Why 'Rocky IV' is the best fight -- Ever!

102839__rocky_lFirst, Sylvester Stallone will tell you he’s qualified to decide which Rocky fight is the best, just because he’s “participated in them all.” His pick: The Italian Stallion vs. Mason “The Line” Dixon in Rocky Balboa (because it’s the “most real”). But then, he tells you this little story, and not only does your already endless love of Rocky IV increase exponentially (best back-to-back training montages– ever!) — but you also kinda wanna tell him he’s wrong.

Stallone: IV was a nightmare. I mean I had never been so beat up. This man [Dolph Lundgren, pictured at right, with Stallone] was so big, so strong, things got so out of control. It was amazing. I ended up in the hospital for nine days during that fight.
You: Ohmygod.
Stallone: Yeah. In the first round, if you ever see it again –
You: If I ever see it again? Please.
Stallone: Well, next time you see it. I had just seen the Hagler-Hearns fight where these two consummate professionals disliked each other so much they just went at it like two amateurs. Just hammering each other. They didn’t care what happened. Blood, knockdowns, it was chaotic. It became one of the great fights of all time. So I said to Dolph, “We practiced one thing, [but] let’s just go at it for the first 15 seconds. I want you to try to knock me out. Just bomb away.” Well, he did. And he gets me in the corner, and he’s bombing away, and I’m tryin’ to slip the punches and then he comes with this uppercut in my chest, and I went: That hurt. Okay. Cut. Let’s finish the rest of the day. That night, I felt this thumping. It was hard to breathe. I went to the emergency room. My blood pressure was like 290, and they put me on a low-level flight to St. John’s Hospital where I was put into intensive care because the pericardial sac around my heart was swelling and impeding the beating of my heart. I was there, like I said, for nine days surrounded by nuns. Not good. And Lloyd’s of London said, “Ah, we believe he’s faking it. This accident is not in keeping with boxing. Usually this kind of pericardial swelling is the result of head on collisions, when the steering wheel hits you in the chest.” I said, “Well, have you seen Dolph Lundgren?  That’s a truck. That’s a steering wheel. That’s a head on collision.” So they took the film and broke it down frame by frame. They honored the insurance claim.
You: And so how many days in the hospital on Rocky Balboa?
Stallone: I won’t say.


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  • Deb

    i agree Rocky iV was the most awesomest Rocky ever!!

  • Ed

    Dolph will always be He-Man to me period.

  • Dwayne

    For sure Rocky IV was the best fight. I heard that Sly or Dolph were talking about how Dolph was a kickboxing champion and Sly got kicked in the head a few times from Dolph getting a little too much into the fights. It’s hard to hold back from what your used to.

  • sally

    Totally! Rocky IV without a doubt is the best Rocky ever. It absolutely rocked…but Ed you’re right, Dolph will always be He-Man.

  • Ed

    From the looks of the responses that didn’t get posted here, looks like this blog blew.
    Now that the powers that be at EW are enjoying their time off, let’s take over the website. I hate Christmas day because it’s sooo boring – family! What do you hate about it?

  • Nancy Walker

    I just don’t understand Stallone making another Rocky movie. He is too old to be believable in the ring. As far as Christmas goes, it is all commercial. Buy, buy, buy. Most people don’t even appreciate the gifts. Stuff the corporate “big wigs” wallets.

  • Ed

    Nancy, I’m with you. In the last 24 days, I’ve witnessed soo much stress out in the malls and streets that I too wonder what is Christmas is all about.
    I know the spiritual side but do we actually know the commercial side of it? Is Christmas property of Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Bath and Body Works; or does it belong to the people who come together to celebrate a holiday?
    I can’t believe how much I gave into the commercial side of this holiday season! I’m about to leave for my family get together, in which I haven’t seen my mom or dad since Thanksgiving. All I’m thinking about are the three bottles of wine I bought and the tamales that await me when I get to my aunts house. Along with my wine, I bring all the presents I CHARGED to my credit cards this season – what’s wrong with me?!
    I hope your Christmas is as simple as I wish mine could be : (

  • Nancy Walker

    Have a wonderful time with your family Ed, and be safe.

  • Stephanie

    Rocky IV was the best fight ever because Dolph Lundgren is a horrible actor and could not(and probably still can’t)speak English. If he does, he speaks very little. And what is so disappointing, is that from what I understand in Sweden one of the languages that is taught in the Gymnasium is English. “I must break you!” Priceless. lol.

  • lind

    Actually Stephanie Dolph Lundgren speaks quite fluent English. I believe the point was that Ivan Drago didn’t.
    Random side bar: in Sweden English is a mandatory subject from 3rd grade on. By the time kids hit the gymnasiet (the equivalent of high school here) they are also learning a third language (usually French, German or Spanish).
    Can’t argue with Dolph Lundgren’s acting ability – it does suck. Although he has made a very lucrative living off direct to dvd movies.

  • stephanie

    I see. Thanks Lind.

  • Valentina

    Make a movie, Sylvester, in which you’ll fight Soviet Boxer…
    Do I deserve any credit for that?
    In 1978 I told Sylvester Stallone to make a movie in which he’ll fight the Soviet Boxer. At that time Sylvester lived in his Pacific Palisades house with his wife Sasha and a little son, about less than 2 years old. Conversation took place in his kitchen while he was eating salad “Stolichni” made by me. He liked my salad, but he did not think that making a movie in which he fight Russian would be that great idea because American viewer would not care about it. I told him that he was wrong about American viewer’s interest. I also told him that I’m in America since 1975 and sow that there’s great interest in America what’s real Russian’s people are all about.
    I felt very strong that due to Cold War there was some distortion of information passed on American about Russian and there’s big thirst for more knowledge about real Russian people. I also told him use that oppotunity make movie.

  • Valentina Bier aka Valentina Skleminoff

    I told Silvester 1978 and 1985 movie came out! Should I get any credit for that?
    I give the idea and recommend Sylvester Stallone to make a movie in which he fight the Russian!
    I at the time when he lives in his Pacific Palisades house. Conversation took place in his kitchen while he was eating salad “Stolichni” made by me. He liked my salad, but he did not think that making a movie in which he fight Russian would be that great idea because American viewer would not care about it. I was arguing that he’s wrong about American Public interest. I told him that I’m in America since 1975 and sow that there’s great interest in what‘s Russian’s are all about. And due to Cold War there was some distortion of information about Russian people and there’s big tearsth for that.
    At that time I was working as weekend governess for Sylvester and his wife Sasha…
    Do I get any credit for that, for giving him an idea for a movie?

  • Tanner Brothen

    Im sorry but Rocky IV is nearly impossible to beat, as far as motivational movies go! I was an average 15 year old last summer about this exact day last year. Then I watched all the Rockys in a row up to 4. First 3 were good stuff. After IV was done I promptly decided to lose the extra 10 or 12 pounds I had. It got me off my butt and up at 4:30 next morning for a 6 mile run. The motivation didnt fade for a month atleast.(Obviously I still continued on for other reasons though) I ran a marathon in 3:52:47 this summer. I have a 6 pack now. And I lift consistently. Thanx to this movie I have almost too much confidence and lead a whole different life.
    How is it two of the least talented actors make such an amazing movie?(I love both of them, but seriously… lack of acting skill)



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