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Bodie_lWay back when I got my first paid journalism gig at The Leader-Herald in Gloversville, NY, a wise editor told me that nothing makes readers angrier than finding an error on the obituaries page. Well, I’d like to amend his statement to include omitting someone’s obituary altogether. It’s a lesson I learned the hard way after writing a gallery for a couple weeks back called "Obit Players," focusing on 10 major TV characters who died in 2006. I chose to write about Denny Duquette (Grey’s Anatomy), Louanne ‘Kat’ Katraine (Battlestar Galactica), Mr. Eko (Lost), Eden McCain (Heroes), William Walker (Brothers & Sisters), Alexandra Borgia (Law & Order), Marissa Cooper (The O.C.), Veronica Donovan (Prison Break), Andrea Moreno (The Ghost Whisperer), and Edgar Stiles (24). In the process, I left out a number of dearly departed series regulars, including Leo of The West Wing, Jack and Irina from Alias, Lemonhead of The Shield, and Bodie from The Wire (pictured).

So, PopWatchers, here’s your chance to make things right. Which late, great characters got overlooked in my gallery? Start your eulogizing in the comments section below.addCredit(“The Wire: Paul Schiraldi”)

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  • lola

    Slezak, you are totally on my s**t list! I don’t get HBO, haven’t watched Season 4 of The Wire (am waiting for it on DVD or bootleg), and have studiously avoided any mention of the season in all magazines, until now. PLEASE take the picture down for those in my shoes! Please!!! (I didn’t keep reading, but I think I can put the picture of Bodie and the word obituary together to get the hint). PLEASE!! And there I was, hoping that his random cameo as a political aide to Nathan in Heroes was just a side job. Aaaaaargghhhhh.

  • jenna von oy

    Lola, Such are the perils of not watching series during their first-run airings…u run the risk of getting spolierized. it juts comes with the territory.

  • Ceballos

    Yeah seriously…should’ve been some kind of spoiler alert…kinda sucks for anyone who hasn’t seen any of the shows mentioned.
    *****SPOILER ALERT***
    Anyway, farewell to CTU’s Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler on 24. They finally got back together as a couple near the end of season 4 and enjoyed about 15 seconds of happiness before Michelle got blown up and Tony went out like a punk…i mean, got a lethal injection from Christopher Henderson.

  • Ceballos

    Well, Six, lola said she doesn’t get HBO, so it’s not like she purposely avoided watching “The Wire” while it was just on.
    I couldn’t afford HBO while I was a poor college student, so I guess I sympathize.

  • Brandon

    What about poor Ellen Tigh?

  • lola

    I *am* a poor student, actually! And I can’t afford HBO. And I do think there should be a spoiler alert, especially for shows that are on HBO and Showtime that aren’t available semi-immediately on iTunes or download. I know it’s my fault for not getting HBO, but I also watched Seasons 1-3 on DVD, back when no-one (including EW, by the way — the Wire TV Watch is totally new) gave a crap and I got away with it without too much spoilerization.

  • Laura

    I definitely agree about Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler on 24, and would also add President Palmer. I mean, they were far more beloved character than Edgar Stiles, especially Palmer and Tony, who had been there since the first season. A huge error to leave those three off the list.

  • Ragna

    There was two from CSI: Miami and one from CSI: NY, and both within three weeks of each other, I think. Marisol Delko-Caine and Officer Jessop from Miami and, in the grand tradition of killing off actors who want to permanently leave the franchise, Aiden Burn from NY.

  • Lisa

    Nora from Desperate Housewives, Beaver from Veronica Mars and Johnny from Rescue Me

  • Chris

    One Glaring Omission…Ellsworth from Deadwood. The Moral Rock and Everyman of that show had one of the most unexpected, realistic death scenes ever filmed. That look on his face when he sees the gunman…that weary resignation….The only other death scene to rival it is reverend Smith’s death in season 1.
    Why you guys at EW continued to ingnore deadwood is just beyond me. Way to start loving the wire once every one else did.
    EW staffers don’t have offices. They Just wait by the loading docks for the latest bandwagon to drive by.

  • Timothy

    As for “The Wire,” Dookie didn’t die but it absolutely broke my heart when he started working the corner.

  • Dave

    Spoiler Alert?!
    How could you do an obit on Edgar and leave Tony Almeida out?!(Unless you know Tony’s alive or something ; ))
    Also, as you mentioned, Lem from the Shield was a biggie; easily the most tragic death I’ve ever seen on TV. Funny to think that for such a violent show, Lem was the first major death on the Shield…

  • B

    Michelle Dessler who helped Jack Bauer save the world multiple times on 24. She may have been immune to diseases but unfortunately not to car bombs.

  • Roman

    Aaron Echoll of Veronica Mars! Terrific villain and our heroine’s personal enigma for the last part of Season 1 and all of Season 2.

  • Fatima

    Chris- That’s really not fair. While EW is often fickle, they have been talking about the Wire since I got my subscription at the beginning of 2004. I think you’ll find it on Ken Tucker’s best of list the year it started.

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