Rosie vs. Trump: Whoever wins, we lose

101025__rosie_donald_l_1Another day, another scandal. Just after (quasi-)apologizing to the Asian-American community for racially insensitive remarks, and before that, calling Kelly Ripa a homophobe, Rosie O’Donnell has already picked her next target: the Donald. While disagreeing with the Miss USA Pageant overseer’s decision to allow Tara Conner, the clearly troubled current tiara holder, to keep her post, The View co-host compared Trump to the "snake-oil salesman on Little House On The Prairie" and declared him "not a self-made man." While on-air. And we all know how the Donald deals with public slights. To counterpunch, he’s now threatened to sue "[his] nice fat little Rosie," calling her "a real loser."

To mediate, producers of The View issued a statement that supports Rosie — and the Donald — declaring them both "high-spirited, opinionated people." Way to wuss out, ABC. At least there’s some entertainment value in the spectacle of these two battling egos.

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  • cindy

    Rosie was giving her opinion of Donald. I don’t believe she threatened him or called him names. She is a comedian, it is her job to make jokes and fun of people.

  • Dave

    While I’ve been tiring of Rosie opinions lately, I don’t mind her calling out Trump. As she said, he is the last person who should be serving as a moral compass for young women (cheated on two wives, his current wife is young enough to be his daughter, and he treats women like objects). He’s an egotistical jerk who deserve’s to be put in his place. It’s nice to see someone isn’t afraid to take him on (maybe she could team up with Martha Stewart?). Finally, his reply to her criticism that focused on Rosie’s appearance illustrates what a classless a**hole this guy is. And threatening to sue her? What a crybaby. Go Rosie!

  • Dalia

    Donald Trump is the pot calling the kettle black. He should go crawl in the hole he came out of. He is an unfaithful man, that did not know how to honor his marriage vows. Go take a hike!

  • junior

    She isn’t on a show called “Baking with Rosie O’Donnell,” she’s on a show called “The View,” which is about giving your opinions and she has plenty of them. Plus, what she said about him wasn’t half as bad as what he said about her. Plus, he should talk about failures, look at “The Apprentice” now.

  • janine

    Donald Trump is a punchline, with the hair and the wives and the ubiquitous branding (trump water, really?). He seems to be the only one who doesn’t get the joke. His show The Apprentice has been falling in ratings for several seasons; the ratings for the View have sky-rocketed since Rosie joined. Hmmm, who is the loser? Rosie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but she is funny and frank, and she does an enormous amount of philanthropic work. Trump doesn’t do anything for his fellow man; if he really cared about making the world a better place, he get a damn haircut for starters.

  • Tom

    I gotta hand it to Rosie on this one. I’m so sick of Donald Trump and his overbearing publicity stunts. He’s so obnoxious.
    His comments about Rosie talking like a truck driver is an obvious referral to her orientation. Donald is not classy enough to come up with a thoughtful response but instead picks on Rosie’s weight and fashion sense — showing he’s nothing more than a sexist homophobe — the very things Rosie was alluding to.
    Donald seems to have issues with women. Look how he treated Martha Stewart when her show did not live up to expectations. He trashed her publicly and now he’s doing the same to Rosie.

  • RayT

    I’m also a proud member of Team Rosie! And someone needs to send a quick memo to really rich and famous people like Donald Trump that alerts them all to the fact that, in America, you cannot sue someone just because they say they don’t like you!

  • Robert

    Personally, I think this whole issue with Miss USA is completely blown out of proportion. If i am wrong, please someone show me the light, but I have a problem calling a girl “clearly troubled” because she drinks at the age of 20, and she’ll be 21 next week. Where am I……1950. We as a country need to get our priorites straight.

  • mike

    Does Rosie get paid by the rant? Ripping on Donald Trump is like shooting fish in an obnoxious barrel.

  • Joel

    I can’t stand either of these people, but Rosie’s been worse lately. She needs to be quiet for awhile.

  • Yo Yo

    Frankly, I’m rooting for the lightning strike that takes out the both of them. Too bad Celebrity Death Match is only a cartoon ’cause a cage match between these two windbags would be great Pay-Per-View. I vote for twin muzzles.

  • julia

    Generally I don’t care for Rosie either and think her comments are way off base, but I’m with the majority on this one…..Donald is an obnoxious, ego centric, self absorbed pompous cad…..his comments about Rosie were classless and uncalled for making him look even the bigger fool than he already is. Get a sense of humor Donald. Better yet, get lost..

  • Paul

    I watched The View yesterday and I totally agreed with what Rosie said. I also saw Rosie’s blog post where she copied and pasted the Wikepedia information about Donald Trump that clearly documents the money from his father, the multiple bankruptcies, and the inheritance that bailed Donald Trump out when his father died. So, the things that Rosie said on The View were 100% true.
    Obviously, Donald Trump doesn’t want them talked about publicly, because they are embarrassing for him. But he made it WAY WORSE by the way he reacted.
    I was going to watch The Apprentice this season, but now I will not. What he said about Rosie O’Donnell offended me greatly and he lost a long-time fan.

  • Paul

    Furthermore, by the vicious and inappropriate way he reacted and kept venting in that video clip, he appeared weak, letting everyone see his bruised ego.
    He must have a very small “you know what” that is he is trying to make up for. There is no other explanation for the cruel overcompensation in that video clip.

  • Darth Nihilus

    Rosie is a coarse, hypocritical, racist cow.
    And her “New Yawk” accent make me want to throw up.

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