in my mouth as well) by saying that I’m actually curious to see what KFed has in store for his Nationwide ads. Oh, Rich, I’m so sorry…I said the ‘K’ word! My bad…

  • Vicky

    The commericials are always fun to watch, but I’m never looking forward to one specifically. Anyhoo, I’m from Chicago, so I’ll actually be watching the game this year….DA BEARS!

  • brandonk

    So, wait…there’s a game of football on Sunday? Is that American football or futbol? And who is this Kevin Federline character? Nobody tells me anything!

  • EP Sato

    The Superbowl’s lost it’s luster for me since 1996. Green Bay is no longer a contender and our rival team is in the big game.
    That said, I always think of the Simpsons episode where the reverend preaches to a church with three parishioners. He says “I am glad at least SOME of you came to church instead of watching the big game”.
    Suddenly, one guy gets up and yells “oh my god, I forgot about the game!” as he runs out of church. That says it all. The Superbowl is like New year’s. It’s a tradition!

  • bigcoltsfan

    I’ll probably be too anxious to pay attention to the commercials. I’m from Indy and very excited about my team FINALLY making it.
    I think so much hype has been made about Superbowl commercials that we expect a lot. Then sometimes the commercials fall flat when otherwise they may have been funny. Budweiser usually has the best ones IMO.

  • mike

    Super Bowl Sunday has been used by advertisers to appeal to men what Valentines Day is to women. You buy the big screen plasmas in early February and two weeks later you buy the diamond necklaces. The 28th should be set aside as bankruptcy day.
    Go Colts.

  • Julie

    I’d pass on the diamond necklace Mike and take the TV myself.

  • ernie

    I can’t believe they’re only showing 2 movie trailers. Don’t studios realize how many millions of people look forward to seeing those commercials during the Super Bowl? What a great way to mess up the Super Bowl!!!

  • KTS

    Can we please mount a campaign to get them to re-run the Brad Pitt Heineken commercial (at least that’s what I think it was for)? They only showed it once and I was up getting nachos or something…… Oh how I regret actually watching the game rather than the commericals….

  • blue

    i know it’s from the past, but i would love to see the “running of the squirrels” commercial again. and OMG! brad pitt was in a heinekin commercial?!?

  • Jen

    For the first time in my entire life, I’m actually looking forward to the game instead of just the commercials. (Go Bears!) I do wish they’d have more commercials for movies on, but mainly I’m just hoping for some genuinly funny, clever ads this year.

  • s

    Who does the commercial with the pretty girl in an evening dress purring black marks under her eyes and doing a football yell at her mirror?

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